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Old: >>>>61845295

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Linux and share their experiences. BSD & Unix friends welcome. GNU people allowed but not to interject or shill for Stallman.

*** Please be civil ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources. If you would like to try out Linux you can do one of the following:
0 - Install a Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1 - Use a live image and to boot directly into the Linux distribution without installing anything.
2 - Dual boot the Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3 - Go balls deep and replace everything with Linux.

Your friendly neighborhood search engine.
Your friendly /g/ board on 4chan
$ man %command%
$ info %command%
$ help %command%
$ %command% -h
$ %command% --help

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos %something%

Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):
https://wiki.gentoo.org (a GNU/Linux distro's wiki)

/g/'s Wiki on GNU/Linux:

What distro should I choose?
If you're don't know the answer to this question ahead, then Ubuntu

What are some cool programs?

What are some cool terminal commands?

Where can I learn the command line?

For when you want FOSS alternatives, here's how to break out of the botnet.


/t/'s Linux Games: >>>/t/769497
/t/'s Linux Videos: >>>/t/713097

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First for /flt/ has been on /g/ since June 2015.

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Second for gcc

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That one fag who keeps telling people to install alpine and delete the gnu userland, that's not what this thread is about or was even started for.
Let people make their own decisions, wet just don't want the stupid interject shit and ridiculous toxic attitude of GNU people here.

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lol nobody in these threads knows shit about GNU/Linux, and now you want to merge them with the UNIX and BSD threads too? No, fuck off. Those things aren't even the same.

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Using comands of usermod for changing my users name didn't work. Any clue? (Its arch)

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First for Linux has been on GNU since 1992

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Not merge, coexist. Something you stallshites could learn.

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>Taking a photo

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Oh you mean they can't coexist as separate threads? You better import more black people cuckboi.

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usernames can't start with anything else other than lowercase letters

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We share a common goal of getting stuff done and ignoring GNU shit

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Use adduser

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My keyboard is configured to my native language, but sometimes (specially when it is unplugged) it sets to english, and it doesn't get back until i boot the computer again.

Fuck, thanks.

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Since I fell dangerously deep into software freedom autism, it became painful for me to even listen when people discuss about technology.
All they discuss about is which laptop display is more "sexy" and how convenient is to use touchpad in latest macbook.
And about which proprietary le meme messenger has less ads.
Basically, they don't care about underlying ethics of anything. If something works in windows BECAUSE it's open source (and therefore it's easy to port shit to any OS), they think it means Windows is superior, not this particular software they run and enjoy.
But when something not works in their laptop because MANUFACTURER didn't released proper hardware specs, but sold them directly to microsoft instead, they conclude that Linux sucks, not this particular device.
Like, you know, I just wanna KILL THE FUCK THEM ALL.
The worst part is I was just like them less then 2 years ago. And now i'm more radical than Stallman. Unironically thinking about developing a license which will forbid code to be even executed on proprietary operating systems.
Is there a way to feel less horrible when thinking about how some things are fucked up (besides killing myself?)

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How do I stop the xfce panel from automatically rising when I move the mouse towards an edge? I want to only rise it when I press the superkey. This was useful in Unity but I moved away from it since it's dead.

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how to completly remove gnu from my system? im running ubuntu if it matters. will busybox be a good replacement and will my bash scripts run with it? is there a tutorial for replacing gnu? thanks for any hints

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Just use ChromeOS or Android x86 then

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Just installed Arch Linux and I'm getting
error: failed retrieving file

I'm connected through Lan and this wasn't a problem during installation.

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Just get rid of Ubuntu completly and install Alpine. It's especially made to run without any GNU and without breaking anything.

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i want ubuntu without stock apps on it

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pls no trolls
thank you, buddy

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same shit here. I used to think that free software is for hippies and that RMS is nothing but a guy who eats some gross shit from his foot. But then I kinda realized that I agree with 90% of things that he is saying.
I even use openPEPE without non-free repository enabled.
That being said, I think that GPLv3 is a flawed license

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No, it's dangerous to do on a living system, because you'll need to recompile every package including kernel with something like clang, and if you forgot something before reboot, even GRUB's UUID's matter – you fucked.
Just use alpine or void clang/musl. It's copletely gnufree.

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>anti-GNU thread
>bash on printscreen

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Listen. Linus thinks that the point of the GPL is being an Open Source license, quoting Linus "getting source code back". But actually the GPL is a license made to protect freedoms. Through the years, companies found some ways to circument the GPL and release products with GPL software legally without giving the users the required freedoms. While the GPLv2 allows this, the GPLv3 fixes those loopholes. Here a quick overview:

>GPL3 differs from GPL2 in following things:

>1) Patents, i.e. you can't circumvent GPL3 by using GPL software as something you build your software on, but then don't share it because while source code may be available, you patent the code. It was possible with GPL2.

>2) DMCA, i.e. you can't circumvent GPL3 with using DMCA which makes circumventing DRM illegal in US. It was possible with GPL2.

>3) Tivoization, i.e. you can't circumvent GPL3 using digital encryption, when you release the source code, but not the necessary cryptographic keys.

So, the GPLv3 fixes these things, keeping the purpose of the GPL, which is protecting freedom, in tact. Linus feels that the FSF "sneaks" new rules into the license which have nothing to do with the license at all, so, I guess Linus doesn't really know what it's all about.

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he perfectly knows whats going on, he just dislikes the free software thing
linus is a clever guy, a guy clever enough to write a unix-like kernel should be clever enough to understand a simple license

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> not reading the OP

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>anti-gnu memes didn't work
>threads 404'd
>lets try allowing some gnu, may that'll work

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If you actually read Linus comments you would know he is fine with allowing manufactures to lock down their devices.

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Is this some kind of false flag or are you really defending copypasta autists?

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Which again confirms that he doesn't understand the point of the GPL.

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we already have a thread where everyone is welcome, its called /fglt/, don't act like WE exclude anyone, you started the whole bullcrap

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post output of ip addr.
DId you edit resolv and mirrorlist?

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>Unix friends welcome
>yo, lets act like macOS cuckoldry is cool again
literally rebbit

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whats the most lightweight linux i can use that still has repos for firefox/python

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,You're missing the point of this thread.We're not about ideology,we're about technical superiority.

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Alpine Linux

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Alpine, make sure you uncomment"community" in /etc/apk/repositories

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Alpine non-GNU/Linux

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Fact -
> It is impossible to build the Linux kernel without gcc, since it requires gcc specific extensions and optimizations.
Fact -
> This kills the anti GNU cuck.

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install openbsd

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I feel you.

I was a full OSX user until I had a boss who was a free software and free hardware freak.
I began using linux at that work, and FOSS alternatives for practically everything I used.
I went full linux at home and began experimenting with distros but that snowballed to buying an X200 and librebooting it, and now that is the only computer i use. Even for work. I feel terrible using anything else. My boss used to be the FOSS freak but now there's me rambling like YOU USE BLOBBED LINUX AND I BET YOU DON HAVE THE DRIVERS ON DAT SO I DONT THINK YOU ARE FREE YOUR COMPUTERS ARE PIECES OF SHIT.

For unrelated reasons,that job ended, but in my new job I put as a condition that I had to use only FOSS, and for now I'm succeeding. 1yr and a half now.

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Here lets build 4.12 kernel with clang together :)

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>In some ways, Linux was the project that really made the split clear between what the FSF is pushing which is very different from what open source and Linux has always been about which is more of a technical superiority instead of a — this religious belief in freedom.

>There are 'extremists' in the free software world, but that's one major reason why I don't call what I do 'free software' any more. I don't want to be associated with the people for whom it's about exclusion and hatred.
>-- Linus Torvalds

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Can anyone upload a empty linux folder named: ******** (8 asteriks)

Or tell me how to possibly get a windows folder with illegal characters..

I made an account on something with an asterik name and now it cant save a profile to windows.

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Whats the most vaporwave esque distro that isnt outdated

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ive got alpine working and shit but im trying to install firefox-esr, im pretty sure its giving me the normal firefox instead because it simply doesnt display the UI and im thinking its the x86-64 version, but i specifically want esr because that uses the compatible i686 version i need

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use a hex editor, make enter this data and save it as a zip file. Then unzip it.

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Thanks, I'll attempt that!

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There's probably a much easier way to do it on windows, but I really don't care to research it since this is pretty much off topic for this thread

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Didn't seem to work. Thanks for the help though.

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What's the most aesthetically pleasing unix-like operating system/GUI you have used?

Other than linux distros, what other unix-like OSs have you used?

Have you used any microkernels such as minix, redox, etc?

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Thiughts on ElementaryOS?

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Any suggestions for a proxmox alternative?

I can't seem to get GPU passthrough working on one of my VMs at all and I've been trying everything for a while now.

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How different is macOS from Linux?

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Lol I guess I put the new /flt/ at the wrong time and that's why it got archived

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You sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd.service right?

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Hello dudes, I've been trying to install any distro on my ASUS laptop (N551ZU) and i have some issues.
When i boot from my live medium the log shows me ACPI and IOMMU (AMD-vi) errors
any thoughts?

PD: This seems to happen from certain kernel version and forward

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Trash, unless you're 70 years old and need a free Facebook machine OS for the crusty Thinkpad your grandson generously gave you.

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These threads are disappointing

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they're actually sad

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How riced / default is that OP screenshot? I'm sick of gnome

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>trying to make linux accessible is a trash goal
>why don't normies use linux? REEEEE

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not riced at all, he just changed themes, also unity is being dropped for gnome

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It's Unity with Arc packs added with the Tweak Tool

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>unity is being dropped for gnome

ree. I know it can be tweaked but default is so ugly. Seems like so much wasted space and everything is so thick. thick bars fat icons etc.

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This could be us but you playin

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Fuck this thread I'm going to /fglt/ - >>61851829


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yeah but unity used to be a botnet, gnome software with a wm is comfy

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Ok. There's GNU in Linux. I don't really think it deserves to be first in the fucking name though. Maybe Linux/GNU? or Linux+GNU? We don't want to confuse newfags so much. Why don't we just have a friendly OS thread or something? /fost/ or without Windows it could be friendly gnu-linux-unix-bsd thread (/fglubt/). I'm tired of you extremists who praise the GNU and RMS. Please, go outside and do something in your life.


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Like I've said before

Let's fucking make an entirely new and original name already. Then everyone wins.

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Friendly unix-like OS thread /fulot/.

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>Ok. There's GNU in Linux. I don't really think it deserves to be first in the fucking name though. Maybe Linux/GNU? or Linux+GNU?

It should be called 'The GNU System' in all honesty. It was the initial contribution after all. Calling it GNU/Linux is a VERY fair compromise.

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They look like they're about to go murder some proprietary software

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GNU would be worthless without linux. Hurd is pointless piece of shit microkernel they couldn't even finish. If linux didn't come around then everyone would be using BSD.

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mrw this resurgence of /flt/ is backfiring

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You can come through for a homie with flying colors but you don't do it that one time you a 'bitch mothafucka' ain't that fucked up?

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*RMS takes off his shoes*
Ah, finally! Lunch is served.

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Not an argument

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Just a quick question, is Enlightenment DE/WM lightweight, or heavyweight up in the class of GNOME and KDE?

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DOPE https://shop.fsf.org/caps/gnu-baseball-cap

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You ain't gotta like me but you gotta respect me

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It didn't have to be like this

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So I'm a flop? Nah that's where you guys are wrong. I shit on niggas. That's why I post with a diaper on.

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I don't have haters. Only fans in denial.

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4 the freedom to call it whatever you want

Oh wait, no, apparently not

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good thread

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Yes, sad but true.

Point of free open software is kind of lost if you can't compile and run it on your devices and machines, which is what we are moving towards.

>> No.61862531

What are good stand-alone file manager and terminal emulator(preferably tabbed) for i3?

>> No.61862575

This is the state of GNU in current year. Reduced to empty shitposts.

>> No.61862622


>> No.61862731

They all suck.

>> No.61862771

I have a good answer but I refuse to give it in this thread.

>> No.61862882

It's backfiring? How? If anything we're highlighting to everyone how mentally ill Stallshites are.
If you "people" were normal you wouldn't have come into this thread with your constant shitposting

>> No.61862884

It's shit. The lead developer is such a cutie and I would really like to nail him even though I call myself straight, but he's a douche canoe who whines a lot and thinks he's the next Steve Jobs.

>> No.61862909

About 70% different

>> No.61862919

What distro and what kernel? What errors did you get?

>> No.61862957

Installed old AMD Radeon 4870 on my Linux desktop to use Radeon driver, if I log into xfce desktop I just get wallpaper and bottom blank taskbar. However I can log into i3 desktop just fine. Any ideas? Don't think I can use any other driver with card this old

>> No.61862973

Macos is just bsd with a brand name

>> No.61863105

Maybe your bottom panel just empty? Add widgets(or how it is called in xfce) to it.

>> No.61863107

The qt on the left should be my wife.

>> No.61863113


>Macos is just bsd with a brand name

Practically everything above the terminal is proprietary in OSX and did not come from Freebsd.

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That already happened. Read the OP again.

>> No.61863704

Are there any cool stickers I should put on my Chinkpad, /flt/?

>> No.61863736

You're trying to dictate what the community does on 4chan.
That's not a compromise.

Look anon, what your problem is is that you are WAY too attached to the idea of this thread being its own identity.
Quit looking at this place as your family and realize that it's just a communication platform and nothing more. If you can't handle being mixed in with people who have different ideas from yourself then you seriously need to remember what website you're using.

What we need is to keep things the way they were but just make the OP neutral.

If that's not good enough for you then this is the last post about this I'm going to make, because it would imply you're about the biggest cocklord to ever infect our linux threads

>> No.61863777

anything with CDE, really

>> No.61863791

Slackware with WindowMaker

>> No.61863844

>Con't we just add a disclaimer to OP and all get along?
>GNU people allowed but not to interject or shill for Stallman
^ look, that is exactly what OP tried. And here you are spamming contentless

>Look anon, what your problem is is that you are WAY too attached to the idea of this thread being its own identity.
Fucking what? Did you read the post you are replying to? Do you seriously think there is only one person on /g/ other than yourself? How do expect to convince anyone of anything if you argue against positions that they don't actuall hold?
>If you can't handle being mixed in with people who have different ideas from yourself then you seriously need to remember what website you're using.
Nigga, you are mental. Seriously.
>What we need is to keep things the way they were but just make the OP neutral.
You're trying to dictate what the community does on 4chan.
>If that's not good enough for you then this is the last post about this I'm going to make, because it would imply you're about the biggest cocklord to ever infect our linux threads
Hurr durr if you reply I am going to pretend you are the eternal enemy and some shitposter who is spamming because it is easier than using my brain.

Fuck off back to /x/ you conspiracy theorist. And yeah, I know this is supposed to be a friendly thread but you started it by sperging out with no prompting whatsoever.

>> No.61863874

You faggots are officially worse than GNUfags

>> No.61863890

The alternative to shilling for Stallman is shilling against him. Therefore /flt/ will always be a burning wasteland without the GNU in the title.

>> No.61864394

The audio on my Gahnoo/Linus pops everytime it (what I assume) enters/exits sleep, tried googling and doing whatever they said to do, but nothing fixes it.

Any of you deal with this shit before?

>> No.61864419

By pops you just mean it makes that sound, but otherwise still functions correctly?

I don't think I'll be any help but you should probably say whether you're using pulseaudio or what

>> No.61864434

Yeah, it makes a popping sound, and when no audio is playing, it takes a couple of seconds before it pops again, which is why I think it's sleeping.

Ah shit, of course, sorry, running pulseaudio.

>> No.61864472

I don't know. But a complete shot in the dark here would be to set flat-volumes=no in the pulseaudio config.
I just know that with it on volumes can get VERY loud unexpectedly when starting applications.
Turning it off is a better option overall anyway, it's more intuitive and similar to how volume works on other operating systems, and should really be the default.

>> No.61864486

Is flat-volume what would be called loudness equalization on something like Windows?

>> No.61864560

No. I think with it enabled your volume controls just effect the application volume while flat-volumes disabled changes the volume on the hardware slider which effects all applications.
Another thing that comes to mind now is your volume under output devices (in pavucontrol) might be set too high. If you don't already have pavucontrol you should install it.

>> No.61864646

Oh I see. I think I found a way to circumvent the issue, in default.pa, there was a module called "module-suspend-on-idle", commenting it did the trick.

Not sure how good of an idea it is to disable the suspend or if it has any side-effects, but atleast there are no pops now.

>> No.61864688

That's good. You still might want to check what your output volume is set at though because it can go above 100% and that can cause crackles and pops

>> No.61864776

>Ok. There's GNU in Linux. I don't really think it deserves to be first in the fucking name though. Maybe Linux/GNU? or Linux+GNU?
The GNU Project is a bigger component of a GNU/Linux system than Linux, so it should be GNU/Linux.

Linux would be worthless without GNU.

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