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Installing macOS high sierra as we speak
Upgrading to APFS too
What am I in for the new fs?
Anybody has used it already on sierra or developer preview?

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it's nice but there's really no difference desu

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>What am I in for the new fs?
bugged flash, bugged mail.app, bartender2 not working

enjoy lol

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also mail is working just fine for me desu

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well, is it my fault that many sites I use require flash?

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stop playing video games or just use chrome for those sites desu

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yes, dont use those sites

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>HFS 2.0

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I don't use mail, I use outlook 365
Don't remember las time I used flash either
Bartender not working is actually quite annoying but really expected, its been breaking after each update since el capitan
I'm really hoping for a proper merge folder behaviour
You noticed if it works well now?

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bad place to ask OP

/g/ uses

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le epic reddit gatekeeping face

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its online trading platform lol.. i wont be able to sell my fucking stock lol

no, its still the same

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again, just use chrome if you need flash, mongoloid

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Fucking shit
Seriously are they ever going to fix it
Ffs basic info like battery, clock and such wasn't shown on any macos until I sent a bug report on the sierra beta update
How can they fail at something like this
Do they not use their computer or what

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On the login screen I meant
Every time after you booted from a total shutdown no info was shown on the login screen

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Beachballs. Lot's of them.

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I just installed it and I can notice the increase on speed, but basically it seems like the system can't really keep up with it so at times finder will show files as being stuck transferring when they transferred already, or duplicated, or whatever.

It's like it assumes that there has to be a delay and there's no delay, and it's stuck wondering what the fuck is going on.

Some other apps work nicely, iTunes is a bit more responsive, at least there doesn't seem to be much of a delay anymore.

I cannot recommend it at the current state but hey at least I know it works as mackintosh and it sort of delivers, I was expecting the thing to blow the fuck up. Also I remember Sierra beta being awful compared to this.

Oh also did anyone notice they fucked up a little bit with the font rendering or is it just me? I can't put my finger on it.

Oh well, back to Sierra it is. I'm going to try to learn how to make a proper installer this time though.

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>suggests using botnet to trade stock
>calls me idiot

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if you think anyone cares about your 1 share in t-mobile you're deluded

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APFS is astronomical units better than HFS+, I would hope that HFS+ at the very least gave Apple an idea of what not to do when it comes to designing a filesystem.


APFS will finally do away with the unicode normilaztion clusterfuck that HFS+ did, which means that some applications (the ones that didn't use the proper APIs) will experience bugs or just not work right.

Also Unicode 9.0 support, which aside from emojis brings in just about every damn language on the face of the Earth.

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its not even that, I do all my important stuff in safari. on macos, keychain doesnt work with chromeshit.. so I'd have to manully type in the passwords, which is another security risk

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use a password manager

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Haven't noticed anything with fontrendering and it seems more accepting to ResFX, Sierra sometimes had two login screens in different sizes for me.

As you said, it's less of a fuck up than Sierra betas too. Though Safari is messy. Reply window on 4chains is glued to the top and can't be moved for example. All of the office shit works fine though, so guess I'm going to keep it.

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keychain is a password manager you fuck.. so i should duplicate my passwords in keepass just so I can use a botnet browser

your logic is fucked up.. go suck google dick somewhere else

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>calls people mongoloids but uses a flash program to trade stocks

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if you keep all of your data on just a single source then you're actually retarded

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Get the most recent version, problem solved.

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Issues with high sierra on mid 2010 mpb:
Does not wake from sleep
CPU goes to 100% when browsing samba shares in finder

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I do have a keepass db for backup.. but I'm not gonna use it for the botnet browser. Chrome and google can suck my dick.

Also the new safari has anti tracking support... good luck getting this from the company which lives of selling your data and feeding you targeted ads

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What kind of feedback are you even expected to give in the assistant? Say something is hard to reproduce (you're too lazy to) but runs slow or inconsistent would it be of any use for the devs?

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I've actually found some good number of issues, both ui bugging out and system behaviour
Only 1 issue is still unsolved, which is the following:
On preview, the shortcut to show or hide the thumbnails sidebar is cmd+alt+1. Problem is in the Spanish keyboard the alt-1 keystroke results in this character " | ", and coincidentally, cmd+| is another command in preview. The result is that you can not show or hide the thumbnail sidebar while using a Spanish keyboard

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>"High" anything
Is this Tim Cook's shoutout to the BernOuts?

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The customer satisfaction rate is pretty high for sure.

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macOS is fucking dogshit OP
you have to hold CMD while dragging it to work, and even then it's kinda tricky

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Let me know if you run into any of these Finder glitches:
- You click on Downloads and nothing shows up
- A folder in collapsed time view displays graphical errors
- The label to uncollapse a certain time frame doesn't work/show up
This shit literally made me downgrade from Sierra back to El Capitan

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bugged flash

I thought flash wasn't even installed on macs anymore (good riddance).

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So how is that sexy siri voice now that it speaks more naturally op?

I hope the male one sounds like my personal butler (not gay)

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hfs is literally from the 90s, cut it some slack

apple got it amazingly far with the corestorage shit, too.

I hope they opensource afps soon

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>HFS 2.0

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really more like btrfs 1.0, /pol/tard

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Have you reported any of these? That's the point of a beta release, isn't it?

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