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>Gaming chat client Discord has banned servers and several users linked to white supremacist and Nazi ideologies, according to a tweet sent out from the official Discord account. “Discord’s mission is to bring people together around gaming,” their statement on Twitter read. “We will continue to take action against white supremacy, nazi ideology, and all forms of hate.”

>Saturday’s Charlottesville rally to retain a statue of Robert E. Lee drew participants from alt-right, Nazi, white supremacist and KKK groups. Following the rally, which resulted in the death of a counter-protester attacked by a car, a member of the Daily Stormer Discord, a group associated with the white supremacist movement, allegedly offered to “bring weapons” to the victim’s funeral. Journalist Laura Loomer reported the message to Discord via Twitter, spurring Discord to conduct an investigation which apparently resulted in them shutting down servers relating to Daily Stormer and Altright.com, another website associated with white supremacists and neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer. Discord also ceased service for “a number of accounts associated with the events in Charlottesville.”

>In subsequent tweets, Discord added that while they don’t read users’ private conversations, they will swiftly take action when people violate their Terms of Service.

>Altright.com swiftly posted a response, referring to Discord’s employees as “pathetic nerd cucks” who, in their actions, “joined the war against free speech.” They added, “The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment is coming at us from all angles and lobbing everything that they have our way. . .Boy, oh boy. They sure picked the wrong enemy. History has shown us that regions of disenfranchised, intelligent and motivated young men are very very good at resisting tyranny.”

Neither Discord nor Altright.com representatives have responded to Kotaku’s requests for comment.


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/pol/ once again BTFO
People who claim others should be denied rights automatically strip themselves of those same rights.

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what rights do degenerates have? the right to convert a once wholesome land into a shithole?

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So you should lose your rights too?

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there is no such thing

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>hiding from Skype and going to another centrally run shithole like Discord

Somebody tell them to use Mumble so they don't have to keep this shit up.

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>make server that's against TOS
>get banned
>muh cucks

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it's amazing that these dumb /pol/fags are just now realizing that tech companies are literally founded on surveillance and have been watching everything they do.

I predict within the next year some of them will be on Tor. And still getting fucked with because they can't into either infosec or opsec.

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Isn't mumble primarily a voice chat service?

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>relying on some 3rd party service
>relying on someone else's servers
>relying on a program made by autistic brony scum

The biggest problem in tech today is how depended everyone is on these centralized platforms with draconian policies. The normalizing of software becoming more and more harmful to the end user has been accelerating for years.

You're legitimately clueless retards for thinking that /pol/ is part of an organized White Nationalist movement. Most of /pol/ isn't even white.

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No one's taking their rights away here, they're making a conscious decision to give up their rights themselves.

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>Isn't mumble primarily a voice chat service?

It's got text chat. All they need.

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Just move to IRC. I've yet to find a network with terms of service other than the MOTD. How hard can it be?

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Yet they don't do the leftist cucks using their services fuck discord

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For some reason IRC doesn't appeal to the millennial crowd.

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>Most of /pol/ isn't even white.

If you only count the anti-Jew part of /pol/, it is mostly White.

/pol/ is not 100% anti-Jewish. Many are still libertarians, anarchists, and other assorted trash.

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I'll write an Electron IRC client in javascript that uses a gigabyte of RAM to sti idle in one channel. With a flat UI and animations everywhere. That should make the millennials like it more.

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>Somebody tell them to use Mumble

Mumble isn't enough to use as a Discord alternative.

They should use Matrix.


Nobody can fuck with them using an open source decentralized software, and they can run their own server.

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It'd probably skyrocket in popularity over night.

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There's a big difference between right wing and alt-right, anon.

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>he thinks only Americans post on /pol/
don't ever go there you retarded scum leftist faggot

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>Claiming /Pol is nationalist

How about going on the board and actually reading some of the topics on there instead of having prejudice against them. You will find that its a small segment of /pol itself and most actually have interesting discussions regarding politics.

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IRC, once again, proving itself superior.

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>i can use your server for things that go against your terms of service because muh free speech on someone elses computer
>of course we are fighting the tyranny, what are you, a commie?

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Anything that isn't far left is Nazi scum, so I don't even know what anything means anymore.

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The only good choices right now are:

1) Wire
2) Matrix
3) Mumble

Wire is a lot like Skype but open source and encrypted and they need to let people run their own server, but they are unpopular enough for the altright to use without issue.

Matrix is the best option because open source, encrypted, can run own server, but its still kinda beta-mode right now.

Mumble is mostly voice chat for gamers with only text chat, but you can run your own server, have encryption, etc.

Ring is another option but that is really barebones right now and too GNU for most people, even /g/.

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Something like https://kiwiirc.com is a good start anon

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>He thinks nazi is a left wing movement, depite being essentially an anti communist movement

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>Please please advertisers and entrepreneurs do not disown us we will ban freedom of speech if you dont do it!!!

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>IRC, once again, proving itself superior.

IRC wouldn't have this problem but it is also not rich enough to support even a fraction of what Discord did.

I don't know why /g/ uses Discord when its so centrally run by SJWs.

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>socialism, being the scapegoat for all human bullshit since 1917

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In a couple years people will say Bernie Sanders is a Nazi for not defending trans toddler rights enough.

You misread his statement.

Though this discussion should probably stick to the software itself.

/g/ uses a lot of terrible meme tier software if you haven't noticed.

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What if you simply don't have this right -to call for mass discrimination and even violence against whole groups of people based on ethnicity or country of origin or such- to begin with?

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All those deluded racists, neckbearded, white trash, rednecked, inbread, right wing nazis should die in a fire

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Anything that isn't far right is communist scum when you're far right.

But really,
> Generally, the left wing is characterized by an emphasis on "ideas such as freedom, equality, fraternity, rights, progress, reform, and internationalism," while the right wing is characterized by an emphasis on "notions such as authority, hierarchy, order, duty, tradition, reaction and nationalism."
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left%E2%80%93right_political_spectrum
And you can at least somewhat categorize what is left and right without taking the view of the extremists to who everything is very left / very right.

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typical retarded leftist unable to use basic english

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Let me tell you why you're wrong.

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"/g/" uses Discord for the same reason "/g/" uses anything.
People they know use it, to talk to those people they have to use it. It doesn't mean "we" embrace all the features they have, it doesn't mean we don't attempt to disarm the botnet.

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You know who should be ashamed of themselves?


We still use Discord, a proprietary, SJW-run app while pretending we give a fuck about open source.

Why don't we use Matrix at the very least?

Discord shouldn't even be allowed on /g/

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I use mumble 'cause it's superior.

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> Trusting a third party with your data

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So if i say that economic migration should be constrained i automatically need to send out one of my family members?

or lol maybe if i say my child can't go home with weird people giving them candy, i can't go home with weird people giving me candy? (i do that sometimes)


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>If you only count the anti-Jew part of /pol/, it is mostly White.
Mate, White people are pretty much the only gentiles kind to kikes.

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>White people are pretty much the only gentiles kind to kikes.

Lol no. If that were true, they wouldn't have a presence in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or India.

Every country has vary numbers of kike lovers and kike haters.

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Oy vey I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post

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>White people are pretty much the only gentiles kind to kikes.

Lol no. If that were true, they wouldn't have a presence in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or India.

The Jews have their own mini-city and buildings in the middle of Mexico, for example.

Every country has varying numbers of kike lovers and kike haters.

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>>"The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo"

The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Chinko

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funny enough if you question memory usage the discord drones will call you poor and tell you to upgrade your POS... joke's on them I have 64GB of RAM.

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Should I make an alternative for you senpais? Or will teamspeak do for now?

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It is their service. They decide what's allowed an what's not allowed on it

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It already exists and it's called IRC.

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>The right to free speech means the government can't arrest you for what you say

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lol those are just the consequences of free speech

the government isn't shutting you down it's just showing you the gallows

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>The government can't arrest you for what you say
>If you say this the government will arrest you

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You should kys yourself dumb animetard.

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anime website

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It's not the government it's just that policeman and judge think you're an asshole and are showing you the door.

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Are you actually this retarded or is this a joke ?

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>The police and a judge are not the government

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>Using Discord
It's their own fault desu

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>That should make the millennials like it more
you still need millions of dollars to shill your software on the internets

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These idiots are pretty stupid
They should be on tor/i2p running their own services

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Irc is shit. You need something that keeps the channel history while you're not connected. Mattermost over tor or something like that.

>> No.61916498

Why would you need that?

>> No.61916709

Not everyone sits on their fap machine in their basement all day. Need to be able to move between devices without losing the conversation

>> No.61916756

Why? If you were talking about something before you switched devices just keep talking about it.

>> No.61916823

Jesus fuck you're a dense cunt

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is the /random/ server still up?

>> No.61917202

No, seriously, why do you need to keep it?
Do you record all your conversations just so you can keep track of them later?
If you're talking about something and you decided to switch devices just keep talking about it. You don't need a fucking chat history to continue the conversation, do you?

Why should you fucking care what has been discussed while you weren't in the room? About the only people who should give a shit about that are the channel OPs and if they're worth anything they'll have a bot sitting in the room that'll keep a chat history and they can use to send out commands and shit.

>> No.61917239

>You don't need a fucking chat history to continue the conversation, do you?
seems like you're grossly overestimating the attention span and memory of a social media junkie

>> No.61917245

>Humanity has gotten as far as it has because we look after each other and work together
>>I know! I'll center my entire ideology around only what's doing best for me and fucking over everyone else!

Republicans, not even once

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Not him but a proper chatting platform doesn't require bots to keep the chat history. IRC belongs to a different era.

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Why are you pol shitters so butthurt that private companies don't want to deal with your bullshit? At least this guy was man enough to do something about his impotent rage, even if all he achieved was Jamal's prison rape course.

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>be chatting with 4 people on phone while on train
>hit reception black spot for a few minutes
>irc:rejoin, have no context of what people are saying, have to ask to get brought up to speed
>slack /discord etc: read the feed, know where the conversation is at straight away

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>too retarded to use znc

>> No.61917432

>have to ask to get brought up to speed
Are you afraid of talking to people?

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Funny how you faggots had to be banned and censored to become anti-discord. The data mining, privacy breaches, the fact that it's closed and centralised, etc, weren't red flags big enough to pull out of the service until you started being silenced. Of course this was going to happen, idiots, and it'll keep happening for as long as you keep supporting scummy services like Discord.

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Can we all agree that a /g/ Discord would be a good idea?

Imageboards are too open. Any idiot can come here, ask a question about tech, and leave without contributing to the community. An invite-only Discord would foster more engagement, and allow us to easily shame/ban those who aren't fitting in.

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>one post by this id
I bet

>> No.61917480

kill yourself you fucking underageb& and take your consumerism shit with you

>> No.61917484

And, of course, he's an ugly fat piece of shit. Typical.

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hey reddit

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Are you insane?
You need to realize just who you're conversing with here. In general the people here are fucking scum. Were you not ever around for any of the ftp threads? Inevitably every single one had someone come around and upload CP. Without fail.
Autistic tripfags, trannies with borderline personality disorder, bronies, thats who you'd get on your server. You don't want to consort with them in any capacity beyond anonymous posting.

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They deserve it, Fuck *hites.

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See, this is what I'm talking about. I've posted on /g/ since 2007, and yet you're not treating me with the respect that a senior community member deserves.

Forums have post counts. Discord has roles. Long-time members are respected, and it's immediately clear to newcomers who it's okay to insult with words like "kill yourself".

>> No.61917567

>lying on an anonymous imageboard
also there is no reason that you cant do that on irc

>> No.61917590

>also there is no reason that you cant do that on irc
IRC does not have achievements or avatars.

>> No.61917601

>>irc:rejoin, have no context of what people are saying, have to read to get brought up to speed
Feel your pain bro.

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anime website

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>Discord added that while they don’t read users’ private conversations
Normtards will believe this and SJW will defend this.

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>using proprietary chat platforms instead of running your own

You deserve everything you get and then some.

>> No.61917683

kys cuck

>> No.61917716

You meant... discard?

>> No.61917755

>hip'n'cool GAYMEN platform appears
>/v/ goes apeshit all over it
>nobody uses IRC or even Skype anymore
>warn /v2/ about it being a total shit
>gaymen platform confirmed on a war against straight white males
>half of /v2/ pretends to hate it all of a sudden, although they'll be back on it as soon as tomorrow
>other half of /v2/ gets out of the closet
Once again, I was right. I'm always right.

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10/10 post my man.

It's amazing that a service named after disagreement (DISCORD) would do such a grotesque act as banning a couple of minor channels in this highly public fashion.

>> No.61918833


Racism and Nazism aren't minor discords.

>> No.61919066

yes they are, nigger lover

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>the alt-right is a bunch of videogame obsessed manchildren
who wouldve thought.

my fucking sides.

discord is botnet shitware for many reasons but this is hardly one of them.

>> No.61919342

Leftists are undeniably Insane. You have no common sense of reason or understanding and label Everything under a huge umbrella if it does not fit your Particular view/belief.

and to throw my Biblical narrative into view,
You solely lust and love your sin and want others to accept your disgusting perverse sins and therefore push your sin on EVERYONE. Rot in hell Leftist.

>> No.61919344

I installed coincidence detector and honestly I do not see many jews around the web. There are some when it comes to left wing ideologies, but both commies and nazis are scum so I do not care. In the end, installing coincidence detector made me realize that jews are not everywhere and behind everything like /pol/ believes. I am not (((our boy)))

>> No.61919380

you should consider calling them progressives instead of leftists

>> No.61919511

Why can't they just use mumble?!

>> No.61919589

I am one year longer on this system than you and I have the right to say fuck off to you.
You know why this is >anonymous< for all? Because how long you have been here doesn't matter. Fuck off, because you still behave like a newfag after all this time and if you need postcounts you do not understand what this system is for.

>> No.61919928

Why should I rot in hell? I was a good person throughout my life, I contributed to open source projects and took part in public services. Why do I have to go to hell infinitely when a money-grabbing, stingy piece of shit republican businessman who makes money off of children slaves in africa and china, can go to heaven?

>> No.61919945

/Pol/ needs to go back to rmcdonald for real

>> No.61919971

It's really incompetent for them to put this shit in the terms of service, since servers are moderated often by a host, administrators, and moderators. They shouldn't be applying additional bullshit for them to uphold beyond their own server's rules.

>> No.61920019

Then why haven't leftist and progressive organizations that are anti-white been shut down?

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>private companies can't decide who can and can't be on their platforms for some reason

>> No.61920101

This type of shit is counterproductive. History teaches us that you can't silence people like this, it just leads to radicalization.

Not to mention it sets a nasty precedent.

People act as if the founding fathers didn't know that the first amendment would allow people to speak hatefully.

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>insert something about a bakery and a bunch of homos

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File: 2.45 MB, 275x275, 1472519772318.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do they know who is white supremacist and who is not?

>> No.61920148

I don't know about that.

>> No.61920164

>software that isn't open source
>surprised when they take a stand on an issue and enforce it

This is the future you chose.

>> No.61920165

I miss the time when politics wasn't on the internet

Can we just get rid of it this is terrible

>> No.61920235

>we don't read your messages, we promise!
>but we know what's in them

It's the retards' fault for relying on a closed source, private party when they had better, libre alternatives. If anyone gave a shit about privacy or freedom of speech they'd use end to end encrypted services, and distributed services.

Wire team has stated that they'll open source the servers in the future, so anyone can run them.

Posting alternatives from another thread:
>Wire - instant messenger, encrypted, supports group calls
>Ring - messenger/Skype replacement, decentralized and encrypted
>Riot.im - same as ring apparently, decentralized and encrypted
>Mumble - voice chat, self hosting available, tons of empty servers available if you're lazy to host
>Diaspora - social media, decentralized

I only use wire from this list so I can't say if other shit is good. Wire is an IM alternative for me. It's pretty basic at the moment.
I did try ring back when I was a winfag, but I couldn't get it to run. It did look promising though.

>> No.61920296

Kinda odd how they just now realized they were a problem group...

>> No.61920345
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Wait a second, you're saying that Discord's shit?

>> No.61920434
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This is some good bait.

>> No.61920456

"White supremacy" people acting too stupid

I bet it's leftists posing as alt right to further damage their legitimacy and gain public support for silencing wrongthink. Many of my friends would never support denying anyone their rights but the car attack was enough to push them to drop those views. It's all too convenient.

>> No.61920807

There are only 15 million Jews worldwide
Compare that to the almost 2 billion Muslims around the world and they all HATE Jews with passion

>> No.61920846

Fucking underrated comment

>> No.61920848

You could even run your own server on a toaster. Hell, you could probably run your own server on a low power microcontroller powered by a damn potato battery. Reminder that IRC server software can run on an original IBM PC with an 8088 and an 8 bit home computer with 32 KB of RAM is enough to run a client.

>> No.61920854

That's like saying all the Muslim car attacks are just false flags to get people to hate Muslims because why would they do something so stupid that will only make more people hate them

>> No.61920866


>> No.61920867

it really irritates me how discord uses this sort of terminology to try and trick its users into thinking they have any sort of control, it's like saying you have a house when you just rent a room in a house and the house owner has a spare key to your room

>> No.61920884

>create new accounts
>create new server
>continue as usual
Useless action done only for getting GoodGoy™ points, a publicity stunt.

>> No.61920900

>muh freeze peach

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File: 134 KB, 1000x853, 14191580454454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is Discord and what's better than Discord (free as in freedom)?

>> No.61920977

What ever happened to Tox? Was supposed to be p2p (decentralized) and 100% encrypted and 100% free software.

>> No.61920992

They're already radicals, though, so what's there to lose?

>> No.61921012

>Antifa violence? Good
>Right wing violence? NOT GOOD Goyim


>> No.61921026

Good job, Discord. You just made yourself a left leaning software. This certainly wont bite you in the future.

>> No.61921062

politics was everywhere on the internet. or do you forget the entire 90s edgy kid movement? The problem between then and now is that women gained hold of the internet.

>> No.61921093

Because it's hosted on their own hardware, it's free game for them to allow or disallow whatever they want

>> No.61921101


Nah the problem is 4chan being flooded by baby boomers who only come here to discuss their cheeto emperor which is why they need to come to /g/ to ask for alternatives to fucking discord.

>> No.61921102

>implying pol isn't 90% role play

>> No.61921123


Politics was a joke back then. Now it's becoming more serious than real life. It fucking sucks.

>> No.61921138

>/pol/ is Nazis
You should go back to plebbit.

>> No.61921150

No it's women, clear and simple. Women are intrusive and men invite them in cause they want the pussy. I thought I was crazy years ago thinking this, but it makes a whole lot more sense now. Women are the reason the internet is like this, and many other industries. Otherwise, if beta males were the ones crying about justice or whatever, you usually had the alphas telling them to shut up and put them in their place. Meanwhile, the middle of the road people wouldn't care cause it was just banter.

Politics is literally drama. Guess which gender likes it more?

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File: 81 KB, 960x692, 1502765909909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admit it, if they blocked the Antifa's instead you guys would be laughing your ass off.

Double standard much?

>> No.61921187

paradox because discord is a SV investment firm.

>> No.61921219

Nah, women always came to 4chan for attention since day one. You just realize it's a problem now because you found 4chan through Kekistan or whatever.

>> No.61921285

You missed my point. The women coming here are either the /soc/, /cgl/ or /b/ attention whores, or the small few that frequent this site and go on /co/ from tumblr. The effect of women on our society has created a lot of beta men, more beta than usual, flooding out site from outside places with their ideas set in place by the women movement, aka the liberal movement.

>> No.61921331


4chan had a liberal tinge in the beginning. If anything it's the alt right flooding it with bullshit.

>> No.61921355
File: 797 KB, 812x806, 1497715458329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit where did you get this idea that 4chan was at any point a haven for alpha males?

>> No.61921360

4chan was liberal in the truest sense: say whatever shit you want and no one gave a fuck. That's true liberalism. I'm more liberal than any of these modern libs cause they don't care about freedom anything. If they did, they'd want no censorship. Then they're movement would make a lot more sense. However, if they were to do that, then they lose the motivation to actually protest because they'd be going against the fact that everyone else has the right to say or do what they want. That's why the current liberal movement isn't liberal at all. Maybe in broad strokes, but definitely not the real defintion of it.

>> No.61921371

I never mentioned alpha males in my post in reference to 4chan.

>> No.61921390

It doesn't matter. In a place with a 100% male base, there's just so much option that it's irresistible.
And so the ruination begins.

>> No.61921393
File: 218 KB, 1200x1200, 1501897138386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Been here since 2005, since gamer gate and the election it's been alt-right shills trying to be le edgy and shitting up the boards.

>> No.61921408


Discord is more then likely following along with the terms of service their datacenter their service is hosted in has made them agree to. This is very important, in the event that the datacenter decides to unplug them for violating it they can quickly go "oh it was a customer, and we uphold the same standard as seen in our TOS here". At the end of the day they are a business and need to protect other customers. While you could argue maybe they should make their own datacenter, that's probably not in their business scope and even then they'd have to follow along with the TOS set by ISP's.

>> No.61921413

Protip: those people were liberals before the big political shift of our time. They aren't alt right or any of that bs. Everyone on 4chan has always been edgy.

>> No.61921430


>Discord operates out of a single datacenter and the availability of their entire company is beholden to that particular datacenter's terms of service

Yeah ok friend

>> No.61921465
File: 65 KB, 1024x683, 1498313002477m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, there was a time when 4chan sided with social causes. Despite all the ironic racism and whatever which is now being pushed into the real world by retards like pic related.

>> No.61921481

but the old-fags were also libertarian in nature. They had an appreciation for free-speech, and the desire to have a laugh (be it by race baiting or elsewise).
Then along come the hard-lefty libs, who don't respect free speech unless it benifits them, and who take everything too seriously.

>> No.61921487

And now with trump in power 4chan is swinging backto liberalism. My evidence : You.

It's more the case of just getting tired with a specific viewpoint and moving on continuously.
Generals are part of the force that's stopping 4chan from moving on. The flow and subduction of old ideas is a crucial part of what makes 4chan continually worthwhile.

>> No.61921519


>> No.61921543


If the rooms are running out of their own container or vm upon registration, they're not wrong to call them servers. You just think that 'server' means something it doesn't

>> No.61921546

4chan only sided with two things: what's funniest at the time and what's the most edgy. Both are liberal ideas to the core. The problem with today's world is that all that shit did get leaked out as you said, but it's more of a confusion of what is legit and what is not, and what is ironic and what is not. The liberal movement right now would be nothing but a troll were it in any other time. The fact it's gained so much power with such a serious memberbase is just being in the twilight zone.

>> No.61921573

Trump is enabling the true liberalism with give no fucks attitude. 4chan doesnt go against the social norm. It's always because it's a coincidence. But since social media controls the news right now, 4chan is going against them. At a time, the right conservatives were an easy target. Now it's the left libs.

>> No.61921575

This kind of thing cannot be hard to create. Why isn't there a decent open source version that lets you use either the servers of the maintainer to create channels, or build your own server to host your channel and still let people use the program to access it?

>> No.61921628


Things like opposition to Iraq War or Scientology aren't funny not edgy and 4chan sided with these.

I stand by my opinion that what's really changed recently is that this site is now being visited a lot more by boring ass boomers who only come here to discuss trump.

>> No.61921641

Which are you referring to?

Note that very small organizations that do nothing but sit in a (small) circle and bitch about whoever with each other "do" usually go under the radar.

>> No.61921689
File: 46 KB, 596x628, 1491624720875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being an regular in 4chan should be an honor and commands respect
You still do not understand this place, Anon.

>> No.61921713

>claiming some group is mentally ill
>posting anime

>> No.61921790

By Any Means Necessary, for one. Antifa, depending on the branch.

>> No.61921801

4chan was always mixed on those issues. Thats what made the discussions interesting. 4chan is not a safe space for ideas. It's a gumbo of everyone throwing their own shit into everyone else's shit.

>> No.61921808
File: 148 KB, 1045x776, 1385075806103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that politics is an inherently normalfag interest and if you are emotionally involved in it you need to fuck off back to reԁԁit or facebook or whatever normalfag shithole you came from.

>> No.61921837

On one hand, the alt-right shouldn't have a platform to spread their nonsense but on the other hand the alt-left shouldn't be enforcing their own censorship lunacy either. Oh well let the zealots tear each other apart i guess

>> No.61921850

>intellectually stimulating

This was written by a retard. 4chan was one of the inhibitors of ytmnd, one of the least normie sites ever created. Fuck this guy.

>> No.61921872

Are you suggesting that instead of being able to talk about an issue, everyone should shut up and feel alienated until they get so frustrated that they all run somebody over?

I'd say
>hello Mr. CIA
But you very well could be this stupid.

>> No.61921891

The police have yet to come out of who the person was, and likely for good reason. Politics is likely driving his charges.

>> No.61921899


The left has nothing to do with this. The people in this bubble of a website forget that the world outside still doesn't like Nazi larpers and companies don't want bad PR

>> No.61921934

Browse USMB, PoliticsForum, DebatePolitics, /pol/, and many other open politics forums and you'll realize that they're all the same groups of people.

Open registration, partisan communities unshockingly gather similar people.

>> No.61921942

But the alt right are not white supremacists.

They don't care which race is better they just understand that people prefer to live in an ethnically homogeneous society.

>> No.61921949

The left seems to have no issue promulgating an outrage censorship culture.

>> No.61921952

>t. someone who hasn't browsed /pol/ in 4 years
lol you're a fucking retard

>> No.61921960


I meant. Fast typing on a fone, yea?

>> No.61921965

>people prefer to live in an ethnically homogeneous society.

That's nice, sweetie. Maybe those people should grow up and remember where they live and that the world doesn't revolve around their feefees

>> No.61921968

Lol, there's your white privilege for you whitey.

>> No.61921986

>he says as another black guy shoots someone

>> No.61922011

>us white boys... we didn't do nothing


>> No.61922013


As does the right. There are authoritarian nutjobs on both sides. Most people only care about this ban because it affects them.

On the end it is the company's decision and they don't want to deal with Nazi bullshit. End of story.

>> No.61922027

pol flips the fuck out over even a single commie thread, dude, take the blinders off.

>> No.61922044

all races do crimes. but dont disregard that some do certain crimes more than others which leads to people wanting to be in their own communities

>> No.61922048

sure, that doesn't make it right.

>> No.61922058
File: 21 KB, 600x600, despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting kicked off a service for violating TOS is censorship

Discord is a shit tier chat program, but they couldn't possibly be expected to deal with the PR of hosting what was probably bordering on conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism. If these clowns hate being censored so much, why don't they form their own media?

At this point I doubt "freedom of speech" even means anything desu.

>> No.61922062

You assholes went too far when you got Drumpf elected.
Never go full retard.
Hasn't anyone ever told you that?

>> No.61922068

>dont disregard that some do certain crimes more than others

but that raises the question why this is exactly. Maybe white culture wouldn't be so peaceful if it didn't have the prison slave system backing it up?

>> No.61922072

>heh both sides can be authoritarian
>*teleports behind you*
>so lets ignore the fact the left has taken control and is stifling free speech
>nothing personal, kid

>> No.61922077

My text sarcasm detector is usually bad but that's clearly a joke
Step up man. You're smart if you're on /g/, right?

>> No.61922082

>probably bordering on conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism
So which group has committed more "terrorism" this year: the left or the right? What was Oakland or women's march then?

>> No.61922092

> muh free speech
You have no free speech in discord the same way you don't have free speech at wallmart
Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

>> No.61922105


>> No.61922139


>stifling free speech

It was never okay to spout racist shit, not even in this website (even if "no racism outside of /b/" isn't enforced). I don't know where you get this idea that it was the left is holding you down.

You're still free to organize and shit in blacks, jews and muslims, Discord is just telling you to do it somewhere else.

>> No.61922152

> all those cucks over at the donald and /pol/ desperately trying to link soros to this shit
It was fun to watch

>> No.61922164

but what about Pizzagate, how does this factor into all of this?

>> No.61922182

It's called a bouncer.

>> No.61922186

>It was never okay to spout racist shit
First, yes it always has been. There is no hate speech clause in the first ammendment

Second, "hate speech" has no meaning, and is used as a blanket term to try to shut down any right wing talking points. Oh, you think we DON'T need to take in another 500,000 refugees? That's hate speech, those are people's lives! You don't 3 year olds should be persuaded to agree to being pumped full of HRT and become "Transgender"? Fucking hate speech cis white male.

>> No.61922289

>"hate speech" has no meaning, and is used as a blanket term to try to shut down any right wing talking points.

Only the hateful ones...

>> No.61922309


>First, yes it always has been.

No, it has not. Free speech exists so you can criticize the government or other powerful figures without fearing for your life (ironically the people who cry most about freeze peaches don't give a rat's ass about Snowden or Manning).

Freedom of speech isn't going to protect you if you go into a ghetto megaphone in hand telling them niggers the day of the rope is coming.

>> No.61922321

>Only the hateful ones...
Case and point. I see hate speech way more often coming from the left when they are talking about white people, and they spout it comfortably as journalists.

>> No.61922347

Why even right this post with such deception? You changed the point half way though. Yes, free speech does protect you if you say something people consider "racist", it protects you from the state. Your second line was manufactured by your own self and in no way could have been inferred from my post.

>> No.61922356

Well, yeah, the regressive left is pretty shit, too.

>> No.61922375



Wanna tell me again what the state has to do with Discord getting rid of alt right neckbeards?

>> No.61922377

hola reddito

>> No.61922428


are you stupid? kotaku is cuck central

>> No.61922461

>So which group has committed more "terrorism" this year: the left or the right?
How many people has left wing "terrorism" killed this year in the US? White supremacists are already at several.

>> No.61922493

>How many people has left wing "terrorism" killed this year in the US?
>dallas cop shooting
>blm shootings across the us
>general black and hispanic crimes in the name of diversity

I can go on

>> No.61922499

Oh man look at how redpilled and woke this guys is, calling out cucks whenever he sees them
Wheres your pepe image bro?

>> No.61922536
File: 45 KB, 499x499, 1481161629826.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61922561

>>dallas cop shooting
>this year

>>blm shootings across the us
Such as?

>>general black and hispanic crimes in the name of diversity
>all crimes by non whites are terrorism
In fact, don't even bother answering my previous point. It's clear you're just going to go by your newspeak definition of terrorism anyways.

>> No.61922594

There you go bro thats more like it
Got your rare pepes ready for the second meme war? it's coming

>> No.61922607

blacks are too stupid for actual terrorism, they just mindlessly kill, loot and rape

>> No.61922613

You literally just said what crimes the left has done compared to the right. And so far, all of them have been from left activists. I don't care about this year. This shit has been going on for many years. I dont know how you're able to ignore than the people the left champions and actually institutes into their ranks, and then ignore their faults right then and there. Meanwhile, there's not a single right crime you can venture. Even the church shooting case was not acknowledge by either the KKK or the de facto alt right groups. So yeah, keep trying to justify violence coming from the left.

>> No.61922628

>Altright.com swiftly posted a response, referring to Discord’s employees as “pathetic nerd cucks”
This is getting sad

>> No.61922648

Go work on matrix/riot

>> No.61922654
File: 473 KB, 1200x900, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

iMessage doesn't have this problem

>> No.61922656

I have got something much better prepared for such occasions, a something special for antifa, libcucks and just plain degenerates

>> No.61922668

Guilds, anon

>> No.61922686

Because antifa isn't an "anti-white" organization you paranoid schizo.

>> No.61922700
File: 174 KB, 1200x557, DDPOjUOUIAAfeSh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Spoken like a true kekistani

>> No.61922721


I hate discord but I neeeeeeed it

>> No.61922730


>> No.61922766

It is

>> No.61922815
File: 80 KB, 800x430, neo-nazis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw not even white supremacists want these neckbeard losers orbiting around them


>> No.61922832
File: 285 KB, 967x744, CF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not all is lost.

>> No.61922835

>You literally just said what crimes the left has done compared to the right.
Nope. I specifically asked, "how many people has left wing "terrorism" killed this year in the US?"

>I don't care about this year.
That's nice, but that you can't cite any this year while at the same time multiple white supremacists have already murdered several people between them this year shows which is the bigger issue.

>Even the church shooting case was not acknowledge by either the KKK or the de facto alt right groups. So yeah, keep trying to justify violence coming from the left.
>terrorist attacks by white supremacists for the purpose of furthering their ideology only count if the most mainstream of white supremacist groups endorse them
That's not how it works.

>So yeah, keep trying to justify violence coming from the left.
>pointing out how radical white supremacists are a bigger problem is justifying violence coming from radicals on the left.

>> No.61922857

it was started in Germany, by (white) Germans, to fight literal Nazis. What the fuck are you on?

>> No.61922881

>Nope. I specifically asked, "how many people has left wing "terrorism" killed this year in the US?"

Okay. So my post still stands then. Dallas shooting comes off you want to be specific, but crimes are still being done right now by lefties. Unless you want to get specific to further narrow your range of lefties to antifa, which are terroristic in causing damage property, which was actually proven thus far as a criminal offence. Or do you want to narrow it even further down to yourself, who thinks just because you havent done anything bad doesnt meant the left havent.

I see how far your goal posts can go which is sad. We're on /g/. I'd think people were more logical to follow facts here, but it appears you're just another non thinker lib faggot that uses emotion to conclude what is an objective course of events. No wonder no one on /g/ uses C.

>> No.61922885

>So which group has committed more "terrorism" this year: the left or the right?
Muzzies are right wing. You can figure it out from there.

>> No.61922903

CF doesn't have a choice because their service is cheap garbage.

>> No.61922904

>Cloudflare possibly dropping 4chan
That would make my day. Hopefully Google stops letting 4chan use their Captcha as well, fires moot, and Hiroyuki gives the site back to moot because he doesn't want to be associated with it. I never thought a terrorist attack might actually improve 4chan.

>> No.61923002

>still insists on counting an even from last year
>property crime is comparable to murder
>y-you're moving the goal posts
>y-you're a liberal
My first post in this thread was: >>61922461, you're the one desperately trying to insist that the goal posts are in a different spot than they have been this whole time.

>> No.61923012

Give me those "several" people besides the landwhale in Charlottesville.

>> No.61923014

shut up, liberal scum. you cant be reasoned with

>> No.61923089

not them, but Timothy Caughman, Ricky John Best, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, off the top of my head, if we exclude police violence (which seems generous desu)

>> No.61923162

Just because it was ONCE something, doesn't mean it still is. Groups can be corrupted and malformed. What the fuck are you on?

>> No.61923175


Fuck off Nazi's.

>> No.61923190

Here's 5:

>> No.61923214

Ok, well in that case... it's still an umbrella term referring to a predominantly white group of people, both in Europe and in North America, fighting literal Nazis. I'm not going to defend Antifa, but if you think that they're "anti-white", honestly, you're being generous.

>> No.61923251


>> No.61923280

Police shootings are not white supremacist violence. Police don't go out looking for black people to go shoot when they get up in the morning. I don't think you realize that it will ruin your life if you shoot at a black man, regardless of the situation. Your house will get swarmed and your life will be in danger, more than it was before. Your life will basically be over. You will have a target on you and your family's back.

Also, here's a list of left-wing attacks this year.

No deaths here, but you can't act so innocent and that you've done nothing wrong. Though I guarantee one of your own will probably kill someone this weekend at a free speech rally because you guys are enraged now. But then again, you probably think all free speech rallies are disguised as Nazi rallies.

>> No.61923287

Dont forget the Phoenix one on Indians because they looked middle eastern.

>> No.61923325

I thought that was the shooting in Olathe, Kansas that I linked to. Was there another this year in Phoenix?

>> No.61923343

No, they just hate themselves and they're projecting it outwards. They probably hate their parents too even though they grew up in an upper class neighborhood and got everything handed to them.

>> No.61923359

>but you can't act so innocent and that you've done nothing wrong
LOL I don't even live in the US... but hey, don't let that stop you from blaming me for... some guy with a rifle shooting at some american politician, some wackjobs making threats and... some kind of fistfight? Boy howdy Cleetus, you're right! It's straight civil war over there!

>> No.61923371

((Big tech)) bullies

>> No.61923381

>Both sides claiming to fight the evil while arming themselves against each other and literally engage in terroristic acts
>Even more ironically the ones who call muzzies terrorists do this too

Peace is too uncomfortable I guess, I wonder how will this civil war turn out.

>> No.61923388

Good. Fascists are not people and they will be cleansed. Good to see this.

>> No.61923396

>LOL I don't even live in the US
I never understood why non americans try to debate american related politics as if they know better. You got your own shit to worry about, particularly of the dismantling of the EU and mass migration.

>> No.61923428

>Though I guarantee one of your own will probably kill someone this weekend at a free speech rally because you guys are enraged now.
If someone on the left kills someone soon, it would most likely be at the funeral of the girl who was killed in the most recent attack considering some neo nazi group is supposedly going to protest at her funeral.

>> No.61923469

Our company did too today apparently. Evidently there was a tiny DDoS attack on our stuff this morning that didn't even affect anything.

>> No.61923472

lolll I'm fucking dying

>I never understood why non americans
I grew up in the US

>debate american related politics
the US is, by everyone's admission, the most powerful country in the world, why the fuck would they not pay attention to the shit show that is going on there?

>You got your own shit to worry about, particularly of the dismantling of the EU
I don't live in Europe either

>and mass migration.
the city I live in took in as many Syrian refugees as the entire US did, without any incidents of terrorism, or even an increase in crime, so... why would we care?

>> No.61923483

>I grew up in the US
Then you're further not worth my time. A traitor and a cuck. No different from the leftists right now.

>> No.61923500

>I grew up in the US

No you didn't.

He probably welcomes the illegal immigrants with no skills and can only speak the language their country of origin speaks.

Yeah nobody is going to die from protesting her funeral. The police will handle it. Boston is being put on full-blast this weekend. CNN says there are nine this weekend.

>> No.61923524

What about teamspeak?

>> No.61923582

>people like this exist IRL

>> No.61923594

fucking LOL this shit is hilarious, why did I stop coming here

>No you didn't.
are you accusing me of lying about my place of birth, or of being peter pan?

>> No.61923620

What do you gain by larping as a str8 woke normalfag on an anime website?

>> No.61923648

>are you accusing me of lying about my place of birth, or of being peter pan?

What do you think I'm accusing you of?

>> No.61923650

/pol/ is getting their ass handed by leftys left and right on twitter. Just check that faggot Baked Alaska and Richard Spencer profile. It's hilarious how /pol/ is butthurt about it.
>they are doxxing us buaaahhhhh
>they are beating us up on streets buaahhhh
10/10 material right there


>> No.61923667

>tensions already high as antifa/alt-right fucktards beat each other at various rallies around the country
>at the most recent rally the police stood down because of how many people brought guns
>someone decides to take it further and try to murder a ton of people because they can't stand opposing views, ends up succeeding in killing some girl
>fucktards decide they want to protest at the funeral in support of the terrorist who killed the girl
>implying this isn't a recipe for someone to get shot
Unless they declare a state of emergency and preemptively deploy the national guard to that funeral, there's a good chance that it will end up being the worst fight yet.

>> No.61923679


Not one of these resulted in death. Dude literally asked how many people lefties killed this year

>> No.61923686

This. We need more people to face ethical consequences for their actions, not try to change the laws.

Want to be asshole with shitty actions and opinions? Sure, that's your right. But get the fuck out of my store and if you need help later don't come crying to me because fuck you.

>> No.61923702
File: 28 KB, 600x494, 4f9[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Altright.com swiftly posted a response, referring to Discord’s employees as “pathetic nerd cucks” who, in their actions, “joined the war against free speech.” They added, “The Globo-Corpo-Homo-Judeo establishment is coming at us from all angles and lobbing everything that they have our way.

>this isn't parody

>> No.61923720

intense sexual pleasure from racists tripping over their own shit ;)

careful, I might sprinkle you with islamic fairy dust!

>> No.61923735


>> No.61923737

And 8pol found out everyone who is doxxing people at the rally. Some Jew who lives in Raleigh runs the racist doxxing Twitter, his wife got doxxed, his family got doxxed etc. Not hard when you have Whitepages. Both sides are doing a good job doxxing each other.

>National Guard
>To a funeral

Not going to happen. There will be police in riot gear...if that.

>> No.61923747

>careful, I might sprinkle you with islamic fairy dust!
Does that make me stay young forever or grow hair on my dick? This is important.

>> No.61923763
File: 47 KB, 640x1138, ZoF3hYE_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They believe this neckbeard is a Soros mole

>> No.61923777

>all forms of hate
yes of course

>> No.61923779

neither, it just makes /pol/ think everything you say is paid for by George Soros

>> No.61923803

So? Do you think a bunch of neets are gonna do something about it, dumbfuck? do you really think if they dox the guy he's going to get his shit pushed? he's getting those faggots fired.

Nothing is going to happen to him because 99% are on his side.

>> No.61923811

Good. Let it happen. This country is tired of peace and prosperity, y'all gotta eat some shit already.

>> No.61923874
File: 140 KB, 1233x832, democrat terrorist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

free speech is a principle, and a communications business that does not respect that principle is unethical. i thought democrats were supposed to be big on ethical business.

>to call for mass discrimination
that is a right
>violence against whole groups
that is not a right
>based on ethnicity or country of origin
i notice you've left out "opinion" and "political views", a glaring omission

you can't have your cake and eat it too. either the retarded fundies get to deny service to homosexuals, or you don't get to boot people off your chat service.

also, this is just PR. plain old PR.

>> No.61923907

everyone not explicitly maoist is a white supremacist

>but the car attack was enough to push them to drop those views
oh so nothing about the extreme frequency violence coming from the progressives, including gunning down republicans at a charity baseball game and chucking ?acid? in someone's face?

>> No.61923926

The racist statue must pulled down

>> No.61923929

There was no PR until they made a PR move.

>> No.61923935

That's not a nice thing to wish on mootykins. He'd definitely need something to cheer him up if he got fired then got stuck with the burning shitheap this place has become after Hiroyuki took over, and I'm too shy to cosplay as Asuka for him and offer him my boipussy.

>you can't have your cake and eat it too. either the retarded fundies get to deny service to homosexuals, or you don't get to boot people off your chat service.
You can't discriminate by sexual preference in the state that lawsuit is happening in, there is no law in any state to my knowledge saying you have to server anyone regardless of their political views.

>> No.61923944

>you can't have your cake and eat it too
Sure we can. Try to get Discord sued for refusing to host your racist garbage and see how far it goes.

Then go cry some more.

>> No.61923958

Smash the fasc

>> No.61923995
File: 475 KB, 667x1804, democrats3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As does the right.
the "extreme right" is in full control, we've got "literally worse than hitler" in the white house, yet there are no crackdowns on progressive speech, no executions of commie retards, no tranny concentration camps, no electroshock camps for gays, no black-lynching mobs... really makes you think.

>> No.61924029


I don't get it. Are you implying that the extreme left is doing any of these things to you?

>> No.61924033

what is the punishment for apostasy?

>> No.61924037
File: 38 KB, 153x227, lell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hehe, true alt right waiting for his chance to strike leftist degenerates

>> No.61924043

your racist garbage is fine though, right?

>> No.61924069


Point me to where I was being a racist.

>> No.61924075

Can the left and right just start killing each other already?

>> No.61924079
File: 177 KB, 505x506, antifa genocidal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, just reiterating what the doomsayers about trump were promising.

however, if "the left"--really just a bunch of neoliberals with a generous sprinkle of hatred these days--were in control, i do expect there'd be very harsh crackdowns on freedom of speech and a lot of people punished harshly for speech crimes.

>> No.61924090

you're anonymous, i can't see what posts are yours

>> No.61924120


The left was just in power and nothing of that ever happened. I'm so sorry that you're such a sheltered prick whose only image of leftists come from exaggerations posted on social media.

>> No.61924138
File: 3.43 MB, 437x235, 1478045734074.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except we do
What do you think black people are doing in USA right now?
What do you think sandniggers are doing in EU right now?
So why can't I have the right to be against these people, while they can freely destroy white people and our culture with no repercussions just because they look like God's flushed fecal matter

>> No.61924152

nothing, islamic fairy dust requires no amount of belief to be effective

>> No.61924168

>oh so nothing about the extreme frequency violence coming from the progressives, including gunning down republicans at a charity baseball game and chucking ?acid? in someone's face?
>still haven't killed anyone this year while white supremacists have killed several over the same period
Also, when did acid attacks start occurring in the US?

>that pic
>not remembering all the lynched effigies of Obama over the past 8 years
>despite radicals on the left going into overdrive they still haven't killed anyone this year, while white supremacists have killed several
Wow, such a big problem.

>yet there are no crackdowns on progressive speech
Did you miss how the justice department is trying to get the IP addresses of everyone who visited a site for organizing a protests on inauguration day? Also how the Supreme Court told the president to fuck off after he tried to claim he had the authority to strip all federal dollars from states with policies he didn't like (which people would have been out in the streets with guns over if Obama did).

>> No.61924180

quality bait

>> No.61924203
File: 96 KB, 238x281, 1393047885659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this year, while white supremacists killed several
Not even part of this argument but I want to see some of these cases

>> No.61924207

>muh white genocide

Aka why won't white wymin have sex with me

>> No.61924214

From earlier in this thread: >>61923190

>> No.61924218

Does anyone use thr33ma here? What is your excuse not to?

>> No.61924221

It's true, though.

>> No.61924230


>> No.61924233

Literally scroll up a few posts

>> No.61924255

lmao, alt-right BTFO

>> No.61924262
File: 935 KB, 723x884, antifa19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the left did not have control of all branches, and besides, there were challenges to free speech that were withstood only because judges not of the left struck them down.

>sheltered prick whose only image of leftists come from exaggerations posted on social media
actually i'm a former communist. what i and all my left-wing peers wanted to do was murder conservatives and destroy white demographics out of a misplaced sense of guilt. we were very hateful towards our own communities, but i snapped out of it just after the charlie hebdo massacre - i realised the insanity of the left's totally unsurprising reaction: that of defending nonwhite muslims who murdered cartoonists, just because they were nonwhite muslims.

>> No.61924266

>t. dumb white nigger

You've gotten caught up in fear created by (((them))) and you're too stupid to realize it.

>> No.61924278

a brain-damaged berniebro stabbing some guys does not equal a "white supremacist terrorist attack"

>> No.61924280
File: 1.43 MB, 300x225, 1502633495570.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aka you're a little brainlet that can't even comprehend basic English
How's Tyrone treating your girlfriend, by the way?
Are you glad you get to suck that BBC every weekend like the little faggot you are?

>> No.61924296

what was the white-on-black rape rate last year? or the white-on-black murder rate? or even just the white-on-black assault rate? and when you scale them according to the population percentage of those demographics, does it come out favourably?

>> No.61924313

Daily reminder that if you ostracize a group of people and force them out of society then give them no right to protest or speak freely and then deny them their right to start their own societies and associate with who they - violence is their only option

Keep pushing. We need more mcVeighs.

>> No.61924317

When was the last time you went outside and talked to a person outside of your hick town?

>> No.61924318

>Aka why won't white wymin have sex with me
I don't think you read his post whatsoever

>> No.61924324
File: 1.27 MB, 300x225, 1467480573274.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No anon, far from it
I support segregation because it makes perfect sense from a sociological point of view
Think about it, there would be no racism if different races stuck to their own people
There would be no destruction of culture, if people with the same culture stuck together
There wouldn't be Black Lives Bladder, there wouldn't be mass immigrations, there wouldn't be a constant crying how the "white man is keeping us down"
Fascism is literally the only solution to these problems, as recent times have shown us, that mixing and matching puzzle pieces just doesn't work

>> No.61924341

i'm in england. fantastic job not answering the question, by the way.

>> No.61924344

I remember constantly hearing about Bernie supporters starting to support Trump after Bernie lost in the primaries. Why do people insist this guy wasn't one of those people when it's quite clear that he is?

>> No.61924357

are we just going to ignore the fact that james (((bloom))) is a diagnosed schizophrenic jew?

>> No.61924371

>actually i'm a former communist
Yeah... bullshit. Groups like the SDF have done more to fight islamism than any western government, and someone who ever actually self-identified as a commie would know that.

>> No.61924380

Nobody cares about muh white genocide, you jewish puppet.

Nobody cares about the opinions of non-Americans in American politics, dumb white nigger. Take your ignorance back to /pol/ where it belongs

>> No.61924384
File: 91 KB, 878x678, 34xvze3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is the US going to pull itself out of this anti-intellectual morass of stupid people shouting idiotic and illogical things that don't stand up to scrutiny? When will the general populace learn to recognize a straw man argument?

You can't say anything right because 1000 dumbasses will reply with shit that is blatantly inaccurate and you spend all your time demonstrating that instead of going anywhere, and they never listen anyway.

>> No.61924385

But they can still protest. Companies are just saying they can't use their services to organize. We still have net neutrality in the US so there's nothing keeping any sites made by these people from functioning, so long as they're actually intelligent enough to maintain their sites.

>> No.61924396
File: 99 KB, 500x386, capitalvol1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's quite clear that he is
what, because he stabbed someone?

SAA's done far more.

>> No.61924417

>what, because he stabbed someone?
Because the groups he got in with and his reasoning for stabbing those people.

>> No.61924422

Damn, anon, must've really strained your brain to come up with a clever reply like that
Why don't you stick with indian cock for now, you seem to enjoy shitposting a little bit too much

>> No.61924437

You're not worth my time. Sorry.

>> No.61924441

net neutrality should be expanded to include application-level networking

are you talking about that time he went to a free speech rally and threw a roman salute to get on their nerves?

also where are these much-vaunted muslim women who were being savagely picked on by the terrible white supremacist berniebro? as far as i know there's no evidence they exist.

>> No.61924446

The SAA that was in power *before the war fucking started*? That's like saying I've done more to stop the overflowing toilet than anyone else, when my shitstorm was what backed it up to begin with.

>> No.61924456
File: 55 KB, 657x527, 128704028121.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they can still protest
If by protest you mean state government allowing them into a park then cancels their permit and then police force them into mobs that attack them for having wrong opinions.

This would NOT be accepted for any other group.

>> No.61924462

SDF is little tenril of US imperialism, by the way.

>> No.61924466
File: 2.60 MB, 260x291, 1480527614734.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course not, since your time on this planet is worthless and everything you've done doesn't even amount to a single attosecond of my life, you worthless piece of trash

>> No.61924477

*a little tendril

>> No.61924485

>are you talking about that time he went to a free speech rally and threw a roman salute to get on their nerves?
And his online presence.

>> No.61924506

his online presence being 90% cheering onr sanders and 10% brain-damaged derangement

>> No.61924520

Teaching critical thinking early on in school. The American education system is being privatized to a disgusting degree, which breeds ignorance and this political infighting.

We live in a world where the totality of humanity's knowledge is available at our fingertips, but most people are not taught how to educate themselves, or to even recognize the opportunities given to them.

This is mostly a consequence of America being a young nation, and because we didn't have to worry about this back in the 50s when we were coming off a wartime economic boost.

It seems clear that we need things to get worse before they get better, otherwise we will not learn.

>t. dumb white nigger

What part of "nobody cares about your opinions" did you misunderstand?

>> No.61924541

Left cucks and their obsession with sex smdh

>> No.61924548


How come the alt right has such an obsession with cuckoldry when none one of you are even in a relationship nor ever will be

>> No.61924550
File: 63 KB, 420x315, 1495548879653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw to intelligent to lean towards holding a belief
>tfw to intelligent do anything
>tfw to intelligent to acknowledge government overreach

>> No.61924582

>tfw to intelligent to spell "too" right

>> No.61924587
File: 209 KB, 471x702, despair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlike reddit, 4chan does not require double line breaks.

>Teaching critical thinking early on in school.
Surely if people were better critical thinkers they'd recognise that donald TWO SCOOPS DRUMPF is literally HITLER POOPOO WEEWEE smelly stupid orange face and fuck wh*te "people" #lovetrumpshate.

>> No.61924607


Sure let's pretend the Venn diagram of MRA and Alt Right members isn't a single overlapping circle

>> No.61924612

>tfw ahmed runs you over in a lorry, turning you to pulp, but all progressives care about is fictional accounts of fatima getting a funny look on the bus

>> No.61924616

"Reddit spacing" is a meme, dumbass.

If you can't recognize your own echo chambers, then you're as hopeless as /r/politics.

>> No.61924654


>> No.61924667

You misunderstand

If more people were critical, educated thinkers then they would sit around and hold opinions while others form groups and dominate you. Of course, you'll never come to a conclusion because that's not what critical thinkers do.

It's the thinking man's tactic.

Oh but btw, you can't hold these opinions or were going to kick you out of society. We're critical thinkers, not hate thinkers.

>> No.61924678
File: 615 KB, 1364x595, 1474041188917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>projecting this hard

Dumb white nigger.

>> No.61924705

>net neutrality should be expanded to include application-level networking
>people who were against net neutrality now want it to to apply to services other than ISPs
Holy kek.

>> No.61924729

i've always been in favour of net neutrality, i'm not a big business arselicker and i especially hate ISPs.

>want it to to apply to services other than ISP
why not? a communications company offering a service is as good as any other.

>> No.61924907


>> No.61924997

At least I'm capable of holding any amount of opinions, unlike yourself who simply resorts to ad hominems and shitposting
Christ, anon, is that really what they teach kids in good ol' USA?

>> No.61925026
File: 495 KB, 500x266, 1386977626910.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, I am in a relationship, the only difference is that 99% of my country has refused taking in any immigrants and has resorted to discrimination towards anyone who isn't white
Thanks to that I am able to be with my wife without fear, that anyone will try to "culturally enrich" her
Take a stand now, anon
Drive the filthy slaves from your country and be a man free of tyranny

>> No.61925420


Where do you even live?

>> No.61925628
File: 885 KB, 245x147, 1403101492150.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That, anon, is a topic for another day
Just remember, don't listen to /pol/, or the shitposters who call anyone with an opinon /pol/
Don't listen to the left or the right, or whatever stupid political affiliation they come up with next
Formulate your own opinion based on the things you see in every day life, not what the media wants you to see

>> No.61925676

there are antifa and commie servers still up, aren't there?

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