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Why do Linux devs do it for free?

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they are sponsored by naruto

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autism/looks good on a resume

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a good number of them get paid

but the joy of sharing is fine as well

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I think about it every day but still have no answer.

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A lot of people write windows apps for free as well. That might be even more curious. Why did you create this thread for free? Or did you?

I'm replying because I'm in a snarky mood and I think you're an idiot.

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corporate contributions make up the vast majority of all contributions to the Linux kernel.

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uanme -0

> GNU/Linux
>Feels good for thy gods have even told retards that GNU--Linux exists

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They really don't do it for free. The biggest contributors to Linux's code base are Intel and Red Hat.

The US military is Red Hat's biggest customer.

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arbeit macht frei

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And 15 years of unemployment gaps in an resume is meant to look? I mean compared to yours I think it better to do something with your life other then allow your retarded neighbor mows a lawn every now and end up getting a job because that is how one might fill resume gaps.

Sit on your fucking ass and spew shit - you are doing great so far.

Good luck with life.
>Linux is funded
>Google donates money to open source
>Redhat, Microsoft, Amazon, etc...

What a shame there is no money in open source aye...

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Microsoft was also a top five contributor.

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I really feel like you had to dumb that down or you're really fucking retarded.

I do agree that OP is a neet but I more see his kind as those depressed kids who missed their chance to complete high school because they thought they were better.

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They don't.

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Well at the same time I would generally pass on those types of posts but that was cancerous enough for me to respond.

OP is sure a faggot and I agree with the HS reference. One sad cunt who failed basic mathematics.

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Social equality with programmers?
Do you really think that some of the Linux programmers would not be retarded enough to own a Macbook Pro

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>autism/looks good on a resume

It sure does special guy. Here some support for your low IQ mate.


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You are too dumb to understand the complexity of the world and therefore you're trying to put simple labels on sophisticated things.

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The ones that do it for free probably do it for experience I'd assume. Like others have said: Ideology. Resume building. Community. Paying it forward. Etc...

Also, like others have said, a lot of Linux is funded. I believe this is because it has many specialty distros that have very few, if any limitations on what you can/can't do with them. That and Linux servers are basically god tier from my understanding and will run till the computer disintegrates. I believe this is why Linux is invaluable to large corporations but I could be completely wrong. I'm sure someone will happily correct me if that's the case.

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chuckles in Bolshevik

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They get paid by plenty of people. Linus is worth $150 million.

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