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At what age did you grow up out of the Linux Desktop meme?

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Windows and Mac are the memes that one eventually grows out of, anon

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the definitions of a meme is that it's something popular

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When I started using Arch. 19.

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I used to feel special because I managed to install and configure Arch to my preferences. Somehow that made feel superior to boast about "MUH FREEDOM, MUH PRIVACY".
In reality, nobody gives a shit. I now happily use Windows as a desktop OS and run Linux in VM if I need it for some reason.

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when I installed macOS

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20, now I use Linux Laptop

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13 back in 1997

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What is this thread I don't even...
Enjoy your bitrot OP. Maybe ReFS will make Windows great again. Maybe Mac OS X will go back to enabling ZFS. Probably not.

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I just grew into it

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I found out about gnu screen, now that is all I use

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Popular in a certain community*
It only takes two people to create a meme friend

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What would be the difference between gnu screen and something like i3?

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2014 when I got my first Mac.
Pic related. Mac screenshot showing a Mac screenshot showing a Linux desktop.

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The only acceptable answer. And MacOS is shit.

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Fuck off you degenerate

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anime website

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I used to be the cool "I'm over linux" guy like you
Then windows 10 got released
The getting used and abused for muh convenience meme has to stop somewhere, gladly spend the 10 extra minutes every month installing stuff through apt

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being weebshit is not mean to be degenerate

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anime website

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>literal MitM

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I only watch pretentious anime, not dumb-moeshit-lesbian-girl-with-no-plot anime

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anime website

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When I realized my phone was the only computing device I needed.
Stay mad desktop plebs.

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When I stop using Unity and opt for Arch with Awesome WM.

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>implying I ever started in the first place

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>implying if you can't do it in console it's worth doing at all

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In 2018, the year of the Linux desktop when it becomes mainstream.

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Why is it that so many /g/fats are so concerned with privacy and keeping certain files/folders secure...?

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>The Fappening
You don't want to repeat history again, anon.

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Nobody would fap to you though.

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Windows 8-10 pushed me to use Linux more. I really don't have a need for Windows anymore.

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Imagine logging in to anything on a windows PC and because of the keylogger it gets sent to microsoft and after that somebody manages to leak all of microsoft's files on people.

Your logins and your credit card number now belong to the internet.

Now imagine somebody getting pissed off at you over the web for no important reason and decides to trace info back at you just to come and kill you.

source on last thing: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/video-gamer-hunts-stabs-man-killed-online-counter-strike-character-article-1.447608

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ReFS is ntfs with checksums

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I never grew into it.
I always had the distinction with using linux for servers and windows for desktops/laptops.

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Post cirno pape

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At 37 and counting, I am still yet to. Why? Because Windows is more of a meme to me. No, I don't give a fuck about your games, or whatever else you say I need Windows for, or what you think about "having to" use the command line, or what shit you've had break.

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Eve is strong as fuck though

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probably 18. late bloomer. that's why communism took me an extra year at 19 to grow out of.

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Eve is a privileged white slut from a gated upper class community who is only with wale to stick it up to get dad, the autopilot, since she is in her rebel phase.
And terminator is just an asshole killer who only cares about him self and muh sara connor.

Walle is a super nice guy who cares about the whole planet, works hard to clean it up for the next generations and never complains, never gives up and doesn't care about no fancy space ships and expensive technology. He is THE friend that everyone loves to be around.

Thanks for proving the superiority of windows pleb.

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She is not in her rebel phase, she is programmed, hell, even made for discovering extraterrestrial life and delivering the results back to autopilot. If there is a rebellious character, it is the President who commands the autopilot to not return to the Earth.

Eve sticks around with Wall-e and tries to save him even after she completes her mission, why would she do that if she is only using him?

You sound like a c*mmunist with that wording.

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I grew until it mate, just as my knowledge about computers did

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16 for about a day

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At what age did you grow up out of the "at what age did you grow up out of the Linux Desktop meme" meme?

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11 years old.

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When I brought a Mac and realized you can have good looks, wide program support and unix that doesn't fucking suck.

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hella gay


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for what? the "game"?

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