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Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Your friendly neighborhood search engine.

$ man %command%
$ info %command%
$ help %command%
$ %command% -h
$ %command% --help

Don't know what to look for?
$ apropos %something%

Check the Wikis (most troubleshoots work for all distros):

/g/'s Wiki on GNU/Linux:

>What distro should I choose?

>What are some cool programs?

>What are some cool terminal commands?

>Where can I learn the command line?

>Where can I learn more about Free Software?

>How to break out of the botnet?

/t/'s GNU/Linux Games: >>>/t/769497
/t/'s GNU/Linux Videos: >>>/t/713097

/fglt/'s website and copypasta collection:
http://fglt.nl && https://p.teknik.io/wJ9Zy

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First for:
musl c

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Which distro is it?

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probably arch or f'dora

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>I hate GNU because that's all the cool kids do today

>>>/trash/ fuck off

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>sending people to an off topic board
>not sending them to >>>/out/ so they can enjoy the outdoors and exercise a little.

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Do 'we' like Source Mage?

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I dont believe in your false prophet stallman.
I dont agree with his communist views on the tech industry.
I dont agree with pedophiles
I dont agree with people who partake in beastiatliy
I dont agree with someone who has poor hygeine and eats his dirty foot skin
I dont agree with this all or nothing political nonsense freetards spout out like acid
I dont support,supporting a clearly mentally ill persons poor personality and social actions(pic related)

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Free Pasta:
>YouTube without pulseaudio
>Better fonts thanks to bohoomil
>Arch without systemd

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He has been MIA for over a year and all the patches have been absorbed in to font config upstream.

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Did you post this from a mac?

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>not agreeing with any of that
>browsing 4chan

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You neo gfags can get the fuck out

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and here i thought all you linux fags were pedos

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did you even read the pasta?

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I don't support, superfluous punctuation.

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Ok guys, which are the best KDE distros? OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is out of question, I've ran Arch for the longest time and am currently using KDE Neon. Anyone here has any experience of Fedora KDE or Mageia?

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KDE Neon is probably the KDE'st KDE experience. Also based on ubuntu LTS which is a solid foundation for desktop OS'.

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I tried Fedora KDE and I'd rather OpenSUSE. It crashed quite a bit. Had less trouble with Kubuntu

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One day when Open Source won, when GNU/Linux is yet another macOS, when DRM deleted your files, when the botnet rapes your ass everyday, when the agency records the act, when the company sells the recording to the highest bidder and you're in jail for sharing something with a friend, you'll taste the bitter taste on the tongue which says "Stallman was right."

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Is Ubuntu a good OS for privacy as well for new users? If not is there a to get rid of the spying?

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yes it is, no there is nothing to get rid of or need to
there was a thing with amazon but only in unity so use ubantu gnome or whatever else you want

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or he'll be like "Fuck GNU!"

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why not just install a distro which doesnt have spyware in the first place?

that said, the amazon thing is still in ubuntu, but it's now disabled

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install xubuntu

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I'm using manjaro and I have several hundred fonts (yes) from a windows machine that I want to install.

the arch wiki suggests that one should take the time to package each font/font set for management purposes. however, given the number of fonts I have, this seems absurd. is there any strong reason I shouldn't just dump them all in /usr/share/fonts?

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or just .local/share/fonts/ ?
anyway why do you need those, the bohomils settings with liberation work fine

>> No.61457191

>seems absurd
Have you even looked up how to do it?
You would literally copy paste the command and then bring in an ls of the fonts

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So I want to install openSUSE alongside windows on a 128gb drive.

I noticed the default setup leaves only 22gb for the root volume and 33gb for /home. Think that's an ok setup ir maybe I should not use a separate /home partition? Also how worse off am I with this btrfs+xfs setup than the ext4 setup other distros do?

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I actually dump my fonts in a special directory (makes more sense since I copy paste them from OS to OS anyway and most of them aren't from the repos). That said, I wouldn't dump them in /usr/, but in ~. You can add any directory you with with
xset +fp directory
xset fp rehash
Or just use the standard font directory in home.

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Underage filesystem that still randomly corrupts without notice
Xfs is more suited for larger files,such as a media server.
Use ext4 for everything but /boot,which you should use ext2.

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So it's only in unity. Good
Because I heard it's easy to use.

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Aight, ext4 it is. It's just that I don't understand why this os there by default

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What is the best distro to keep around in an USB for fixing fuckups?

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Is dns supposed to connect to a remote server or can it be done entirely in the router before leaving or both?

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Just some installation medium for a distro, that's enough for fixing things

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I've been already doing that, but I should have been more specific.

Something that will have the right tools without relying on an internet connection, or that has propietary wireless drivers.

I've been stuck in the past while trying to scavenge data from the hdd of a laptop with broadcom wireless, and it was a pita, and had to use tethering in the end to finally download testdisk/photorec

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XFCE or KDE? Can't decide which one I'd rather use.

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Are you short on resources

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low spec hardware/concerned about battery life in a laptop -> xfeces

better resources and more functions out of the box -> kde

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Using a thinkpad t420, so not particularly no.
That being said, I'd like to use something efficient or easy on battery life as I use this machine for school.

>> No.61457625

Something minimal like Arch would work

>> No.61457692

What functions out of the box does KDE offer over XFCE? I thought the biggest difference was that one was lighter on resources than the other.
Don't really have an interest to rice out my system, just want something that looks nice and lets me get to work.

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I won't mention no gui.

The desktop that will suck the least battery would be a basic window manager, either a stacking (openbox, fluxbox, etc) that are closer to what you are used to in windows, gnome, kde, xfce, mate, etc; or a tiling wm (the beloved i3, dwm, and others).

But these requiere extensive manual configurations. So, the desktop environments that strike a good balance between out of the box functionality and performance are mainly xfce, and maybe mate and lxde/lxqt (these two if you are very low on specs).

So, tl;dr: you can run kde fine but it'll suck more battery

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>lets me get to work.
Fluxbox does this.
You dont have to rice anything,its fully functional with the default install.

>> No.61457736

go see a youtube video

>> No.61457737

i3 requires zero configuration

>> No.61457742

>be using linux
>use firefox
>"innocent" chat using flash
>get owned by reptilian hackers
mfw forgot to firejail, even then it's not enough half of the time

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Search engine, best graphical file explorer ever made, partial wayland support, good high dpi support, and other shit.

But mainly, goodies. XFCE is very nice and feature packed, but is slightly lacking behind gnome and kde. Not that you will miss those programs, and if you really want some functionality there are tons of third party options.

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I keep hearing that x distro (I'm thinking of debian right now, but it could apply to others) could have shipped with a newer version of the kernel, because it won't support ryzen threadripper, cannonlake or whatever the new processor is.

I'm kinda confused. I guess the graphics drivers for the igpu might not be released yet, and it may have to fall back on generic vesa drivers. But to the extent it won't run??

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I hadn't honestly considered gnome due to /g/ memes telling me it was bad.

I've got a 9-cell in right now which used to last like a day on full charge with windows. I can't imagine KDE is that much more bloated than windows when it comes to battery life. R-right?

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KDE is a full suite of software that runs in the background and most likely you wont use 90% of said services.Wasting resources

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PCLinux you have to
>set up 'compositor on start up',
>Tearing prevention: "full screen repaints"
>keep window thumbnails always
>add icons only taskbar, remove the other one
>activate two finger scrolling and "reverse"/natural scrolling
And you're good to go. Don't get why it isn't the default.

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>got a new laptop
>immediately installed GNU on it
>boot up Windows 10 for the second time since I got it because I needed to run a software for university
>it's already as slow to load and unresponsive as a 14 years old XP install

What the fuck /g/. Can dual booting actually slow down your Windows install?

>KDE is a full suite of software
>that runs in the background
Only the basic utilities like the Plasma shell, KWin etc run in the background all the time.

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No, Windows is just slow but if you use Windows daily you will be used to it. After being used to GNU, Windows will feel slow.

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After being used to GNU, Windows feels like a bicycle with training wheels, or even better like one of those small battery powered plastic cars they make for children they can hop into and putter around the neighborhood

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All of the major distributions have KDE Plasma in their repositories.

>> No.61458141


All of your fonts can be part of one package, idiot.

>> No.61458161


You can install any software you want on your USB flash drive distribution while you have an internet connection.

>> No.61458179

I don't like gnome but everyone has their preferences. I don't like it because it is kinda tablet-y, but you might like it, but beware that it isn't a traditional looking desktop.

Nothing is more bloated than Windows.

I'd say try out the different de's in a virtual machine or on a live usb. If you happen to like multiple of them, why not install them side by side and switch your desktop on your sesion manager every now and then until you find the one you like the most.

If you'd like to hear my biased opinion, kde is great and I run it on everything except on very old hardware like my t60, where I run xfce. But on my dankpad I run kde

>> No.61458219

KDE Neon and openSUSe are the ones that ship with the prettiest implementation and best tailored out of the box. But you can achieve that with any other distro, and it's not a tiresome tinkering, anyone could do that with ease

>> No.61458275

Is Leap any good? Everyone seems to be talking about Tumbleweed these days.

>> No.61458297


You love asking questions. You won't use any of those distributions. You just like to feel cool about showing off your "knowledge" about something "technical".
Because if you actually were in a position to use it or needed it, you'd know how to find out your answers and you'd try it. You wouldn't be asking these ridiculous, meaningless and subjective questions

>> No.61458311

>I hadn't honestly considered gnome due to /g/ memes telling me it was bad.
well it does not crash (im using wayland) its polished it just works and has excellent workflow
it can work for tablets but is not a tablet de
the only tablet looking part of it is the applicatios list but you can have a classic menu instead
imo its the best de because kde is funky atm

>> No.61458312

Leap is like Debian Stable.

Slightly outdated but it just werks™

Tumbleweed is rolling release distro but way easier to install than the other popular rolling distros

>> No.61458330

Gnome 1gb or more
KDE 500mb

>> No.61458363

gnome uses 500mb can work normal with 2g ram
but can use moar maybe if you have more

>> No.61458368

For a 100 gb hdd, just using 2 partitions, one for / and another for /home, which ratio do I use to distribute the space between the 2?

>> No.61458384

I probably will use it, why else would I ask? Why would I want to feel "cool" on an anonymous board are you retarded or something? OpenSUSE has an awful documentation and everything I find seems to be about Tumbleweed, rarely anyone ever mentions Leap. However, I can't use Tumbleweed so I'm curious about Leap. Fuck you.

Thanks, sounds good as I'm looking for something that "just werks". Last time I tried Tumbleweed, my experience was the opposite of that though.

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Why do you need two partitions?

>> No.61458389

That depends but usually /home will have to be much bigger if you put all your pics, music, videos etc on there. Programs don't take up that much storage, especially if you fall for the TUI / CLI meme.

>> No.61458404


>OpenSUSE has an awful documentation
You have your man page for a package manager. Everything else has the same documentation as on any distribution.

What do you expect people to tell you? Memes and anecdotal evidence? You're an idiot if you believe those things or even consider them.

>> No.61458463

maybe he want to set noexec bit on /home to prevent clickbaits.?
maybe he want to use diffren file systems?

>> No.61458485

im not anon, but I tend to agree.

I dont mean it's man pages are awful, I mean the the documentation for the OpenSUSE distro itself is awful when compared with some other distros such as Fedora or Archlinux

>> No.61458505

imho its dumb not to use multiple partitions.

If you ever want to rebuild the machine its very convenient having your home folder on its own partition.

>> No.61458532

Why? What does it change?

>> No.61458561


Yes, and all the cache files in .cache, potentially useless files in .local and leftover files in .config for programs you don't use or old/new versions of config files that don't work or cause problems with a different version of the software.

>> No.61458609

why does what change?
if you reinstall linux as part of the install likely the filing table will be rewritten on the partition you choose to install the OS on.

when the filing table is rewritten the references to your files will be rewritten as well.

when you use a separate partition for /home the filing tables are untouched during a reinstall

>> No.61458658

Filing table?

>> No.61458660

>when you use a separate partition for /home the filing tables are untouched during a reinstall
excuse me, when you use a separate partition for /home the filing tables on that /home partition are untouched during a reinstall

>> No.61458683

>cant into linux this hard

>> No.61458698

Do you really need it to be untouched? What does it change?

>> No.61458708

If I minimal install Ubuntu without install Unity does this mean I'm out of Amazons telemetry?

>> No.61458709

I'm trade ng to get conky to work, but it doesn't even display. On obvious errors in terminal either as far as I know. Anything I can do to troubleshoot or something?

>> No.61458735

*trying *no fuck autocorrect

>> No.61458736

yes, but Canonical have to fell some pain after putting spyware into GNU/Linux, there are many other distros

>> No.61458767

Dual booting here. I have a secondary drive that I'll use for pretty much everything that is not the OS and programs.

Should I just format as NTFS and use it with both Linux and Windows or make 2 partitions?

>> No.61458804

They'd feel more pain from you using Ubuntu (and with that theier servers) than from you not using Ubuntu.

>> No.61458888

You are welcome, man.

Also, openSUSE in both of its branches uses by default btrfs. I think they are the only distro among the most popular to use it by default. People have mixed opinions about btrfs, since it isn't finished yet, but I never encountered a problem when I have used it.

>> No.61458966

I don't think the ntfs driver handles permissions well
other than that everything should be fine

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This is really cute

>> No.61458973

What do you mean by pain?

>> No.61458985

it was only present in unity and I think it's gone now anyways

>> No.61459078

Well, experience tells me that I never deal with that anyways with my secondary hard drive, so no problems there.

>> No.61459218

I'm searching for a way to pick a random item in POSIX sh, like I can do with shuf:
$ printf 'foo\nbar\nbaz\n' | shuf -n 1

Any ideas?

>> No.61459760

what file managers do you use?

>> No.61459774

Still, it feels weird for what's basically a fresh install to behave like that. I only installed Firefox, 7zip and this software for uni on Windows and it already lags like a tortoise on startup, wtf.

>> No.61459779

GNU Emacs.

>> No.61459782


>> No.61459806

I'm visiting america, what fast food should I try?

>> No.61459808

pcmanfm is the best
>t nautilus user atm

>> No.61459823


>> No.61459826

Ranger. Fits in my workflow and allows my hands to stay on the keyboard most of the time.

>> No.61459844

spacefm is pcmanfm but weirder

>> No.61459870

Spacefm is the continuation of pcmanfm and has built upon its features

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>Want to play a FOSS MMO
>See The Mana World
>This is every online player during Halloween
What was I expecting?

>> No.61460034

I don't know, what were you expecting?

>> No.61460066

looks comfy desu

>> No.61460073

You tell me, kiddo.

>> No.61460076

that would be pcmanfm-qt
space is a fork of pc, made by different peeps

>> No.61460103

>"PCManFM-Qt is the Qt port of PCManFM"
So as i stated,spacefm is the continuation of pcmanfm/pcmanfm-mod

>> No.61460134

no it's not. it's a fork by ignorantguru
pcmanfm was dev by pcman and contributers
now he's doing pcmanfm-qt but gtk2/3 version still receive updates

>> No.61460186
File: 89 KB, 1516x792, 2017-07-19-153926_1516x792_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No,he isn't.
QT is a fork
spacefm is the continuation of it.

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>> No.61460430

Is there a good program for reading ebooks that can display vertical Japanese text properly?

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hey, I'm brand new, booting ubuntu linux off of a flash drive. It works fine but I cant get changes to save when I restart the computer. If i were to download an image or unpin a program it resets when i turn the computer off and reboot linux. Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.61461034

You are running it from a flash drive without persistence.

>> No.61461104

Cool thanks, I think I messed up when i put ubuntu on the drive, Ill go redo it, thanks

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Found this old laptop at work with windowXP on it. Boss said I could take it home if I dbanned it first. What Linux would you say is most suitable for it? It's a Dell Inspiron 600m.

>> No.61461208

Any of them

>> No.61461290

I've had bad experiences with Ubuntu or lxle on old hardware. I wanted arch, but there's no 32 bit. I was thinking a minimal install of Debian, but any other suggestions would be great.

>> No.61461320


>> No.61461415

Recently made the switch, is there any software for Linux similar to Everything?

>> No.61461441

>I was thinking a minimal install of Debian
Do that, or Lubuntu.

>> No.61461583

>What Linux
always use the newest kernel!
>What GNU/Linux
you should use ligt deskop eviornoment rest of os depend on ur preferences, i use debian+LXDE on old notebook

>> No.61461684

why the fuck do people keep recommending debian? it's old as shit and not useful for anything on the desktop. Its only use is for ubuntu to use its packages.

>> No.61461719

No one likes Ubuntu

>> No.61461747

Does f2fs on android actually make it smoother or is it placebo?
Everything feels more responsive on this faggot Nexus 7 with f2fs

>> No.61461776
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>> No.61461894

free -h doesn't match the memory usage from gnome-system-monitor. Why?

>> No.61461908

Debian has 3 versions, where stable is something you want for servers or other cases when a system must be rock solid, testing is nice for daily use an up2date and when you have the time to babysit your system like other rolling releases, you can even use unstable, which is as up2date like, for example Arch. Ubuntu for example is a frozen unstable, so Ubuntu is as up2date as Debian testing.

>> No.61461929

exactly so use ubuntu on the desktop and debian for server. That's what ubuntus for.

>> No.61461931

stable also has backports if you want stable but newer packages

>> No.61461958

secu team does not cover sid sadly
i want to agree b-but amazon is fucking terauma.

>> No.61461965

>Gnome 1gb or more
Yeah,with Firefox running.

>> No.61461975

>i want to agree b-but amazon is fucking terauma.
so don't install it

>> No.61461990

I prefer a community oriented distro instead of something made by a shady open source company.

>> No.61461997

>so don't install it
b-but whole OS is done by (((morally bad))) people

>> No.61462009

shady? lol

>> No.61462022


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Would it make sense to use a tiling WM like ratpoison withing a DE like LXDE?

Is there any benefit to using a DE at all?

>> No.61462057

>Would it make sense to use a tiling WM like ratpoison withing a DE like LXDE?
>Is there any benefit to using a DE at all?

>> No.61462067

but debian have outdated packages, /g/entoo is cool if you rly love to solve problems (i do :3)
what else do we have?

>> No.61462079

>Would it make sense to use a tiling WM like ratpoison withing a DE like LXDE?
Why not? If you want a tiling wm with a DE behind it, just do it.
>Is there any benefit to using a DE at all?
If you already know what you are doing and found your favorite DE-indipendend programs, not really.

>> No.61462101

>but debian have outdated packages
keep spreading the meme, boy

>> No.61462113

You can get 90% of the effect just by running tmux in an undecorated terminal. You probably aren't going to have that many GUI applications open at onee sharing the same screen.

>Is there any benefit to using a DE at all?

Not having to dick around with config files or scripting for basic cosmetic settings or taskbar widgets

>> No.61462127

i used it on PC, still use it on old notebook, its just true.

>> No.61462142

Being a meme doesn't make something untrue. Debian's packages on unstable have lagged several versions behind other distros' main releases for all the years I've used it

>> No.61462146

Midnight commander is the non-heretical
file manager anon.

>> No.61462162


Does anyone think that's the most obnoxious word recently?
Why do people think it will make their computer super strong? Why do they think it will make their computer "hard to hack"?

>> No.61462182

lol using debian on desktop is like using centos on the desktop. Use fedora or ubuntu instead.

>> No.61462203

but Emacs exist...
>Why do people think it will make their computer super strong?
they dont
>Why do they think it will make their computer "hard to hack"?
because its true (?)
when i was configuring custom kernel i saw some options like 'cheap randomization' if man says true it makes writing some exploits harder.

>> No.61462211

When will qutebrowser use qtwebengine by default over qtwebkit?

>> No.61462225


>> No.61462551

chromium botnet

>> No.61462572


>> No.61462590

Stop using memes you don't understand

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What are some time saving terminal commands?

>> No.61462615


>> No.61462623

rm -rf /

>> No.61462650

This. Make sure to su beforehand

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Why the fuck is my optical drive disappearing from the eufi boot menu after I disable csm? I could see it failing to boot if my live cd isn't using a uefi boot sector, but the tray itself isn't recognized. All the guides I read about dual booting with windows said to disable it, then install from live disc or usb.

>> No.61462751


>> No.61462760

are you retarded?

>> No.61462777

Someone always falls for it

>> No.61462778

are you new?

>> No.61462800
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remeber kids, always use man before typing unknown commands

>> No.61462802


>> No.61462811

Do stupid things in parallel to save time:

$ seq 10 | xargs -P 0 -n 1

For advanced parallel-ing try GNU parallel!
Don't work on my GNU.

>> No.61462846

alias a=alias

>> No.61463075

how do I prevent screen dim on xorg

>> No.61463080

keked strong
>windows crash
hahaha we gonna send whole data that u worked on to our eVIl base
linux oops
hah we will draw ascii art

>> No.61463103

Forwarding here because im dumb and misposted a little bit

>> No.61463107


>> No.61463129

>Developing proprietary software in order to have means to support free software.
how its possible?
>Stallman's definition
probably no...

>> No.61463189

What are you doing, are you trying to summon him?

>> No.61463221

Money. If i'll take the offer, i will have money to spend on donations. If I'll refuse, I'll probably die of hunger, which isn't very efficient way to support anything, you know...
But Stallman once said that there is a really few things in this universe that can be worse than developing proprietary software.
So this is my concern.

>> No.61463326

i wanted to share my find, ponysay is related to cowsay so...
>which isn't very efficient way to support anything
IMO you should lurk for job related with FOSS.
like https://www.qt.io/careers/
but untill you fond morally good job you should not die.
im freetard too but probably at least few new years ill spent on prop***ry software, but i will try to conribute in free time

>> No.61463346

What is the difference between driver, kernel module and device firmware?

>> No.61463408

I'm not sure if barneyfag has been summoned if you posted a link rather than a picture, but you can never be too careful.

>> No.61463460

Only thing I hate about GNU/Linux is that packages can be named differently between distros or even different versions and can easily cause confusion.

>> No.61463505

>Install Lubuntu
>it does not show up in boot menu, only my live usb

So much for "just works".

>> No.61463535

What did you do?

>> No.61463647
File: 162 KB, 891x1200, our_ancestors_look_upon_us_with_great_shame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I run dwm, my laptop runs about 20 degrees hotter than when I use GNOME3. Any ideas as to why? Could GNOME be running something like bumble bee without me knowing?

>> No.61463662

That is the worst code I have ever seen.

>> No.61463699

>That if condition evaluation

>> No.61463720

> interaction designer

That explains things.

>> No.61463757

have you tried comparing the average load, background processes and the CPU load because I frankly find that hard to believe.

>> No.61463759

i heard windows sauces leaks so there are even worst things

>> No.61463826

Modules are the same as drivers, firmware is something that runs on the device.

>> No.61463827
File: 359 KB, 640x478, believe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw apt-get upgrade on my 6-year-old NAS that I configured and didn't touch until a drive started failing recently
>started over an hour ago with no signs of finishing

>> No.61463860

I find it interesting that IsMyPresident doesn't take a president as an argument, but rather, an America.

>> No.61463885

>Modules are the same as drivers
wrong, drivers are usually modules but not viceversa.
Module is loadable part of kernel, driver is piece of code that mediate between OS and hardware
and whole date are hardcoded.
and citzen inherits continent

>> No.61463964
File: 1.28 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-07-19-17-00-52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried using boot repair but it did nothing. I did what the image says but it did nothing. I press f12 at boot menu and the only options it shows are w*ndows and my live usb. I go to my boot order and it doesn't show linux. I reinstalled it once from the live usb and it shows that its installed.

>> No.61463971

From a fresh start up on both.

load average: 0.05, 0.26, 0.25
179 total tasks
15% mem
1% cpu per process

157 total tasks
load average 1.06, 0.54, 0.35
8.8% mem
20% cpu per process

>> No.61464063
File: 20 KB, 500x371, 41Wa8dCv7fL._SY400_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone please help me out, I asked on the Ubuntu forums and didn't get a response.

A little background, I'm setting up some homebrew hard drive wiping stations running XUbuntu and the shred utility. I'm set up to wipe 20 drives at once using 2 of these cards: https://www.amazon.com/Ableconn-PEX10-SAT-Port-Express-Adapter/dp/B0177GBY0Y

I want to map each sata port on the PCI cards to a udev naming scheme (ex. /dev/sda is the boot drive connected to the motherboard, /dev/sdb is the first sata port on the PCI card going all the way up to /dev/sdu for 20 total drives). The goal is to be able to tell when a drive fails or is bad and pinpoint which sata cable it's connected to.

I'm wiping thousands of drives and it takes about 4hrs to wipe a 7200rpm 500GB drive so if anyone has a better solution I'm all ears. The idea is to have a semi permanent solution.

>> No.61464150

Then how can there be firmware for wlan adapter if tgis is fucking wlan adapter and can't actually run anything?
Or am i missing something?

>> No.61464163


>> No.61464190

What's a wlan adapter?

>> No.61464212
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-07-19-17-20-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I really remove my live usb while it's running?! I'm scared.

>> No.61464224

will just restart you into your install.

>> No.61464328

its not cost-effective to create specialized ASIC for every job.
vlan adapter is little computer that run firmware.

>> No.61464382
File: 2.98 MB, 1474x1600, 1495857347812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PS both firmvare and hardwere must be Free/Open to not rape your Freedom

>> No.61464558

Any window manager works with the virtualbox seamless-mode feature?

>> No.61464613
File: 226 KB, 944x550, 1458185329780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>old thinkpad
>Windows 7 installed
>boots in literally 1 minute
>time to install GNU/Linux
>burn a USB
>put the USB on the thinpad
>boots in 6 seconds
>is still just the USB

>> No.61464641

it could just load a swap file but you wouldn't know

>> No.61465100

My Ubuntu LTS install just hard crashed. Walked away for a few minutes and came back to a rebooted system. There's literally nothing in the logs around the time it happened. Anyone know how to diagnose further?

>> No.61465158

What's the easiest way to halt traffic if VPN connection drops? Using openvpn

>> No.61465473

What's the best terminal hex editor for GNU/Linux?

>> No.61465562

Ubuntu or Debian. I'm going to use this machine for university and I'm stuck between the two. I had experience with Linux being Linux certified and all. Tried looking around for a good reason to install on or the other, but couldn't find any.

Any points you want to bring up that may persuade me?

>> No.61465603

arch installed via architect. why? because the aur gives you quick, easy access to virtually everything that can be run natively on linux

>> No.61465639

I did hear that Arch updates can screw with some files. Has that happened recently, I really don't want to take time and fix everything while in school

>> No.61465699

well arch has an optional lts kernal, aside from that just put off updates to like once a week or whenever you have time to see what's got updates available and check out the documentation. but I personally have literally never had an arch update break anything.

>> No.61465707

I can't decide which distro. Should I just do Ubuntu like most people?

>> No.61465774

the only real difference between distros is package management and out of box defaults, so unless you want a specific package management scheme or find a distro that has most or all of the presets you want in place, you can literally pick any distro at random and spend a few hours at most, making it what you want it to be. also brotip: if you're having problems, archwikki applies to all distros unless the article specifically involves using pacman/yaourt

>> No.61465796

I have a spare notebook here. Want to give to my dad see news and talk with his old friends online.
The fact is, I'll travel to a far place in a few days and want to stay in the control of the machine, being able to solve any problem that may occur with the machine.
I changed all the OS to linux some months ago after being full /stallman/.
I'm kinda new to linux, still using Mint distro.
I searched the web and found some tools like ssh and xrdp but couldn't figure it out how to configure it.
When I was into windows, I was used to play with LogMeIn but they disabled so I moved to TeamViewer.
Could any /g/ brother and linux lover help me with this?

>> No.61465809

A module is like a plugin for Linux.
A driver is like a plugin for the module.
Not all modules contain drivers.


>> No.61465850

Install Devuan, read the Arch Wiki, expermient with GuixSD, love Source Mage, do the LFS.

>> No.61465874


>> No.61465894

Okay thanks, I will just decide on something then.

>> No.61465968
File: 75 KB, 587x683, scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61466000

this looks actually interesting

>> No.61466003
File: 981 KB, 500x281, kuroneko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>type in command (and don't press enter)
>press Ctrl-D twice
>the command executes

>type in same command
>press Ctrl-D twice
>nothing happens

Why is it different?
And why does Ctrl-D Ctrl-D execute a command in the first place? Shouldn't only the "enter" key do that?

>> No.61466053

Decided to go with Ubuntu, it's very much like Debian and I like the Ubuntu community so much better. Even though I have more experience than the new user, but I never really used it day to day before.

>> No.61466078

sh -c 'cat'
bash -c 'cat'
does the same thing here

>> No.61466081

somebody PLEASE respond

>> No.61466092

there is no reason to use debian on the desktop when ubuntu exists.

>> No.61466107


>> No.61466130

settle down there son

>> No.61466135

you wouldn't use centos on the desktop would you? Same for debian.

>> No.61466139

I see, but why?

>> No.61466188

>Linux certified
>Can't choose which distro to use

>> No.61466218

My training never steered with what distribution to use for desktop. Most of the simulated environments were fedora.

>> No.61466224

Oh is see what you mean, when started the shell interactive, sh indeed executes at the second ^d. No idea why anon.

>> No.61466263

where did you get you "Linux cerification"?

>> No.61466277

In High School :-/

>> No.61466283

Please, folks. Help a free user to keep his free OS.

>> No.61466301

the fuck are you even doing

>> No.61466311

What distros have a graphical front end for their package manager like Synaptic?

Does Arch?
Does Gentoo?
Does CentOS?
Does Suse?
Does BSD?
Any others?

>> No.61466313


>> No.61466450

Just experimenting with input redirection

>> No.61466461

Does anyone know how to start rtorrent automatically after boot. Tried a few systemd service files lying around the net but no success.
Also how to run a script after boot as a particular use?

>> No.61466472

thanks, gonna try it

>> No.61466492


>> No.61466532

Great, its locally working!
Is there a way to open to outside connections? Note: I can't use the IP because its a radio internet connection here and I can't open the proper ports.

>> No.61466554

dunno, never actually used it myself, just know it's supposed to be bretty gud

>> No.61466877

Why can't I mount an external hard drive under dwm and cwm? It works fine under Openbox, XFCE, etc. Is it an fstab issue or something?

>> No.61466948

Can you forward the ports on your end? If so, setup a reverse tunnel, in which the laptop actively tries to connect to you instead of you connecting to it. Perhaps over SSH.

If neither end can open ports, then you should probably look for a VPS or a VPN.

>> No.61466963

How are you trying to mount it? What is the error?

>> No.61467014

Can't forward ports.
Can I solve this using a VPN? Can I open ports with a VPN connection?

>> No.61467097

I plug it in. The 'Devices' section of Thunar seems to be wrong under dwm and cwm too.

>> No.61467153

For a GPT disk, booting with UEFI, what's the recommended partition size for the GRUB2 boot loader? The Gentoo Handbook states at least 1MB is required, and 2MB is recommended in the installation instructions. But I've seen people recommend 3MB, and even seen 512MB before. Is there any point/advantages to using a larger partition?

>> No.61467191

is it possible to make appimages of old versions of wine to use with specific software that only works with those versions on newer versions of linux? That way you could have as many different versions of wine as you wanted on the same OS.

>> No.61467211

It seems logical that if you connect multiple computers to the same VPN, they should see each other without a problem, since they are now in the same network.

Those window managers don't include a mount helper like the desktop environments you mentioned. You can install something like udiskie for automatic mounting if you don't want to do it manually.

>> No.61467244
File: 679 KB, 540x720, dog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ubuntu 17.10 because lol Ryzen
>Front headphone and mic ports don't work
>Run alsamixer
>Select "HD-Audio Generic" soundcard
>Alsamixer promptly dies with "cannot load mixer controls: Invalid Argument"
I've reinstalled Alsa about 50 fucking times but nothing helps, audio through rear ports works fine, literally got no idea what to do anymore.
I know that ports work because when I boot Win7 it immediately works with 0 fucking around.

>> No.61467253

Thanks. I'll have to try udiskie.

>> No.61467306

Seems like you could also use Thunar to handle it if you so desired: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Thunar#Thunar_Volume_Manager.

>> No.61467351
File: 29 KB, 552x595, japanese-love-symbol-hi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh I got it.
Okay, gonna look into it!
Thanks, you helped me a lot.

>> No.61467394

Probably with v1.0, in December. Some things are still missing before flipping the switch.

QtWebEngine strips out stuff talking to Google, and looking at Wireshark I couldn't see a single connection to Google with qutebrowser so far.

>> No.61467395

Most routers have local DNS servers for DHCP.

>> No.61467409

4.9 is LTS but also has a crippling Ryzen bug. Switch to a newer kernel from Stretch-backports.

>> No.61467434

It probably was downloading updates and thus hogging up the ram. Or maybe it was the prefetch thing. It doesn't have anything to do with GNU/Linux.

>> No.61467502

https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/milestone/7 seems like you are correct. Even if it isn't yet the default it's still perfectly usable even now.

>> No.61467570

Good news!

>> No.61467588

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'Stallman was right again."

>> No.61467683
File: 80 KB, 644x1020, 1470894191952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been holding off, should I switch now or wait until it's masked soon?

>> No.61467726

I was trying to use static ip in my newly installed Debian, but after I rebooted resolv.conf wasn't there, and I have to create the file every boot. What the fuck did I do and what should I do?

>> No.61467735

use arch

>> No.61467778

alsa is not just one package at least here
maybe you miss something like firmware

>> No.61467870

>I boot Win7
Solving this problem should be primary.

>> No.61467903

is this the best thread on /g/?

>> No.61467915

>Because I heard it's easy to use.
>Trading freedom and dignity for mild convenience

>> No.61468002

The best thread is the sticky.

>> No.61468156

It's a fresh install so I don't see how that's possible; what do I need to install anyways?

>> No.61468278

idk your hardware ask their IRC

>> No.61468300

Wait, you're saying it's maybe a fuck up on the actual mobo audio firmware level?

>> No.61468369

developers(){ developers | developers & }; developers

>> No.61468461

Learn commandline, fag

Now, seriously:

RedHat derivatives have dnfdragora.

openSUSE has yast which is one of the oldest gui package manager and it is very solid and works very well.

Gentoo and BSD, I don't know but FreeBSD might have one. Gentoo since it is source based it might be more difficult.

Arch: both Manjaro and Antergos have gui's. Since Manjaro is hated here (with good reasons). Antergos I think uses octopi, if you choose to install arch instead (you should, are you an antergos pussy or a mighty arch aryan?), you can find it in the aur as well as other frontends like pamac, tkpacman & others. wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman/Tips_and_tricks#Graphical_front-ends

Both gnome and kde have worked hard to make a gui that it is distribution agnostic (using packagekit which can use apt, dnf, zypp, pacman and others as backends), so if you use either you'll be fine.

But seriously, asign a dropdown terminal to a hotkey and learn to manage your packages from command line, it is faster.

>> No.61468487

I have not used Arch in a while, and I've read bad things about yaourt recently.

Which aur helper is recommended nowadays and why is yaourt shit now?

>> No.61468575

cower, unless deps are also in the aur

>> No.61469144

'Bout to install loonix. Last time I installed it was in the vista era. The installer is defaulting me to partition my disk using lvm. The heck is that and what advantages has over regular logical partitions?

>> No.61469194

Logical Volume Manager. Basically eliminates the limitations of DOS MBR partition table and adds extra features.

For home use, you don't need it. Regular logical partitions are enough.

>> No.61469214


>> No.61469231

is arch the best distro or the worst meme?
i'm still unsure

>> No.61469236

you can modify it later
it's slower and requires loading proper services at boot

>> No.61469243
File: 87 KB, 1024x768, 1481066334089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61469270



>> No.61469292

>posting the cat with a caret hat

>> No.61469293


>> No.61469299

Can someone explain retards like this >>61462623?

Are they so stupid that they think they're some l33t h4ckers and epic trolls for posting that? Do they think that no one knows what that does?
Whenever I see it, I picture some 12 year old who just discovered that. He doesn't really know what "rm" is or what flags are. He just saw that snippet and thinks he's an epic troll now and that when he posts it someone will run that. Not that anything will happen when you do it.


Kill yourself.

>> No.61469334
File: 12 KB, 360x299, 1473342363319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idk, but I found this funny comic

>> No.61469361
File: 22 KB, 221x320, 1470314494830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this command save to use?

>> No.61469379

How does one improve font rendering in openSUSE?

>> No.61469380

no, it makes bomb!

>> No.61469417
File: 21 KB, 700x700, 1499012373892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

help ulimit

>> No.61469478


Like on any other distribution.

>> No.61469515

Yep I just found out about gldickens3

>> No.61469555

it creates function that call itself while u wont kill it.
(infinite requisition)
no and no, gentoo is best distro or worst meme
unavible pathes b-but why?

>> No.61469581

Ok guys I have here a piece of humor that was presented to me just a few days ago

Suck my system D

Enjoy folks

>> No.61469594

I'm a bit late but it's KDE Neon.

>> No.61469621
File: 327 KB, 1732x1442, 1484846410951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hourly reminder to install openSUSE

>> No.61469624

b-b-but muh Nvidia card

>> No.61469633

But I already did

So far I'm really happy with it, but it keeps changing my layout because the language set for the system and the one for the layout are not the same. Been changing it with YaST over and over and it keeps happening.

>> No.61469648

you mean keyboard layout? I had the same problem after a fresh install, changing the layout once to a different one and then back to the intended one did it. That was on KDE btw

>> No.61469691

>actually don't want to be part of the botnet
>friends are part of the botnet, to contact them, I must join the botnet

will there ever be a solution to this problem?

>> No.61469698

Also I noticed that when I open YaST there's this "remember password" check box. I wonder how secure is that.

>> No.61469709

>friends are part of the botnet
>don't want to be part of the botnet

Abandon your "friends" then

>> No.61469726

There's only the hard way. Man up and talk about the problem.

>> No.61469763

Yes. Write communication software, release as proprietary or cuck-free (like android). Then tech blogs will shill it for you and when enough people use it, change the license to GPLv3 or later, this makes the news again and even more people will use it.

>> No.61469812
File: 663 KB, 1280x800, 1453302683762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you root and flash custom ROM for android devices from linux?
It seems all tutorial assume you're using GNU/Linux, or require you to download suspicious files.

>> No.61469832

yeah been wondering about that myself

>> No.61469834

How do you bind Caps Lock to Esc only when you're running vim?

>> No.61469852
File: 181 KB, 634x635, 1485102514615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Create a new thread or this bird will stab you.

>> No.61469875

why would you want two caps lock keys?

>> No.61469898

I mean making pressing Caps equal to pressing esc, so it's easier to go back to normal mode.

>> No.61469938

Can i take the newest kernel source, compile only one module and insert it into older kernel on working system?
Will that work?

>> No.61469971

probably but will be buggy, just compile the whole thing

>> No.61470006

which kernel?

>> No.61470108

200 street signs later: >>61470096

>> No.61470197

No, the module will only work with the kernel it was built for.

>> No.61470667

Debian with xfce or fluxbox

>> No.61470733

x100 easier to resize your volumes, basically no reason to not use it. I hope you chose to encrypt /home if your cpu supports aes instructions, it is <current_year> after all.

>> No.61470768

You install Android Studio directly from Google's site, which comes with the SDK that includes ADB to flash phones and shit. Some distros have standalone Android tools like ADB in their official repos.

>> No.61471866

LXLE and wattOS have the smallest footprint of all the distros I've seen - 150-160MB with LXDE. Or there's always BunsenLabs or Debian with i3/openbox, but that would need effort to make look nice

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