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>use only 2.5" drives in my desktop
>less space taken up
>less heat
>able to fit more drives in
>looks aesthetically better
>can reuse drives for laptops and consoles

Why are you using any other drive size? You're cucking yourself out of all of these.

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Because I'm not a stupid faggot and understand drive longevity

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Failure rate is way more and 2.5 inches drives are slow

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That's what I'm doing. I don't own a single desktop drive now.

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All of my 3.5" drives have died faster than my 2.5" ones. The difference in failure rate isn't enough to matter.

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>2.5 inches drives are slow
SSDs are 2.5" format. Even the slowest SSD is faster than any spinning rust drive.
Sure they cost more but you can't buy that speed any other way.

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i think he was referring to 2.5" hdd's anon.

both his points are valid, using 2.5" hdd's are silly in a desktop.

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>using a 2.5 SSD

Fucking pleb.
M.2 or fuck right off.

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>not m.sata

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>Anecdotal evidence

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I'm not even using HDD's anymore.

Never needed more than ~500GB's of space until very recently with the 100GB videogames coming out and for those I just uninstall one and install another when I feel like playing them.

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>he doesn't use proper cable management to put his drive behind the mobo

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>I just uninstall one and install another when I feel like playing them.
lmfao are you immortal? or just so fucking stupid you don't realize how much time you're wasting?

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>Why are you using any other drive size?
Laptop drives are PAINFULLY slow. That's why.

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Learn some patience in your life. Maybe a slower drive will humble you from being a spoiled little shit

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What if I use 3.5" as backup drives? That would be the ideal setup, correct?

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not that anon but not everyone has as slow internet as you homie

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No. Life is just too short for slow drives, or slow computing equipment in general.

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>not exclusively using pcie ssd in your desktop computer

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Enjoy paying more for a shorter lifespan lol

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>not using 2.5" Seagate hard drives in raid 0
It's like you guys don't even understand price/performance.

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>using shittier hdds because of heat
it's a non-issue unless they run 100% 24/7 with tenth inch gap between them

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You might want to update your information about SSDs to 2017 because you appear to be stuck in 2009

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ssds have actually longer lifespans than hdds

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Has the heat hard drives put out ever been a problem for anyone? If those giant server racks that host sites like YouTube, use 3.5" hard drives tightly packed together, I doubt heat is a problem.

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I don't spend literally all day playing videogames and I can do other things while installing because I'm not using a crippled intel cpu.

Maybe it's time you upgraded your machine?

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Show me a 10 terabyte 2.5" drive and I will buy it.

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same experience here

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>he saves a thumbnail

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>Not using an m.2 SSD

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I use those chinkshit USB to 2.5 SATA things that you can get for like $4 on eBay; praying they don't fail but it hasn't happened yet in several years

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Show me a 8TB 2.5" drive, asshat.

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>Why are you using any other drive size?
Storage capacity.

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that's not storage

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It could be a problem on a desktop chassis if you are jam packing them together without sufficient airflow.

Otherwise probably not, I've rarely heard of people cooking drives unless they had an extremely bad setup.

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I'm actually reusing a wd scorpio black 7200rpm from my laptop in my new pc build. Is that a bad idea? It was changed recently but my laptop died on me so I thought it wasn't a bad idea to reuse it since it's also faster than 5400rpm. I'll just be using it for storage, I already have a 250 gb nvme drive for the os and important software.

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>not going SSD only


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>SSDs for storing media and documents
Yeah, totally a good idea

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If someone has the money to burn and a small enough dick that makes them need to compensate, why bother telling what 'cost effective' means

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>yeah this guy wants his important data to last more than 3 years fuck him

Wew lad. Ssd fags are the absolute worst

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Regardless of how much money you have to burn, you get more storage out of HDDs vs. SSDs. Period.

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Stop using cheap 5k RPM drives.

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>understand drive longevity
2.5" last longer than 3.5" because of smaller platter size.
Don't forgot the less power requirement.
And the easy of setting a RAID.
Also you can put it in enclosure and use it as external HDD without needing dedicated PSU.
Newer 2.5" HDD are fast.
>using 2.5" hdd's are silly in a desktop.
You don't even need special connections.
I was going to say something but then I remembered not everyone have shitty internet like me.
If you're talking about WD black, but then you can do more with 2.5" than 3.5".
Servers have excellent cooling, your desktop doesn't.
Those are simple adapters, if it fails just get new one.
You shouldn't get HDD more than 1TB anyway.

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Why? My 4TB HDD and both 1.5TB HDDs have been running flawlessly for years. Buying another 4TB one soon.

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>storing media in your main computer

Get a home server poorfag

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>implying I don't have one

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links to 6 TB 2.5" HDDs please

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I believe the largest 2.5" drives are 2TB, unless something's changed since I last looked.

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That's the point.

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>needing more than 500 GB

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>not hoarding
one day your favorite tube site will have an FBI takedown notice on it and you'll be sorry.

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don't forget much lower noise aswell and practically inexistant vibrations

3,5" drives are reddit-tier

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Also use 2.5 drive in desktop, don't care about heat but about noise. All 3.5 drives I had where very noisy.

However 2.5 drives are slow, had to move BF4 from SSD to HDD since I was running out of space and went from being always first on map to being last.

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Sample size: a few

Fuck off, faggot

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There are 4TB and 5TB Seagate 2.5" drives, but they are 15mm thick and don't fit laptops or consoles.

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In my experience 2.5 drives have much higher failure rate however since those live mostly in laptops maybe it's combination of high temperature and shocks/vibrations that kill them.

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>shocks/vibrations that kill them
This mostly, People think if it can be moved it should.
Apple realized that so it switched to SSD.

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3.5" drive because I like drives that have enough room to put real bits on a platter instead of relying on ECC.

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Apple moving to SSD was just to justify less storage in their meme fashionbooks so they can sell more memeCloud data.

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Apple doesn't give a shit about reliability. ssds are more expensive and this means more absolute profit with the same margin.

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>use only 2.5" drives in my desktop
>less heat
>able to fit more drives in
>looks aesthetically better
I have a decent case, so no problems here with 3.5" drives.

>can reuse drives for laptops and consoles
Only the lowest end laptops used hdds these days.
Consoles are only good for their exclusives, which fit on their small hdds.

>Why are you using any other drive size?
3.5" is faster, much cheaper and more reliable.

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>I'm a special sneauflake trying to scoop up virtual internet points by stating that the usage of a more expensive, less reliable storage medium should be desirable. I also comment on how this looks better in a closed case.

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Honestly you shoulkd buy the HDD or SSD you want and use the less power on.

for example if say you need 4tb of space it would be more pratical to go HDD and SSD.

where as if you used under >1TB then all SSD is for you.

there is no dishonor in owning anymeduim of storage even if that medium is like CF card or SD card or what have you.

I use a 2.5" drive, a 3.5" drive and a SSD
because I save alot of shit on my 2.5" drive and its slow as fuck but it uses less power so....
yeah it all depends on what you use the meduim for.
saving tones of small files is not good for a SSD of any kind and tests have proven that SSD's don't like large clusters of small files
Downloaded daily
Instead it likes just one or 2 Big files aka games and not your porn collection.

debate this...

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>tfw i duct taped my ssd to the case behind the mobo

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>Using duct tape instead of just letting it hang on its cables

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I'm totally stealing this animated graphic.

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but i do anon

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not storing everything else in nas, with os and programs on nvme m2

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2.5 drives are also much easier to steal at work.

A big advantage if you ask me.

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I hope you use 10Gbit everywhere or this is severely retarded.

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/ thread discarded

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> I need to feel special

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If I were building a home media pc that would only have about 1TB of media at a time, what should I go for? 3.5" would probably be loudest but if I were writing to the drive and erasing data every time I finish a movie, you think it would significantly outlive an SSD? Where does m.2 fit into all this? I'm way behind the times but it might be time to enter the future

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>M.2 or fuck right off.
M.2 PCIe (M Key) is the best. Cheap drives and even cheaper cards.

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Yes, they go like a house on fire.

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because frog pictures take so long to transfer right?

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you are better on the HDD and SSD if you have 1TB or greater after one terabyte there is quitew the deminising returns on the highest 2TB consumer "cheap" ,SATA Nand flash.

Given that GPU prices often translate in to SSD prices expect SSD prices to go up too in the near future.

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>I have to waste time installing games that enable me to waste my time

R u dum?

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>being a data hoarder to store all your furry pics and cp

How about not being a degenerate for once in your life

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>not putting four 2TB 7200 rpm 2.5" drives in RAID0 in your seedbox, and then giving it a 128GB M.2 for write caching

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While on the topic of drives, I was trying to salvage my seagate backup slim 2tb drive. I'm not so sure if it needs a Torx driver because when I tried using my torx driver on it it just won't unloose. I stop before I ruin the threading.

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What do you propose to do once you've opened your hard drive in a non sterile environment?

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>Enjoy paying more for a shorter lifespan lol

Irrelevant. They both have long enough lifespans that I'd replace them before they die.

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Breath helium?

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how do i hack

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The drive beeps after being connected to anything. Which leads to two conclusions which is the arm being stuck or power issues. I lost the receipt to the purchase so I can't go after the warranty, so I might as well take my chance with it.

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I don't have any furry photos nor CP, just TV shows and movies.

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There's no difference in drive longevity, if anything >>61087104
>2.5" [would] last longer than 3.5" because of smaller platter size.
but eventually it all bows down to how you handle them (shock/temperature/humidity) and manufacturing defects.

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The 1TB ones are slightly more expensive than the 3.5 inch ones of the same capacity, but it's totally worth it. I have 4 of them in my desktop and two 2.5 inch 500GB SSDs, for a grand total of 5TB only taking up the space that 2 or 3 of the 3.5 inch ones would.

Speed is irrelevant when you're talking about HDDs anyways. All of them are slow as snails and trying to buy one that's slightly less slow is fucking retarded. Buy HDDs for long term data storage and SSDs for speed. You don't use a wrench to pound in nails, do you? Buy the right tool for the job.

Same. My 2.5 inch HDDs have all lasted about 20% longer than the 3.5 inch ones. I have no idea why.

They can cause airflow problems if there are too many in the case. Servers are meant to get hot as fuck and always be on, and most are kept in temperature controlled rooms. Desktops are not enterprise level servers.

Why do you need a 10TB drive? Why not just buy 5 of the 2TB drives and create a home server? Seems ridiculous to hoard that much data on one drive. I'm a data hoarder with about 50TB of storage in my house.

Your performance must be down the toilet. You might as well use a flash drive.


I'm collecting important documents and software. Decades from now there will be retro tech museums, and I hope that I'll be able to contribute rare PDFs of documentation for old computer systems, old operating systems like beta versions of OS/2 and Windows, all sorts of Plan9 forks, the original Mac OS and dev builds from the 80s, and a wide assortment of programs for them. I even have images of Android that run on the iPhone 2G/3G and the original iPod touch, and all of the old jailbreaking and rooting tools that I could find. I even have some of the Windows 2000 source code. It would be a shame to let these amazing pieces of history be lost.

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>muh speed

What happened to /g/? The only imbeciles who care about data speed are /v/irgins.

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>What happened to /g/?

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>only taking up the space that 2 or 3 of the 3.5 inch ones would.
And yet you still use 6 SATA ports and 6 SATA power connectors from your PSU for slower drives that you spent 15% more money on per GB.

This is why I exclusively buy external desktop hard drives, break them out of their case, and put them in a multi-bay eSATA/USB enclosure

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Why buy them in enclosures?

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Cheap as all hell

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>My 2.5 inch HDDs have all lasted about 20% longer than the 3.5 inch ones. I have no idea why.
I know why. Most 3.5" drives have multiple platters in a single case, meaning that it has to overcome more friction and bearing wear over its lifetime than the 2.5" drive, which is restricted to a single platter for most models. Less weight and less friction also means that the platter motor has to use less power, thus not burn out as quickly.

HOWEVER, 7200rpm 2.5" drives larger than 2TB do not enjoy this advantage, since they are all multi-platter SMR designs. Multiplatter increases the chance of hardware failure over time, but SMR compounds that since it has a much shorter write lifespan due to the multiple track write scenarios it has to go through, as well as the outer 30GB "cache" track that is used exclusively to cache data from the overwritten tracks.

There is also the fact that 2.5" actuator arms are built to be more shock resistant with higher tolerances, which comes at the cost of much higher track access latencies.

Due to marketing reasons, external desktop drives cost about $5-15 cheaper than the internal retail drives (depending on the capacity). They are EXACTLY the same as their desktop counterparts, the only exception I know of are the Seagate 5TB and 8TB Back Up Plus models, which have no stand-alone retail counterpart.

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> tfw we'll never go back to 5.25" gargantuan hard drives

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call me when i can get 8 tb 2.5" drives

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I can't call you from 2009 though

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>HDDs for storing media and documents
Yeah, totally a good idea

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Once 3D TLC NANDs become even more mainstream, we can fit 4 2TB M.2 SATAs into a single 3.5" bay

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How isn't it?

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>recycle 2.5" HDD from laptop
>put in my desktop for use as a backup
>constantly clicking and whirring
>fsck fails every time I power on the machine
>unplug it

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You're not going to unstick the read / write heads. The pcb is on the outside of the drive for you to test. The only thing opening it will do is permanently ruin any chance of recovering the data.

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>what is rotational velocidensity

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less drive space

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the issue with ssds:if you leave your pc/drive for a few years the datas done for. hdd on the other hand, will last. even cds have the issue because of disc rot

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>hdd on the other hand, will last.
Nope, platter drives will also suffer from demagnetism and other errors caused by degraded reading surfaces. Tapes on the other hand are much more resilient, lasting up to 15 years in perfect conditions.

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