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Stupid Questions Thread.
QTDDTOT thread etc.
Sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers.
Not kosher or halal.

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I'll preface this with saying I'm a student.
What I wanted costs about $540, and I have $30.
Someone an hour drive away from here is looking at buying my laptop for her kid for about $250.
Should I just sell my mATX G4560 system for $300 (worth about $450 currently on retail)? I'd be losing money on it, but it's an upgrade nonetheless.
I feel like I'm being ripped off living in this dorm. Could just go live with the parents while in college, and have cheaper living arrangement, if not free.
Nobody in my area needs their lawns mowed or dogs walked, and there's not a lot of options around for proper work.

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height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;
height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;

How do I combine these?
height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;

Doesn't work.

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I have a 280x (ASUS TOP) that idles around 50C and can reach 82 while playing some games like Titanfall 2 or the Witcher 3.

I've considered maybe I should replace the old thermal pads and put new ones. Problem is I don't know the right thickness. Could I buy thinner ones and stack them or something? There's 0,5mm, 1mm pads, I have no idea here.

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Ok, so I have a pretty solid understanding of Windows, but I can't figure out why my laptop has been freezing randomly since I clean installed Win 7. It was fine before the wipe. The only thing I've put on it are manually downloaded windows updates (that work fine on other PCs), plus two drivers. Literally nothing else. I ran through the entire install process again and had the same problem. Made it halfway through ninite downloading the first program and froze again. The ISO is verified (intel usb 3.0 drivers inserted) and I've scanned the HDD/Ram to oblivion.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this would be great

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how are there no realistic text to speech voices in 2017?

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google translate is decent

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Would SICP make me better programer and help me understand more how it works?
I'm at intermediate level in programming, have some free time and want to improve

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I fell for the tiling WM meme and I'm liking i3 so far, but whenever I open spotify with dmenu, a terminal window also opens. How can I close the window without exiting Spotify? Or hide it or whatever

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Why does that case have fans installed on the top but no sides? Seems pointless.

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>Would SICP make me better programer

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anyone who thinks that sounds realistic would claim a speak and spell passes the turing test

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Language is retarded, making computers act retarded is difficult.

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I once had a speak and spell convince me I wasn't real.

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bless zo for trying, but microsoft needs to realize soon that AI's communication skills arent going to be taught through experience with random people online

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Sounds like a hardware problem. Boot a linux live cd and see if it crashes too after a while - if it does, it's 100% sure a hardware fault

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Where's the Watch window in the newer Visual Studio???


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I think Nazibot made that quite clear

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Why do batteries in Apple phones have such a short life compared to android devices? I'm sure Android software isn't that well optimised compared to iOS so what is it about that batteries that Apple use that makes them so weak?

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Thing is though that this laptop worked fine for months, then the problem started immediately after the clean install. I highly doubt linux would have any problem here.

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apple uses cheap recycled cells

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iPhones just have significantly smaller batteries. If you'd put one of those in an Android device it would probably last a lot shorter than an iPhone.

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Whenever i visit this one website in firefox after it finishes loading it keeps inline-reloading additional stuff (mostly from another URL) all the fucking time which results in the whole browser crashing after awhile when there's a certain number of tabs open

I already installed theRefreshBlocker and KillSpinners addons and i also checked the "Warn me when websites try to reload the page" in the firefox settings but none of these will work, the site still keeps reloading all the time regardless. How to fix this

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I hope you're not memeing me

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how much programming have you done?

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Yeah fucking great and now it stopped loading up web pages altogether, when i enter an URL and hit enter nothing happens at all lmao

Fucking piece of shit browser seriously

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People seem to go to such extremes to get OS X, linux etc working on their hardware non Apple hardware.

Would a more simple solution be (where the hardware is powerful enough) to just install virtual box/VMware?

Then users can pretty much run whatever operating system they want, on whatever hardware?

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a poor craftsman blames his tools

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Nothing serious, I'm not working as a programer.
Wrote few python scripts for myself
Now making android application with java
I obviously know basics, recursion, regular expressions, bubble sort, binary tree and how to make a data structures with java
Alongside with SICP gonna take something about algorithms to read too.
My plan is to improve myself in upcoming year to be confident enough to try getting job as a programer

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I'm not sure its usefulness will become clear to you until after you've made a few decently-sized programs.

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Wanted to share a little tip with the people who have their computer on a wooden desk and it amplify vibrations.
Just use expanded polyurethane foam like on pic. Cut 4 little pad you put under the feet of your PC and voila it's silent again.
I say that because I tried those specially design rubber stuff and it's shit and costly.

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>it keeps inline-reloading additional stuff (mostly from another URL)
uBlock origin or uMatrix should stop this I think. Sounds like a shit site though, consider not using it.

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I'm unable to login to my router even though I am connected via ethernet. The internet works fine by trying to access it in the browser via 192 never stops loading. I get a normal response time if I ping it in CMD

any ideas?

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Oh well... Just lisp looks like fun language to check out. But if it would be waste of time now, I'd better use that time for better things.

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Nice zero content non sequitur ad hominem non-answer you've got there, faggot

Instead of spamming this uppity nonsense you could like you know actually attempt to help but no you'd rather be a homosexual flaming faggot instead lmao

I literally had to disable these addons i mentioned (which didn't work in the first place anyways) just so piece of shit SJWfox would even load up any new URL's entered into the adress bar again

This browser is just a piece of shit, face it

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Yeah m8 it's a pretty shitty site indeed, it's basically the only one i know of that does this shit constantly save for some other clickbait niche sites perhaps

Thing is i need to use it sometimes so there's no other way around

I'll check out uMatrix tho thanks

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The random freezing really sounds more like a hardware malfunction though, I wouldn't count it out so quickly. I had something similar happen to me with a desktop pc, It turned out that the condensers of the mobo were fucked and I had to replace them. Maybe it's a heat related issue in your case?

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you don't need to bother with coming back

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why wont this work? i thought the macro would appropriately change OutputDebugString -> OutputDebugStringA

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Restart it, they web server probably crash

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are prefetching and branch prediction related in real life or just in my head?
why do I make associations like this if they don't belong? is it because I am a casual observer and not in the industry?

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I use a non shit case that have rubber pads preinstalled. That's why you should choose an actual good case.

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*Capacitorsw not condensers

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A solution can contain multiple projects. Building the solution will build all of them.

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I'm not discounting the possibility entirely, I've done this a lot myself and I do get how it could be a hardware issue. I'm just saying that from where I'm sitting I get the strong impression it's a software issue, or at least something that can be resolved software side. So I'm looking for suggestions on how to diagnose that. If you'd like to suggest some specific hardware troubleshooting I'd be open to that too.

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It's a good idea to not use the generic names anyway, be explicit.

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what vpn should i be using and how do i set one up?

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Is there any official INI document / consortium out there that defines INI standards?

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why not just use tor?

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Rubber pads are shit, that's the whole point of my post.

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should plugin info and credentials in the network manager

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what's that?

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Is gigabyte geforce gtx 980 soc waterforce hdmi 3xdp 4gb the same thing as a GeForce gtx 980?

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So can I run an Ethernet cable next to power cables? I've been reading extremely conflicting information ranging from "you'll be fine" to "keep them like 10'' apart" to "what the fuck are you doing, you won't get any signal like that".

Distance about 40 meters, I want to bring the wonders of technology into a shed/summer house thingy. I'll likely be spending quite a bit of time there, so I want both good speed and small latency. What should I know? I.e. do I need a special shielded cable, or should I keep it about 10'' away from power, or both, or what?

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yeah it just has a fancy watercooler

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Watercooling isn't worth it for what you have to do in order to maintain and "look after it"

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>Distance about 40 meters
this is your real problem. Twisted pair ethernet is 30m max.
Consider investing in optical so you don't have to worry about length or putting it next to the powerline.

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So it has an inbuilt watercooler ?

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Yeah the gpu will be the same. The cooler is the main difference (as you can clearly see, this one is watercooled), so the factory clocks (base and boost, both gpu and memory) are likely to be higher, plus you'll be able to overclock better.
When distributers (like Gigabyte) add this fancy stuff they also tend to pick out the better chips, while the worse ones (that will overclock poorly) will go to less fancy ones.

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I'm just looking for a 980 because of how good it is and cheap

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I'm using SoftEther VPN to play Dragons Dogma Online, whenever I login to the game I must be connected to a Japanese server, every time I connect windows pops up telling me about a new network connection and if I want to share files. In the long run is there any down side to having loads of different network connections in Windows?

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Oh. I thought it was like 100m max.

I'm a bit of a retard at this so bear with me. Can I just buy this optical cable and use it like any other ethernet cable, or are there any special considerations (e.g. adapters, or "don't bend it", or stuff)? And how much should I expect to spend?

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when my cursor is not over a window it changes to cross. bspwm btw. wth?

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>This browser is just a piece of shit, face it
Then why are you using it?

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well, fuck me sideways it's really 100m.

Length shouldn't be an issue. They sell shielded cat5-cat6 cables, you should get that. Yes, more expensive than getting unshielded.

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>what's that?
Do not use tor.

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Alright, nice. Do you know how effective the shielding is? Like, if I get shielded, can it just lie right next to the power, or should I still separate them a bit?

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Entered is twisted pair and digital. You don't need to worry about noise.

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>mfw just torrented 34GB of Xena episodes because of these threads

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I work in a cinema, where the digital projection system (5 screen server+1 central server) uses shielded cables. Not a single case of data corruption since 2013.

You might not want to tie them to power cables but it's okay to run them near the powerlines.

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Just ordered pic related (a standalone Thinkpad USB keyboard). How bad did I fuck up?

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There's nothing inherently bad about it afaik. If you think you'll use it, good job.

Unless it's some chink clone with a fucked up trackpoint.

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Pls help. I'm wanting to write up a proxy checker script that is fast enough to be worth using that takes a text file of thousands of proxies and checks them all.

What is the BEST most efficient way to tell if a proxy is up and running? I've seen in code snippets some people just try pinging a website that is always up (google.com etc) and if it is returned, it works. Is there a better way?

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Is this legit cat7? Seems cheap, but then again I don't know much about prices. There are listings at £40 for other 40m cat7 cables too which makes me slightly suspicious

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AWS Polly is good.

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My 3 year old r9 290 has been giving me trouble lately (occasional artifacts or game freezes that go away after reseating it) so I'm considering offloading to some miner on eBay for around $200-$250 maybe a little more. Then using that to get a 1060 or a 580x because then even with the current gouging prices it'd be like 200 something for one after the eBay money.

Is this stupid? Should I just wait until prices go down again? Try and RMA the 290 and wait for new cards?

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I'm not an expert but this sounds like the best way.

Alternatively you could ping the proxy server itself, but that's less robust because the server machine could be up but something could have gone wrong with the actual proxying.

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Do land of lisp if you wanna play with lisp, do SICP if you want to make better programs.

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How does /g/ manage there data backups? In this day and age when having several TB of data is considered "normal" how to you keep it all "synced" especially if you keep multiple copies. Right now all my data is stored on a server with Raid-5 + UPS and is backed up to nas (older files) and usb external drive (current year + sys image). I use Macrium Reflect V6 Server Ed to handle the backup process. Later on soon as I get the funds I'm gonna get another nas + two 5tb/6tb drives to have two copies of data backups.

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What's the best way to effectively kill a laptop, in a way that they can't tell I did it on purpose? I thought about running cryptomining and wrap it in a blanket. Any better ideas?

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Wipe HDD with magnet. What this will do is flip all the ZEROES to ONES and as you will know, ONES Are the language of the computer, and if they are ZEROES none of your programs will work.

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I'm in the US and I have a VPN. The VPN's client has an option to automatically choose a p2p server and it selects one that is also in the US. Should I be using that server for p2p or connect to another country?

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This is my solution, unironically

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any guides to using krita?

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You're probably fine as-is assuming the VPN is worth a crap. I personally torrent everything from a Mexican IP just because I can

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>requires credit card for free version

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Most of my data is on RAID1, and I backup that data to an external drive every week using rsync. I then bring that drive to a friend's place, where I exchange it for a different external drive. Next week I backup to that drive, etc.

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how else they going to charge you for going over?

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I just want a device I can plug into the HDMI port of my television and play 1080p video files from a storage card or USB drive.

The only picky thing is that I'd like ASS subtitles to render properly for my Chinese cartoons.

What are my options? I tried a Sumvision Cyclone Micro but it didn't play a lot of 1080p videos smoothly. Also the Engrish menus and interface left a lot to be desired.

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If you would rather they turn of you application than charge you, you are;

a) poor
b) an idiot

>> No.61521379

>reading comprehension
I'm using the "just a bunch of disks" method

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Intel Compute Stick. Alternatively, your phone combined with a Chromecast. Also alternatively, your PC or laptop.

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Cool, thanks

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Raspberry pi should be able to play media smoothly, right?

>> No.61521404

What are MSI laptops like? I have seen one that has some of the specs I want, but it's advertised with edgy gamer bullshit that I don't like. I have no intention of playing games on it.

>> No.61521441

Woefully average.

>> No.61521453

>Intel Compute Stick.

Seems pricey/overkill. Can't cheaper Blu-Ray players do this? I guess the subtitles thing might be a problem.

>your phone combined with a Chromecast.

I'll look into it, but again I'd rather just stick some MKV files on a drive or SD card.

>Also alternatively, your PC or laptop.

Been doing that, I'm worried that carrying my computer up and down stairs is keeping me fit.

>> No.61521462

>Been doing that, I'm worried that carrying my computer up and down stairs is keeping me fit.
Then get a longer HDMI cable.

>> No.61521469

Definitely something I was considering. How does it handle 1080p? The last model I checked used some proprietary media chip, does it need specific firmware? How about 1080p plus lossless/7.1 audio? (I've noticed some TVs that claim they can play 1080p files struggle with this)

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Thought this was the stupid questions thread, not the stupid answers thread.

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Oh dear. I want it for editing, web browsing and music. Is that still not a good idea?

>> No.61521515

That's not a bad idea, except it means I'd have to running down or up stairs whenever I want to pause or resume a file. Reintroduces the whole exercise thing I'm trying to avoid.

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wrong thread senpai

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It's fine. There's nothing particularly bad about MSI laptops. There's nothing particularly good about them either. It's just fine.
If you want something better than average, you have to look towards business laptops like Thinkpads, Inspirons, or Elitebooks. But you're going to pay a lot more for those if you want high-end specs.

So get a fucking wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad. If it doesn't reach, get a long USB cable and place a USB hub by your TV, then stick your bluetooth receiver in that.
You have a brain, anon. Try using it to solve these problems.

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I have a .png downloaded form 4chan, 900x1600 b/w and variour tools report its size as 614 MB.
I tried posting it right now, but 4chan also thinks its >4MB (even though i downloaded it from here)
When i copy it to a Linux VM over ssh it takes almost 2 minutes and reports the same filesize.
Wtf is going on here?

>> No.61521555

Thanks. Essentially I'm looking to get an SSD, 1TB HDD, minimum of 6GB RAM. The best looking one on Amazon is MSI and it's still £800.

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What is this and can I remove it

>inb4 botnet 10
This is my gayming laptop

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I got a £900 asus with 16GB ram, a 128GB SSD, and 2TB SSD. Also an i7-6700HQ, and a GTX960M if you care.

>> No.61521577

>So get a fucking wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad. If it doesn't reach, get a long USB cable and place a USB hub by your TV, then stick your bluetooth receiver in that.
>You have a brain, anon. Try using it to solve these problems.

Well for the cost of all these things I could buy a Raspberry Pi or even a Blu-Ray player.

Do any Blu-Ray players with USB playback support ASS subtitles?

>> No.61521590

Where from?

>> No.61521593

Try unzipping it.

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Hold on a sec

>> No.61521633

You could also buy a used PS3 and install Linux on it.

>> No.61521654

Woops, can't find it anywhere. Model N551V. Weird.

>> No.61521668

You can safely overclock most RAM, right? I bought a 2400 MHz kit for Ryzen and would like it to be faster since Ryzen benefits from it greatly.

>> No.61521680

I'm pretty sure I got the right thread. So any ideas?

>> No.61521691

Thanks. I can see a German refurb on ebay and that's it. Weird.

>> No.61521697

What's the latest displayport that can do like 4k 120hz again? 1.2 right?

>> No.61521710


>> No.61521712

Define safely.

>> No.61521783

Can you view it? Also check its contents with tweakpng or something similar.

>> No.61521826

good free cross platform vnc server/viewer combo?

>> No.61521844

>people who think retail price is relevant to their used goods

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Should I reinstall Windows 10 if I am only swapping out the motherboard?

i.e. switching from Gigabyte to Asus for example

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Lenovo 31-70 laptop doesn't turn on after being in luggage on sleep mode for 2hours.

Tried to press power button, push that little pinhole button, unplug cable, unscrew open the bottom to unplug the battery then run press power button for 30 sec and plug the power cord to see if it works, unplugging bios battery or whatever that was and try to run it.. all to no avail

Pls help

>> No.61521870

no, just generalize it

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is it a bad idea to buy and use only one speaker?

>> No.61522160

-most music are stereo
-all movies are in 5.1 or more, end-user media features stereo tracks
-video games are all stereo or more

So no. If your wallet is stopping you, wait till you have enough monies for two.

>> No.61522164

yep, you'll get a serious case of mono

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Yeah, what the other guys said. Just buy like a $10 set, it's still going to be better imho.

>> No.61522192

Anyone downloaded LibreNews from FDroid?
If so, how do you start that shit?
No widget option and I can't exit the preferences.

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File: 29 KB, 880x600, Screen 2017-07-23 17-01-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like one of those infographics that tell you how to hide multiple files in one? tried renaming to .zip .rar .tar .gz, unpacking gives errors

tweakpng reports "incorrect crc for IDAT chunk (is 00000000, should be 9384b5b0)" on loading and invalid chunk type foudn at position 1279443

i try looking at the binary at the mentioned file position but i have no idea what to look for

tweakpng attached for the file (bottom) and the same file opened and saved again as png (top)

>> No.61522351

I'm about to buy a PC with no OS. Is it still worth it to buy Windows 8.1 instead of W10 ?

>> No.61522376

Are there any programs that automate installing WinXP on a pendrive? I don't feel confident enough to try those shady "Windowns XP Live USB Edition" torrents.
Or maybe there are some ways to install win xp without touching partitions? (im sure that's impossible.)

>> No.61522418

Is there a way of re-partitioning your hard drive and installing an os on the new partition without having to format the entire disk?

I am under the impression that to install a second OS to dual boot, you need to format and re-partition the whole drive. But my understanding comes from the 1990's. Can you avoid the formatting and just add new partitions?

>> No.61522438

Is possible to take subs from a release which doesn't use ordered chapters and add them in a release which use them, without messing with the sync?

>> No.61522445

Laptopkiller anon here, it interests me.
Maybe it didn't go to sleep properly ave overheat? In which case the mobo got some tiny part desoldered?

>> No.61522457

Yes, I think most OS installers will give you the option to create a partition on the drive and install the OS there.

>> No.61522463

You can shrink partitions, opening up unused space, and making a new partition on that space.

>> No.61522539

makes sense, thanks.

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Can someone help a /diy/ guy with some basic CMD syntax?

What does c:\ (lowercase) means? Is c:\usbasp a folder named usbasp in the C:\ drive?

I basically don't know where or how should I put the files in order to update the firmware on my usbasp.

Here's a screenshot of me trying pitifully (I just need to do the stuff in the highlighted part)

>> No.61522552

Well it is damaged and have zeros or garbage from some point in the IDAT chunk and on. Obviously something went wrong when it was downloaded. You can try getting fist ~1.5 MB of this file and feed it to some program or online service that recovers PNG's. (Just google some) With any luck you will have at least part of the image.

>> No.61522557

>Yes, I think most OS installers will give you the option to create a partition on the drive and install the OS there.

And it won't fuck up the existing install?

>> No.61522568

I was just gifted a Switch, and I want to plug it on my PC monitor but it doesn't work.

Can I even do that?

I've never used any HDMI device ever, I don't have a flatscreen TV as I only use my computer for everything media related and gaming and don't own recent consoles (other than the Switch now).

There is an HDMI port on my monitor, as well as a DVI and a VGA.

Since you can just dock the Switch and plug it in your TV through HDMI, I thought it'd work on a monitor too.

But when I dock the damn thing and plug it into the monitor, it just doesn't work.

I use the monitor buttons to switch display input to HDMI, the screen goes blank for like 5 seconds and it automatically switches back to DVI.

If I completely unplug my PC from the monitor and put only the Switch, well it's just blank and I can't even access the menu.

That does count as a stupid question, right?

>> No.61522571

But which part. Everything seemed intact and laptop itself had no reason to overheat. Should check every part whether it has electricity running through any of them. But first I need to find whether it has warranty on.

>> No.61522580
File: 42 KB, 485x407, this here.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to use OBS for recording but there is one feature that I do not know how to replicate in OBS from Bandicam. Bandicam is, overall, shit but I really need this one feature. That feature is highlighted in pic related. I want to do that in Bandicam: have a separate output file for the audio.

Bonus points if I can get a separate output file for desktop audio and a separate output file for the mic recording.

>> No.61522582

What the fuck no
1. Don't buy windows, pirate it
2. Get Windows 7 instead
3. Get Windows 10 LTSB if you want to be up-to-date
4. Install gentoo
In order of importance.

>> No.61522595


>> No.61522621

It should work, I'm doing it right now. The HDMI cable could be broken. Or your monitor might not be able to handle sound over HDMI, though I'd say it should still display something. Or maybe it can't handle the resolution of the switch (try setting it to 720p or something).

>> No.61522633

You might be able to do that with custom ffmpeg options.

>> No.61522642

I mean a capacitor or something. Some people claim you can repair it with a heatgun but you most likely need a repair service.

>> No.61522650

I guess I should get good already and learn to use ffmpeg. All-right, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

>> No.61522721

> What does c:\ (lowercase) means? Is c:\usbasp a folder named usbasp in the C:\ drive?
It means a filder or a file with name usbasp on your drive C. Windows treats paths and names case insensitive, so C:\USBASP and c:\usbasp is the same.

It seems there is a typo in that manual. If the firmware file is named atmega8.2011-05-28.hex and it is in c:\usbasp then it probably shold be c:\usbasp\atmega8.2011-05-28.hex in that command.

>> No.61522732

I tried switching resolutions, it still goes blank and back to DVI.
My monitor is 1080p.

I'll test the cable from my GPU to my monitor to see if it works.

Annoying as shit though.

>> No.61522749

Can you set the input on the monitor itself? Maybe it's locked to dvi.

>> No.61522872

Use EaseUS partition manager to shrink windows first. You can sometimes get by with disk management, but it tends to be limited in how much it'll let you shave off.

>> No.61522901
File: 7 KB, 198x250, chickens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the best file size/ resolution for website images?

im making a website for a friend and its a photography website so its going to feature quite a lot of images so they need to be high quality but obviously not lag your browser

i have all the raw image files just need to know what to do with resizing

>> No.61522985

if it's just for previewing purposes, i'd say around 512x512 max for thumbnails, 2048x2048 max for individual previews (fitting in these, after accounting for the image ratio, of course)
use jpeg around 80-90 quality, 100 or png is overkill for previews
if they're not for previewing, then provide links to download the raws, alongside previews, don't put gigantic images right there on the page

>> No.61523001

thanks a lot!

>> No.61523019
File: 60 KB, 550x366, 1444366902877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is /g/'s opinion on weather a longstanding neet with no future prospects, should kill themselves?

>> No.61523037
File: 291 KB, 1366x768, test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, I realized there's no folder in c:\ called usbasp, it's just the file, but it doesn't wants to upload it to the usbasp, after some attempts I managed to do something, but it keeps saying the format is invalid.
I changed the name of the file and matched it in the CMD window to see if that would help, but it doesn't seems to recognize or find the input file.

>> No.61523101

I'll check that, thanks man.
At least now I know that it should work in theory. I'll mess around with the monitor to see.

>> No.61523124
File: 80 KB, 1212x737, please help.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my logitech stuff has been acting crazy the past few months. I have to have 3 usbs plugged in order to have my 3 devices work, the unifying stuff refuses to work. Logitech is really letting me down, I've never had a problem till this. It's making the sensor on my mouse not even register at times, it's frustrating. please help

>> No.61523181
File: 207 KB, 692x960, 1050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys I have a problem.

After a shitty blue screen 0x0116 episode with my HD7800 and a driver downgrade to catalyst, 4chanX has been acting up. Pages always load as if I've never been in them before (new reply counter always shows all replies and mentioned posts even though I already saw them/scrolled down to the bottom) and clicking the watch thread button selects and deselects it, making it impossible to watch threads.

I tried reinstalling 4chanX but it didn't work. Any ideas?

>> No.61523217

Well you can't even use weather/whether correctly so maybe it's time, anon.

>t. a longstanding neet with no future prospects

>> No.61523262

i've had 4chan X stop remembering what i've seen before, my solution was to clear the hiddenposts, yourposts, and lastreadposts data from its sqlite file

>> No.61523269

I have a tablet that has a partition in its internal storage.
I usually move apps to it as it counts as SD storage, but now it's acting up. It seems as if it vanished, it flat out stopped being recognized. It had done this before, but it was usually fixed upon rebooting. Now it's not the case though, after the all reboots I go to the storage tab in settings and for a moment it shows up, but it doesn't get past calculating before is vanishes and only the main partition is left.

Is it corrupted? Is it dead? What's going on?

>> No.61523279

yeah i cannot spell a lot of words these days correctly, even simple ones. It's like my brain and fingers have atrophied.

>> No.61523288

Seems to me that something wrong with the files. Ether they are not firmware files or are for another chip. Have you tried to flash the original fw that you made previously? Also what does program says if you misspel the filename?

>> No.61523340

>sqlite file
Where does it reside?

>> No.61523346

Is there any information about Ryzen Pro's expected release date outside of the dopey "somewhere before the end of the year" from their presentation slides?

>> No.61523373

depends on your browser/os/script extension, script

for example, ccd0's script, on palemoon, for linux, using greasemonkey, it can be found at;
~/.moonchild productions/pale moon/<your profile>/gm_scripts/4chan_X.db

>> No.61523397
File: 25 KB, 793x373, visual studio disambly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where do i look up what the syntaxes for disassembly??

>> No.61523425

Besides Windows 10 having DX12
Is Windows 7 obsolete when it comes to programming?

>> No.61523486

what are you supposed to do with a torrent after it's done seeding?

>> No.61523500


done seeding? what?

>> No.61523508


>> No.61523510

there's no such thing as "done seeding"

>> No.61523512

I mean once it's reached the ratio, like the file I torrented recommended to seed until 2:1 so once I reach that what do I do?

>> No.61523532

that's just a recommendation, you can keep seeding forever if you like

>> No.61523542


If you want to help others download whatever you are downloading, continue seeding
if you are just there to leech, stop seeding

do you know what seeding is?

>> No.61523547

Found its folder, what now? Do I just erase this?

>> No.61523563

>Do I just erase this?
only if you want to reset 4chan X completely (as if you've never used it before)

>> No.61523594
File: 4 KB, 918x176, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enabled the "Google Photos" folder on the Google Drive settings page, but it's only populating with things I've uploaded since activating it, not anything uploaded before.

How do I fix this without re-uploading everything?

>> No.61523750
File: 96 KB, 1242x846, 1500392485283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to save scrots from a hotkey I've mapped in my i3 config, but it always saves them to my root folder and not the one I've specified. What's wrong with my binding, anons?

>> No.61523779

Windows 8.1 fag from earlier

Is there a reason to get windows 10 other than DirectX 12? My friend is telling me to get 10 instead but I don't want a botnet

>> No.61523781


I'm a retard, binding pasted here:

bindsym $mod+XF86ScreenSaver exec --no-startup-id scrot '%H-%M-%s-%Y-%m-%d.png' -q 100 'mv $f ~/Pictures/scrots/'

>> No.61523805

To be assured of security updates for longer, no real extra features aside from stupid shit like paint3D and gamemode which doesn't work well. And Windows 8.1 is pretty much a botnet as well.

>> No.61523823

Ok but are you supposed to limit it at a 2.0 ratio while you still seed or what?

>> No.61523848

Ok thanks

>> No.61523852

if you want to seed indefinitely (that is, until you manually stop or remove the torrent), then just don't set any kind of limit

>> No.61523858
File: 163 KB, 612x612, bitch in heat is what it takes to get responds over here.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sessionStorage usage considered nonfree javascript?

>> No.61523902

You don't need to do anything. Just understand that the torrent protocol relies on people seeding files, and decide how much you value that file continuing to exist in the torrent swarm.

>> No.61523916


you can even end your seed with a 0.1 ratio

ratios are used in private tracking where your 'status' is determined by how much you have helped seeding torrents, so higher ratios means you get to stay in the sekret club

>> No.61523917


Maintaining system stability. I don't want anything ridiculous. I'd be happy with 2933MHz.

>> No.61523930

>tfw no idea if I should build my own pc, buy a prebuilt pc or buy a laptop
>tfw think about it for 8 months
>still no decision made

I gotta be overthinking this right?

>budget is around 800 leafy bux
>want to produce music/video edit
>want 8gb of ram, quad core processor

what do?

>> No.61523947

I can't seem to open some of my ports no matter what I try. Been having problems connecting with some friends online and they told me to make sure my ports are forwarded, and i've done that in my router settings, but when I check online to make sure they're open places so that they're either closed or "connection refused"

What's the deal here? Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.61523969

Custom built and have someone build it for you

>> No.61524007

and then there's this faggot

>> No.61524013

Best bang for buck - Prebuilt PC
The ability to do shit wherever it's convenient - Laptop
More trouble than it's worth - Make it yourself

>> No.61524072

I want to build a cheap air conditioner for a 145 sqft room with 4 120cm fans, aluminium dissipators and some peltier cells. Is it a good idea and if so, which cells should I look for?

>> No.61524073

The default answer is a laptop. If you're in the US just go with the first 1080p/IPS/SSD laptop slickdeals.net spits out within your budget.

>> No.61524083

A bit of water spilled over the charger cable of my laptop. Should I be scared?

>> No.61524100

seriously, way better place if your question isn't stupid

>> No.61524105

What the fuck are you doing in that command? What is that mv shit doing there?

The correct is:
bindsym $mod+XF86ScreenSaver exec --no-startup-id scrot -q 100 ~/Pictures/scrot/%H-%M-%S-%Y-%m-%d.png

You should use %S for seconds because %s is Unix timestamp.
Also you can't put the file into quotes because then the shell won't expand ~.

>> No.61524130

What porn site respects my freedoms? Do I need to pirate with a vpn just to protect my information?

>> No.61524158

Is there a way that I can hook up my xbox to my laptop as a screen display

>> No.61524173

i think you will have to partly disassemble the laptop to do that

>> No.61524185

char value;
char *value_pointer

why does it need to know what type of value the pointer is pointing to?

>> No.61524196
File: 9 KB, 287x208, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My android motherboard broke, want to recover my shit but repairing entire motherboard is pricey, would want to use a data recovery site, how sure can I be they'll go through all my shit
Another question, what if some of shit is illegal :^)
How would you explain SSAE 16 Type III SOC report to me, apparently its used as marketing material?
bls resbond

>> No.61524315

The type information tells it what operations are valid after you dereference it.

You could use a void*, which does not store any information about what it points to. But you cannot dereference a void* until you cast it to some other kind of pointer.

>> No.61524320

When you want to use it you will want to dereference the pointer. Think about it - it is the same as why you want to specify that value is a char in the first place.

>> No.61524358

Why are video games becoming more and more hardware dependent every few years? Seriously, aren't the graphics good enough as it is? It's not like we can ever have movie tier CGI graphics in video games except in cut scene videos.

>> No.61524370

Is there any good guide about "getting into" webpage design, probably with css/js?

I've already built most of the logic of my app, just want to learn how to make it pretty

>> No.61524372

any good C11-related books?
most good C books are written for ANSI-C which is outdated.

>> No.61524393

>aren't the graphics good enough as it is?
No. Considering most modern games should double the framerate at least, and aliasing still being a problem it's clear that current games still look kinda bad. And that's ignoring 4k and lighting.

>> No.61524409

just lower the settings if you think it is a waste of processing power

>> No.61524415

Not with that attitude for sure.

>> No.61524450

Some people say Linux is hard/difficult to use.
What makes it hard?

>> No.61524480

You have to write the OS for yourself.

>> No.61524512

Besides, pointer operations, such
while (*ch) ch++;
wouldn't make sense if you don't know how big is the pointed type in memory. That is:

if you have an address stored in a int* type variable and you increment it, the updated address will be bigger than if it was stored in a char*.

char* would increment by 1B, because that's the size of a char, int* would increment the address by 4B, for the same reason.

There is also the issue of valid operations upon de-referencing

>> No.61524526

It's more of the "I'm too lazy to learn new things" than the "It's very difficult to learn new things".

>> No.61524533

what makes it "hard" is that it's different than what they're used to

>> No.61524537

To do the cool shit you need to use the command line, which requires you to be precise and knowing how to use it since it doesn't really tell you anything unless you tell it the right things. But to just use Ubuntu isn't that difficult, just a bit different but not even that much.

>> No.61524540

>why do people say linux is hard
because they bought a throw away laptop with a preinstalled botnet and use google services for everything

>> No.61524579

you can't avoid the botnet bruh, if you think you can then I got two words that will shake your reality. shadow profiles

>> No.61524606

it's one one extreme versus the other being the anti-thesis, it's about minimizing to the max the metadata you leave in your footprints

>> No.61524615
File: 77 KB, 1173x790, ss+(2017-07-23+at+10.49.26).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont know what i'm doing

hows my build

mostly gonna be for video editing/some gaming

>> No.61524673

>for video editing
stop this madness and get at least ryzen 1700
/pcbg/ can give you a list of good mobo+ram combinations

>> No.61524773

Someone would mind telling me if ebtables is same efficient and secure as iptables? I'm messing around with bridges and I don't know if I should use it.

>> No.61525025

where can I get princess trainer GE by akabur's soundtrack?

>> No.61525093

I have a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 webcam, how can I use it as a scanner?

>> No.61525208

I was using an only slightly modified example from the scrot man page, so I didn't know what I was doing wrong.
Thanks anon, that works perfectly!

>> No.61525299

>Video editing
Get a I7 or Ryzen.
>Sandisk Ultra
Avoid, shitty SSD, get a 850 EVO, too expensive? SU800.
Avoid seagate HDDs, get HGST or WD.
ASUS has horrible warranty for GPUs, get another brand.
Cheaper case maybe?

>> No.61525364

Check on windows crash log and get the 0x00something code, look it up on internet forums. I would bet on the chipset driver you didn't install or some driver update you missed. I've experienced some bsod while not updating to the latest chipset driver, even on fresh installs. However you can always throw some Loonix in. Good luck.

>> No.61525427
File: 326 KB, 1366x768, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for the wait, I went biking for a bit. I finally managed to do it, I moved the hex. file to the same folder where avrdude was, I deleted the c:\ and tried again, this time successfully (it seems)

I'm going to try to program some uCs to see if it really works, thanks for the help.

>> No.61525456

In that case the answer is maybe. It depends on your specific RAM. That is to say, *yours*, not someone else's.
Averages and higher clocked SKUs of similar kits are generally a good indicator of what you might be able to get, but you can never be 100% sure that you can reach those speeds until you try for yourself. Your particular kit might not do it, even if it is most likely that it will.

In short, if you want to be sure that you can "safely" run your RAM at 2933 MHz, you buy a kit that is rated for 2933 MHz or above. Otherwise the only way to find out if your kit can manage it is to simply overclock and stress test it.

>> No.61525462 [DELETED] 

Can someone give me a quick command to scan my local network ( for a specific ssh port?

If you have to ask, short story is that it's the ISP's router and it can only be configured on their site (without logs and shit). Also, the computer I'm looking for is a server.

>> No.61525562
File: 74 KB, 1158x786, ss+(2017-07-23+at+11.52.12).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright, thanks for the help

I made a new one based off your advice, hows this look

>> No.61525616

Spending the $10 extra for the 850 EVO will be worth it.
Look for HGST HDDs since WD 2TB is 5400RPM instead 7200RPM, if it will be for archiving it will be fine.

>> No.61525633
File: 46 KB, 600x342, 1499198119533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I filter out certain extensions when I use search in nautilus? For example, when I hit ctrl + F, what do I type to find all files except .jpg/.png?

>> No.61525640

Do you think buying a used alienware laptop is a good idea?

>> No.61525662

how much

>> No.61525666

You surely need that much power in the psu? Also did you look up benchmark data on the cpus? Maybe a 6 core 12 thread 1600 would be enough to save money for better ssd/hdd?

>> No.61525667

As long as you get to pick it up in person and inspect/test it before buying, why not?

>> No.61525675

No, unless its 9 months old or less.
Gaming laptops wear faster than normal laptops because the GPU.

>> No.61525677

No. Alienware is overpriced crap to begin with, and I've seen that shit break like a motherfucker. They don't make maintenance easy either.

>> No.61525678

Where can I find a Vue frontend dev, not too pricey and decent?

>> No.61525690
File: 133 KB, 800x547, 1500180778543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More of a general question, but if the ports for my servers are mostly open, but close periodically (connect. refused), what is the possible issue with my network config?

>> No.61525705

Sounds like a firewall issue.

>> No.61525765
File: 60 KB, 499x360, 1500019418457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you do it /g/?

>> No.61525811

Take the day free, rest for 2 days.
Shitload of juice and meat.

>> No.61525835

Does qBittorrent's auto RSS downloader episode filter actually work? If I set it to watch rarbg's feed for Game.of.Thrones.S07E0? 1080p.AMZN.etc and use the episode filter 7x2-; will it actually grab the torrent I want?

>> No.61525840

Why the fuck does Debian testing have spl-dkms, but only zfs-dkms

My entire pool is temporarily broken.

>> No.61525882
File: 44 KB, 657x527, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I use server ram if I've performed the LGA775 to LGA771 mod to make a server Xeon work?

>> No.61525923

What's the simplest way to share a 3gb file with a friend via torrent? Is it possible to do so without registering on any intermediary tracker website?

>> No.61525953

$700-800 for a ~5 yr old version

>> No.61525980

Make a torrent file using whatever public trackers. Mark it private and send it to your friend.

>> No.61525989

What VPN should I buy? Preferably something with a "lifetime subscription" cause I'd rather not pay monthly but if I have to I will

>> No.61526004
File: 97 KB, 640x640, 1492009842759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Figured I'd try here before /v/...

I use Windows and Steam for gaming. While uninstalling some programs in Windows, I noticed some of my games have duplicates and, apparently, are in the same location. They only show as duplicate in Windows, however, while on Steam they appear normal.

Which file do I uninstall and how?

>> No.61526023

I'll give it a try, thanks

>> No.61526031

Use steam delete local files option, dont install programs trough windows uninstaller.

>> No.61526049


>> No.61526061

fuck no

>> No.61526062

Because Debian is a pile of shit and no one should ever use it.

>> No.61526084

No, you can buy a better laptop for less.
A 5 year old Alienware should be $200-250 tops.

>> No.61526098

If you have a server at home, or are able to run a headless VM in the background on the computer using the VPN, making your own isn't too hard. You also don't have to worry about anybody selling you out that way either.

>> No.61526127

browsing /g/ lately has made me tinfoil pilled
is this good?

>> No.61526136
File: 11 KB, 341x240, 785758858785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really need to know this. Can I block google chrome from saving the last pages you visited? Not history but pic related.

>> No.61526162

thinkpads are priced higher than that and they don't come with 2gbs of graphics ram and other high specs

>> No.61526170

they need your data to ((((improve services))))

>> No.61526178

They do, still the problem is not the specs but that it will be worn as fuck.

There are $800 laptops with mid end GPUs and i5/i7.

>> No.61526183

browse 4chan

>> No.61526205

Ok, thanks man. I'll look into it now.

>> No.61526213

I downloaded the package through Debian's site and am now trying to install zfs-dkms through dpkg.

It's currently stuck on "Building initial module for 4.11.0-1-amd64".

Hold my hand, anon.

>> No.61526274

$800 for a current gen laptop.

>> No.61526279

I know nothing of Programming. Once knew basic html and php but I guess its all gone now. Yet, want to start programming... Where should I start from?? And any other tips??

>> No.61526282

What does (max) mean in pseudocode?

>> No.61526310
File: 2.99 MB, 500x374, 1499561840820.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61526312

How can I navigate on the web with total privacy?

Someone has a chart or something explaining the tools to do that?

Ps: I'm not a criminal I just don't want to give my information to the Jews

>> No.61526407

It's literally impossible.

>> No.61526424

It's possible if you don't have any information to share. Get rid of your identity, get off the grid completely.

>> No.61526494 [DELETED] 

>Keep getting nothing on Omega normals despite rolling on literally everything
>1.8k dps shits keep winning the rolls

>> No.61526543

No, it's not possible to navigate the web and leave no identifying data. Total privacy is impossible on the internet now.

>> No.61526607

Can anyone recommend a PCIE TV Tuner card that accepts an analogue RF/Aerial cable and actually has windows 10 support?

Been looking at this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WinTV-HVR-1200-Hauppauge-Low-Profile-PCIe-DVB-T-Digital-TV-Tuner-Card-5188-8951/362024728918

>> No.61526640

but are there something to reduct the exposition?

I use a free VPN and some extensions (privacy badger, https everywhere...)

>> No.61526690

Nothing that really matters. The Jews already have prediction algorithms to determine where you will be at any given time with high accuracy.

>> No.61526784

Yeah that failed. Can't even remove the package and install from the repository now.

>> No.61526803
File: 58 KB, 718x705, 1492744518080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason, my windows 10 install drive won't detect my M.2 SSD.
The bios detects that the disk is connected, the EZ flash utility can open the file system , but the system claims that nothing is plugged into the m.2 slot, so the drive kind of ghost rides in that it exists but it allegedy isn't plugged into anything. Under NVME settings, I there are no options to change but the drive does appear as being plugged in.
What should I do? I can't get the W10 disk to detect it no matter what, and the fact that the BIOS claims that my M.2 slot is empty does not help. ASUS motherboard, with the newest BIOS update.

>> No.61526936

What do you not understand in not having an identity?

>> No.61527002


I had this happen with an OCZ drive. It was bricked.

The fact different things are giving different reports about what state its in and nothing can access the data means things don't look so good. Try a bootable linux USB

>> No.61527090

Alrighty, I'll try that next.
It was working at first, but after a failed windows install onto the drive it stopped showing up. The bios never reported it plugged into the m2 drive though

I sincerely hope that I don't need to remove it for any reason, if I have to rip up all my water cooling again I'm going to kill myself.

>> No.61527093

Is it NVMe or SATA M2 SSD?
Boot into Linux and try it.

Sounds bricked honestly.

>> No.61527131
File: 37 KB, 646x312, Screenshot_20170723-164156~01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is this "audiopath" shit that appears when I scroll dowm from the top of my tablet? I've owned this thing for a year and the last check for updates was June 28, yet somehow it's the first I've seen this and you can"t just swipe it away.

>> No.61527141

There's nothing wrong with that SSD. Most Seagate HDDs are good. This is a stupid questions general not stupid answers.

>> No.61527149

Is there a way I can turn it off though? ((((they)))) can suck my dick.

>> No.61527150

That game is built in Renpy, so try this:


>> No.61527179

It's probably for wireless speakers/DLNA or something like that. Looks like it's a part of the Quick Settings panel itself.

>> No.61527182

Can't help you but does usong ddg in Chrome serve any purpose? I'd think they log your search terms under your ip and hardware footprint or whatever anyway, so you would gain nothing.

>> No.61527259

How do I make a folder of images a pdf??

>> No.61527294

I guess they removed the quick settings options from the regular settings options, cause when you scroll down you see everything and that's it.

There doesn't seem to be an option for it there after scrolling down a second time to expand it, though, and that "Audio path" bar disappears when you do it. Plugging my headphones in makes it disappear, however plugging them out makes it reappear. Restarting might remove it but if that were the only recourse this would be hell.

>> No.61527488

What's the advantage or using two routers at home?

>> No.61527569

If you're on Win10, just select all images, select "Print", and choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer.

>> No.61527638

range extender maybe?

>> No.61527649

I have a question about c++
lets say I have an object A, why can't I modify it it like this:


Why do I need to do:
A = A.function().

Is there a way to modify that object just by doing A.function()?

>> No.61527683

You don't?
Show me some real code

>> No.61527685

Any reccomended 1-2TB external hard drives for backing up files from my laptop?

>> No.61527862

Any WD drive, any recent (2016+) Seagate drive.
I have a 2TB WD Elements that I backup my data to once a week.

>> No.61527918

any plex users here? wondering if it re-enocdes 10bit files when streaming

>> No.61527939


Because you've implemented OOP incorrectly.

I don't know the C++ syntax

but here's a psudocode example

class A
private int myVar = 0;

private function myFunction()
myVar = Myvar + 10;

private function getMyVar()
return myVar;


myAVariable = new A;

echo myAVariable.getMyVar();
echo myAVariable.getMyVar();

> 0
> 10

>> No.61527990

Uh hi,I'm having a bit of trouble with installing windows or linux for that matter. My dumbass ECS H81H3 doesn't have an F12 boot menu so I have to nuke the HDD everytime I want to install something. Thing is that windows gives me I/O errors ad infinitum when I install it to the main partition. It has no problem making/ moving partitions though for some reason.

And Linux(yes the kernel only) has a problem with my BIOS' way of setting boot priority in a way that it breaks grub and the boot entirely

>> No.61527994


meh, depending on the language, inside the class it'll be 'this.myVar'

>> No.61528105

But it does have a boot order, no need to nuke it.

>> No.61528175
File: 81 KB, 579x227, Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 2.16.58 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got this mac for free today and I don't have much experience with these machines. I have 2 questions.
1. Will this machine run smoothly with windows 10 enterprise LTSB?
2. Is it worth adding an SSD?

Got this machine for free because it was having GPU kernel panics due to a failed poly-tantalum capacitor on the mobo that supplies power the the GPU framebuffer. Fixed by installing a patch that lowers GPU performance slightly, although the patch only works under OSX.

I already have 8gb ram that I salvaged from an old laptop. I can also permanently stop the GPU crashes by replacing the cap on the mobo for like $1.50 and then I'd be free to install any OS with no risk of crashes.


>> No.61528203 [DELETED] 

I installed another version of a package in Debian through dpkg, and after removing it and trying to install it back the way it was with apt-get I get "no installation candidate".

What do I do to fix this?

>> No.61528267

Yes but, the thing is that. Linux assigns my USB as /dev/sda/ and so does windows preventing me from doing squat.

>> No.61528405

I'm using crouton to load Ubuntu Unity Xenial on a Chromebook. Whenever I plug in a usb thumb drive or a SD card I get the error: "Unable to access (Storage of plugged in device) volume" and under it says: "Not authorized to preform operation".

>> No.61528515


How would I get linux to detect it? Where would I get the drivers?
Also, NVMe.
If it's bricked, then why would it be showing up in the BIOS?

>> No.61528518

I can't believe going from Debian testing to Debian Buster would actually give me more up to date packages and fix my zfs issues. Damn.

Guess I'll stay with Buster for a while.

>> No.61528531

Oh, also:
Something can access the data; the reflash utility in the BIOS. The disk is empty, but it opens into its root as a functioning file system instead of hanging like bricked drives often do.

>> No.61528558

Keep OSX on it, its the only sane OS. Try to get familiar with it at least.

>> No.61528594
File: 165 KB, 1500x2250, 5ssztdhkji9z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to work on remote files in Linux? I've been using the terminal to ssh into my server, but I don't like the latency, and I want to use my preconfigured Vim setup.

>> No.61528604


What do I do when Apple stops updating it for this machine?

This is the oldest macbook they support right now.

>> No.61528650

do one of these
>leave it since its fine for around 2 years after support is dropped
>install loonix
By the time that computer stops being supported Windblows won't like it much either

>> No.61528801

Thats literally the best way.Fix your latency issues
Copy your settings over

>> No.61529516

Use rsync to mirror the files you want to work on to your local computer and then sync them back when you're done editing. Unless it's just one or two things. In which case I recommend you stop being a faggot and deal with the latency.

> I want to use my preconfigured Vim setup

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