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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Gearbest Deals Pastebin Updated Daily

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Ashens reviews chink Lego Minifigs >>61857557
• Anon posts a still taken with his Xiaomi Yi action cam >>61858042
• Anon gets poster with assault rifles & carbines >>61859274 >>61859301
• Anon receives a 6 dollar carbon rod and fishing reel >>61864104
• Anon gets a cheap pillow speaker >>61864488
• Anon receives a Xiaomi motion sensitive nightlight >>61865077
• Anon gets himself a new notebook GPU >>61873263
• Anon gets a chink iPod copy >>61873797

Previous thread >>61856087

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>Ashens reviews chink Lego Minifigs
Link if anyone wants a qt pikachew

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fucking finally op.

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Does anyone know where to find one of these on aliexpress? I haven't been able to find one.

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are these good?

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No, they're shit. Get some cheap KZ's instead

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KZ's ATR are at a similar price. Check the Infographic for some recommended ones.

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Whats a good chinese Hakko soldering station knockoff? I'd like to get something that's compatible with Hakko tips (not Weller tips). Thanks!

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900M or T12 tips?
Most knockoffs use 900M but there's a slew of DIY kits that use T12.

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Does gearbest still give points for reviewing their site on trustpilot etc.?

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>900M or T12 tips?
I don't mind either since I currently have an iron without changeable tips. Which one would you recommend anon? I'm not a pro.... thanks!

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900M probably. Get a 936 clone or a miniaturized variant like a 908.
T12 integrate the heating element and have better thermal properties but 900M tips are just ubiquitous and much cheaper.

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Yes, they still send out invites for those last I heard. You can also ask for it and they'll send you the same list.

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Speaking of T12 tips, wouldn't they work in the TS100 iron? The external shape is different but the contact diameter and spacing looks the same.

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THANKS anon!
What do you think of this one?


this one is a 936 clone (supposedly).

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>you can also ask for it
Any tips on what to write to them?

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>3-wire iron

lol nope

See that dial on the front of the unit with all those temperature grades around it? Doesn't regulate jack shit because there's no thermocouple in the iron.

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dear, your site very good, I love it! I want to spread word to fellow westerners in exchange for good boy points, you have such program?

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ohhh... so what's the magic keyword I should use in my search or search through specs? Got a link to the one that's good?

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Here's an actual Hakko clone:

Note that real hakko stations use a 5-pin female connector on the base unit so the actual handle portion is not interchangeable unless you make sure your clone has the same connection.

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Thanks again anon. The only issue is that it's 220V only. I need something for 110V.

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Don't listen to me, the other anon seems to actually know what he's talking about.

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Does anyone have experience on buying any IPS 15.6" lcd/led panel for an asus laptop? Mine kicked the bucket and it'd be a cool upgrade since the original was a shitty tn one.

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Thanks anon!

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Here's something useful I found for anyone with a Xiaomi phone, it's a program called XiaomiTool that automates installing ROMs on your phone.

Install official roms (Global stable/developer or China stable/developer)
Install unofficial Xiaomi.eu roms (stable/developer)
Install any other twrp flashable rom (such as lineageos, resurrection remix, ...)
Install custom recovery (TWRP or else)
Unlock bootloader*
Lock bootloader


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Need a cheap router since mine is about to anhero itself

Is the xiaomi 3 router any good? any anons here have/had one?

Any CFW to install on it?

Are the chinks going to spy me through it?

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What's the new JJRC H22 of quadcopters? My dad saw my H22 and wants something like it.

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Are there any chink IEM with active noise cancelling?

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Does anyone have these Xiaomi Hybrids?


Are they better than Rock Zircons? Mine don't work well anymore. There's a loose connection in the cable

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yea i dunno what you'd buy instead of some KZ at the moment.. they are so good and priced so well

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So many fish in the sea
HLSX 808
Vsonic VSD2/3s
Tfz exclusive 3 series
Fiio EX1s
Tennmak Crazy Cello
Sendiy m2
1more! Triple Driver
Remax 800MD

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I bought these


but not the mic one. Sound is good and fit is great. The KZ ones are hideous

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My Kingdian SSD from Gearbest came with the sticker on the box already broken. Did I just get chinked with a refurbished unit or is this normal?

Seller link:

I actually just opened the package a month after it arrived so I don't think I can dispute it at this point.

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Does registered Air Mail make a difference in shipping in? I want to get the KZ ATRs but I'm moving out of my place in exactly 2 weeks. These things are getting shipped on the 14th. Will they get to my in time?

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Nothing wrong with going with PMV A-01 MK2

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Anyone buy a phone VR headset?
Would love a nice chink one to go with my chinkphone

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>not checking your shit immediately

It's like you wanted to get chinked.

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I have no excuse for my stupidity and gonna run a SMART tool on the SSD to check it's condition. Though is receiving an opened box unit when buying from the chinks normal?

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If the chinks open the box on new product it's usually to save on packing size/weight, in which case you wouldn't actually get the box because they discarded it.

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I make weird buys when drunk

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That wonderful feeling when you arrive home to all your shipped items. Shoutouts to all the anons that bought the walnut v2

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mi5x is on sale

Though I honestly not sure with the performance of 625

>> No.61877274

Why not the V2s?

>> No.61877313

wanted to see how good it was before eventually getting a v3

>> No.61877331

How is it?

>> No.61877352

converting my songs while letting it charge, i'll keep you posted

>> No.61877354

I'm about to pull the trigger on that but also not sure

>> No.61877367

Supposedly it can work as an usb dac, post results and thanks.

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Different anon, but I own walnut v3 with stock ne5532

It sounded great like those old-school hi-fi.

the biggest problem would be:
-no screen and no way to skip folders.
-only play mp3 and wav. can't play my lossless meme and superior lossy opus, or wma and aac
-weird sound after turning it off
-popping "turn-on" sound
-need to format 64gb to fat32

Some say v3 will have ak4490 and touch screen with similiar price(Also with balanced output meme) and have roughly same price

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get a Mi5 instead

>> No.61877423

I'll wait few months from now. First batch of any electronic products tend to have some bugs.

oh, and waiting for aosp/lineage development.
Don't want some shitty pajeet ROM

Considering the price, that is honestly is a good idea, 4gigs of RAM tho

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That suscks, I got the original box so something funny must have happened.

Anyway, just finished testing it using Passmark Disk Checkup. No errors at all and all the values are at 100. So I guess it's basically a brand new SSD. Here to hoping it last long and that I make it in csg news.

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Where can I get a (good) waterproof speaker for the shower? If it had skip, pause and play buttons that'd be a god send

>> No.61877699

What's a chink mouse with a proven good sensor?
Will a chink intellimouse be legit?

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Huawei swan speaker

>> No.61877911

That's not water proof?

>> No.61877963

Literally in the infographic.

>> No.61877995

I don't trust random infographics.

>> No.61878013

James donkey

>> No.61878102

These are my favorite iems: good sound, good looks, good price, 3-buttons remote, no placebo 9-drivers etc. I like them more than my Zircons.
I recommend them and I've recently ordered 3 pairs to have them around in case they'll be discontinued.

>> No.61878147

Le Max 2 is $180 at geekbuying. Bought one, can't wait for them to ship it out immediately.

>> No.61878216

Can someone enlighten me on the subject of KZ ZS5 and its nonfunctional drivers?

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Got my Bluboo S1 and Dacom Guofen 7's delivered on a Sunday! The S1 is pretty nice, but I expect not as nice build quality as the Mi Mix it's chinking. Only thing I wonder is it it's pwned with a chinky keylogger and if I need to load a custom rom. Thoughts? It's basically stock Andorid 7 at the moment with a few bloat launchers and google play services.

The Dacoms are fucking great, in other news. Fit nice, sound is good and balanced, don't look retarded, lots of nice controls in the multi function buttons.

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Just ordered this mousepad. it's the biggest mousepad I could find (40"x20")... for like $12. Crazy shit. This is gonna be great during the winter when my desk gets cold.

Gotta love chinkshit... you can't even find shit like this in stores even if you wanted to pay $50 for it.

>> No.61878545

bought the large one as well, with epacket came out to $12, upgrading from one 1/4th the size for probably 4 times the price

if they quality is fucked in any way or a country is misspelled I'm getting a refund though

>> No.61878571

>if they quality is fucked in any way or a country is misspelled I'm getting a refund though
I never demand refunds. Sellers will blacklist you if you fuck them too much. I was told that many sellers in china collaborate and share lists of bad customers.

>> No.61878646

>-popping "turn-on" sound
RIP headphones

>> No.61879008

there's a public list, thankfully I'm not on it yet, but that still won't stop me from placing an order because they forgot to check it

>> No.61879402

Does anyone have experience with ISK headphones from shops like Aliexpress? My current headphones aren't comfy for long time usage. Is their build quality good? Are they even worth it? I'm not an audiophile or something and just need it for basic gaming

>> No.61879426

Maybe consider swapping the ear pads out before replacing the whole thing.

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>bought a $1.50 tripod screw on ali
>chink took my money
>then he cancelled shipment a week later

>> No.61879711

Sounds like you got.......... screwed.

>> No.61879875

This is Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu, a tech reviewing YouTuber.


I'm guessing she 3D printed that outfit, though it's just a guess since I'm not entirely sure where that exact picture is from.

Looks a bit like the one she made in this video,
but it's not that exact one.

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Nice posture.

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I've looked at the Walnut's several times myself, so please tell me more.

What I am specially curious about is this:

How "loose" is that volume knob, how easy does it move around?

My immediate concern just by looking at it is that the volume knob on it seems to be placed so it would "move around". Say you put that thing in a pocket or a bag or something and walk around, what happens? Will the volume randomly go up and down?

It only plays .mp3 and .wav? I seem to remember the walnut V2 and V2S has item descriptions saying it can play FLAC and all kinds of formats.

If it can only play .. yuk.. MP3 and ... waste-spacing WAV then that's .. just NO. NO. Nobody uses MP3's, it's acceptable at high bit-rates, fine, but it's like WAV files. Who uses those, there's some parts of my music collection that's still MP3 because I haven't replaced it with FLAC but I have zero music files stored as WAV. And there's not much of it that's stored as MP3 anymore either.

As for the need to format big SD cards as FAT32.. to me that's a non-issue. There's no audio files that's bigger than 4GB anyway.

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> buying king-sized mousepad
> with a MAP ON IT
> not cute anime characters

dude, what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.61880003

Different people like different things.
Shocking, I know.

>gayming mouse

>> No.61880288

I'm actually considering buying another one of these $5 mice,


..just in case the one I have - which I've had over a year now - breaks down. I don't think it will but I'm thinking I might as well have a spare one just in case.

Seriously: I've had many mice over the years. I've had $40 and $60 Logitech mice. I've had Microsoft mice. I actually prefer this $5 "gaming" mouse over the last $60 Logitech mouse - which I actually just gave away to my neet brother. It's not because this one is "gaming", it's because it's big. I'm 6'4". I've got big hands and big feet. This big $5 mouse is just much better for me than those $60 manlet Logitech mice.

Your point of view will probably be very different if you're a manlet. I'm not.

>> No.61880337

It looks ugly as fuck.

>> No.61880443

My Xiaomi Vacuum robot arrived. Pretty happy with that thing. Would recommend.

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> Xiaomi toilet seats
> Xiaomi umbrellas
> Xiaomi wallets
> Xiaomi vacuum robots

What's next? Xiaomi underwear? Xiaomi shoes?

>> No.61880494

I seriously hope you are not planning on leaving it alone while you're not at home.

>> No.61880498


>> No.61880509

Already did a few times, it performs way better than the Roomba and LG I had. LIDAR is great, yo

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omg they actually do make shoes.

And "smart" vases.

This is just crazy. Do they make phones anymore, or is that just faced out in favor of all this other stuff?

>> No.61880535

The shoes actually look decent but I don't want to know why one would need a "smart" shoe...

>> No.61880560

Where can I get a good waterproof speaker for the shower? If it had skip, pause and play buttons that'd be a god send.

>> No.61880602

try searching

>> No.61880627

Huawei Swan speakers

>> No.61880653

>read this
>get an email from assdrop about waterproof speakers moments later

>> No.61880769



>> No.61880835


>> No.61880934

>order at 2am GMT +1
>ships at 5am
I've never had chinks (or anyone) be that efficient before.

>> No.61881017

Any other chinkshit sites than geekbuying with eu warehouses? I need more chinese apple products badly

>> No.61881115

anyone tried the orangePi zero? looks excellent...

>> No.61881118

Geekbuying is very good. All the others are worthless.

>> No.61881142

wish we had some innovative companies like that in the west

>> No.61881151

>>Cares more about looks than price
Anon, please.

I think DX (dealextreme) also have a EU warehouse. Maybe Fasttech too.

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File: 453 KB, 1735x1255, 0d54b3525aeed34_size453_w1735_h1255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek, you know who was the Chinese person behind Xiaomi's product line strategy and design-language?

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File: 707 KB, 990x557, 2017-05-29-1-990x557.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>update "Mi Sphere Camera" app
>now have two "Mi Sphere Camera" apps

Why can't Xiaomi into programing?

>> No.61881301

Everyone and his mom, but yes it's good.
Unfortunately it's no desktop replacement, unless you're really a complete autist.

>> No.61881396

nah, he just sits there twiddling his thumb.

>> No.61881470

I bought a Xiaomeme 4x for my gf. It ahould arrive in a day or two.

Anyway if I open the bootloader and root the device (to get rid of the bloat) will the miui's update system still work? And if it works, does the miui update reinstall all the useless bloat?

Or should I just install the official Lineageos like I did with my rn3p?

>> No.61881601

so many good products too bad ali 2x the price for most of them.

>> No.61881613

The people I live with make waaay to much fucking noise. How would you guys soundproof your rooms on a budget? I don't think tearing up the walls is an option

>> No.61881648

There's no LineageOS for the Redmi 4x (yet) there will be for the Note 4x soon though. Just get your gf on MIUI Global and you'll be fine, it's already stripped of whatever bloat was on Chinese MIUI

Accoustic padding for your walls maybe

>> No.61881670

Is Mixza still the top meme SD card? I've somehow lost all of mine but the one in my phone.

>> No.61881675

That's very hard and very expensive.
Get a pair of noise-canceling headphones or move.

>> No.61881689

>there will be for the Note 4x
There already is


>> No.61881695

>Accoustic padding for your walls maybe
I think I might do this. I hope it actually somewhat stops noise coming in though

I figured as much, to be honest, just lowering the decibel by whatever amount possible would probably do the trick. Of course I'd like to lower it as much as possible

>> No.61881702

Get a gun and threaten to kill them if they keep making noise

>> No.61881726

Shove folded up newspapers in your door frame and floor? It worked for me and it is immediate like you no longer hear the TV in the other room. But I had brick walls. I don't think it will work with rooms with thin walls.

>> No.61881731

Do people rate the Xiaomi bluetooth earbuds?

>> No.61881736



>> No.61881801

he's Brazilian though, 3rd worlder, not a westerner

>> No.61881819

This doesn't do jack shit. It's to stop reflections, not to soundproof, and even for that it fucking sucks. You're basically shit out of luck.

>> No.61881821

Don't do it faggit

Monkey soup in mouth

>> No.61881843


Fuck, I wanted one of those but couldn't find a good price and got a Redmi

>> No.61881884

>still on Marshmallow and no Nougat in sight

>> No.61881910

It's not about ethnicity, he's representative for the westerner education and civilization. A guy that made a Chinese company successful and relevant to the westerners too.

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holy fucking shit i just realized thieve.co is using affiliate links for everything

goddamnit i feel conned

>> No.61882083

What if I get them to install it on their side of the wall, would that help?

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File: 1.80 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20170810_202912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got the ZS5 few days back. Underwhelmed. Not as blown away as I thought I'd be. Feeling a bit chinked. Do I need to burn in? What's the best tips for ZS5?

>> No.61882396

Where you get the ZS5 from?

>> No.61882551

Not really, no.

>> No.61882554

Nougat like Lineage?

>> No.61882580

You guys ever use "Wish"? It's a chink shit store that works only as an app. Pretty decent things and prices.

Just kind of wondering if the reviews there are bullshit or not.

>> No.61882606

Where's the problem? I like their site, why not use their links.

>> No.61882618
File: 25 KB, 500x477, 1501784451787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.61882651

OMG You are right!

>> No.61882700


Just get an adapter?

>> No.61882909

Adapter for what?

>> No.61882968

>Need of a 'smart' shoe
I'd buy one but not right now, although you can take off the tracking botnet chip that you place under the soles just so it doesn't track you

>> No.61882976

Just get the iphone 8?

>> No.61882980

China is GMT+8, your item was send at 12:00.

>> No.61882992
File: 30 KB, 720x460, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love it.

>> No.61883008

Wish is absolute shit for normie retard faggots. 10/10 gj. You got me.

>> No.61883037
File: 46 KB, 960x667, 17992355_209335486231015_70578997482999844_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61883044

I don't really know much about it, wich is why I'm asking what you guys think.

>> No.61883178
File: 52 KB, 1000x1000, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody have an alternative to these piece of shit audio cables with volume control?
I burn through 2-4 of these every year. They're flimsy as shit and I'm sick of them.

>> No.61883190

Has anyone tried MIUI 9 yet? How is it?

>> No.61883199

I just tried it.
The temp display went crazy, so I disconnected it again quickly.

>> No.61883238

there's no large anime mousepads (the size I was looking for). there's not even BLANK large mousepads. only the fucking world map.

>> No.61883256

Bought my German friend one of the Nazi Lego sets.
Should be interesting, shame I can't get a German u-boat set.

>> No.61883292
File: 111 KB, 720x960, watch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wish is alright, I've gotten a few autism things and a skeletal watch from them. You can probably find the products cheaper on Ali, but if you don't care about a few dollars, go for it. It's all the same chink stuff in the end.

>> No.61883293

I assume you want a 900x400?


>> No.61883340
File: 39 KB, 261x326, shot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>figures of fucking ENT
>no figures of any other Trek show
fucking chinks

>> No.61883444

I bought the Redmi 4a last month, will I get the MIUI 9 update too?

>> No.61883480

Not for a while no, and this is just the MIUI 9 Global Developer ROM. Official rollout of MIUI 9 will take longer.

>> No.61883487


>> No.61883516

Is there any official word on which miui 9 will actually be an upgrade to android 7.1?

>> No.61883525

What are you comparing them to? I own them and for that price point, it blew away all my other earbuds. Great highs and no nigger bass

>> No.61883559

They're not bad.. just feels like with all the hype and 5/5 reviews... feels like I might be missing something.

>> No.61883563

What's the difference between that and a $5 kz?
t. never bought a non cheapo earphone

>> No.61883565

>feels like I might be missing something
Considering you mentioned "burn in", that's probably the case.

>> No.61883587

Also, the bass distorts on high volume on my iPod touch 4 which is a bummer.

>> No.61883606

ZS5 are the best KZ

>> No.61883624

How do I burn in?

>> No.61883643

Register a head-fi account and become a retarded audiophile

>> No.61883646

Oh okay thanks. I'm waiting on my order from Gearbest without mic. I hope it's good sounding as reviews say it is. I hope ZS5 is better than my VSonic VSD5 and Rock Zircon.

>> No.61883655
File: 84 KB, 533x700, 4ecef4cd2f1eaa306b6ae7500fda55474ad14589bf3b37b1f02401ef7e7075bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as a female I find this image highly offensive.. she is literally getting raped so please stop constantly reposting this

>> No.61883684

She's a minor at that point so it's definitely statutory rape.

>> No.61883703

I've that idea to buy cheap chink laptop (under 100$), install linux on it and have fun. You got any suggestions, anon?

>> No.61883718

Just get an X60(T)

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File: 330 KB, 948x2869, orders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a iPod Touch 4G >>61883646. I wanna try this out when my ZS5 comes.

>> No.61883982

I have 20$ to spend, gimme your worst

>> No.61884026


>> No.61884063




>> No.61884080

Best phone for the price?


>> No.61884125


>> No.61884134

They rip you off with shipping charges.

>> No.61884157

Redmi Note 4 Global

>> No.61884159


>> No.61884182


>> No.61884200
File: 179 KB, 1920x1080, 预告1920x850[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know if the Umidigi Crystal is anygood?

$99 for a MTK Helio P25 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. The edge-to-edge display has a 5.5” full-HD AMOLED screen.

Sounds pretty good.


>> No.61884262

UMI is shit though.
Expect a fuckton of Electronic Gremlins and coping if you actually go through with it

>> No.61884276


>> No.61884315

I thought we've been over this already?

>> No.61884334


>> No.61884339

/csg/, I need hep.
What is a good brand of RAM? DDR2/3 is fine, I've seen around many of them are an hit and miss, horribly soldered, and so on.. anyone has some experiences to share or suggestions?

>> No.61884341
File: 31 KB, 200x200, xxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61884346

i thought this meme died

>> No.61884405

>$342.68 reduced from $659.00 for pointy bits of chink metal to shove up the most sensitive part of your penis in the name of pleasure
oh what ever could go wrong
I mean if they cost less than $10 I would test them out, review and report back

>> No.61884472

Gskull plain version without any fancy heat sinks

>> No.61884537
File: 38 KB, 657x527, 1465125745644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if I wanted to review some of the more items how would I go about it on /g/?

>> No.61884549

It comes with the phone.

I literally used scotch tape to tape the adapter to my iem's 3.5mm so it's going nice.

>> No.61884578

Webm Videos
And whether the product performs to expectation

>> No.61884624

Make a youtube channel, spam affiliate links, make a patreon account.

>> No.61884655
File: 49 KB, 600x600, 1497622715053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try it this song. It distorts after 20 sec mark with the rapping bit.

>> No.61884675

Qt pepachu.

>> No.61884720
File: 1.50 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170320_093014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not bad for a $126 phone.

>> No.61884841

Gskull? You mean gskill? I was looking for something cheap

>> No.61884853


Would that work if I want to switch between 2 devices and use 1 monitor (ex desktop or a laptop when the desktop's turned off, without unplugging the desktop)?

>> No.61884883

anyone can recommend small projector in reasonable price for projecting chinese girls on the wall instead of printing and framing them?

>> No.61884901

i thought the xiaomi yi was like $60, the cheapest i can find is $100 what went wrong?

>> No.61884919

>projecting chinese girls on the wall instead of printing and framing them
That's stupid. It will only look a lot worse and is more expensive.

>> No.61885007
File: 178 KB, 1000x1000, HTB1nsUSRFXXXXbKXpXXq6xXFXXXT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3.5mm to USB-C

>> No.61885048

Yes gskill, my autocorrect messed it up. Don't buy cheaper ram, had bsods after few minutes and getting a refund was hard

>> No.61885133

How do I unlock the bootloader of my RedMi Note 4X?

>> No.61885175

Where are you from?

>> No.61885185

Isn't it already unlocked when the seller installed global rom on it?
Waiting for mine so I'm curious

>> No.61885280

The chinks _will_ spy on you if you get a xiaomi router. Do yourself a favour and get a cheap old Core2 Duo box from craigslist for a tenner, a PCIe dual 10/100/1000 card, and a switch/wap and install PfSense on it instead.

>> No.61885286

Which one?

>> No.61885306


Is there a chink shit MP3 player that supports faster playback? Preferably with a click wheel.

>> No.61885317


>> No.61885360

I meant Hatreon

>> No.61885386
File: 53 KB, 768x432, UTB8dsMUgpfFXKJk43Otq6xIPFXaw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems to split output to two devices. Not sure how it would react backwards.

>> No.61885388
File: 81 KB, 420x560, IMG-20170813-WA0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PSA: There will be a NEW episode of the /csg/ podcast tonight at 9.30pm BST! We broadcast live on YouTube with a ton of crowd interaction. If you want to participate the chat will be active at https://www.youtube.com/c/ComfyTechReviews/live along with the stream. Set a reminder and be part of the fun! If you can't make it don't worry, a replay goes up the next day.

>> No.61885408

Reddit please go and stay go.

>> No.61885432

Why not another livestream site?

>> No.61885481
File: 2.84 MB, 720x406, FewVictoriousGrizzlybear.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would probably react like this

>> No.61885615

Takes a redditor to know a redditor anon

>> No.61885635

sorry I meant to write lewd items

>> No.61885674

arent gigabit cards horribly expensive especially ones that support those ancient chipsets

>> No.61885687

Cool in its own way.

>> No.61885696

I've never seen anyone banned just posting pictures of dildos and shit.
As long as there are no uncensored tits you're probably fine. (I once got a 3 day ban for posting fake silicone tits).

If you want to be extra save you can host the photos on an external image hoster.

>> No.61885722

I have a tone of these I use in Core2 era machines all the time: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Broadcom-Gigabit-Ethernet-Dual-Port-PCIE-Server-Network-Adapter-Card-G218C-/121975872168?epid=1301681525&hash=item1c66541aa8:g:tmoAAOSwRh1ZiIxe

$10 is really not that bad.

>> No.61885769

You'd be surprised how many decade+ old computers have Gigabit ethernet built in, and then you only really need 1 extra port to connect the computer to a switch.

>> No.61885805

Are those low profile? I can't tell.

>> No.61885824

They ship with a high profile bracket but you can pull it off and use it without a bracket if you have a low profile machine. As long as you don't yank on the cables it should be fine.

>> No.61885889

But what if I'm reviewing plastic vaginas and urethral play devices in use

>> No.61885915

external images then

>> No.61885984
File: 682 KB, 1000x541, 2939129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61885995
File: 47 KB, 640x427, le_dacx6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought one of these while seeing a /csg/ thread the other day. Very happy with it. Thanks anon!

>> No.61886194

I swear, it's like you autists enjoy making things backwards, harder and more expensive.

Dude, just make sure that whatever you're buying has a CFW developed for it and you will be fine. Devices on this list are a good starting point:

>> No.61886273

I have a tough time believing you won't get distortion and/or electrical noise out of that 3.5 connector while charging.

>> No.61886343
File: 242 KB, 1920x1080, xaomi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good or Meme?

>> No.61886377


>> No.61886401



>> No.61886406
File: 31 KB, 640x640, 1478890004230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dude, just make sure that whatever you're buying has a CFW developed for it and you will be fine. Devices on this list are a good starting point:
I wonder if there's a way to install OpenWRT on "XiaoMi Router 3 128G ROM Processor MT7620A"...
Anyone know a way? I don't wanna buy older model for the same price as the new one..

>> No.61886434

it's chinkshit. what the fuck did you expect? it's a risk you should calculate in when you buy cheap shit. I'm willing to accept these kinds of "this shit might really kill me" risk because I'm poor.

>> No.61886450

How about wait for Xiaomi Router 3G with gigabit ports?

>> No.61886471


>> No.61886474

Why is it garbage? Got one?

>> No.61886515


Pretty great imo. Would definitely buy if I wasn't saving for a house

>> No.61886572

These are officially supported:
You could get better answers on their forums:

It's kinda new. I remember one poster saying that he'll buy it and "unlock" it or some shit.

>> No.61886664


can we interact via the discord? I'm not engaging on (((youtube)))

>> No.61886683

Woa that shoe selling grill is super cute.

>> No.61886692

>implying discord is any better

>> No.61886702

All phones are chinkshit, remember the exploding iPhones & Samsungs...

>> No.61886752

>arent gigabit cards horribly expensive
Dude, gigabit PCI-e cards are like $4 and yes, they work just fine. Gigabit ethernet is technology from 1999. If it's got PCI slots then they are even cheaper.

Single cards with dual Ethernet will cost you more, like $12-20 so it's more expensive but really only needed if you don't have enough PCI-e slots.

I have a 24/7 home server which I also use as a router/firewall/switch (it's got a bunch of ethernet cards as a bridge).

10 gigabit cards are extremely expensive right now, but that's brand new technology. And that's not what we were talking about.

>> No.61886797

Thinking of getting one to replace my aging laptop

>> No.61886850

okay, what about the wifi antenna part? what are you using and how much costs?

>> No.61886924

This i'd join if it wasn't for youtube.

>> No.61886934

no they're not. it's all about rate of failure. chinkshit has a magnitude hire failure rate and those phones aren't even UL listed or tested by any reputable agency. stay delusional friend.

>> No.61886953
File: 45 KB, 1000x900, HTB1BdYBQVXXXXcjXpXXq6xXFXXXp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887034
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, 12 Days of Anime 2012 - 11 - Large Time Waits For No One.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887040

I'm confused. Time is my friend so I don't need this?

>> No.61887064

how do I decide on earphones
there's so many in the infographic

>> No.61887075
File: 253 KB, 1280x1820, 1 (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good but I wouldn't risk 700€ of possible DOA machine or defective after 6 months.

I've seen this Acer Swift 1 for cheap which has an 1080p ips and pentium 4200

>> No.61887143

Youtube is big and all the normies know about it, discord is underground and super cool still

>> No.61887155

You can't be serious.

>> No.61887186
File: 228 KB, 358x408, 1502230979903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887329

Someone please link the Chinese earbuds buying guide

>> No.61887353
File: 151 KB, 400x400, 1422306590412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61887479
File: 6 KB, 300x254, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Adult Swim are making rick and morty portal guns
Once the chinks start mass producing knockoffs I'm gonna flip these so fucking hard to normies

>> No.61887515

Just choose one and hope you don't get chinked or memed too hard.

>> No.61887534
File: 1.17 MB, 1771x2657, 22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Checked the link, the only xiaomi supported ones are the mini ones that don't have AC

I seen a CFW called padavan but its ruski stuff and I trust them even less than I do the chinks

Anyway, here's a titty monster

>> No.61887551

Any good, subtle, cheap flesh light type things? Need discreet packaging too.

>> No.61887561

Thanks for nothing.

>> No.61887577

Get the eggs.

>> No.61887582 [DELETED] 
File: 571 KB, 1280x1183, wendy1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here have wendy being fucked by a dog you degenerate weaboo shit

>> No.61887672

blue board

>> No.61887723

What have you done to fight the pajeet menace, anon?

>> No.61887749

>Made in India

Well there's your problem

>> No.61887776


Yep, not the global version

The DESIGNATED version

>> No.61887779

thanks for the link, i always enjoy those

>Implying it matters

>> No.61888006

Why else would someone use Discord but not YouTube?

>> No.61888038

It does actually, it's been known since day one that the pajeet Redmi Note 4 has a worse build quality than the Chinese RMN4 and Note 4x.

What also matters is that the pajeet Note 4 can only be bought in India and not on AliExpress.

>> No.61888062

>degenerate weaboo shit
someone knows my taste, and who i am.

>> No.61888075

Because one is run by the evil sjw botnet, while the other only collects and stores everything you ever type into it.

>> No.61888081

On Gearbest, if I write "Please ship after August 20" in the special request box, do you think the Chinks will do that?

>> No.61888105

Better attach a google translation into both mandarin and cantonese as well. It might increase your chances.

>> No.61888208



>RedMi Note 4 Explodes In Owner’s Pocket; Leaves A Hole In His Thigh


>> No.61888209


>> No.61888232

only a downie would buy a xiaomi router, buy a ubiquiti router

>> No.61888234

You're late but still autistic as ever. >>61888038

>> No.61888256

Name a brand without faulty batteries.

>> No.61888299

> Redmi Note 4 has a worse build quality than the Chinese RMN4 and Note 4x
where are the proofs? you xiaomicucks will come up with anything to defend your galaxy note 7: the brand

>> No.61888314

That's just two Note 4's exploded, of over 5 million sold. I'll take those odds.

>> No.61888341


>> No.61888344


>> No.61888378
File: 792 KB, 1080x1679, 1501937162985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61888413
File: 561 KB, 1920x1080, 1502043230951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61888607

Does anyone here have one of those cheap round colorful shower speakers that are all over Aliexpress? Is it worth the $10? How's the sound quality?

>> No.61888621 [DELETED] 
File: 118 KB, 336x308, dfu9psyhlkf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complaining about a phone who got no interest in answering isn't even available for you

>> No.61888661

It's fine, but there's no reason to use it when Aliexpress exists. Ali has a much bigger selection, slightly better prices, and more items come with free shipping.

>> No.61888790
File: 1.67 MB, 200x293, 1421660734480.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61889226

Any supported by asus-wrt (padavan one), this includes following models: Xiaomi MI-MINI, MI-NANO, MI-3.

>> No.61889242

Any recommendations on decent foam eartips? The one from new bee tear from mere week of use.

>> No.61889358

Hi! I have a 30 dollar budget (at most) and was looking for some new IEMs after my Rock Zircons died (the right side stopped working today). I was looking for something similar to the Zircons in sound quality while still being compact or at the very least comfortable. Replaceable cable is a big plus. Any ideas?

>> No.61889384

ZS3 + spintips + silver cable /and/ wireless cable
ZS5 and optional cable

>> No.61889395


>> No.61889410

Sony MDR-EX450H

>> No.61889446

I need a numpad

>> No.61889673

Those were on sale over here ages ago. Now I can't find them in stock. Too bad I guess.

>> No.61889717

The ZS5 looks pretty fucking huge and uncomfortable with all those sharp corners and big size. Are they really fine to use with that ridiculous shape, because they are pretty much ideal for me otherwise.

>> No.61889731

>check American amazon
Jesus, why is Sony bullying America so much?
They're 30 euromark here.

>> No.61889740

I bought a (filco) tenkeyless and then a separate numpad :^)

>> No.61889747

I have no problem with their shape at all, they're very comfortable to me. The edges aren't 'really' sharp.

>> No.61889779

the post

>> No.61889869

> spintips

>> No.61889917

Not the OP but I have these on my hyperions and they're super nice

>> No.61889964
File: 334 KB, 250x270, mugisvärd.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone reccomend me good programming socks

>> No.61889969

Anyone here tried to buy some drinking glasses today?
I'm looking for some cheap shit that can be wasted on parties, but I'm afraid they don't even make the shipping..

>> No.61889993

go to a goodwill. get a nice bunch of cheap glasses, wash them 5 times.
dont trust chink glass it will poison you with lead

>> No.61890007

Not entirely, but I bought (fake? real?) Bodum double wall espresso shot glasses and they survived the trip no problem.

Bubble wrap (and related air cushioned packaging) is just that great.

Just order some, it should arrive fine.

>> No.61890041

Why does Gearbest ships so many faster than AliExpress?

>> No.61890084

Maybe they use some sort of relay warehouse?
I got shit from them with a German address of origin (not ordering from any EU warehouse)

>> No.61890088

I believe not wearing socks but going barefoot is the way of the programmer. Though wearing sandals or such is fine.

Alas, you could just buy thicker winter "cashmere" socks if your circulation is bad and you need warmer feet.

>> No.61890110

Not the case here in the middle of Europe.

Ali sellers are generally just as fast on average, and I have a pretty big sample size of orders on either.

>> No.61890118

>I believe not wearing socks but going barefoot is the way of the programmer.
That's the way of the electrical engineer.
Gotta avoid that ESD.

>> No.61890120

Man fuck you all.

>> No.61890130

As in the Android version, nor will it ever get it because LeEco is dead.

>> No.61890145

Not a murican..

Good to know, thanks lad.

>> No.61890157
File: 1.62 MB, 1023x766, ge mig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I meant like these. I've heard girl clothes makes you better at programming.

>> No.61890186

What kinda electrical engineers do you know?
Here they all wear buttoned shirts and suit shoes, after like the 4~5 semester..

>> No.61890192

Ge dig vad?

To make it related I bought that one cheap swedish flag patch off ali and it's not terrible.

>> No.61890209

I figured you meant at home.
I don't go outside barefoot.

>> No.61890223

How come there is not tablet section in the wiki or the infographic? Just looking for a cheap chink tablet with a decent processor.

>> No.61890239

New thread here

>> No.61890304

Which electrical engineer companies have generally allowed or encouraged such wear?

It's a computer company thing, particularly silicon valley culture. They're the ones who let high-paying jobs be THAT casual in attire.

Maybe you can camwhore as a trap for /g/, but I don't think this is programmer culture in any form just yet.

>> No.61890346

But can you shitpost with a house?

>> No.61890359

Which is the sjw one?

>> No.61890362

see >>61890209

Some labs do require you to wear conductive shoes though. Which is basically like going barefoot electricity-wise (a little bit safer probably since they will have a megaohm resistor between you and floor)

>> No.61890379


That explains why I just got a mail from gearbest with a discount for that phone

>> No.61890678

Bump limit where the fucks the new thread?

>> No.61890699

A few posts up. >>61890239

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