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Bought a Ryzen 1600x and motherboard, finally put it together and the thing wouldn't boot and 1 fan wouldn't spin, what the fuck?
Now I want to return everything and Newegg doesn't even give fucking refunds for the Ryzen chips.

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What fan specifically? CPU fan? Try fiddling with the settings and try a different header maybe marked CPU 2

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Sure your not uaing CPU_OPT?

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Can't even boot into bios, no display and the USBs don't work either.

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you sure that you have the graphics card plugged in?

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Could u take pics of Mobo? Try putting only 1 ram stick in 1 slot at a time

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which motherboard do you have? Is the ram seated properly?

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Positive, I think the motherboard is defected, gonna give them a call and try to convince them to take it back, I don't even want to bother with it at the moment.

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if you can't install it bring em to the pros

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What brand Is the motherboard? I'd try with another motherboard. It's likely just doa.

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go buy a prebuilt or a mac if you cant into basic troubleshooting

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I have the msi x370 gaming plus with ripjaws v ram, is it incompatible?

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first of all, did you check to see if everything was compatible and going to work together? if not then ur either dumb or this is just a shitpost

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is the motherboard giving any error codes when you try to boot?

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Check qvl, make sure everything is seated properly, then pull CMOS, wait 10 mins, reinsert CMOS battery, and try again

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Just rma the whole lot

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Your fault for buying basicly the worst brand for RYZEN . MSI boards are total shit and a scam , they use low quality components . Send this crap board back .

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that's true, only buy cheap biostar and asrock. Anything else is garbage

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Thank fuck I got arsecock

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retard at work kek

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Listen to the hummimg of PC speaker as a source of knowledge it is.
If the speaker yeld no sound then you have to check if the Plugs-Slots alliance is as strong as ever, if none of the components is the source of the quarrel that can bring whole Great Hardware Kingdom down. Check battery voltages as wise >>62059919 said and beware as the static electricity is a enemy to the Great Kingom of Hardware

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ya dungoof'd

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>Newegg doesn't even give fucking refunds for the Ryzen chips.
Wait really? Not even if they are DoA ?

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how long did you wait? it took me about half an hour for it to post

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What do the POST beeps say?

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What do you mean you can't return it? What the fuck consumer laws do you have in America.

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Your fault for ordering from Newegg.

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He can return it for a replacement. He just can't refund it because they don't want to eat the loss of product due to autistic screeching. If he was serious about building this machine then he still could.

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are you sure your psu is powerful enough?

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make sure you put the fuggin cpu in the right way and try flipping the mobo battery or taking it out for 30 seconds and put it back in same shit happened to me when I tried to put in my mobo

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Inb4 his psu power switch is off

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Update bios
Plug you fucking fan retard
Problem solved

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daily intel FUD thread. sage and ignore

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turns out I didn't have a power going to video card

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Is this bait

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