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6 Billion fucking dollars for what?

Open space development? How the fuck can apple justify / expect a return on this? How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?

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damn they could host some sweet monster truck rallies in there

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This is actually the new Mac Pro

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>How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?
the same way they do now
underground parking, public transit, and walking

post more it's beautiful

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>Entire building is supposed to be an open office environment of glass with everyone looking at your work
Jesus christ.

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>the same way they do now
>underground parking, public transit, and walking

There's no public transport. You can't expect 15, 000 people just to hit the road and not expect the traffic to be unbearable.

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>There's no public transport
um what

That's not open. Apple has always been a closed environment, but with glass fucking everywhere which ruins the entire point.
Working there must be hell.

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that bus better be running on 100% electricity or i'm gonna lose it

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The batteries and the materials for constructing them pollute as much as extracting, refining, and then combusting oil; so you will have to lose your shit in any case 'tard.

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t. top gear expert

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>introducing the world's first cloud workstation
Oh my god, you're probably right. That's what they meant by "modular".

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t. student of chemistry who also has a side-interest in energetics and looked up documentation on the production and processing of various energy containment technology

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>The batteries and the materials for constructing them pollute as much as extracting, refining, and then combusting oi
Maybe the materials they have in common with other cars, but the electronic drive system is fairly green. Please don't be retarded and post strip mines claiming that's where even 1% of lithium is harvested from.

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>but the electronic drive system is fairly green
The production of it isn't though.

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>The production of it isn't though.
Ok, what about the production of it is not?

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One of my former co-workers lives in the area. The already high rent has tripled.

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All cobalt and phosphate reactions with regards to lithium processing are heave pollutants, while the alkaline nature of lithium itself doesn't help at all with trying to make the refinement "air and environment friendly".
Let's not even talk about the separate metallurgy processing for the mandatory isolation and encasing which also pollute the air with horrid shit in smelting as well as extraction facilities.
You think batteries are made from wood and spice and everything nice?
Fucking idiot.

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It's called money laundering OP, you wouldn't understand.

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Are they trying to keep people out or keep them in?

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I think its funny with all the housing issues on the peninsula that those treehuggers out there would let apple waste all the real estate to build a 4 story donut.

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Either looks like a spaceship ready to take off or, it looks like fagget central.

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Poo in the loo

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This seems paltry to the lifetime emissions of a bus.

Plus, lithium in industrial batteries are always recycled.

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why do they need such a big "campus" all they make is a phone a tablet and a couple computers.
They don't even "make" it there.

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>building a stargate horizontally

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I doubt everyone works 9 to 5 there. Probably staggered, like your Burger King shifts.

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6 billions is not that much for them
They need a bigger HQ because of all the car shit they want to make

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they made it a circle so their apple car will never be able to leave and harm the public

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True. In telecomm, we have like 4 or 5 different shift rotations for all of the various departments... in one NOC.

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Are those several thousand solar panels?

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>6 Billion fucking dollars for what?
Jealous of their success? What the hell difference does it make to you?

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This building is literally the same as making a giant pyramid of soda cans as a stock boy when you have fuck all to do.

If one of your employees spent all day "organising" the office to work better and accomplished essentially nothing it would be like this building. It means they don't have enough actual work to do. This building is an expression of that attitude in mass scale. Any organisation that has the time and money to do this, doesn't have enough shit to do, enough tasks to accomplish. They aren't getting any real work done. By the time this thing is done, it will already be outdated, crowded. What a tremendous waste of resources talent money and time.

Its an office. Its a room where you fucking do shit. Together a bunch of them make an office building.

This is not a difficult concept. 90% of a building is fucking empty space. For a company that prides itself on innovation, they have made an incredibly rigid, inflexible and unadaptable space.

They are literally obsessed with the idea of this building. So obsessed they don't give a literal shit how the actual real thing will work for them or their wage slaves.

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Not an argument

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>You think batteries are made from wood and spice and everything nice?

>onetime production
>all the slugs and snails and puppy dog tails are in a sealed unit
>this is worse than constantly spewing forth pollutants any time you have to move

oh but you know so much more than everyone in the world that is investing in lithium batteries as a means of reducing pollution.

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Maybe Apple could be a little less obvious.

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Still no headphone jack. I think you're right.

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norman foster a fuckboy, soviet-era brutalism is best.

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Kill yourself

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I don't know what this is. But I'm glad I don't give enough of a fuck about what Apple does to care or even be aware of it.

Why do you care?

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To demonstrate the upper limit of hubris

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>mfw i'll never live in a dilapidated monolith of a building

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to be frank you know fuck-all about their plans, vision, or idea of what the space is or could be for

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Is there any architectural advantage to build a round building?? If they make square rooms aren't they gonna lose space?
t. Not an architect

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why would they make square rooms

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Because otherwise all the furniture would have to be custom made to fit the angle of the circle, cabinets desks drawers, i can't imagine it, I've worked with my dad making arches and fakewalls and the space is not very optimized

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I'm sure there's a paper out there by some guy who spent his entire life researching why circular buildings are superior.

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>>61877833 Given the size of the building, the curvature of the circle should be wide enough to not make a difference

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the furniture doesn't literally have to line the entire perimeter
see also >>61876080

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>make a fortress like building
>leave for some "modern" glass crap like we do these days
>old building is not used at all
at least put some crappy startups or government offices in it
something, that is a huge building in a country with huge demands for real estate

>three trips

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The """green""" energy lobby is a scam, period. Do you really believe we can get 100% or our energy from windmills and solar panels?

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He matches my vision of Goldstein more than Big Brother desu.

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Go kys already

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It's the supergate for the ORI ships. Spaceships don't care about gravity

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It won't work. This is all more confirmation that Steve Jobs, did, in fact, know what he was doing and that the current faggot-in-chief is going to slowly but surely sink the ship somehow.

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>How the fuck can apple justify / expect a return on this?
Are you not aware that Apple is the highest netting company in the fucking world barring oil companies?

They could have made all the toilets in the facility solid gold too, and it wouldn't have dented their cash reserves.

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>Spending money on stupid shit with blown out budgets is a-ok if you have a lot more

I swear this is the same logic that makes all modern programs use eleventy terabytes of ram.

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>How the fuck can apple justify / expect a return on this?
Apple must know something we don't.

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Apple has like $250 billion in the bank.

$6 billion is chump change.

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lol steve jobs was the one that put this whole building into motion

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If it's Apple, and it's round, you know it's a design that will last forever.

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>If it's Apple, and it's round, you know it's a design that will last forever.

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Apple has over 200 billion dollars warchest in the bank, they can do whatever they want with it

6B is nothing

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Then people wonder why the new iPhone is $1000...

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>If it's Apple, and it's round, you know it's a design that will last forever.

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>6 Billion dollars for what?
Why are you surprised? "Aesthetics over functionality" is Apple's unofficial motto.

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More than one country now was able to run for several days only on renewable energy

>> No.61880534

difference is you can recycle batteries but not your gasoline.

>> No.61880612

great sauce faggot. every large country using green energy relies on France for power, and only generates enough renewables to meet demand at 2 am

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>If it's Apple, and it's round, you know it's a design that will last forever.

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>More than one country now was able to run for several days only on renewable energy
Are you referring to that Netherlands article which ended up being a great example of a journalist article mixing renewable projections with actual output that ended up mostly sourcing from coal plants, which included proven calculations that renewable as was reported in numbers couldn't sustain the public transport system alone let alone a country despite that 100% scam?

You are retarded son, and i mean laughably retarded.

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damn son, you ripped him a new one with that.
Can you also please give sauce on that article, I have some treehuggers that I want to BTFO.

>> No.61880848

Here's an example of a fake news article:

Here's the example of someone actually calculating shit and going through massive documentation to see whether the greenfag jerking is true (which of course ends up bollocks most of the times because greenfags are retards who ironically don't know the very physics and mathematics they are supposed to be obsessed with learning):


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Dear God, this is almost as retarded as climate change fags who unironically believe that statistical models are gospel.

>> No.61880900

Suck a dick

>> No.61880954

>implying that 2 am isn't peak efficiency time for SRS posting

>> No.61880964

If you mean some African shithole community, yes then you are right. Because they don't even have fuel to run their tractors, let alone generators.

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Doubt Apple cares if a mine in Bolivia pollutes if it means they can have a bus on their campus that doesn't pollute around their workers and their buildings.

>> No.61881049

They don't, and that's the point.
But some retards think they do.

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A poppy?

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Dude, they have 250 billion dollars in what is essentially a huge pile of cash. They don't have to justify jack shit. Six billion is pretty cash.

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This shit literally looks like a villain headquarters out of some capeshit comic book series.

Everything about it screams judaism

>> No.61881184

>Everything about it screams judaism
maybe if it was a star of david instead of a ring

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filthy shit eating street shitting cow piss drinking stupid shit skin PAJEET detected

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prove it
show us your A+ in Chemistry you electrolyte nigger

>> No.61881284

What is that, Survive The Nights?

>> No.61881310

>show us your A+
Grades are exclusionary and anti-diversity, you shitlord.

t. Evergreen State College

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7 days to die

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>How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?
They wanted to build apartment complexes next to it but the city government said no. Shitty nimbly governments are why all commutes suck in the area.

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>hydro-generated electricity
fucking cheaters. hydro is the only reason they didn't go dark.
FACT: more people have been killed by dams than by nuclear power.

>> No.61881382

Your a idiot if you believe that.

>> No.61881384

The Guardian is pure shitlib propaganda. Absolutely nothing in it can be trusted as-is. There is always a catch, "misinterpretion", heavy shitlib slant, misrepresentation or any other variant of borderline fake news. It doesn't even make any profit from subscriptions and ads anymore and is reliant on (((donations))). Nobody takes it seriously. You'd be better off reading Chinese state media or something if you want communist viewpoint. At least they are not shaming you for existing while lying.

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How can people justify the large hardon collider when it has done nothing? They just do

>> No.61881431

>comparing one of the main achievements in science to a fucking consumerist driven crap

>> No.61881460

People actually think lithium batteries reduce pollution? Theres a million sources on why full electric is just as bad and lithium batteries are old technology. Not to mention the source is almost depleted. As of now there's no means they can be recycled. Tesla are the only ones working on that. The guy who created lithium batteries is even making an alternative

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Can I get a quick rundown? Why are you guys so assblasted? Companies build big buildings all the time. I bet this structure is way cheaper than building a high rise tower with the same volume in a crowded city.

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They are jews, the number 6 billion triggered their experience from the lolocaust.

>> No.61881739


>he doesnt know about the one ring to jew them all

>> No.61881787

You are questioning the choices made by the most profitable and successful company in all of human history.

>> No.61881794

>oh but you know so much more than everyone in the world that is investing in lithium batteries as a means of reducing pollution.
top lel good goy

>> No.61881803

>the most profitable and successful company in all of human history

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This is really pretty damn gay.

I even suspect the interior will be way too open, rather than nice silent offices for 1-2 people.

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this building was steve jobs personal plan. You under estimate how borderline OCD Jobs is about design or even architecture.

Jobs may have accidentally built the 'hockey puck' of office buildings. In his defense hes not around to hear about the complaints and make revisions during construction

>> No.61881894

I've not been there yet but its on my list. I love everything about that building. Its brtualist ambition, it's ironic demand for majesty despite the Marxist ideology it represented, right down to its decrepit decline ironically symbolising the political system system that gave birth to it.

I just hope j see if before they do it up.

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19/20 things Steve Jobs supervised were pretty unremarkable except for the efficacy of the marketing campaign targetting Apple fans.

This looks like another average to shit idea.

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it triples as a particle accelerator/spaceship

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How would they commute to it... wha... what? what?

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Well thanks Frank. I really find your argument compelling.
The way you explained everything was great.

If only I knew, that I didn't know anything.

Do you not fucking understand that if a project balloons from several hundred million to several billion. How "vision," "plans," and "ideas" signal they have no fucking clue what they are doing?

But your right. "I know fuck-all" What a great argument.

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>$200B """"""cash""""""" in jew tax dodge havens
>only $5B actual cash to run operations
>$100B+ and growing debt to pay for operations
>$100B+ in dodged taxes that governments ALWAYS collect on

Literally history's biggest bubble waiting to pop.

>> No.61883735

>commute to it
simple, they never leave

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It's a round structure, everybody knows they're impossible to commute to, gaahhh do you need it spelled out for you

>> No.61883790

> electrolyte nigger
top kek

>> No.61883803

How will mactoddlers ever recover?

>> No.61883805

It will just have a lot of surface parking lots beyond it's green space

>> No.61883848

I think a lot of people will be lost and confused there, because even if you have good maps no points of reference for navigation. You might also need bikes or electric carts to get around efficiently.

>> No.61883940

It's the shape of a certain body part. A monument to their insanity.

>> No.61884493

but it's round you can't commute to the parking lots because of this

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It's going to house Apple's very own particle accelerator.

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>> No.61884591

Here are some:
Good daylight conditions everywhere
Continuous walking circulation with no deadzone areas
Ability to expand and contract departments without relocating them
Fights department stratification by making everything feel connected
Promotes walking and movement
A circle's lower surface area to volume makes it better insulated from outside temperatures
Reflects Apple's brand of high performance design
Circlular dwellings are like paleo-architecture and can create some vaguely pro-humanist impression

This is just bullshit I conjure by looking at the image

>> No.61884603

>Because otherwise all the furniture would have to be custom made to fit the angle of the circle,
>Implying that would stop Apple
There are not two panes of glass alike in that building.
EVERY pane is custom.

The carbon fibre roof on the Steve Job theatre cost $42million.
The Glass walls holding up that roof (there are no other supporting elements, the glass is it...) runs almost as much.

>> No.61884623

Trash game

>> No.61884635

Apple is only taking on debt to avoid taxes, it is fine otherwise

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File: 1.96 MB, 423x264, 1476825691289.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's fine applel is taking on more debt than their entire net worth

Your tears during the crash will be delicious.

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>Microsoft has an AAA credit rating
>Higher than the US goverment

>> No.61884859

>imagine being a grown man, angery about a company building an office for its employees

>> No.61884862

the same way anyone does? fucking drive there you dip

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>imagine being a grown man, "angery" about someone making fun of a company building an oversized loo for their employees

>> No.61884990

As someone working on building it, it's actually already out dated

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>not understanding stock buybacks

>> No.61885011

That game is supposed to be a joke

It was made by game grumps

>> No.61885023

The analogue of a battery would be fuel tank (easily recyclable), not gasoline.
Can you recycle electricity, you retard?
Almost all countries generate most of their electricity using fossil fuels. The difference between electric and regular cars is that electric cars store energy that was generated somewhere else, and standard cars generate energy themselves by burning fuel. If you factor in power transmission/storage losses and the fact that car batteries are made using all kinds of nasty stuffs, you'd wonder what kind of agenda kikes have in lobbying a forced meme that electric car is.

>> No.61885035
File: 3.03 MB, 480x369, 1474630895724.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not understanding stock buybacks are a desperate move to keep their stock price growing to delay the crash

>> No.61885058

Fuck man I don't care what anyone says, the G4 iMac is the best looking computer of all time.

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>me when your short position is called next year

>> No.61885171
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>me when your entire self worth revolves around a gay man's toy company and their fruit religion

>> No.61885186 [DELETED] 


>> No.61885200

I mean at least crapple isn't mass-firing it's staff to appease the nwosjws.....

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File: 250 KB, 500x468, campus-110816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apple's new headquarters is larger than The Pentagon and the Empire State Building.


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File: 587 KB, 423x573, president Vlad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking Vlad lel

>> No.61885627

i know this is bait, but it's called leveraging your assets, fuccboi.

>> No.61885845

Why would you want to?

I've walked past that shithole too many times.

The tech giants are in an arms race for talent. Unfortunately the weapons are free massages, nap areas, and wasteful buildings.

>> No.61885858

Wow, good one.

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File: 144 KB, 1200x800, applied geometry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.61885907

thanks for the (You) friend :)

>> No.61886156

The alternative is still based on lithium, retard.
In 3-4 years lithium batteries with solid state cathodes (doubling the power density) will arrive, and car makers won't have excuses anymore.

>> No.61886182

Did these fucking faglords actually build a giant anus?

>> No.61886229

I bet they will have big daily homosexual orgies in that anus

>> No.61886325

Corporate hell has never been more circular.

>> No.61887233

I literally can't understand anything here

>> No.61887260

apple has so much money that they can do anything without caring about costs.

>> No.61887277

apple has so little money that they can't do anything without tacking on debt

>> No.61887293

This place really is full of clueless retarded teenagers.

>> No.61887370

because they can dipshit

they have so much cash that i would legit question their financial intelligence at this point.

at least they are putting that stupid ass cash to work in this way and bringing it back into the economy.

>> No.61887379

Bullshit. They choose to keep the less money possible in US soil so that they don't have to pay taxes. They gain from that even if that means a little debt.
They have hundreds of billion dollars at Seychelles or some other shit islands.

>> No.61887393

>I have some treehuggers that I want to BTFO
Translation: I don't care about the cleanliness of the air I breathe and I'm too uneducated to understand the risks of asthma and cancer.

>> No.61887422

Literally how can anyone else even compete?

>> No.61887426

>expecting intelligent discussion from NEETs on 4chan questioning Apple's business and money management as one of the biggest and most successful companies ever seen

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>when applel takes on more debt than their total value because they cant touch their tax dodge havens or risk lsoing 1/2 of it

Applel would literally be bankrupted if they had to pay off their debts and pay their taxes today.

>> No.61887439

Italy also often runs entire days on renewables, and we don't even have coal

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>> No.61887461

Post proofs, also importing electricity doesn't count as renewable.

>> No.61887474

I like your idea.

>> No.61887494

> implying I was defending Apple or Apple products

Are you retarded?

>> No.61887544


Why did they make a circle and not a spiral to save room?

>> No.61887564

like every company ever. how much do you think the sand that makes up an AMD processor cost?

>> No.61887584

The more innovation towards the materials for renewable energy, the better we will get at all those things.
And the less oil we'll use on fueling transport rather than making products.

>> No.61887585

/g/ BTFO

>> No.61887592

Didn't that game get flack because it wasn't made by gay people?

>> No.61887596
File: 1.21 MB, 3000x1631, panopticon-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>make their man building a literal panopticon


>> No.61887649

Wow. Exactly like the movie "The circle"

>> No.61887680

What did you think the movie based it on?

>> No.61887731

they use debt to move money without paying tax

>> No.61887919
File: 102 KB, 1280x936, 1494194171276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the first circle of hell

>> No.61888011

This looks like a good halo map

>> No.61888067

Are you sure there are no other structural elements? Glass structures would be interesting to look at altho I can't imagine how that works.

>> No.61888082

6 billion dollar idea right here

>> No.61888085

this. they "owe" it to themselves... just like many other multinational corporations.

>> No.61888432

>make 200G as Apple Engineer
>go to work in a bus like a hobo

>> No.61888639


the original clickwheel was amazing tbqh

>> No.61888663

It's a big ass toilet designed for a shit load of pajeets

>> No.61888709
File: 78 KB, 964x467, article-2502720-195A4DB100000578-440_964x467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61889055

Holy shit I didn't know oil tankers are this huge.

>> No.61889069

Posturing. Business is all about image.

>> No.61889076

6Md$ is just 1% of Apple's assets in 2014.

>> No.61890023

It's Jobs' final monument to his ego.

>> No.61890057

this looks like trash someone should knock it down

absolute eyesore

>> No.61890070


>> No.61890170

Why commute if you can live there? It's every developer's dream to live at work, you don't have to pay rent, or for car, you don't have to waste money on food, you can even wear the company's clothes, so you don't have to buy. There are showers, gym, etc. Honestly, if I was offered to live there, I'd accept it in a heartbeat.

>> No.61890241

You don't have to recycle gasoline. It comes out as CO2 and H2O. Go back to reddît and jerk each other off about le EV

>> No.61890537

>How the fuck are people even going to commute to it?
I dont think you understand how silicon valley companies work
they literally run buses of their own to pick up staff, its more cost effective than having actual parking lots

>> No.61890559

>6 Billion fucking dollars for what?
because the can and have the money to spend it on this like we do on ice cream.

>> No.61890596

>one infinite cock ring

>> No.61890605


>> No.61890651

>calls out renewables as a meme

>> No.61891602

Yeah they're gigantic. I am actually afraid of looking at them, large ships frighten me.

>> No.61891619

me too the fuck

>> No.61891981

I told ya h1bs were a problem

>> No.61892274

That money is sitting in US banks in Nevada and other states. It's only domiciled abroad for accounting purposes.
$200 billion dollars of illegal money immigrants.
Your ruling class at work, amerfats.

>> No.61892631


it's not the source, it's storing for off peak hours

>> No.61892943

which can't be done efficiently. grid batteries are a meme, and pumped storage is inefficient and requires precious water.
nuclear doesn't have these problems :^)

>> No.61892961

>one infinite goatse

>our energy
The absolute state of amerifat entitlement.

>> No.61893555

>he doesnt realize that after a certain point its you who owns the bank, not the other wayround
Apple is too big to fail unless they are convicted of a crime. We arent talking about an investment bank here that can lose all its value because of a crash. Apples value literally is the brand. As long as that remains untouched an stable that company will never be overvalued.

>> No.61893776
File: 187 KB, 1000x500, cree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61894200


>> No.61894311

/g/ BTFO

>> No.61894409

he means market value based on the hardware
basically they are selling the equivalent of old thinkpads as a 1000 dollar new product

>> No.61894425

gotta give yourself a reason to pay 200k to diversity hires with no job skills

>> No.61894461

Anything to deflect from money laundering, tax avoidance, and the active desire to not let other people have nice things so that people have a reason to like you instead of kill you, eh /pol/?

>> No.61894477

not from /pol/, they are retards who I have nothing to learn from

>> No.61894702

What will they do in such a large building? Just program shit? All that space just because.

>> No.61894728

>Why would you want to?
It's beautiful architecture. Brutalism is my favorite.

>> No.61894750

>what is QA
>what is industrial design
>what is service operations
>what is marketing
>what is internal counsel
>what is accounting for all those shekels in Nevada and Wyoming
Why, it's almost as if you've never set foot in a business before.

>> No.61894753 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 700x1244, c4097de06ef89bd472e01de977ceaf1d--taipei--taipei-taiwan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>One of the most profitable and forward looking corporations in history spends 6 billion on a generic building that will age like milk and not on a futuristic cyperpunk monolith that could have captured the imaginations of their consumer base

This is why Asia is winning

>> No.61894967


This is the modern Colosseum, all the grander before the fall.

>> No.61894981


>> No.61894987


What is this?? Looks very similar to the Apple Cactus.

>> No.61894991

They need to spend their loose cash on SOMETHING. They had so fucking much of it, it was probably getting to be a hassle handling it all. Might as well blow it on something right?

>> No.61895006
File: 137 KB, 878x900, 1482897069059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a really deep trashcan.

>> No.61895155

Nope. Shallow trashcans for shallow people.

>> No.61895228

there was a post with a pic of some Asian cyberpunk building on it, i took a bath and now its gone. can someone repost please?

why was it deleted?

>> No.61895271

this is Apple executives plan to ride out the apocalypse.

a walled city.

>> No.61895272

Taipei 101
No idea

>> No.61895354

I really hope that they got plenty of connecting bridges one floor up.

>> No.61895380

>One of my former co-workers lives in the area. The already high rent has tripled.
Why doesn't companies build dormitories of their own?

>> No.61895482

Facebook literally tried to do that and the city shut it down after literal kike landlords threw a hissy fit.

>> No.61895607

FYI those are private buses, not really "public transport". They mostly go to parking lots you need to drive to.

>> No.61895827

>boring design, achieves nothing, looks terrible
>its not even in the shape of an apple

Pretty good analogy then I guess

>> No.61896539

>They mostly go to parking lots you need to drive to.
they didn't need to do that until the socialists threw their daily fit and had the policy changed while mugging the pajeets.

>> No.61897129

just the usual mega corporation. they have money, but legally they don't have money.
if you start a business, you can basically evade taxes with legal loopholes.

>> No.61897139

> 200$
That's an overestimation desu.

>> No.61897155
File: 87 KB, 646x458, swastika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my company's new building.

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