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Linux distros available in windows store. Are microsoft shooting themselves in the foot by giving users a preview of a better alternative to their own OS or securing their dominant market share by indirectly providing functionality/software that you otherwise wouldn't have access to on windows?

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"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

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"If it looks like they might be somewhere near beating you in a few decades, absorb 'em"

doesn't have the same ring desu

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>Are microsoft shooting themselves in the foot by giving users a preview of a better alternative to their own OS

1. developers already know that
2. desktop users are interested in GUI applications and the loonix subsystem doesn't have a "native" GUI output. No, 3rd party xserver programs such as xming don't count and they have no acceleration.

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Windows isn't in danger. They're just acknowledging that people have different use cases.

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>Window user has easy access to ubuntu
>Downloads it
>Uses it
>Realizes that its the worst nigger shit ever
>Assumes all other linux distros are like that
>Sticks to windows

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>by giving users a preview of a better alternative to their own OS

Microsoft just humiliating half-assed operating systems by showing them to their users, linucks is a shit os.

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gr8 b8 m8

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Microsoft knows that there are already many server admin and development tools that only work on macOS/Linux machines.

By having a shitty VM inside Windows, it removes one excuse for people in corporate environments to escape the botnet.

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Is there reason to use the shitty VM over a native install of linux though?

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They have GUI now?

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you need a forwarder like Xming

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>Implying the average normie won't give up using Linux after 5 minutes

No, they're just showing their customers that they are the only viable OS, and that if they want to become independent from Microsoft, they'll regret it.

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Xming isn't a forwarder. It's an X server.

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>this product needs to be installed on your hard drive.

The existence of this sentence is worrying. Are they planning to do cloud-only (((apps))), where even the executable runs from a protected "network drive" or similar?

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What? I think they mean you gotta use a whole internal hard drive for it to work. They're probably not going to try supporting partitionning/bootable USB/virtual machine scenarios on a store for normies.

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Pajeet shills are in full force.

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Goddamnit, dude, I like Linux, but it's off-putting for people who aren't comfortable with technology. This is a fact whether you like it or not.

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No, you dumbfuck. They are driving Linux into a VM prison. They want to destroy Linux as a independent OS.

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Post a screenshot of your desktop.

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There's been a huge surge in Linux and mac adoption at my work because of the trend to put everything into the cloud/containerize everything. If this is widespread, I feel like Microsoft is seeing this and shitting their pants because most developers at my work fucking hate developing in Windows at this point.

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dumb fuck is 2 words

that is all

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I said I like Linux, not that I use it.

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>because most developers at my work fucking hate developing in Windows at this point
This is part of it.

Windows hasn't advanced at all in 15 years. XP was literally the peak of the Windows productivity performance. It's all either been downhill or sideways off the road since then.

And while it's true that a lot of Linux distros did make fuck-ups like Unity and systemd in the same time period, you've always got the choice to go to something like xfce or mono and basically get a desktop environment which was what XP should have evolved into.

Microsoft have just fucked their shit up too many times.

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WSL is not a VM. It's the NT kernel with a Linux personality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_kernel#NT_kernel

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Nothing will go wrong for them because their users are loyal and don't know how to use Linux so they'll stick to their hug box, Apple could do the same and I bet the amount of people that change and stay with Linux is 0% if not less than 1%

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this makes Windows the superior OS

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I love this shit

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Damn, right after I uninstalled Store.

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I want a Windows based Linux distro

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time to use the "reset my PC" feature

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is this a new fidget spinner design?

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if they fix the horrible I/O performance this will be a game changer

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>has to compile specific kernel for running on micro-shit

in the trash it goes

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you don't need to compile shit.
There is no kernel, is just the NT kernel + ELF loader + linux syscalls support

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in fact this is way more advanced than linux kernel. For starts sleep and hibernate actually works.

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in the trash it goes

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Supporting freesoftwere by uShit is typical cargo cult.

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