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>tfw fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

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I just wanna sell it and go back to my embrane already.

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The only non-mechanical boards made today are normie-tier flat wireless meme trash.

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>buy chink mech keyboard for $40
>enjoy it
>buy some nice caps for $40
>happy I fell for the meme

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But... for that amount of money you could have just bought a good mechanical keyboard??

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Those are leafbucks, so no, unless you can find me a TKL with doubleshot or dye sub PBT caps for $80 CAD.

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Can't speak for anyone but myself but I like mine. Sorry to hear you find yours to be a meme.

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Why are you sad then?

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because mx reds are too damn sensitive

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What mechanical keyboard should i get for 50€?
No amazon

I have been thinking about these:
>JamesDonkey 619
>Ajazz AK33 RGB
>3LUE k751
JamesDonkey has Gateron switches Ajazz has Zorros, K751 has Outemu

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I don't get the "membranes are mushy" meme, both mech and membranes are mushy as fuck, membranes because of weak tactile feedback and mechs because the key resistance is so low, you don't feel like you're even pressing anything.

Maybe I should try topres or buckling spring.

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Fell for the meme 3 or 4 years ago, and honestly pretty happy that I did. I type with slightly less fatigue (not that I had much before), slightly more accuracy, and about 5% more WPM.

If all memes delivered those results, I'd be ecstatic.

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chicklet is best
sell the mechanimeme you have now and get one of those cheapos

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go ask in /mkg/

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I purchased a CM quick fire TK browns for 90 AUD knowingly it splurge buy. I could of bought 16gb of RAM instead, which I slightly regret since prices went up but I'm not mad.
I'm already an shit and slow typist so I haven't felt it helped me but it does feel nicer than membrane. It sure does piss of my roomate too

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The old generic keyboards from the early 2000s and late 90s are super comfy. I have an old Gateway PS/2 keyboard and it's a nice balance between wireless flat trash and mechanical trash.

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This desu. I just found a cheap mechanical, around $40. I took the keys off and all I know is the switches are blue if it means shit.
w2c caps though?

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>I took the keys off and all I know is the switches are blue if it means shit.

Probably Cherry mx blue switches or more likely clones of them like Outemu or Gateron. The really cheap ones tend to be Outemu, which is what's in my board.

For caps, aliexpress.

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There is literally nothing wrong with chink knockoffs, no need to replace the switches

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>tfw fell for the luxury car meme
>tfw I could've stuck with my '89 Corolla and still could've gotten from point A to point B

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mechanicals are crap for fingers because resistance
ms arc is better

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Depends on the switch, look for lighter keys. The cool thing about mechanical is that there's a metric fuckton of designs and key feels out there

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>Using mx red for anything besides gaming
Yeah you fucked up. They are by far the worst switches to type on for long sections.

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Except when they stop working and only register keypresses 1/3rd of the time?

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Not him, but mine has solderless switches. I had to replace two out of the box, but 8 months later and they're still all good. If one breaks, I just pop in a replacement.

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I fucking hate it that i bought generic blackwidow(was cheapest mech. in my shithole in 2013 when i bought it) instead of tournament edition or something else like that. Too fucking wide and i'm never using numpad anyway.

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After years of mechanical click clack, I finally bought a Topre clone with 86 keys from China and it's been bliss. Silent, comfy, perfect size.

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topre is the final red pill

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From what I read the K70 RGB are Reds... and there is your problem

show pictures
I really want to change my caps from my brown switches keyboard to spherical caps

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What's wrong with Reds? I can't stand any other of the Cherry line-up.

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>membranes because of weak tactile feedback
Dude, membranes are mushy because you literally just type on some weird soft rubber nipples
>mechs because the key resistance is so low
just buy ones that fit your needs man, sound like you need blue mx

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these caps really dont look better than the stock ones dude, wth

reds dont have any resistane, its like rubberdome but more expensive

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I like them. Not into fancy colors or letters. Keyboard is for typing, not staring at. I mainly bought them because they're pbt and doubleshot. Stock ones are thin abs with printed legends.

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Nothing wrong with linear switches. Gateron makes better reds/blacks than cherry though.

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>get G810 as unsolicited Xmas gift
>feels damn sturdy and stable
>takes a while getting used to it though
>at least it has pretty lights if all else fails
>few weeks of daily use later can't imagine going back to flimsy rubber shit
Thanks, brother-in-law!

I could have never justified the cost myself without trying, but now I do wish I took the plunge years ago. The improvement in daily quality of life is amazing. And that's with switches that are apparently not even regarded as the best.

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What's the benefit of having a fast typing speed?

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Membranes actually feel acceptable if the rubber nipples are rigid and provide some resistance. You need to put some force into the keys, at which point they buckle and the key bottoms out with some acceleration, the impact of the key hitting the bottom giving some tactile feedback.
But those are the good rubber domes, not the $5 goodwill bullshit.

People jump from $5 rubberdomes to $80 mechanicals and attribute all improvement to the mech keys, when in fact it's just price.

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>tfw fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

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>mfw I fell for the Deathadder meme

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I bought the cheapest microsoft keyboard I could find because it was the only one in the store that was silent and had no media buttons.

Best decision ever.

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gateway 2000 anykey is the best keyboard ever made, and it's biological membrane.

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yeah, doubleshot is a reason to buy new caps, but they still look pretty uncomfy to type on

but rubber domes just cant be as good as mechanical keyboard, just from the board alone
Ghosting is still a problem with rubber domes, i think that is the biggest reason for anyone to really upgrade, second after the tactical feeling

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File: 22 KB, 500x224, wyse-kb-3923-770413-01l-black-keyboard-8a40158d0556d2ecb4ed4beb2cb948d4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been using a generic Wyse keyboard with rubber dome keys for the past 5-6 years and I haven't run into any hiccups yet. I bought it at a yard sale for $4.

Mechanical keyboards might be an improvement, but no way is it substantial enough to justify spending 10-20x that much

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Did too my friend, literally made no difference except the keyboard died the first time I spilled wine on it, not even that great an amount.

I took back my K120 which endured so many brands of wine, coffee and beer throughout the years and it still working like new.

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There is literally no good mech board on the market with (D)SA caps stock for $80. Chink board and cap switch is the way to go.

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take his advice
much better than k120

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Depends on how much you spend with it I guess but for something I'm using for at least 6 hours a day every day $100 is cheap as hell. I'd spend 10 times that if it represented a significant improvement in performance.

I mean I spend like $40+ per month on a phone I use way less than my keyboard and no one scoffs at that.

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My favorite maymay. Have a upboat friend!

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My mechanical keyboard with MX Blues is now 7 years old and still works and feels like new.
No membrane or dome keyboard has lasted that long while not starting to feel even more like shit.

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They are? I always prefered reds.
Sure they are more sensitive than blacks, but they take a pretty proper press to register, you can't make them trigger accidently. They are specially good for games, but also easy on the fingers for typing lots.

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Bottoming out hard actually fatigues my fingers more than a stiffer spring with a dampened bottom out.
I'm currently using clears which have only 55g actuation but 95g peak force.
Typing on them feels very light but you still don't bottom out most of the time.

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>friend gifts me a blackwidow

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i stil love my mech with browns
maybe today i would buy a meme chink board for cheap, but i dont regret it at all

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>tfw fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

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feels good <3

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>tfw want a mech
>have to use this shit because I'm dorming and gotta stay quiet and portable in my room and the library
a-at least it's portable and doesn't have wires, r-right?

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>tfwn owning a Ducky
>buying vape keycaps for your rainbow led ducky

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Matias Quiet Click?

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>been using 10 buck keyboards since 2k3
>gaming, chatting, writing whole essays in college
>massive abuses with sugary liquids, snacks and jizz
>usually ez to fix with good cleanup, if not it's cheap anyway
>finally fall for the mechanical keyboard meme
>spend 120€ on fancy gaming keyboard
>typing feels different, keys louder and more deliberate
>literally no practical difference though
>weeks later
>shit post on 4chan
>cup of wine next to mouse
>oh shieeet
>wine on keyboard
>oh well at least it's not beer
>keyboard immediately cease functioning
>remove the affected keys and sponge the liquid
>after leaving it dry still won't work
>open the whole thing up, cut my self in the process
>can't fix it, something fried
>buy ten buck generic keyboard instead

Dumbest buy ever next to my Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick and Madcatz TE2 fighting stick I never use anyway.

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>buy Topre
It's great, but I would prefer more keycap customization.
Also wouldn't mind if my keyboard were louder.

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