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/g/ how to bypass isp range ban. I never did anything wrong, but when I try to post I get an error message telling me that my whole country is banned (just so the website could be safe from ddos attacks).
plz I need to post and interact with other autists in threads. I've been lurking for 5 years please send help.
I've tried tor/hola/hotspot shield but it just didn't work. I always get the same error message .
also if you're wondering how I'm posting now it's because I'm in a different country for a small period of time.
>pic unrelated

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The goy wants you to buy a 4chan pass.

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using goy wrong

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b-but I don't have monies

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then how did u post this thread

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free ssl proxies, plug them into your browser

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>you took the bait

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who are you quoting

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whats happening here

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>I never did anything wrong
That's what they all say.
Did you try to appeal your ban?

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Are you retarded dum fuck? No wonder you got banned.

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what country

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im not op though,you are just retarded.

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>what is vpn?

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i said i m in a different country
my whole country is banned i never posted before
as I've said tried but didn't work

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thanks for the suggestion I'll look it up

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lots of third world isp's are range banned because of spam/abuse. then they also use carrier grade NAT so it like looks like you are posting via a proxy so the ip is usually banned

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One less shitskin, good.

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plz what can I do to post on 4chinz once I'm back in africa we do have internet

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Are the banned IP numbers available? A search revealed much discussions but no numbers.

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use proxy but you might need jewpass
otherwise try setting your own openvpn on some vps

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grap hiro by the pussy

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shitty free vpn's dont count

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how is mook not a goy?

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i want to kiss this little sorceress

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dont you touch my waifu

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try another chan? this one sucks, it's only tolerable because of clover. not sure I have the will to fill a captcha for this reply, such a hassle

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need to fuck the shit our of (her) asshole

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Negotiate with the rest of your people, get them to seek other employment besides spamming people for pennies on the dollar. Once this is done email the admin and tell them Africa has changed.

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stop being a nigger

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>range bans an entire country
>forces them to pay for posting access
>innocent gentile Hiro
To be honest though the fault is on moot for enacting this policy.

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yeah ok but being greedy doesn't change his goyish status, moot on the other hand is actually one of the tribe.

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this is 4chan

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I wonder who could be behind this post.

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>buy a few raspbary pis
>turn them into vpns
>install them inside walls/on roofs with solar power

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Japanese are honorary kikes.

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I thought that was teh chinese

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Give it up, chingchong. Or Dimitrikostavichszslav...whatever russian name.

Your countries suck and it's completely justified to block every single IP they have.

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then fuck off?

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Sauce on the girl?

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How couldn't any of you anons tell this dumb anon that that's what it meant

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anyone here knows that stupid fuck

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So he's treating Hiro like a kike but calling him a goy

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how come you get to post for free motherfucker

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Our people can behave themselves, as a result they don't get punished. Get right or pay the toll.

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I said he was a greedy goy, where did you get lost?

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is there no free way around it ?

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Where you called him a greedy goy that's like saying dry water would you like some fucking dry water you greedy goy?

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So for you goy=unambitious cuck?

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post more then we'll discuss the terms

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you don't belong here

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>goy=unambitious cuck

That's what it is to der juden which is why they call every non-juden. Calling a jew a goy for jew behavior is retarded and only something a goy would do.

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>Calling a jew a goy for jew behavior is retarded
No one is doing that you're the only one retarded here guy

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You can't bypass the Moroccan range ban, just reset your router and if you're lucky you'll get a "clean" IP.
Also, it's not Hiro's fault. Moot rangebanned some 3rd world countries because they were reported and blacklisted as spam/ddos/arp spoofing cesspools. And the traffic from these countries was insignificant (we may as well be the only Moroccans here on this board). The ban happened during 2014 iirc, now the fucker is gone, and Gookoshima can't even into English let alone be a competent admin. Mods won't hear you either for obvious reasons.
Finally, keep in mind that this rangeban is board specific.
>tl;dr use 4chin pass wla sir tne3ess a weldi. If you can't afford $20 to support a website you like, then you're either underage or a real shitter.

In any case, this thread isn't /g/ related. sage goes in all fields.

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>tfw ywn have loli witch to play with fire with

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>grownass girl

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>tfw no mommy gf

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>use 4chin pass
yea but then you cant say nigger peacefully because they may revoke your pass and no refund

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>making pancakes and posting on /g/ from morocco
OP retard btfo'd

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>works on my machine

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... just wait

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>sir tne3ess a weldi.
what did he mean by this I m not a rich fag like you
I disable adblock on 4chinz isn't that enough I also cannot justify spending 20 dollars on a website to my parents

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Stop it with the memespeak, it won't help you "fit in" because you're just making a fool of yourself. Speak normally or gtfo.
men ina mdina rak?

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Stop living in a country full of slavshit h4x0rx

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fes desu i used to be able to post before but not in the last two years or so

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She's a firestarter, twisted firestarter

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who is this semen demon

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vpn proxy

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