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I'm on KDE myself

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Wab be bell? An ebbsgegutive running boonix?

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I no i no, ald habeets dye harb

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Was about to cream, until you brought up sublime text

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What a tool

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That shit looks slow as hell

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>posting leddit content
>not even using a real tiling script
>that slow molass animation
>using a panel that adds a 2 pixel gap at the screenedge
>not placing close buttons at the edge of the panel for easy usage with the stock panel

Everything is wrong with this thread.

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are you using kwin scripts to creat the pseudo tiling?
It looks neat even although inefficient.
The gaps are not evenly spaced, so I can't tell excactly which method you used to create them.

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This is more realistic

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That's from leddit and he literally wrote window rules for every single window with pixel coordinates. It became a meme and their desktop threads are full of retards manually placing their windows like that instead of using the tiling script.

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Just press ctrl alt shift r to record VP8 desktop webms btw.

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More like gay de.

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Not him, I tried to toy with the tiling script but I couldn't understand how to set gaps so I gave up.

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I was gonna ask about Kwin myself, but I don't know anything about it. It's not this smooth by default?

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It's because the dev is lazy and the configuration menu is broken on current distributions since this year. Fetch the latest commit from github since it fixes an important bug and throw this into .config/kwinrc

kwin_x11 --replace & disown
to apply the changes you make in it.
These are almost all the options apart from layout shit since i couldn't figure out what sort of values it wants.
The script currently crashes kwin when you disable compositing.
The dock is completely custom and a separate project with its own bugs and design errors. The window animations are baked in.

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It must be really cool to have all these fancy functionalities for the time before KDE crashes or fucks up in another one of its staple fuckup ways.

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So am I.

It automatically detects the position so saving the position takes like three clicks. I didn't do it all at once but every time I opened a program I hadn't opened before I just saved the position. Not a big deal. Trying to get a script working would have been more difficult.

I placed the windows manually and saved the position & size as default. I was too lazy to check if they're even. I have better things to do.

I set up the same shit on my laptop in five minutes. Only the dock and the window buttons folding in to the panel are downloaded. My hardware is shit except for the SSD.

Yeah. It was my first day using KDE. Is the average KDE user too stupid to figure this out? I've seen my desktop on 4chan at least four times by now. This is like a wet dream for someone posting in the screenfetch threads.

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