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How many hours a day do you spend at a computer?

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3~4 , about 24hrs a week

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15-16 at least.

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You stupid faggots are lying. You have to work some time.

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2-3 +
I prefer more but I'm painfully exhausted working 40 hours a week to pay bills and go to class - even with a scholarship covering tuition and books. North American Scum for ya.

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Way too many.

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>working in 2017

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I spend about 7 hours a day on the computer. 3 of those hours are actually browsing and hoarding more porn. 1 of those actual hours are shitposting on different boards on 4chan and the other 3 hours are bouncing back and forth hoping I get (you's).

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No wonder I have bad eye sight

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That's where 8 of the hours come from :(

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in my youth, I spent far more time than my siblings in front of a monitor/screen.
Nowadays, I spend an undisclosed amount over 12 hours in front of it, and the rest sleeping, eating, masturbating, and maybe a mixture of those 3

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>Not working in front of computer

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8 at work and 2-4 at home.

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This is the technology board. The majority of us work with and on computers.

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>You have to work some time.
I count the hours I spend in front of a monitor at work too.

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Some people collect trash for a living.
Some people build houses for a living.

There are still many jobs that won't require a computer and are still invaluable for society.

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My mum stopped regulating my screen time when I was like 12 and before that she didn't do a very good job so I became a full time computerfaggot pretty early on

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Lmao this guy

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It is pretty funny. I could have sworn /g/ was a bunch of neckbeard neets living in their parents basement jerking off to anime and ricing for no reason.

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Literally all day except for when I'm sleeping. Use a computer at work, come home and stay glued to my pc browsing 4chan on one monitor, entertainment (games/movies/etc) on the other the rest of the day.

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6-7 at work
2-6 at home

Weekends could be 1-8

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24 - 6 (sleep) - 3 (travel) = 15hrs

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it used to be. Back in the good old days.

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All of the day bro... I actually fucking hate it and I wish I had a reason to go outside if all my social interaction wasn't only my computer.

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12 - 14 (8 - 10 work)

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I usually sleep 9 hours

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7-8 hours a day at work

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~14. Less if it's a shopping day.

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As many as I damned please. Not enough. Too much sometimes. Yea fuck you OP. You don't know me. Thinking you can judge me from your ivory tower of FUCK.

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around 15 hours per day these last too mounth (hail french vacations)

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well shit, at the very least I have to say 26

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All of them

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I was typing that.

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8-10 on computer.
4 on phone.

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>there are people in 4chan who work

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>You have to work some time

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~ 11

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Too many, tbqh.

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14-15h, and it's not enough...

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8-9 at work, maybe 1 or 2 at home (but on some days it's 0 at home)

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12, sometimes 18. I have no life and do my CC colege graduation online.

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While my bro was still here I spent it watching him spending time in front of the screen.
The last 5 years it's 6AM to 10PM.
I felt my muscolos atrophy a long time ago.

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Too many

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all of them

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Yep, there are video lessons and exercises, them two projects that must be sent online and two tests that are made in the campus for each class each semester.

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Too many, or not enough

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Hail engrish ejukayshun!

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>You have to work some time.

>not working at a computer

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too many.

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>wake up early
>take train
>on phone
>arrive at work
>on the computer
>leave work using train
>on phone
>arrive home
>on computer
send help

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Around 12-14

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Get a book and read it on the train

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There's nothing worth doing that doesn't involve computers

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Too much.

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I do that sometimes too. but not much.

yeah basically

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Does smartphone count? If yes, at least 18h

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depends on if it's a work day or not
so it is either ~16 hours or 8

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All of them.

I work from home as a software integrator.
I listen to music, watch movies, etc from my computer.
My office has a couch to sleep on when I need to work on long projects.

At least work pays for all my food, car, expenses etc....

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>At least work pays for all my food, car, expenses etc....
that's the point of having work

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No, I mean as in separate expense. They gave me a company card and they pay of all of my stuff, plus salary. I'm technically a field employee so I get the same benefits as the guys that travel.

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At least 10. Mostly at work.

>tfw barely any time to use monster desktop and most of my time is spent on my work macbook instead

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That was depressing to read

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that's nice. but do you have enough time to actually enjoy life? don't waste all of your time working mate.

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>tfw never had any friends
>spent my entire freetime through my childhood to adulthood behind a screen
>24yo NEET living alone in a 20m2 studio with black curtains and am behind a screen from the moment i wake up till i go to bed
>barely eat anything besides 3minute noodles and i eat behind screen
>tfw the people from 4chan are my only friends, dont talk to anyone outside of that

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>enjoy life
On the weekends, but not really during the week. I keep up with new movies, games etc and expense them out as work entertainment so I don't go crazy, and try to change it up with food that I order.

I get to work in my pajamas and don't have to see people, so it has its trade-offs.

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>On the weekends
>movies, games etc
that is not living life anon, that is distracting yourself so you don't have to live life. how old are you?

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>tfw the people from 4chan are my only friends, dont talk to anyone outside of that

Could be worse, you could be a techphobic old person with no-one to talk to except the voices in your head. Thank god for the internet.

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I've already traveled the world, done almost everything i can think of doing (bungee jumping, skydiving, amateur auto stuff, toured the US and Canada for a while, lived in various countries throughout Asia), and really just want to take it easy and make money so I can retire in my 40s.

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>I've already traveled the world
going somewhere as a tourist means you haven't seen or experienced anything significant.
>bungee jumping, skydiving, amateur auto stuff
generic forgettable shit.
>make money so I can enjoy life maybe at 40
this is not what I mean with living life. go get a wife mate, you're never gonna be younger and you don't want to wait until you're fucking 40.

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at least 12

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IT Job, so all day at work, then home to play games, youtube, movies, whatever.... dear god every waking moment, thanks OP

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All of them.

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Phoneposters must leave.

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I'm divorced and have kids.

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>I'm divorced and have kids.
so I'm guessing the kids are with your ex?

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All the fucking day
no work
no study
im deeply fucked i dont know how to get out

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All the time because I work in software development and have very little friends other than remotely.

Any tips for wierdos to make friends in new places? I've been a semi-recluse since I moved to a new city for work 4 years ago. My only friend is leaving the state for another job, so now I'm back to square one.

I guess I know the real answer is to just go to some random meet-ups and put myself out there. I should probably see a therapist or something.

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We trade weekends and I see them almost every morning. She lives down the street. It wasn't a messy divorce. She wanted more kids and I didn't so, we separated.

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Rest is sleeping, lunch at work, and commute.

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do you regret it?

I'm single. never been in a relationship, but I'm thinking living the rest of my live without building myself a family is gonna be boring eventually.

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8-12 hours a day. Work mornings from 2-10 am. get lunch. go home. use computer from 11-9 pm. And then sleep for like 5 hours.

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Kids are amazing. Wife was amazing and we still talk and get along. No alimony or child payments as we made about the same and came to an agreement. So it's basically single life but I get to enjoy having kids.

Got really lucky I guess.

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>regulating screen time
>to 20 fucking minutes a day
Sometimes I feel like these dumb things my parents did just helped me become what I'm today.

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are you sure? why would you ditch her just because she wanted more kids? what are you gonna feel when she has a new guy and you're sharing your kids with her and her new guy? Idk if I would be good with that shit. but who knows, Idk shit anyway about relationships

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3-12, depending on how busy I am.

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could spend more, but I crash from sleep deprivation
Anyone uses some chemicals to stay awake longer?

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I always walk across a particular house on my way to work

Theres always an old man with an empty chair next to him watching TV

It scares me and saddens me daily

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8 hours for work, then another 7

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spend around 17 awake and maybe 14-16 on the computer

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top zoz

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all of them

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Spent 11 hours by now.

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This, 8 hours at work and the rest at home, before when I was a neet it was even longer because didn't have to travel to work, I'm burned.

I actually want a job not a computers now, it sucks, I live frustrated every day because of the pressure, I only enjoy it as a hobby.

The only good thing is the pay.

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