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Is there a way to count all the words in a powerpoint document?

Google only points to the native """solution""" which doesn't actually count all the words.

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I have hundreds of these shitty powerpoints to count.
I'd rather avoid having to count them manually.

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Go the bruteforce way and parse the xml in the scripting language of your choice.

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So what you're saying is there's really no simple way of doing this?

I either need external software or coding tools?

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tried exporting the content into a program or format?

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What kind of program or format?

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doc=test_doc; libreoffice --impress --headless --convert-to pdf $doc.odp; pdftotext $doc.pdf - | wc

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where do i put this?

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in the terminal.
Windows have one now right?

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I have no idea what that is.

Also, that code seems to say "libreoffice", but I have legit microsoft office.

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In your shell session duh.

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I'll break it down for you

This stores the name of the file, in my case, the name of the file is test_doc and I want to store it in the $doc variable.

libreoffice --impress --headless --convert-to pdf $doc.odp;

Here I use libreoffice to convert the presentation to a pdf.
If you want to use microsoft office, you have to use the built in function.

pdftotext $doc.pdf - | wc

Here I take the resulting pdf and convert it to text, the "-" tells the program to simply print it rather than write it to a file.
The wc program (Word Count) counts the words.

You could also open the pdf file in a reader and export the text in another way and count the words in a text file.

You could also just look down in the corner and see how many words there is.

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select all, copy to notepad, copy again from notepad to word. read the properties. done

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>select all
Impossible right there.

It either only selects all the text in a certain box, on a certain slide, or everything except the boxes.

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I think I found it.

I save the fucking things as PDFs, then convert them to word using some shitty third-party converter, and then make sure no text boxes are skipped in the count.

What a load of shit, but it beats counting in the PPT itself.

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there should be a && between libreoffice and pdftotext senpai, you only want to run pdftotext after libreoffice succeeds right

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Please KYS now
after fucking off back to /v/
technology board looks more like pajeet support skype by the second

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There is a ";"
fuck safety

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