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What are you working on, /g/?

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I don't think it's possible to enjoy programming.

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What does /dpt/ use to listen to online radios on their mobile device? ServeStream can't into metadata

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First for C. I am currently creating a uniform cost search algorithm so I can find an optimal solution for something. C is pretty hard but I am getting better at it.

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There is literally nothing wrong with pedophiles or Rust.

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or gender equality

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There is nothing wrong with Rust, but pedophiles need to go to prison.

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>What are you working on, /g/?
learning to create users (with different access/authentication) on the phoenix framework because trying out being a wageslave
would rather i was indie developing games

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anzuchang is 17 years old and not a loli

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is it a mistake to mass produce a bunch of poorly polished, poorly programmed but functioning clones of simple games just to practice and to have a large volume of completed projects to show to future potential employers? because i honestly don't know what to program other than some kind of dream game project that i will discard within a week, and i really have only one or two finished projects to show for my mediocre programming skills

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it can definitely be rewarding which in itself you can derive enjoyment.

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>defending Rust

Pedophiles are the lesser evil, you dumb woman.

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Quit your job and make videogames
There are people literally lined up wanting to give you cash

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Just make the 30th chess/sudoku app and put some ads on the borders, someone will download it

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Fuck programming as a career, it's shit

When it was just a hobby it was fun

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you don't even need to make the games, just say you will and occasionally post to a blog and the money will roll int

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That's the reason why I freelance. I couldn't stand doing this is an office setting.

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planning on wageslaving for about another year
hopefully i find free time to meanwhile work on my own projects

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Pedos did nothing wrong.

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I finally completed my "own" sum of primes below 2 million program.
I more or less had to copy someone else's code, but I made sure to spend a long time studying it, and understanding why it works the way it does and the logic behind it.

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Lol. That's easy. Let me know what you did 1 million primes

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billion wtf autocorrect?

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Is java easy to get acclimated to if you're a C zealot?
How do i get unsigned numbers in javascript?

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pretty spooped desu senpai

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Is freelancing really any better? I expect you still have to deal with ill-specified and ill-informed requirements and poor quality input data.

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plus, companies know they can just NOT pay you since the cost of your work is much less than the cost of a lawsuit.

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Do you guys need a degree for a programming job?
I know C pretty well I'm wondering what I can do with my knowledge
Should I show an employer some projects of mine? Would that even be enough?

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personal projects and experience will beat a degree every time.

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>the cost of your work is much less than the cost of a lawsuit.
4 U

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You'd be incredibly stupid to do thousands of dollars worth of work for a client without money down.

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Depends on the degree and the personal experience to be honest

Someone with a shitton of frontend webdev experience but nothing else applying for a backend position makes me more nervous than someone with no/little real world experience but a top tier degree

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That's fine. Companies will just give the contract to someone who hasn't learned that aspect of freelancing yet.

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C++ still is not "clicking with me" as much as Rust did :^(

Probably because of no UFCS and the insane amount of verbosity when it comes to using iterators in data structures.

The only reason why I am determined to use C++ is because of the Qt Quick/QML technologies. Haven't done any GUI before so I thought Qt is an easy start (as opposed to using GTK with bindings)

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why would they even apply for a backend job?

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Shall we make a list of acceptable /dpt/ programming languages? I'll start:


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If your language isn't on this chart, it's irrelevant toy garbage.

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They're (understandably) fed up of JS?

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In C++ why aren't all types objects, doesn't that mean that it's not really an OOP language??

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In Java not all types are objects, does that mean it's not really an OOP language?

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>Lisp garbage

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>cuck overflow

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:- module fib.
:- interface.
:- import_module io.
:- pred main(io::di, io::uo) is det.

:- implementation.
:- import_module int.

:- func fib(int) = int.
fib(N) = (if N =< 2 then 1 else fib(N - 1) + fib(N - 2)).

main(!IO) :-
io.write_string("fib(10) = ", !IO),
io.write_int(fib(10), !IO),

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>:- everywhere

Absolute trash.

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I know it's not that impressive, but I'm proud of myself for kind of solving this problem that has been plaguing me.

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>R 4.4%
this is the real reason I hate python
fuck off python

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>idiot doesn't know how mercury is written
As expected from a brainlet.

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by solving you mean convincing yourself you did something by copying someone else's code? and then getting some dopamine from posting about it on an estonian metalworking forum?
Yes, good job! Well done my friend

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It's better because I can take naps at 2pm and I have a steady stream of clients since I'm working in a niche field that desperately needs my type of programmers.

I have an attorney that makes the contracts with clients which I look over. A lawsuit or not, I will get paid one way or another.

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I even forgot
>periods after things

The language is trash.

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use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::Handle;

my ( $remaining, $total );

$remaining = $total = shift(@ARGV);


while ( $remaining ) {
printf ( "Remaining %s/%s \r", $remaining--, $total );
sleep 1;

print "\n";

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What does this program do?

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Counts down the seconds up to a given threshold.

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Has anyone here used libui? I want to use cairo inside its drawing area for drawing, but the arguments state a need for a "AreaHandler"?

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Reminder that Haskell is obsolete


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>Quit your job and make videogames
>There are people literally lined up wanting to give you cash
This is what a stupid 3D artist would say.

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Good 3D artists are sorely needed. If you can do that and programming you can make bank.

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unfortunate that such an insufferable character is talking about something interesting to me

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Why is he an insufferable character?

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>tfw your programming friend turns into a trap
t-traps make good programmers right?

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perhaps upbringing

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I don't understand though, his build was naturally effeminate but he didn't act like a girl and now he changed his name and grew long hair which he dyed purple and he's a girl. I don't think he even programs anymore. Why would he become a trap if he doesn't program anymore?

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After calling graph_new and subsequently graph_free valgrind is complaining that 3 allocated, but only one free https://pastebin.com/7FBYPrdj

Assuming that those unfreed are g->edges & g->vertices can someone tell me why they aren't being freed?

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It sounds like he went too far. You are only supposed to be a girl(male). If he went on HRT then all of his masculine advantages are fleeting and thus will lose interest/ability to program.

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Because you aren't freeing them you dunce. Doing free(tree) when tree is a pointer to a struct with pointers doesn't free the pointers inside it.

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/agdg/ on /vg/ says the trap posting here is just 1-2 mentally ill rust posters. Is this true?

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Yes it is.
t. that guy who also frequents here

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I just happen to like rust and the trap posting is inconsequential. I doubt rotate or sourcefam are here. Or the couple other rust posters in /agdg/

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Pretty much. That is your mind on Rust (tm).

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>make bank.
*less than most other jobs
Going into videogames for money is one of the stupidest things that you could do.
If you want to make money you'd do middleware.

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I think there's some that tag along occasionally as it's now a meme. But it's very stale now. I see it disappearing soon.

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This is not wrong.

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Kill yourself, Aoba.

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Trap sex can be fun though

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where are the pics of agdg-tan and dpt-tan hanging out and being best friends

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Completed a light box solver for Oldschool Runescape today.

What's the "correct" way to write setup scripts for Python? My setup.py is a complete and utter hackjob.

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I'm working on a blackjack game.
I finished the poker deck simulator, what's a portable way to do simple graphics to display a card game?

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Try SDL. Or something simpler. It depends, what language are you using?

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Have you written a chess AI yet?

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do a webapp faggot

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I'm shit at chess tho

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Can I use dlload and dlsym on windows even though the shitty platform isn't even POSIX compliant?

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You cannot call yourself a real programmer until you develop a decent Chess AI.

>> No.62059940

LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress respectively

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I'm not going to use some retarded fucking <windows.h> shit. Is there POSIX dl for windows?

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>i want to develop for windows but i dont want to use the windows api

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As you said yourself, Windows is not fully POSIX compliant. You're going to need to use Windows syscalls.

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dumb retard, have you never head of portable libraries?
Use cygwin

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>no scheme
>PHP that high at 28%
The programming community really is a joke these days.

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Halfway through writing an installer for our new product, I realized that I was well down the road of reimplementing ncurses in node.

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But this isn't the TIOBE index, anon.

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(require 'macro) ; Required to use this with SCM. Other Scheme implementations
; may not require this, or it may even be an error.
(define *cont-stack* '())

(define (push-catch cont)
(set! *cont-stack* (cons cont *cont-stack*)))

(define (pop-catch)
(let ((retval (car *cont-stack*)))
(set! *cont-stack* (cdr *cont-stack*))

(define (throw exn)
(if (null? *cont-stack*)
(error "Can't use throw outside of a try form")
((car *cont-stack*) exn)))

(define-syntax try
(syntax-rules (catch)
((try (body ...)
catch exception (catch-body ...))
(lambda (escape)
(lambda ()
(let ((exception
(lambda (cc)
(push-catch cc)
(if exception
(begin catch-body ... (escape)))))
(lambda ()
(begin body ...))
(lambda () (pop-catch))))))))

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How does /g/ feel about FORTRAN?

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Lisp is disgusting.

>> No.62060315

>thinks that's lisp
Hello retard.

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Learning Lua so I can make WoW addons.
I'm not sure if these addons look like such a mess because of Lua or because nobody knew how to write them properly back in 2006

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>Lisp: Bleeding edge edition
scheme and lisp are both trash.

>> No.62060340

t. brainlet

>> No.62060366

Scheme's not lisp though.

>> No.62060382

>unsigned numbers in javascript

javascript only understands floating point

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Everyone hates pedophiles obviously but why is she in particular so singlemindedly passionate about it?
Did something perhaps happen to color her opinion?
:^) 8===>

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You should look into C++ as a way of mentally transitioning. If you're truly a C zealot the mandatory OOP can come as a shock and a deterrent and it's easier to get used to if you already understand how OOP works in the low level functional terms you're used to

>> No.62060475

>a dynamic lang
>calling others brainlets
wew laddie

>> No.62060483

You are a literal brainlet though. Scheme and Lisp are some of the most influential languages ever, and here you, a complete imbecile, shitting on them because your tiny brain can't quite read it.

>> No.62060499

>completely irrelevant
>literaly 0 software written in those languages
>"most influential ever"
God, functionalfags are delusional!

>> No.62060510

>most """influential""" languages
>meanwhile the only semi-relevant (and i use that term very loosely) lisp is fucking clojure
>who wouldnt be anything without the JVM
>and whos also switching to a type system

>Lisp is barely relevant because of Java

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use std::fmt;

trait ying: fmt::Display {}

struct Implications;

impl ying for Implications {}

impl fmt::Display for Implications {
fn fmt(&self, f: &mut fmt::Formatter) -> fmt::Result {
write!(f, "I seriously hope you guys don't do this")

fn shiggy() -> impl ying { Implications }

fn main() {
println!("{}", shiggy());

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Outdated trash, 0/10, wouldn't write again.

>> No.62060865

Teach me Rust, senpai

>> No.62061290

>make some software
>want to share it with someone
>only places I know of are worthless garbage
The fuck? Do I just release stuff into the ether like some moron and hope someone finds my github?

>> No.62061358

There are better choices as Gitlain, Gitgud...
>Do I just release stuff into the ether like some moron
You can announce it here.

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My code is so 1337 even Qtcreator gets confused
#include <iostream>
#include <string>


f0(const std::string& arg = "world")
std::cout << "Hello, " << arg << '\n';

fp11() -> void (*)(const std::string&)
return f0;

void (*fp03())(const std::string&)
return f0;

return 42;

f2(std::string str) noexcept try {
return std::stoi(str);
} catch (const std::exception& e) {
std::cerr << "stoi() failed!\n";
return 0;

int f2(std::string);
std::cout << f2("bad12") << '\n';

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And people actually defend this language.
It's baffling.

>> No.62061471

> fp11() -> void (*)(const std::string&)
what is this

>> No.62061472

It's kinda funny after all these years, all the books and tutorials I read on c++ tried to instill this fear of pointers and templates on me. Now that I've programmed for so long, I realize how silly it all was, and that the only thing that made it seem scary was the worse case scenarios or basically being a dumbass, and then all the silly syntax with the archaic font being used at the time. It's just typical variables and generic types to allow you to not have to define different procedures for different data types. I know it should sound obvious, but just a "Oh, right" moment for me.

>> No.62061475

heh, noob

>> No.62061483

A function returning a function pointer

What even is happening in f2 though?

>> No.62061513

> A function returning a function pointer
But isn't
>void (*fp03())
this a function returning a function pointer as well?

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>What are you working on, /g/?

A top secret program written in a top secret programming language.

>> No.62061599

Could you post the whole code?

>> No.62061678

Can you guys help?
I need this function to return 1 or 0. This is the best solution I came up with.

leap(int year)
int a;
if (year % 4 == 0 || (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0))
a = 1;
a = 0;


but it feels messy. I tried putting if inside return but it wouldn't compile

>> No.62061705

leap(int year)
return year % 4 == 0 || (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0);

>> No.62061708 [DELETED] 

leap(int year)
return year % 4 == 0 || (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0);

>> No.62061709

You could do return year % 4 == 0 || (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0) ;. Also, I suspect your code to be wrong when it comes to calculating leap years, although I'm not entirely sure.

>> No.62061711

If something is a multiple of 100 it's also going to be a multiple of 400, m8.

leap(int year)
return year % 4 == 0 || year % 400 == 0 ? 1 : 0


>> No.62061724

leap(int year)

if (year % 4 == 0 || (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 == 0))
return 1;
return 0;


>> No.62061734

I think the ternary expression is not needed.

>> No.62061763

I see now. Holy shit I'm retarded. I tried putting if inside return. Thanks guys.

>If something is a multiple of 100 it's also going to be a multiple of 400
That too, damn. I'll have to figure that out on my own

>> No.62061769

Some systems might re-define 0's and 1's

>> No.62061771

That's not it works, mate.

>> No.62061836

>tfw people start following your project on github so you have to stop using words like cunt or nigger for debug instead of foo bar
feels bad
>tfw you you accidentally commit debug messages with racial slurs in them
I sure as fuck hope nobody pulled the repo before i pushed the ammend

>> No.62061843

I'll make sure it's clean, what's the repo?

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You will forever be treated as a retard in C/C++ land, anon. Join the Rust cult :^)

>> No.62061858

What license do i need to use if my project is open source and i want it to be free but i don¨t want anyone to make any money from any part of the project?

>> No.62061873


>> No.62061882

GPL but remember anyone could include your code in closed source software

>> No.62061883

Lol, brainlets, let me give you a hint
#include <iostream>

int f1();

void f0(const std::string& arg = " function. (default arg)") {
std::cout << "\"" << __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ << "\"" << arg << '\n';

auto fp11() -> void (*)(const std::string&) {
return f0;

void (*fp03())(const std::string&) {
return f0;

int main() {
fp11()(" <== function.");
fp03()(" <== function.");

I don't even use C++ these days

>> No.62061888

GPL but the Chinese will still probably steal your code anyway.

>> No.62061910

You can't prevent theft so why bother?
If your source is open people will steal your shit.
If you source is closed people will pirate your shit.

FLOSS is the way to go, not cat and mouse chase.

>> No.62061935

>Array of unspecified size, of pointers to functions that return pointers to functions that return void.

In languages with trailing return type this is easier to define, e.g.:
let f: &[fn() -> fn() -> ()];

>> No.62061937

How do I load images in scheme to do the picture section of SICP?

>> No.62061946


>> No.62061950

stupid brainlet question: why aren't there as many 3D libraries/engines/etc in C as there are in C++?Is it just because of the oop & other language features or just people feeling that it's harder to code in a more restrained language?

>> No.62061959

there is no more place for racism in this world. go back to your cavern.

>> No.62061968

c is an obsolete programming language, no one want to deal with it anymore except when being forced to.

>> No.62061982

Why does GCC suck so much?
Stallman insists on making it inconvenient for tool development. So it sucks in every aspect aside from optimization and now they're slipping:

I'll give GCC 2-3 years tops. When you're beat by intels compiler you should reconsider your place in the world.

>> No.62061988

lmao priceless

>> No.62061993


plz no bully

>> No.62061996

i wouldn't say it's obsolete, many compilers still have to implement all c11 standards

>> No.62061998

and you think those portable libraries don't use platform specific code, you dumbass? You think stuff like the SDL is magically able to open a window on any platform? Of course it uses the Win32 api on Win32, X on systems that use X, the cocoa api on OSX, etc.

>> No.62062043

I find it pretty and surprisingly readable.
Modern Fortran:
Good example of a well written Fortran program: https://github.com/wannier-developers/wannier90

>> No.62062101


Nvm got it, dab on the haters.

>> No.62062109

Yes you can. Run your code on a server and provide remote paid access only

>> No.62062127

>not going into academia

>> No.62062154

Might as well don't sell the software at all

>> No.62062265

They think that they have to use OOP and C++ is only language those people might know well.
Usually if the engine is written in C it has comment like this somewhere
>There are plenty of C++ engines which do what I've done here and better. Pure C game engines on the other hand are much rarer. Corange provided me an outlet to practice my C skills. Of course if you are just linking to it you can still program your game/executable using C++.
Or other reason to use C
>Orx is mostly written in C (with some plugins in C++/Obj-C) but allows you to develop with it with any language that can interface to C (like C++ or Objective-C for example).
There's also that thing that C doesn't provide data structures in the standard library but I think this is not the reason because most C++ engines seems to implement their own data structures.

>> No.62062289

Is there any reason to use a Makefile over just running a bash (or whatever sh) script that compiles your shit?

>> No.62062315

make run task in parallel, also people are familiar with just getting the project and running make and except it to work

>> No.62062420

>why aren't there as many 3D libraries/engines/etc in C as there are in C++?
Because the game industry is culturally dominated by C++.

>> No.62062484

well no shit, that's what i was asking: the reason for it: is it just because the "lack" of features or because it's easier to use already-made data structures that benefit from oop/other things

>> No.62062538
File: 1.83 MB, 960x576, out.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this intuitive?

>> No.62062547

Sorry. My bad. I'd say it's just a very general trend and the fact that games require a lot of developers. C++ projects with less experienced developers do scale better than C projects with less experienced developers.
I also think that because the games industry was dominated by C before (as an engine language, large variety in scripting languages) contributes too. The promise that you can write C code in C++ makes it a much smaller leap.

If the games industry was Cobol/ada/basic/whatever dominated in the past they'd probably have made a completely new language instead of getting on the C++ bandwagon. It's also worth noting that a lot of industries have very senior staff, the games industry has a comparatively young staff.

Object oriented programming was also widely used in games before when the game designs were very limited in scope. Most actual engine work is not object oriented anymore. It's just a common paradigm for newbies so you find that stuff in the surface level APIs for stuff like Unreal or Unity.
I also personally believe OOP scales well with inexperienced developers. The style seems to encourage very large fragmentation of code.

>> No.62062573

also, since you're talking about game engines, both the game and the engine is being written in C11

>> No.62062626

Put a sample gist of your source, of the game

>> No.62062639

It's over 2000 lines of steaming pile of shit.
#include "dg.h" // we include this because in the future (tm) g.h will only have the types
#include "g.h"

/// FIXME: ejectors are buggy as hell (5.lvl)

/// TODO: sticky hero mode
/// TODO: shrinker max size
/// TODO: pulsator max size (also integrate into script generation)
/// TODO: add g.cfg.camera.dampening

int main(void) {
Level level = scanLevel(LEVEL_PATH);
initGameData(scanConfig(CONFIG_PATH), level);

float lastTick = dgGetTime();
while (!dgMustExit() && !g.lvl.over) {
if (dgGetTime() - lastTick > g.cfg.tickDuration) {
lastTick += g.cfg.tickDuration;
printf("%ld\n", g.lvl.ticks);


I like it anyway.

>> No.62062710
File: 108 KB, 450x557, Brazil2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw my boss and I had a discussion -- and I convinced him to use OOP over functional programming for a critical task

>> No.62062827

Where ma boy int f1() defined at

>> No.62062853


>> No.62062863

Do you work for human traffickers?
Why would you afflict them like this?

>> No.62062893

>the 'OOP is bad' meme
t. neet who never had a job

>> No.62062921

How come boss wanted FP for a task?

>> No.62062924

what was that critical task?

>> No.62062933

>critical OOP
lol it sure is critical that our widget has a class

>> No.62063046

>I actively made our codebase worse

Good job? Do you shit under your chair too?

>> No.62063077

What projects do you guys use c++ for?

I mostly end up using java/kotlin despite really liking c++ as they're more appropriate for the project (trading bots, server stuff, apps etc).

>> No.62063150

r8 my parity checker
push esi
mov esi, [esp + 8]
mov ecx, [esp + 12]
jecxz endloop

test al, al
jp end
loop mainloop

xor esi, esi

mov eax, esi
pop esi

>> No.62063211

saber is cute

>> No.62063294

I'm going through the Tour of Go, slices exercise.

package main

import "golang.org/x/tour/pic"

func Pic(dx, dy int) [][]uint8 {
result := make([][]uint8, dy)
for i := range result {
result[i] = make([]uint8, dx)
for j := range result[i] {
result[i][j] = (uint8(i) ^ uint8(j))
return result

func main() {

Where are dx and dy arguments passed? I don't see where they are.
Also, I don't get the idea of explicit type conversion of INTEGERS. What's so great about that?

>> No.62063318

C++ is quite inconsistent about its own rules
#include <cstdio>
#include <string>
#include <functional>
using namespace std;

void print(string arg = "test") {
printf("%s\n", arg.c_str());

int main(void) {
function<void(string)> p = print;
p("sdf"); // works
p(); // won't

>> No.62063332

Never touched a single line of Go in my life but I think you're passing the function Pic to the function pic.Show() which then takes care of passing dx and dy to Pic.
Explicit type conversion means no surprises. Some people like it, some don't.

>> No.62063358

Taking a shower after waking up covered in semen.

>> No.62063359

>using a stack

>> No.62063428

want to go through a kotlin for android tutorial but keep doing something else instead


>> No.62063440

You defined p to be a function with one argument; It's proper to not let you call it with zero.

>> No.62063471

So as a hobby, what do you actually program? I fell for the CS meme and did a year of Java before dropping out because of boredom.

>> No.62063490

Makefile makes it feasible to only do a part of the work; your bat file will generally have to compile everything (unless you emulate make functionality in bash, which you very well may, but why?)

>> No.62063573

But he defined a default argument, didn't he?

>> No.62063599

For the function named print. He's not calling print. He's calling p, which is defined as a function with one argument. He can call print with zero arguments just fine.

>> No.62063609

I'm new to C++ but why not use std::function?
std::function<void(const std::string&)> fp1000() {
return f0;

>> No.62063617

p points to print

>> No.62063649

how is phoenix?

>> No.62063654

Imagine you create an std::string variable, and then an integer pointer pointing to it. You then would try to assign a string to that integer pointer. Would you also be surprised? Would you argue that since the pointer points to string that assignment should work?

std::string s;
int *pointer = (int *)(void *)&s;
pointer = "hello"; // WTF C++

>> No.62063868
File: 44 KB, 636x616, 1474325315193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Employed Haskell programmer reporting in

>> No.62063899

What line of work are you in?

>> No.62063943


>> No.62063951

I didn't know it was bait.

>> No.62063965

Then lurk more, because she posts this almost every thread.

>> No.62063980

But I want to participate.

>> No.62064054


>> No.62064185 [DELETED] 

>not using cdecl
Alright, here's a fastcall version
@[email protected]:
xchg ecx, edx
xchg edx, esi
jecxz endloop

test al, al
jp end
loop mainloop

xor esi, esi

mov eax, esi
xchg edx, esi

>> No.62064425

I am a fucking retard and messed up my Computer Science application, chances of me getting in this year are extremely slim.

I only know C basics.
Is it possible for me to learn C and C++ on my own to get internship so I can do something until next year while I wait to apply for CS again? If yes how long would it take me if I can dedicate 10 hours a day practicing and learning C/C++?

>> No.62064464

That's a stupid question that no one can answer. It entirely depends on the pace that you can absorb knowledge at, some people are retarded and don't know how to learn and/or cannot wrap their heads around some concepts that are trivial so it naturally takes them longer to learn than for someone that actually learns properly.

>> No.62064521
File: 85 KB, 564x1375, 05d8b571c1080184cc32105b6da35d70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw just did a comfy refactor on some code that bothered me in client's codebase for few weeks now

Haskell refactors are the best

>> No.62064548

>What are you working on, /g/?
Just finished writing a small audio library on top of OpenAL for my project, works pretty well.

>> No.62064555

Ok, so I'm quite new to Android programming, and I want to fetch a RSS feed as soon as the app starts.
Do I do this with a service in the background?

>> No.62064583
File: 227 KB, 1156x1156, 4bRLCB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick rundown on WebRTC? My mate told me to implement a PeerJS API in java, but it seems to me that I would need a java WebRTC library in order to do that. Is there such a library that we could use in our proprietary app, or do I have to make one myself? If so, would it be feasible?

>> No.62064610

I understand.
But then theoretically would anyone take me on internship if I manage to "learn" languages on my own without any higher education?

>> No.62064650

For something so small you can just use retrofit. You don't need a service for such a short lived task.

>> No.62064659

Probably a slim chance when it comes to C, you'd be much more likely to get an internship while being new in some higher level language but still if you've got nothing going for yourself (like a degree/formal experience) then your best bet is implementing some interesting stuff and putting it up on GitHub, it won't guarantee that you land an internship but it'll definitely boost your chances a lot.

>> No.62064664

Anybody got any good links for starting with C++???

>> No.62064667

In android how do i launch a specific activity in different app? Like if i want to open the settings tab of facebook for example

>> No.62064679


>> No.62064681
File: 167 KB, 1920x1080, 1485993818724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62064709

They should at least call it fn, auto is misleading, auto is hiding nothing, it's just a placeholder

>> No.62064745

the real shitpost is maketriple and makedouble performing IO

>> No.62064776

>They should at least call it fn
yes, pack even more stuff in that giant language

>> No.62064786

fn makes more sense than auto

>> No.62064799

>Rust has fn syntax
>autists cry about it
>C++ has auto syntax
>It's okay, we won't mention it

>> No.62064806


You can't do ten hours a day, not possible without burnout. I'm good at studying and my max is probably 5 before I devolve into brain fog or inefficincy.

Unpragmatically, around 1 month of '10 hour' will give you solid foundation in C. Another month for C++ and then 3+ months to be useful.

>> No.62064809

yes, but why would you add one more keyword such a simple feature

>> No.62064821

who are you quoting

>> No.62064829

wtf would you rather use misleading keywords instead?

>> No.62064917

I'd never use auto this way in the first place, I don't see why I'd drop the type from the front, if I have to write it at the end

>> No.62064957

The new syntax may look like a step backwards in readability for the usual function declarations, but it does make it possible to use decltype to specify template function
return types:
template < typename T1, typename T2 >
auto Foo(T1 t1, T2 t2) -> decltype(T1*T2)

The problem that’s addressed here is that T1 and T2 are not in scope before the compiler
reads the eff parameter list, so any use of decltype has to come after the parameter list.
The new syntax makes that possible. Almost all modern languages have this feature.

>> No.62065039

prolog was better

>> No.62065059


>> No.62065084

racket can do GUIs that like kinda ok... already beats tcl

>> No.62065109

t. pajoot

>> No.62065116


>> No.62065197

only for desktop operating systems. Can't even exports as apk for android. Racket is so shit.

>> No.62065227

please help

>> No.62065299

Cairo propably needs pointer to opengl context are something like that. See if libui has function for getting the native drawing context of the window.

>> No.62065306

ok thanks

>> No.62065385

C++ can do OOP; don't get pedantic, it's not fucking worth it.

>> No.62065416

racket/gui backends are

windows: winapi/gdi or gtk
macos: cocoa
rest: gtk

>> No.62065533

That is how you calculate leap years.

>> No.62065567

Survey is shit.

>> No.62065569

That seems completely consistent.

p is a function of expecting a string, there is no default. p is not a function pointer...

Please explain why this is not consistent?

>> No.62065605

What? Are you asking a question or making a statement?

>> No.62065639

I'm trying to get audio to work on mobile Chrome. I have a button set to play the audio and start a timeout, but the audio never plays.
The site works fine on desktop and Chrome's mobile emulation, pls assist

>> No.62065647

>Attempted to learn C++
>Modern C++ annoys me
>Want to learn one of the """""up-and-coming competitors""""" like D or Rust
>Know in my heart of hearts, I'll only ever get to use those languages in hobby projects, and never a job

Are C++ jobs even fucking worth it?

>> No.62065672

Maybe you denied the permission for the app to play audio?

>> No.62065701

It's an HTML page with some JS, so that shouldn't matter unless Chrome devs were retarded enough to forget that tiny detail

>> No.62065722

try chrome://flags/#disable-gesture-requirement-for-media-playback in the url bar first

>> No.62065725

I've spent plenty of time using linux/unix, but never set up anything or installed anything myself. What versions should I try out in a VM if I plan to only use it to program in C and SystemVerilog with emacs, and maybe grab ModelSim?

>> No.62065816

Am developing a C Win32 client.

Need to manage all kinds of signals/events, both keyboard ones and server disconnections or stuff like that.

Can't find a decent MSDN or anything that explains how to properly manage signals in Windows, can you guys help me find some useful documentation about it?

>> No.62065879

Apparently it works on Android phones, so it's just an iOS issue. I hate web dev. Thanks for the help.


>> No.62065886


USE double
REAL(KIND=DP) :: target, result
INTEGER :: i, k
mainloop: DO
PRINT *, 'Type in a real number'
READ (*, *, IOSTAT=k) target
IF (k < 0) THEN
ELSE IF (k > 0) THEN
PRINT *, 'Some sort of horrible I/O error'
IF (target .EQ. 0.0_DP) THEN
PRINT *, 'The cube root of zero is, er, zero'
result = Newton(target)
PRINT *, result, result**3
END DO mainloop


FUNCTION Newton (source)
REAL(KIND=DP) :: Newton
REAL(KIND=DP) :: current
REAL(KIND=DP), DIMENSION(5) :: previous
! This is cheating, but the hardest part of Newton-Raphson solution of
! Nth roots is getting the starting value, and doing so properly would
! merely be confusing. So use a horrible hack to get an approximation.
current = 1.1*CMPLX(source,KIND=KIND(0.0))**0.3
DO i = 1,5
previous(i) = 0.0_DP
loop: DO
current = current - &
PRINT *, current
DO i = 1,5
if (current .EQ. previous(i)) EXIT loop
DO i = 1,4
previous(i+1) = previous(i)
previous(1) = current
END DO loop
Newton = current

FUNCTION value (arg, targ)
USE double
REAL(KIND=DP) :: value, arg, targ
value = arg**3-targ

FUNCTION derivative (arg)
USE double
REAL(KIND=DP) :: derivative, arg
derivative = 3*arg**2
END FUNCTION derivative


>> No.62065937

It's shit.

>> No.62066003

C noon here. Don't know how people format code irl for readability.
I'm writing a program where I need amount of days in each month for later calculations.
Is it aesthetically ok to #define 12 constants under #include? (they're called constant macros right?)

>> No.62066008


Please do not pass std::string objects by value. You are unnecessarily copying data.


Think of print like two functions with the same name (completely legitimate in C++; it's called function overloading). One takes 1 argument, the other takes no arguments. You made p point to the one that takes 1 argument.

>> No.62066014

I forget my Fortran so I can't tell off the top of my head what version you're using, but unless you specifically have to hobble yourself to old version you should be using Fortran 2008. Caps lock isn't necessary since Fortran 90 I think
Also unless you need the entire history for a purpose, you shouldn't need to use an array to keep track of the previous value, single variable is enough.
Oh and testing doubles for equality is a bad idea, always use tolerances (ie, abs(target - current) < tolerance)

>> No.62066034

best to make the plunge to full oop

>> No.62066043


It's aesthetically okay to #define as many constants as you want. Just be aware of where it might make more sense to use an enum.

>> No.62066182

in haskell this is just
f :: [IORef (a -> IORef (a -> ()))]

>> No.62066190

I don't understand lambda calculus.

>> No.62066230

Bump. Please someone with any Pajeetdos C knowledge help me

>> No.62066248

If you are a good programmer, both D and Rust will get you a job.

>> No.62066294

>and whos also switching to a type system
clojure had a type system from the first version, what are you talking about

>> No.62066325
File: 53 KB, 642x624, aes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

r8 my /aesthetic/ code

>> No.62066340

Are you a retard?

>> No.62066341

>You made p point to the one that takes 1 argument.
So print will point to the function with matching arguments. Is there a way to have p point dynamically as well? And if there isn't, how does one set a pointer to point to the no argument function?

>> No.62066362

Imagine naming a programming language after the effect of neglecting something...

>> No.62066364
File: 6 KB, 321x321, 1476120845949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62066384

Thumbnail reminded me of >new averaging method

>> No.62066451

Why not just enum the months to have integer values equal to the amount of days past? Even if you uses months else where, just enum months as the amount of days they have and make a second enum with an additional letter for total days.

>> No.62066482


LOL Beethoven hasn't released any new music in hundreds of years. Not influential at all. Besides who the fuck listens to shitty classical music anyways

>> No.62066501

Did they ever announce the reasoning behind their name? I get the theme they're going with their naming conventions (Rustaceans, Cargo, etc.), but why Rust?

>> No.62066514

From wikipedia:
>The language grew out of a personal project started in 2006 by Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare,[11] who stated that the project was possibly named after the rust family of fungi.[27]

>> No.62066526

Rust is named after a very resilient kind of bacteria that has like three ways of duplicating itself. It kinda follows the idea of having a safe and resilient language.

>> No.62066540
File: 25 KB, 300x57, mexico warning.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DO i = 1,4
previous(i+1) = previous(i)

I don't know Fortran, but doesn't this fill previous with previous(1)?

Also nice captcha

>> No.62066543

Is FEB a constant?
How do you treat leap years?

>> No.62066550

/g/ never took any science classes did they. No wonder some of them are even religious

>> No.62066561

I really want to program my own projects more often. I also have a long list of things related to programming that I want to learn. But when I come home from work, I no longer have the energy to do anything productive so I succumb to anime and gaymes. Please help. Jobs suck. I don't want to work for a corporation and sit in an office 8 hours a day, but goddammit, how else do I make the money to eat and live? Should I trade or mine some memecoins and try to live with that money? No thanks, too risky. What do?

>> No.62066598

Become a robot. Eat a ton of sugar when you get home in order to boost your brain and make sure you always get at leas 9 hours of sleep per day.

>> No.62066602
File: 204 KB, 1206x420, everything makes sense now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rust fungi are highly specialized parasites with several unique features.
>Unlike other plant pathogens, rust usually affects healthy and vigorously growing plants...

Is Mozilla that self-aware?

>> No.62066606

can a brainlet who can't into math learn programming?

>> No.62066613


if (leap(year) == 1 && month >= 3)
year_day = year_day + 1;

leap(int year)
int a;

if (year % 100 == 0 && year % 400 != 0)
return (0);
return (year % 4 == 0);


I don't know what that is yet.
may be

>> No.62066623

year_day = 0;

switch( month ) {
case 12: year_day += NOV;
case 11: year_day += OCT;
case 10: year_day += SEP;
case 9: year_day += AUG;
case 8: year_day += JUL;
case 7: year_day += JUN;
case 6: year_day += MAY;
case 5: year_day += APR;
case 4: year_day += MAR;
case 3: year_day += FEB;
case 2: year_day += JAN;
case 1: year_day += day;

puts("Enter correct month number.");

>> No.62066633

Yes, the "you need math to program" myth is but a meme.

>> No.62066643

No, otherwise you are going to think that fizzbuzz is OMG MATH

>> No.62066650

close, but you always have to add day

>> No.62066664

int a;
is not supposed to be there

>> No.62066665

you at least need category theory

>> No.62066671

Yes. I'm a brainlet who can't into maths and I wrote several compilers.

>> No.62066679

For what?

>> No.62066704

speak english or i'll bash you, last warning.

excellent, I'll start tomorrow

>> No.62066708

It is. The lack of breaks means it flows through. (The only reason to ever use switch statements in my opinion.)

>> No.62066726

There you go. I thought year_day had to be initialized to something.

year_day = day;

switch( month ) {
case 12: year_day += NOV;
case 11: year_day += OCT;
case 10: year_day += SEP;
case 9: year_day += AUG;
case 8: year_day += JUL;
case 7: year_day += JUN;
case 6: year_day += MAY;
case 5: year_day += APR;
case 4: year_day += MAR;
case 3: year_day += FEB;
case 2: year_day += JAN;
case 1: break;

year_day = -1;
puts("Enter correct month number.");

>> No.62066731

you can become a codemonkey writing enterprise software or doing webshit very easily, that's almost blue collar work, not much brain is needed

>> No.62066733

>speak english or i'll bash you, last warning.
Go with your English Literature Degree to other place, brainlet.

>> No.62066743

>category theory
i got bored reading the wikipedia description of this

>> No.62066755

>to other place
grug mad you insult him words

>> No.62066757

>that's almost blue collar work
very true. enterprise and webshit sometimes feels like a skilled laborer duing the middle ages carving details into the sistine chapel

>> No.62066760

It's completely useless, that anon is memeing.

>> No.62066769

why does haskell need a gc?
couldn't it have lifetimes like rust does?
t. brainlet

>> No.62066794

to piggyback off this anons question, is Haskell a meme language?

>> No.62066817

You can't just ask fucking retarded question and then go full retarded with >t.brainlet
Ask your fucking question. We will call you faggot regradless.

>> No.62066820


>> No.62066833

>t. brainlet

>> No.62066846
File: 11 KB, 238x212, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this mad on internet

>> No.62066850

How do I into actual output?
So far all we have been doing with C in school just opens black .exe window. How do you make something else?

>> No.62066860

>t. brainlet

>> No.62066869

Give a single (1) reason why R is better than python for anything.

>> No.62066872
File: 137 KB, 1024x728, pelles-c_windows_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Install Pelles C. Pic related.

>> No.62066883



>> No.62066886

If you use R studio you can do all your stuff in GUI without ever having to bother writing line of R code.

>> No.62066892

Too soon. Ignore this.

>> No.62066915


>> No.62066961

that fucking retarded whitespace shit, for the quickest thing
R has more packages I actually need, and CRAN is an exceptionally good repo system

>> No.62067080


>> No.62067111

python's """""lambdas""""" are pig disgusting trash pukes

>> No.62067304
File: 19 KB, 732x438, what is wrong with this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why wont this work??
i want to download youtube videos into mp3 by typing
youtube-dl link-to-youtube

but i keeps telling me that the requested format is incompatible for merge.

>> No.62067327

dumb akariposter

>> No.62067432


>> No.62068241

I've been having the same problem anon

>> No.62068783


apparently you have to save the file as youtube-dl.sh file so that it can appropriately understand $1 or something

just add '.sh' and it should work, although now you have to do ./youtube-dl link instead of just youtube-dl link

>> No.62068801


woops, it should be ./youtube-dl.sh link

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