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Hello. I'm a yuropoor and in my country at least, Apple is not very popular (except for iPhone - those are very popular).

Macs are perceived as expensive toys for less technical people. One thing I never understood about this whole Mac thing is, though, why do some people who are highly technical, almost geniuses (like the people working at the most advanced artificial intelligence company, DeepMind) - insist on using Macs?

Do you think such people keep macOS or install something else on it?

Seriously I have seen so many pictures of genius scientists, innovators, AI researchers with PhDs in math and compSci always using Macs. What gives?

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They use macs for their power points and the hard work is done on real computers

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they likely ssh into a linux server to do work

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This and do web development on macs. I don't like the istore backdoors in osx. I prefer linux and windows enterprise.

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a UNIX operating system with software support is very good for productivity

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>>Macs are perceived as expensive toys for less technical people
Pretty much everything you use daily was made on a Mac. Yes, including 4chan.

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>freetards in damage control mode

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I had a Macbook Pro. It's a luxury device. You pay more for less that computing power. It's the closest thing to bringing the terminal to normies so there's that.

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This. Unix certified OS with paid developers working on it is a dream for development. It's like the best parts of Linux and windows put together.

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4chan runs on mac minis brah

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>It's like the best parts of Linux and windows put together.
you just made my dick hard
I want a Mac now

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Fuck off, shills

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>Fuck off, shills
pajeet detected
10 rupees have been deposited to your Microsoft Linux account

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Real work is made in Linux servers, mostly research makes jobs read or write paper or code some example code.

Just buy mac won't give it, high education and hundreds books read research.

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>Microsoft Linux account
Did you hit your head or something?

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Very thinly veiled pro-Mac thread. Not even a good one.

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>Implying being able to download a "Not an Emulator" emulator for linux somehow equates to a "Microsoft Linux Account"

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100 rupee credits have been deposited to your Microsoft Store account

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Because it's Unix with a much better desktop, commercial software and hardware support, good font rendering and 99.9% of the open source software they need for work runs on it flawlessly.

On top of that, nobody runs big computing jobs on a single laptop or a desktop anymore anyways. If you have a job that does a substantial amount of processing you develop it on the laptop with a small amount of test data and then run it on a cluster.

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>Macs are perceived as expensive toys for less technical people
that's just you who took the bait. the world is bigger than /g/, where people normally form their own opinions.

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Just gonna leave this here

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Why do these "computerphiles" say "neither" to the question of "PC or Mac"? Like, "neither. Linux" --- WTF? So PC=Windows ? Linux is not PC? what the actual fuck

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Macs have premium parts, like the screen, construction and good battery life.
But for that price, you can get better shit than an i5 and AYMD GPU

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>when the creepiest guy on the office says linux
Not so far from reality

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We have this thread almost every day, made by the same literal paid shills. The same exact answer is given every single time: because those people develop for all 3 major OS's and since macOS is locked down to macbooks, they need one for development. This answer gets ignored every single time.

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Shit keyboard, horrible package management, no one gives a shit about muh UNIX certificate, desktop is definitely not superior to Gnome, font rendering is just above average.

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There's literally not a single better defaul font rendering on any OS and Gnome doesn't offer anything superior on its desktop experience

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There are people at tech field who still use Windows

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Where's the prompt for each individual conflict when merging 2 folders in macOS?

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Google developers almost unanimously use OS X these days and 95% of them don't develop anything for Windows. They choose it because it's objectively superior to Linux on the desktop.

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>and here is my proof:

And no, it's not objectively superior, you just like it more.

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>hard work

like gaming and coding ?

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The modern Linux desktop is such a disaster that OS X is easily objectively superior.

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>and here is my proof:

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>The modern Linux desktop is such a disaster that OS X is easily objectively superior.
you mean that OSX is prettier or more functional?

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Gr8 b8 m8, a few loonix losers fell for it.
I'm a Windows user, mac is pretty and shit, but is a shitbag compared to linux, you just have to be smart enough to tinker the shit out of it and make it work like you want

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and the immature outcasts say windows because muh graphic cards muh video games muh normie culture with all that video gamey hoodies. i'm glad i'm better than all of you

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>i'm glad i'm better than all of you
>lurks 4chan

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>One of the quotes says they prefer windows
Please refrain from low tier shitposting, thank you.

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post your outfit. who's your favourite designer ? what's your favourite album ?

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Why open the same thread all the time?
Well, most likely because you are a shill, but I'll still ask.

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>post your outfit. who's your favourite designer ? what's your favourite album ?
I'm a designer and I think that having a favorite designer is for faggots

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no, i mean fashion designer

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wow man. i am the guy that started making apple thread recently. didn't think that it would awaken more apple movement like this.

apple sees computing differently compared to other companies. that's all, i guess

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That's the actual answer. They don't get banned because they rephrase the question, but it's definitely shilling. A lot of their posts have identical word-per-word stories about how they switched from Linux/Windows to Mac and how it's so much better for a list of cherry picked reasons.

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>spending too much money on clothes
I buy my shit on retails, aliexpress and use clothes

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Well, its also the very same image this fag uses again, well whatever.
Just another thing which makes this board more and more unbrowsable.

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Apple has the highest build quality computers. And subjectively a good looking operating system.

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>highest build quality
>battery held down by glue
Sure thing.

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it's the most competitively priced laptop on the market, they aren't all exclusively running mac osx on them

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What does "most competitively priced laptop on the market" mean?

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one of the best laptop displays and hardware specs for the price its sold at

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Battery is locked away along with the rest of the computers components in a one piece aluminium chassis.

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Seek mental help mactoddler.

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So we went from "the most competitive" to "one of the best".

Other computers have aluninum chassis without holding components with glue. You're just conveniently ignoring any flaws that don't suit your opinion.

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>>So we went from "the most competitive" to "one of the best".

those two aren't mutually exclusive, competitive means it can fight with others so it's one of the best, not the very best, otherwise it wouldn't be competitive it would be definitively (pronounced DEFFF-INN-IHH-TIV-LEE) the best

take a few more ESL lessons at your cram school before trying to play semantics on words you dont understand, pajeet

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Seek a job and money Jellyjeet.

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So can you provide some evidence on how it's the most competitive simply because it's one of the best in that area?

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>competitive means it can fight with others so it's one of the best
You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

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>can't even beat a used $500 generic throwaway in performance
>high quality

Macshit is LITERALLY for braindead gullible retards and those that believe everything their TV tells them to believe.

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Not at all. On the hardware side I don't like the new keyboard they smacked on there Macbook and Mackbook Pro. Plus I think the ekstra display on the Pro is a bad gimmick. And on the software side I really don't like OSX at all. I prefer Linux or Windows by far.
None of this changes my previous points tho. Macs still have by far the best build quality of any laptops. I wish it was different cause' I really hate their new keyboard. I'm very much looking forward to the day the Zenbooks raise their production quality to the point of Macs.

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You still haven't showed how they have the best build quality, and I've shown at least one point where they're definitely below average. Repeating a claim doesn't make it true.

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That Dell is literally just made of plastic? And it has an awful display? The mac easily beats it in build quality. Not sure why you're highlighting CPU clock speeds and price? Did you reply to the correct Anon?

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>build quality
>throttles quad core cpu down the last gen budget dual core performance

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because youre delusional if you believe in the 'mactoddler' meme
most of software available on *nix is also available for macOS
combined with superior GUI, it's a pretty good OS

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False on both claims.

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Build quality is hard to argue in text format. I'd say - Go to a store or just watch a review so you get the "feel" of it. If you haven't used a lot of different systems it's obviously not easy to see. If you feel the hinge and the seamless design it's pretty obvious tho.

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>I ask for proof
>replies with muh feels
Macfags are a joy to read.

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Final Cut Pro and other meme programs. Only good thing about Macs.

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Yeah you feel build quality of products with your hands? Are you dense? And no I don't need to be using a system to be able to see the quality of said system. Tried a Zenbook too for example, they have acceptable build quality as well. But I guess you must be extremely invested in to your specific system since you refuse to see why others chose differently from us. Try to be more open minded Anon.

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>Yeah you feel build quality of products with your hands?
Actual quote from actual macfag.

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People just use what they like best. Online battles about what is ""objectively best"" is the remit of autistic teenagers who don't do much work and for whom the brand/software preference is a replacement for personality.

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>superior anything

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>Final Cut
Not even applel uses that trash.

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>mactoddlers unironically talk about build quality

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