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What did firefox mean by this?

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i hope firefox devs, shills, and users get very aggressive cancer.

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>privacy badger
enjoy your normie addon for people who can't manage scripts on their own
>https everywhere
use smart https

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Gorhill said no need to worry.

Once Firefox 57 hits, Ublock Origin will automatically update to conform with Firefox 57.

However, right now Gorhill is busy with Chrome.

He is battling with Ublock Origin Extra


Gorhill says Firefox is safe for now because the most aggressive advertisers are targeting Chrome users, instead.

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ublock origin already works in beta version, people who don't want to use beta quality software wouldn't choose Nightly anyway

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you got cucked, kid

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>advertisers are targeting Chrome users, instead.
because no one uses FF anymore.

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>HTTPS Everywhere

This doesn't do anything retards.

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Moving ahead faster than the plugin devs. The Mozilla crowd should be smarter in their battle for normies and ad revenues.

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What are "Ubuntu modifications"? I never cared much to look into that but now that I'm not on Ubuntu I'm kinda interested. It was disabled on my Nightly once and I didn't notice a difference.

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but theres already a firefox webext in the developer channel

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>mfw people still crying about broken extensions when everything is working perfectly
You guys gotta learn how to update your software. Day 1 stuff guys.

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>But not all of us saw it because some of us don't go on 4chan every single fucking day loser

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>reddit spacing
didn't read kys

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Where's uMatrix m8?

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the only thing i notice is that the home page is google with the ubuntu logo on it

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who are you quoting

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i just updated and they removed alsa support :^)
rip firefucks

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>he doesn't go on /g/ for several hours every single day
Normalfags >>>/reddit/

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>https everywhere
smart https
>ublock origin
ublock origin webext


Here is the great irony of the whole reddit-spacing thing. It's actually 4chan spacing. It predates reddit and was used on 4chan first. You guys are literally too young to actually know this and the userbase has grown quite rapidly during your time, enough to drown out old memes. Your generation is not actually conscious. You are entirely unaware of the real history because you were not there for it, so you look to Reddit, which actually inherited it from 4chan, and you confuse where it came from with where you are seeing it now.

It would be like going to America, eating spaghetti, going to Italy, eating spaghetti, and then saying "lul American cuisine". You are all confused children and just do not really know what you are talking about or even understand where things come from.

But the spacing itself was born from 4chan, largely because of how poorly walls of text display and because it was easier to read that way. If you doubt this, just take a look at the Stanford 4chan archives from 2008. https://purl.stanford.edu/tf565pz4260

While yes, Reddit existed in 2006, but no one from that time period would have used it. Meanwhile, 4chan had existed for several years at that point and the spacing convention had already been adopted. You guys were just not there, I was. I can prove this if I go through that archive, find my old tripcode, and show that spacing convention in use even then.

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>reddit spacing
opinion discarded

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>uncolored meme arrows

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HTTPS Everywhere has a webext port.

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>being this much of a newfag

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You took considerable time and effort to type all that. You know what sucks though?

You are both in the same generation =(

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It means were taking off your privacy/anonymity/security extensions to battle "fake news"

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change this fugly icon reee

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I'll have the San Pellegrino there on the shelf.

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i love that shit, most of the flavors are all godlike

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I'm a manga only fag.
Is the anime funny?

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>being this annoying

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You're mom

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>getting this triggered

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Leaving All Good Addons 'Cause Y'know (we're fags)

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I think you might be retarded

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>ublock origin + privacy badger
>doesn't realise uBo + added tracker lists are the same exact thing

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>still no lastpass
>too lazy to switch to something that isn't normie-tier

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>using botnetpass instead of bitwarden

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> >getting this triggered
let me paint that for you

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Fresh Pasta

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>using botwarden

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Came here to post that this is the shit, best drink out all time, however the grapefruit one is my favourite.

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𝈷not really

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>food analogy

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I got off lastpass a long time ago due to all those damn security vulnerabilities. Migrate to a locally stored manager like keepass or something

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HTTPS Everywhere has a webextensions port btw


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>he doesn't go on /g/ for several hours every single day
Normalfags >>>/reddit/

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I'll admit I was wrong.

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Hope these all have alternatives.

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uBlock, uMatrix and HTTPS everywhere will have WebExt ports, Greasemonkey can be replaced by Violentmonkey, dunno about the others.

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KeePass, nignog.

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>he doesn't go on /g/ for several hours every single day
Normalfags >>>/reddit/

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>no htitle support
Firefox will be unusuable in Linux without wasted vertical spaces

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>being this smug
I finally figured out your dumb trick

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Go back to >>>/reddit/

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Blender is long deprecated you stupid fuck.

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So is there an alternative that does the same sort of thing?

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