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/mkg/ - meme% keyboard edition
>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)
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Why is there no keyboard better than my Model M?

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But that's just your opinion tho nice quads.

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The model F exists

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Not worth the price over the Model M

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How dare you.

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Sup faggots, just got my first 2 mechs. So far I am loving both. Gotta decide which one is going to the office and which is staying home

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>He didn't get them when they were 50 bucks
There were hundreds of them for a while, until the hipsters found them. Occasionally you can find some being resold for 100-120 bucks

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>tfw mexishit model m13
Also, nice quads.

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Why ruin the look of the keyboard with that shitty blue keycap? Kinda curious about your thought process

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Does anyone sell cherry profile JIS keycaps?

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yes cherry used to, but now BSP owns that tooling

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Aw shit tracking says my keyboard got delivered today, hype

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what an odd coincidence, mine too

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Someone sell me a model f for $100 right now

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hello friends

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Hey guys, I recently bought a BTC 78XX. Could someone give me some specifications on it? As it doesn't say what domes it has or what yeae it was produced in.

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>Actually bought a $200 rubber dome
>No arrow keys
>No F keys

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What's the cheapest set of black DSA modifier keys I can get?

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HHKB cucks are the worst

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I've heard Model M's are heavier when typing than Model F's, it this true?

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I took a more artsy photo this time.

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long tiem lurker first time poster
do you like it

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I spilled tea on my old flossed Model M 'cause I'm retarded, now a bunch of keys have quit working. Opened it up to find about half of the plastic rivets have fallen off, so it needs a boltmod and if I'm gonna do that I 'bout as well replace the membrane while I'm at it. Not sure I wanna put that much effort into it.

I bought a redragon K551 with knockoff blues in it. It's not too bad except for the gayass gamer keycap font. I kinda like the "Cherry" experience, but god damn this thing makes a soft ringing sound for about half a second after a keypress on most of the keys. I didn't notice it at first but as I'm typing this in the dark and the quiet it's really fucking annoying. I'm giving some serious thought to selling this one and buying a Ducky One with real MX Clears in it.

Your thoughts? Is the Ducky gonna make this goddamn ringing sound?

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The white spacebar, ESC key, and arrow keys ruin it

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I like it, but I agree with

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Any quality non BT mechs yet?

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Link to keycaps now

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Yes, there's tons. I mean, that's kind of a stupid question since there's been good wired keyboards since long ebfore Bt was even invented.

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R8 my weeb keeb

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>no f keys


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hey dude, may I ask if you are in arizona? I only ask because that's my state, and I would love to go out and shoot pistol with you. I work at a gun shop and admire you collection. cheers m8

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Keycap link please senpai

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what ducky is that? what switch? i got ducky one tkl red cherry and i'm loving it so far. got another keyboard with zorro blue switch and it has a nice sound feedback

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what keyboard is that?

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DSA Wolf Mark mods
DSA Otaku alphas

Filco Minila Air

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This guy is going to kill you

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.....huh, why? I don't get ur meme's bruah.

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The good feeling of oneness with cup rubber is unmatched. Going back to mx feels like shit.

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senpai please tell me your secret, i am drunk

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That's a pretty sweet little cannon

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Is there a "red-like" spring mod for the Model M?

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I bought a topre keyboard for $5 it feels like shit

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Uhh, your only option would be to find a busted model f and swap springs. But I'm not even sure if that would work right.

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what kind of keyboard is this?

I really like the aesthetic, lookslike a sunset with the orange esc

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it was a nice collectors piece. I bought and sold it. did shoot it a bit, great trigger! I forgot what year it was becvause I am drunk right now. I think 76' but I forget, it was a couple years ago.

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what's good under $100?

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Just get a Tada68, you won't be disappointed.

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Model M

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What colors go good with beige? I'm trying to dye some gateron blanks.

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hoi goys wat keyboard is best for programming :3333

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this is probably more suited for a mechanical keyboard gore thread, but what the hell:

cheap velocifire with outemu browns and some 1976 knockoff caps. the keyboard itself has an unconventional layout to say the least. the pgUp and pgDn keys are actually right ctrl and right shift. the original left shift key was just small enough that I had to hack away some of the current one with a fucking exacto knife to keep it from bumping elbows with the Z key. it's a nice enough setup in terms of actual typing. looks alright from across the room. oh yeah, it also glows a sort of ghoulish turquoise color.

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Why buy keycaps for a shitty board? You could have used that money for a better keyboard.

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One that works.

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Are these feel substantially different from a regular rubber dome? I'm considering the chink clone for my workplace because I need a quiet board there.

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>flipped spacebar
you have to go back

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post cheap 60s

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>cherry used to

So literally no one makes after market JIS cherry caps for sale?


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Where can I buy QMX silencing clips other than Unikey? These faggots don't ship to eastern europe.

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So I have to wait months at best to get it. Thanks anyway.

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What are cherry mx white? I see them as an option for the Pok3r drop.

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>don't need a new keyboard
>gonna buy a vortex poker run anyway
Well I would give out a free Ajazz Ak33 for free if I knew a place where I could advertise. I like to give my old PC stuff to people whom can't afford newer stuff.

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Anyone know where I can find these not on massdrop? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/hangul-pbt-dye-subbed-keycaps-set

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What's the opinion on the vortex core? I can pick one up for 75 bucks and I'd like to try out a 40%. Anything I should know about?

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Should I buy a model M or new keycaps?

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Looking for a new keyboard since my plebian one finally stopped working.
>Europe (UK Specifically)
>Cherry MX Blues preferably
>TKL (80%)
>Preferably with backlight but not a requirement

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>only for MX pcb mounted switches
>for plate or pcb-mounted switches

Shouldn't that be the same product? Why are unikey and massdrop stating different specifications?

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I would if I could but no one's stocking up on them rn
Thanks, gonna get me a Magicforce 68
Honestly no one sells them here in my country

>> No.62061799

I'm very tempted to buy a hhkb right now, I know it's just a rubber dome but I want to try it.

>> No.62061818

Are aliexpress and kbdfans both out of stock?

>> No.62061840

I'm from the Philippines and if it goes through the customs, you gotta pay its price for tax. So I'd rather not ship internationally

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>Shouldn't that be the same product? Why are unikey and massdrop stating different specifications?

Massdrop has both pcb and plate mount clips. For some reason they only showed pictures for the plate mount version. The picture you posted is the PCB mount version.

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That looks pretty good, thanks

>> No.62062220

Does anyone have the /g/ switch type chart?

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File: 159 KB, 1000x1200, SwitchType.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Thanks man. I meant the one that's more meme than informative but I'll save this one too.

>> No.62062311

>Thanks, gonna get me a Magicforce 68
Try to contact PCHub or Softbox Solutions on FB anon. so you can get them cheaper. or get a tada68 from a local group buy

>> No.62062351

>Worst switch
Which degenerate made this?

>> No.62062375

How is the Vortex Race 3? Is there any other 75% keyboards that are better?

>> No.62062406

It is the worst switch and the description is accurate. There is nothing good about brown switches. They are terrible tactile switches and terrible linear switches.

>> No.62062468

It's because I play FPSs, get over it,

It's not because

I space my posts

Like this

A Pok3r with custom keycaps from WASD, unfortunately I don't think you can customize PBT to the extent you can a full ABS set, I've seen ways of preventing shine, that I may try

>> No.62062586

Greens with inconsistently quieter clicks.

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The best topre keyboard is CM novatouch.

>> No.62063222

Ducky one TKL w/ PBT side print and cherry clears. Ended up taking the ducky to the office even though it's slightly louder. Probably try to make it quieter

>> No.62063266

How do they compare? I need to buy a new mech and I'm torn between exactly those two.

>> No.62063335

They feel almost the same (I got both with clears) although the ducky is slightly louder. I really like typing on both of them but I haven't had them long enough to decide which I like more. Build quality on both is awesome although the vortex race was $150 instead of $90 for the ducky.

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I'm about to order an NG0100 REALFORCE91U
I know the "91" means the number of keys (TKL JIS version)
Anyone can help me get sense of the rest?
I know realforce keyboards come in
>Fullsize / TKL
>various key weight and "ergonomic" weight distribution
>normal / silent switches
But i'm not sure which is represented by what symbol in the product name.

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Dedicated numpad huh

>> No.62063372

Stop ordering JIS boards you know nothing about

>> No.62063382

Looks ugly as sin desu

>> No.62063399

No (you) for you fagget

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>Pennsylvania Dutch master race reporting in
What's your approach se/mkg/pais?

>> No.62063482

Nice opinions you've got there.
I've tried pretty much every switch out there and browns are far from the worst switch.

>and terrible linear switches.
Maybe because they aren't linear.

>> No.62063505

>talk about struggles with typing fast a few threads ago
>get asked about how I'm holding my wrists
>never get an answer to my reply
So what is the correct way to position my hands for better wps?

>> No.62063577

Have your gf take a picture of you at your keyboard m8 then we can critique

>> No.62063737

Yeah they feel tactile and extremely smooth - but in a rubber dome way. Very quiet and nice sound with silence rings on. Don't know about the clones though.

>> No.62063754

BS > Alps > topre > mx

>> No.62063779

the hell are you going to do with it unless you're japanese? The keys will be dead or typing in JIS is terrible because of the nonstandard right keys.

>> No.62064059

What is the best mechanical keyboard and why is it Ducky?

>> No.62064089

Its Leopold.

>> No.62064148

Give it to some second hand charity shop or something. That's what I'm gonna do with my old 110

>> No.62064182

>named after king of belgium
nope, sorry

>> No.62064223

I'm an idiot; meant quality wireless non BT mechs out there.

>> No.62064530

varmillo, anne pro.

>> No.62064568

>there's only one leopold and belgium is his realm

>> No.62064637

Those are Bluetooth. He wants an old-school wireless keyboard that needs a USB dongle because it uses a proprietary connection.

>> No.62064653

Oh yeah you were the guy holding the keyboard like a controller? Don't do that

>> No.62064665

Sorry I don't indirectly support a fascist king that exploited the people of a country he invaded. Were you in charlottesville the other week you fucking nazi?

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File: 11 KB, 363x165, 1503585457337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62064719

Ah, i messed that "non". Yeah, it's just like he typed
>I'm an idiot;

>> No.62064861

Is there a japanese pbt cherry mx set available for purchase? I've found some dyesub on ali, but don't like the color scheme and the price(for a dyesub).

>> No.62064922

No, I was busy donating to the Daily Stormer for their court case

>> No.62065073

That's real funny. What's next, you think the holocaust was fake? That nazi scum didn't kill 6 gorillion jewish people?

>> No.62065090

Jeez man, get your facts straight. It was 6 gorillion slavs, fags, retards, cucks and jews.

>> No.62065133

KBDFans have some for 50 bucks

>> No.62065147

So, now you're suggesting that people other than jews were killed? You really are a horrible person

>> No.62065148

Recommend in good simple keyboards?

>> No.62065166


>> No.62065215

Let me rephrase that, good simple/cheap keyboard, nothing fancy

>> No.62065247

That's what all first-party Cherry boards are, and the -3000 is standard fullsize layout.

>> No.62065253

Nothing fancy
I'd get the one with the diodes since that has 6kro as opposed to the 2kro

>> No.62065279

Ducky One. Can't go wrong with the quality and price point

>> No.62065294

That is a cheap keyboard. Its so cheap that even our cash registers use them. You can go to any of those commercial stores and buy one for like 20-30 bucks.

>> No.62065295

Thanks anon, got something different on Google

>> No.62065341

Ye, thanks. That's the one i found on ali for a higher price. 50$ doesn't look that bad.

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I wouldn't bother with google, ebay is where you can get tons of cheap Cherry boards from hardware recyclers, pic related.

>> No.62065544

if you're not trolling you deserve to be shot in the face. if you're trolling here's your (you)

>> No.62065621

There weren't that many in the occupied areas in total. What'd they do, import them?

>> No.62065809

Oh you are baiting after all, bredy gud/10 had me going for a while

>> No.62065834

Matias PBT when?

>> No.62066263

What is the purpose in replacing key caps besides aesthetics? I have a Leopold fc750r coming in the mail, how are the default keycaps on it?

>> No.62066295

If I buy a Dell AT101W, can I swap the switches with Matias QC?

>> No.62066397

You can, but it'd be a lot of work

>> No.62066420

Keycaps wear over time. The best are doubleshot or dye-sub PBT as the legends never wear off and can stay fresh for a long time.

>> No.62066467
File: 791 KB, 1000x1333, rip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the legends never wear off
Can confirm, shiny model M keycaps reporting in.

>> No.62066468

Why are there loads of £140 + keyboards and loads of under £40 keyboards but none in between?

>> No.62066552

What is the best keyboard?

>> No.62066649

There is a bunch of good chink boards on original cherry like Likeboard, IKBC and Ganss, but I'm not sure how accessible they are for a britfag.

>> No.62066699

answer me, now

>> No.62066777

RK61. Anne Pro are not too pricey eiter.

>> No.62066855


>> No.62066930

But they promised :(

>> No.62066957

>still heavily textured

Lard from your fingers on the cap is not what is meant by keycap shine.

>> No.62066980

They've been "promising" that for like 3 years.

>> No.62067160


>> No.62067213

Yeah that was the deal breaker for me when I was getting a new board. Also I heard the switches themselves fail pretty often. Sad!

>> No.62067281

Nah, these caps are regularly cleaned. That is just what shiny PBT looks like.

>> No.62067337

They fail a lot in kbp boards because kbp is not the best company.
They revised their switches recently so they shouldnt fail as much as they used to. So far it's been promising.

>> No.62067548

I was talking about the Matias boards, I looked at the quiet pro and the mini version but saw too many bad reviews. I guess matias has good customer support but I didn't want to deal with returning it etc.

>> No.62067549

Matias switch failure mostly comes down to handling of loose switches and poor board assembly. The simplified Alps design is sensitive to the switch plates being pushed out of alignment by damage to the pins.

>> No.62067680

Thanks. I need a quiet board for work and it's my only option below 200$ so I think it's worth doing.

>> No.62067724

Yeah there are many such cases! I really want to try Matias switches but until a proven board is out there I don't see myself buying them. Trying to get anything alps is a force so not sure how worth it they are either. Everyone says the feel of the switch is unmatched though so it's tempting.

>> No.62067879

Combine both: Buy new keycaps for a model M

>> No.62067954

>buy keycaps for a keyboard he doesnt have

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File: 792 KB, 1000x563, keyboard memes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My v60 has had 0 issues since I got it over a year ago.
It's even using the unrefined matias switches.
Key feel is godlike, but yeah, it's sort of a gamble which is unfortunate.

>> No.62068144

Man I hated those keycaps. Thanks for telling me where to buy them 6 months ago tho.

>> No.62068194

>falls for 60% meme
>doesnt actually use keyboard
>nothing wrong here anon!

>> No.62068215

Next year so they say.

>> No.62068237

Leopold keycaps are great.

>> No.62068267

May I ask why you dislike it? I have been looking to downgrade as I don't use anything left of enter these days and it would be nice to not have to move as far to reach my mouse.

>> No.62068314

It's my main keyboard?
The m13 is just there to look pretty :^)
I don't dislike it.
The only thing I guess I could say I don't like is that it's not programmable and the lack of good keycap options.

>> No.62068399

Because its a meme 60% keyboard, nobody actually likes them because they aren't practical. TKL or 75% is what you need.

>> No.62068451


>> No.62068477

No body except for professional programmers

>> No.62068478

I mean 75% is better than TKL or full keyboards but when was the last time you used the arrow keys?

>> No.62068598

I wasn't aware you were a professional programmer. Whatsup professional programmer anon, you're so pro with your 60%

A few minutes ago

>> No.62068604

Like five seconds ago.

>> No.62068635

I'm not a professional programmer anon, but if I was I'd use a 60% like all those emac users

>> No.62068686

Have they been saying "next year" for a while, or is there an actual reason to believe them this time? Could you please spoonfeed me?

>> No.62068722

Why do you care what other people use? Why not just use something that makes sense for you? If you always try to be like someone else you'll never be your own person. Getting a 60% keyboard will not make you a better programmer no matter how many times retards in /mkg/ tell you. Sorry kiddo.

>> No.62068769

Who said that it would? Do you even use emacs? A 60% keyboard is all what you need. Just look at all the professional programmers who use emacs. Is it that hard of a concept to grasp that not everyone needs a full size keyboard?

>> No.62068779

I think at this point they pretty much have to make them to stay relevant.
There is not much proof though. Aside from customer service emails.
But ""supposedly"" they are also making some new keyboard designs ""soon"" that are more standard and not as macfag-esq.

>> No.62068787

Well they ran a "kickstarter" to raise some funds and they reached their goal.

>> No.62068857

I don't get why you're so focused on what professional programmers look like, it's laughable. I heard they all wear adidas shoes so are you going to wear adidas shoes because muh professional programmers? You sound like a child. And when did I say to use a full size keyboard? You're putting words in my mouth because you're losing the argument.

Protip: If you're good at programming, the keyboard doesn't matter. It's personal preference man.

>> No.62068967

>It's personal preference man.
This whole hobby explained right there.

>> No.62068970

>puts words in my mouth
>moves the goal posts
>uses a straw man
I should've know you were a troll from the start. Its okay maybe one day you'll know some basics for programming. You still haven't proved me wrong. If you really want to argue go back to >>62068477

>> No.62069001

Yeah no shit you just used it. You going to justify why you preformed such a retarded action or continue to pretend you weren't supposed to follow that up like a chris chan tier autist?

>> No.62069056

Well that's good news at least

I mean there's always the unicomp route of just pushing buttons and not selling your switches to anyone to maintain monopoly. It's good that they aren't doing this

>> No.62069082

Their fundraiser said it would take a year and a half, so far its been 11 months. Maybe they'll deliver on time, but who knows what could happen

>> No.62069103

Yeah, Matias is slow. But they are trying.

>> No.62069266

So to start programming I should get a 60% keyboard? That will definitely help. I don't know why I didn't think of that, you probably don't even need to know a programming language, right?
You've yet to give one advantage when programming with a 60% versus a 75% or TKL. It's just sad seeing potential like you wasting time and energy on muh aesthetics rather than working on something useful for society. Sad

>> No.62069270

A spreadsheet, you vapid NEET.

>> No.62069711

bruh, I use a 1-key keyboard, that's how good a programmer I am. I just press the key and perfect C code comes out. Get on my level.

>> No.62069805

Yeah, I've been thinking about going down to a 7% keyboard. All these fags don't know what cool is with their 60%. Maybe I'll make it to 1-key one day

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i fell for the ducky meme

>> No.62069873

just bought a keyboard with gateron browns off massdrop, anyone have experience with these?

I feel like I made a good decision, I've used cherry browns and I like everything but the scratchiness

>> No.62069890

gaterons are an improvement, but mx switches are still shit overall.

>> No.62069934

Honestly, why is every single mainstream keyboard out there still using cherry and clones when there are clearly better alternatives out there?

I understand some people might prefer their weaker tactility or something, but I don't see why they are the main switch for absolutely everyone. Especially when cherry style switches try to improve tactility when matias and buckling springs already exist.

>> No.62069940

Is that a shoop? Those legends are retarded.

>> No.62069963

It's a niche market. Most people are fine with cheap rubber domes.

>> No.62069984

I've used topre and it's not all that special imo. What do you prefer?

>> No.62069985

its a pic from google cause im too lazy to upload one of my shine 5

i don't even use RGB back light, just a dim orange tone (still worth every penny)

>> No.62070005


>> No.62070029

I could get an AEK II for 60$ with one keycap missing. Is a a good price for it?

>> No.62070037

This was never a meme, you're just retarded.

>> No.62070071
File: 2.78 MB, 4032x3024, xNe0TmY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where would one go about getting a decent quality ful 105 set of JIS layout keycaps? I'm thinking like injection mold with transparent letters and kanji.
Pic is not me

>> No.62070076

Mx switches and clones are just too easy to make.
Plus it's a result of design inertia.

>> No.62070122

no, hunt around more. Alps is also greatly affected by dirtiness. Unless you're willing to ultrasonic clean them, don't buy one thats too beat up.

>> No.62070230

What is the best cherry mx switch and why is Cherry MX Clear the only good one?

>> No.62070285

Ducky is your only option, unless you want to spend $200+

>> No.62070305

You mispelled white

>> No.62070392

thanks m8

>> No.62070424

What's your daily driver?

I have been looking at alps (matias) as well as cherry and desu I just can't find quite what I'm looking for.

>> No.62070610
File: 97 KB, 690x517, cimg4232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying a hhkb without arrow keys


>> No.62071049

It "could" be a good deal.
That's the total fucking shit part about OG alps.
Like >>62070122 said alps get real bad real fast if they are dirty.
unless you want to commit a day to have to possibly clean, buff, and lightly lube the sliders, I say you look around more.
Not to mention you also need an adapter for old Apple boards to work on a modern computer.

>> No.62071060
File: 3.80 MB, 4128x2322, 20170711_193649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nth for maymayforce sixty eight with THICCCCCC plastic letter buttons

>> No.62071082

>buying a keyboard with a gimped shift key
>falling for the japanese plastic folded 1000 times meme

>> No.62071636

No I didn't. Whites might be the worst of the cherrys

>> No.62071644

actually yeah

>> No.62071745

So I want to get a new keyboard but I have the k70 rgb that I bought 2 years ago which makes me reluctant. I have numerous problems with the keyboard including the nonstandard key layout, gay branding, and I don't even use the lighting on it. In addition I want to try so new switches because I'm getting sick of reds and all my buds have either browns or blues and I like their feel much more.
So, I want to sell this k70. I bought it for 180 when it was new and there is no damage to the keyboard other than just shit on it which I will clean up plus I have an extra set of transparent keycaps which I was thinking of including since I won't use them. How much could I get out of this on eBay or otherwise? I'm hoping for 100 at least, is that unrealistic?

>> No.62072068

You can buy a brand new k70 for $100 so you probably wont get that much also you can try selling it on r/mechmarket

>> No.62072117

Massdrop finally got my Vortex backlit PBT keycaps shipped today, I joined the drop in June.

Finally my Ducky won't have shiny ABS keycaps anymore.

>> No.62072209

does the fact that its rgb add any value? also I'll check out mechmarket thanks.

>> No.62072212

It probably would've been better to buy them from their ebay store, or mechanicalkeyboards.com, or aliexpress

>> No.62072245

I'm not sure but usually keyboards with RGB are more expensive

>> No.62072989

Pros/Cons of spacebar flip meme

>> No.62073011

Someone once said it was because your thumb won't hurt when using the spacebar. I don't who the fuck hurts their thumb typing.

>> No.62073065

How can you "dye" keycaps without dye? I just want to dye my ESC key red and don't want to buy a whole pack of dye just for one key.

>> No.62073084

It's comfy.
That's the only reason.

>> No.62073120

>How do you paint a room without paint
Seems like it would be easier to just buy a red Esc key

>> No.62073136

tree fiddy? hmmm

>> No.62073149

I want a blank cherry profile one

>> No.62073194

Cherry profile or "cherry" profile. What keycap set is it?

>> No.62073227

I'm using Gateron blanks which are PBT and Cherry Profile

>> No.62073340

>tfw /mkg/ lied and told you a switch was tactile

>> No.62073350

What switch?

>> No.62073361

Don't tell me, you bought gateron clears

>> No.62073367

It doesn't matter, you will just say "oh no anon you need this switch" like 5 other people have done and it will still be shit

>tfw no tactile switch exists
>tfw mechs are a meme
feels bad man

>> No.62073379

MX anything probably

>> No.62073391

I don't know why this never occurred to me before but I guffawed at the thought of it.

>> No.62073399

I've tried mx clears, gateron browns, zealios 67g, matias quiet clicks, and MOD-H tactile switches.

Aren't gateron clears linear??

>> No.62073432
File: 216 KB, 819x912, 1429023346978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who /devilish/ here?
>On /v/
>someone wants to get a mech with cherry clears
>can't find any keyboards in stock
>recommend he gets gateron clears instead
>buys a chink TKL with them
If you're reading this, I hope you like your new keyboard

>> No.62073445

If you bought MX brown switches then it's your fault because it is known to be the worst switch you can get.

>> No.62073447

If you try Matias and buckling springs and find neither tactile you're going to have to find a board made entirely out of mouse traps instead.

>> No.62073462

Replace the springs of a Model M with garage door springs.

>> No.62073466

Kek, that's terrible.
But I like it. Good job

>> No.62073524

He'll probably bottom out so hard on them he will think they're tactile regardless and thank you for the recommendation.

>> No.62073538

forchan strikes again


Matias was decent but their switches failed 3 different times on me, and I am no heavy typer.

Few people have told me go topre anon! I think it's just another money pit.

>> No.62073682

>different times on me
Holy shit you're unlucky.
Just get a model M.

>> No.62073704

>their switches failed 3 different times on me

>> No.62073705

A captive bolt pistol under every key.

Topres aren't particularly tactile.

>> No.62073714

>gets model M
>Springs start flying out of keyboard

>> No.62073749

I use silenced topre the most but I really enjoy matias quiet clicks.

>> No.62073785

Might as well go all meme and get Halo true or Halo clear

>> No.62073854

How bad are the hong kong topre keycaps

>> No.62073963

Halo like the game? Did they make a keyboard or something

>> No.62074037

because shitty unincunt bought all the licenses and no one else makes buckling springs anymore.

>> No.62074054

Yes microsoft got some chinks to make a mechanical keyboard to promote Halo wars 2 for PC. People liked them because they were even more tactile then clears. While the keyboard isn't available anymore you can still buy the switches. Here is a comparison between MX clears, Halo clears, and Halo true respectivly

>> No.62074066
File: 145 KB, 618x1619, Clear, Halo Clear, Halo True.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot pic

>> No.62074099

No, they just bought the old tooling from a trash heap. Anyone can make buckling spring keyboards, heck when the patent expired people started to make clones of them, but they ran into a small problem that they are just to expensive to make compared to other mechanical switches

>> No.62074164

My head can't make sense of that chart man. I more than likely would not purchase anything related to halo

>> No.62074452

where can i get a pbt keycap set for the choc mini?

>> No.62074541
File: 54 KB, 749x421, UHK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm seriously trying to temper my expectations for this but boy do these pictures make it hard.

>> No.62074574

I angle my hands on a regular keyboard so it's inline with my wrists. Why is this necessary?

>> No.62074666

Did you actually buy this meme?
>not ortholinear
>overpriced as fuck
Like holy shit

>> No.62074667

Some people like ergonomic keyboards and this is a natural evolution. I imagine it might be really comfortable to type with a foot of space between your thumbs. Really the layout is the least interesting thing about it though.

>> No.62074692

Fuck you I'll buy any meme I please.

>> No.62074708

Even keyboardio is a better meme by far

>> No.62074710


You sound like a retard anon just letting you know

>> No.62074773

link not working.

>> No.62074785

shit my bad man

>> No.62075012

Not bad at all, nice texture. But get the kbdfans silencing rings too.

>> No.62075425

Anyone know of a case/cover sized to fit a Vortex Core? Failing that any good generic 60% cases?

>> No.62075447

you mean like a carrying case?

>> No.62075470

Yeah, something to protect it a bit if I throw it in my backpack

>> No.62075484

wouldn't any fleece bag do?

>> No.62075496

I suppose so. Maybe I can find a pencil case or something with similar dimensions

>> No.62075497

This chick makes good sleeves:


>> No.62076098

So what's the deal with nature whites? Anyone have them/try them? What are they like?

I've been using blues for a while but was thinking of trying something non-clicky but not as light as reds.

>> No.62076111

How come there's so many keyboards
it's making it too hard to choose one

>> No.62076134

They're slightly lighter blacks that are fully translucent for RGB memes.

>> No.62076168

What color should I dye the modifiers of my blank beige keycaps?

>> No.62076400


>> No.62076537
File: 168 KB, 1280x720, serveimage[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Choose the one with the sickest lighting, everything else is a waste of time. If you can't control every individual RGB, then you'll never be gaming like a PRO, kid.

>> No.62076744
File: 81 KB, 800x600, TB2JmimcXXXXXXTXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!1877270521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these switches Cherry whites or clears?

>> No.62076747
File: 12 KB, 298x348, 2017-08-25_08-05-29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The split ortho life is coming along pretty slowly desu senpai

>> No.62076772

What website?

>> No.62076788


>> No.62076995
File: 1.87 MB, 2400x1800, serveimage[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering that Cherry Whites have that little bit sticking out right next to the stem like a Cherry Blue, and Cherry Clears don't, I'd say those are definitely Cherry Clears.

Pic related is Cherry White.

>> No.62077133

Why is 4chan filled with mentally ill people who post the same shit every thread?

>> No.62077218
File: 3.28 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62077219

Autism speaks, especially for the guy with the one Filco board and ridiculous collection of guns.

At least there was that one guy who made that keyboard with the green/orange theme, that was nice.

>> No.62077359
File: 1.69 MB, 2600x1733, elegant as frig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry my dude I'm in Oregon

You bought some? What didn't you like about them?

>> No.62077360

Nice one. I got the excalibur recently. Love Outemu Blue.

>> No.62077610

I am interested in purchasing a very short coiled cable in order to use a keyboard with a tablet. Can anyone recommend a cable company or custom cable maker that ships to Australia?

>> No.62077838
File: 649 KB, 2816x2112, tCbm3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to get into alp switches. Should I get one of those Dell AT101W on ebay bids? When the seller say something like ''all keys tested and working'', taking into consideration how the switches ares prone to damage from dust and all...would that be a reasonable bet or is too risky?

Also, how hard would it be to clean and make basic restorations to such board?

>> No.62077880

I don't get why it's that much more expensive. It even has less parts than a typical Cherry switch.

>> No.62077918 [DELETED] 

Matias makes modern keyboards with their alps clone switches if you care.

>> No.62077946

Matias makes a modern alps clone, if you care.

>> No.62078017


I know and I'm interested in them too, its just that the idea of grabbing and old keyboard for cheap and restoring it is interesting to me. Maybe even start a collection...

>> No.62078100

Because number of parts isn't the only factor in construction costs, and it's almost always cheaper to be able to use off the shelf parts whenever possible rather than manufacturing stuff yourself. BS keyboards need the frontplate, flippers and springs to all be custom-made per keyboard while MX switches can be bought for cents by keyboard companies.

>> No.62078393

Thanks I haven't noticed that.
Are vintage clears as good as new ones? Or the bumb becomes less noticeable over time?

>> No.62078817

Cherry switches are guaranteed not to change over the first 50 million key presses. And it's pretty much true. 20 year old cherry keyboards that have been in use every day usually show no signs of aging except for appearance.

>> No.62079059
File: 177 KB, 690x720, 1416416375069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clean your desk, son.

>> No.62079077
File: 34 KB, 400x308, USA-USA-USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shoot keyboard keys instead of learning touch typing

>> No.62080608

Get a little black one from China. It's just a cable.

>> No.62081056

>Ajazz Ak33
send it to me, I' m poor.

>> No.62081348

guide anywhere for this, only find soldering ones


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