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what web-browser are you using, anon?
for me it's gnu/icecat
the best archlinux browser

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>not parabola
Not free enough. The Arch maintainers don't care if you get a botnet.

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Care to elaborate, anon?

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qutebrowser, it's terrible in some ways but probally the least terrible browser ive used lately... infact i kind of like it.

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Microsoft Edge.

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also, sage

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nobody runs qutebrowser in webkit mode anon, it has a webengine mode which is pretty good

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Ungoogled Chromium.

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stop following for memes and re-download Firefox, anon

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i use firefox but it's in a really awkward place with the addon changes coming, im cautiously optimistic that it will still be usable for me afterwards.

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Waterfox. Drop-in replacement for memezilla and is continuing support for "classic" add-ons for a while.

Or be a man and get Pale Moon.

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thats because they expect their users to read.

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He can't since that is a 2012 meme

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I was Pale Moon v2.7.30 until 2 days ago, then I downloaded Firefox 55 and it's flying. 720p60 videos on Youtube doesn't lag anymore too, it's been working like a dream.

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Netrunner will kill most of these

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Use Waterfox. Firefox minus memezilla, better optimized imo.

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>user has to check every package before installing, including all dependencies, to see if it's a botnet
>maintainers have to stop distributing botnets

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Netrunner is doomed to fail.

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You spelled "MEME" wrong

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> regex

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What's with the facebook meme?

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I think I tried it some days ago and its UI immediately disgusted me. Granted, I forgot to try if Classic Theme Restorer worked on it even though I am using it right now on Firefox.

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it is truly the best

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CTR should work. It is literally de-memed Firefox with different branding and better optimization.
>no pocket
>no eme botnet
>Devin cares about extensibility and choice
Can't go wrong. I use it on my Mac since my PCs all died and can't use Pale Moon anymore.

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>Devin cares about extensibility and choice
Meant developer. Fuck autocorrect.

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how do you know shit like waterfox, pale moon, or netrunner is trustworthy. Did you audit the code yourself?

What if it stores your passwords in plaintext and then steals your runescape gold pieces

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>did you audit the code yourself?
there are entities dedicated to audit them

I use pass (with passFF) like any normal linuxer, don't be silly

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Google Chrome web browser is the best and fastest web browser in the world, and Google is the best company.

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>there are entities dedicated to auditing them
I need more information on this

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I go back and forth between Firefox nightly and iridium. Nightly is the fastest Firefox branch I've used, iridium is about on par.

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that's all I have lol

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Anything mozilla is crap.
Don't tell me what they plan to do, it's just words.
I'd give ungoogled chromium a try if you're not paranoid.

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You would have to be a fucking idiot to use a Google browser. Do you not follow the news?

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I have to agree with the qutebrowser pick.

It's jist so comfy, kinda bloated but not that much, and the main developer, Florian, is really dedicated to it.
Whenever I had an issue or wanted to report a bug or ask a question, he was there on the IRC channel. He's one of the nicest developers I've ever seen.

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They are literally giving up once the next ESR reaches EoL.

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Not according to their official blog.

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Ungoogled chromium

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They have no plan. That post was quite cryptic. I liked Seamonkey but they're dead, they just haven't realized it yet.

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I sure hope not.

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Least trash:
1. Firefox
2. Chrome
3. Edge

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icecat? More like i scat LUL

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>not trash

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>user have the freedom to install whatever they want
>maintainers get to tell the users what is okay to install

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I'm not giving you a specific software X. Am I preventing you from installing software X, or will you just have to get it from someone else?

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64bit Firefox. All other browser just suck dick.

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64bit FF ESR / Icecat

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It's like Firefox but not shit

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>Rarely have more than 5 tabs open
>Actually close the browser when not needed
>Keep PC clean and lean
>Have THREE addons installed

Yet still, Firefox decides to shit the bed and fucks up more and more websites every week.

I would use Chrome, but 1. botnet 2. It takes like 10 addons to remotely have it behave it like I want to, for instance no history, but a button to restore recently closed tabs in the current session or an option view images in the same tab

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The last release of Firefox has major performance enhancements.

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Icecat until netrunner is finished

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i'm using chrome but the data collection meme is getting old. anyone recommend right to privacy browser?

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based as fuck

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Chromium. Using anything other than Chromium/Firefox/Safari and derivatives means you have terminal autism and should kys yourself asap.

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Not posting just to be an edgelord, but microsoft edge browser is actually FUCKING nice, and faster than chrome and firefox.

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unironically this

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Chrome if you have nothing to hide

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>or instance no history
Why not launch incognito by default? I only have three extensions installed not including uBO extra and 4chanX. Runs smother than fucking Midori. If only it had native style sheets support.

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Isn't pale moon Firefox but renamed for copyright reasons?

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I use cyberfox x64 but it lags very often

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i don't know anything about the legal implications of its existence, but yes it's a branch of firefox but without bloating, slowing and instability
only downside is that it crashes like once every week but other than that it's (relatively) the fastest and most stable browser i've ever used

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>written in C
Why not Rust? It would allow wider contribution without security-impacting memory bugs and piggybacking on the work already done with Servo. Don't get me wrong, I love C, but from a practical standpoint building a whole new browser from scratch is a massive undertaking.

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>32-bit Firefox outperformed 64-bit Waterfox in Peacekeeper browser benchmark tests run by TechRepublic in 2012,[4] and 64-bit Waterfox slightly outperformed 32-bit Firefox in tests run by Softpedia in 2014.[5] However, in 2016 64-bit Waterfox performed worse than 64-bit Mozilla Firefox in the Kraken, SunSpider, JetStream, and Octane 2.0 benchmarks.[6] Benchmarks were once available on the developers website but have since been removed.[7]

Lol nice optimized browser you got there.

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they are building from scratch, just ignore retarded suggestions

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they are NOT building from scratch, they just ignore retarded suggestions

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>not trash
He said least trash sir.

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opera is pretty comfy
>inb4 Opera is a meme browser

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Moonchild has a FAQ for plebs like you.


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Ungoogled Chromium here

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>499 days ago
Old as shit

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i don't know if you're the same person who has been saying this in all of the browser threads

but i keep asking, isn't that project completely unsupported and outdated? does this create vulnerabilities and make it unwise?
why don't you use iridium, which is updated to the latest version of chromium?

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see >>61068277

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Gone by year's end. Dev won't work with other memezilla spin-offs to maintain something that isn't shit.

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>the freedom to take away other people's freedom
>the freedom to be a slave
>the freedom to NOT have freedom

people defending proprietary software always get me

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Waterfox. I've been lost since Opera went to shit. Vivaldi sucks. They all suck and I don't care to pay attention to it anymore.

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>For daily use I will use Edge

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Waterfox is great but using vpns on it suck ass

For example let's say I want to use a vpn to watch, say the Dodgers through mlb at bat, I would need go keep the vpn on throughout the game without a single hiccup otherwise the entire feed lags and becomes virtually unwatchable. So I can't just turn the vpn on then once the feed loads turn off the vpn

It isn't just live streaming but proxies in general suck ass on Waterfox

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Why does Vivaldi suck, in your opinion?

>> No.61085901

So why the fuck does Mozilla insist in making Firefox worse and worse every fucking new version

>> No.61085996

>can't even use youtube out of the box
Sorry, I give a little of a fuck about my freedoms but not at the expense of this, all because of muh non-free Javascript. Not everyone wants to be a caveman like Stallman.

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>Not void

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why even bother with a vpn?

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too many god damn browsers

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I just took a few benchmark tests and compared them. Why is Safari faster than a fresh installed Chromium?
>pic related

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Wow, Firefox has really upped their HTML5 game in these last updates. That's way higher than it was before.

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Did you bring it to the developer's attention on plebbit or through his website?

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I use Safari on my work fagbook, I hate it but it's like a purpose built race car compared to pleb commuters whilst consuming half the fuel.

Just can't get over curbs.

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You are brainwashed.

>> No.61087775

I agree. Trisquel and icecat take the cake hands down.

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>software made by /g/
He's right, it's doomed to fail.

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palemoon cause I know my shit

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Pale moon.

No contest really.

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I want to try Pale Moon but FUCK THAT UI. I want Australis! And when it finally arrives, Photon!

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Waterfox then.

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Vivaldi could have been the best browser if it wasn't for
>closed source
>laggy ui based on a fucking java script
>memory leaks
>keyboard shortcuts for extensions does not work for some reason

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I use Firefox and it just werks.

I've also noticed more stability and performance since I activated multiprocess support.

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Is that safari for windows?
Miserable performance from ff.
No surprise there.

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>laggy ui based on a fucking java script
Fuck shit piss, I took the UI speed improvement as a sign that they would eventually optimize it to be on the level of Opera's. What the fuck.

I don't know what to use now. They're all shit in their own special ways.

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whats a good lightweight linux browser for a decade old laptop?
>half a gb ram
>pentium m

>> No.61091424

tried this this weekend, couldn't ctrl+shift+tab to go left on tabs so I bailed and got chromium

>> No.61091446

god tier

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Not him but it's because webRTC is enabled. it probably better to just use the no webRTC version of chromium.

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i'm using it right now and it sucks, it runs like shit and crashes every day

>> No.61091577

>because webRTC is enabled
why does it matter?

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chromium with tab outliner

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Oh, what a surprise.

According to you morons, all browsers are shite!

>> No.61091692

the newest firefox feels pretty nice. had to do a ton of shit in the config things but ya. feels pretty good.

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>the freedom to NOT have freedom
Yes, that is true freedom, brainlet. It's the same freedom that allows you to kill yourself if you want to do so.

>> No.61092038

Its been abused.

>> No.61092576

most are

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Not that guy either, but I'm going to give you one of the most autistic reasons in this thread (I didn't read it anyway): Because Iridium loads about:blank in the ntp, and it seriously pisses me off, and hurts my eyes.

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also need to know, same situation but I've got a gig of memory

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Netrunner :^)

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I use Cyberfox.

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It just doesn't werk.

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If, and only if, you're not a lazy piece of shit, https://www.uzbl.org works well. If you're expecting anyone to provide you with a browser that doesn't suck and (((just works))), you've grossly misunderstood how surveillance capitalism works, and really ought to do one of two things.
1. Read all the web standards and try to build a webbrowser that isn't shit [protip: you won't manage it, pleb]
2. Abandon all hope and buy a MacBook.

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Anyone else just use Firefox?

Not sure why I should use anything else

>> No.61093191

/g/ cred

Firefox is really the only sane choice, aside from Safari or Ungoogled Chromium

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fuckin pos tab kit extension wrecked my firefox and won't let me remove it from about:addons

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Damn, my six year old computer runs firefox with zero issue with dozens of tabs open and the computer running for weeks at a time with no memory shitting.

I get it now... it's all memes or everyone's a poorfag. Redpilled.

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Yeah, Firefox is still the /g/ choice whether they admit it or not. Shit like waterfox and other forks are outdated, lack timely security updates, and make your online identity incredibly unique--which effectively makes it far easier for websites to fingerprint you. NOT TO MENTION not gaining the performance gains from each official FF update, AND forks like Pale Moon dont even support quite a damn few of the most popular Firefox extensions.

I really see no benefits in forks at all, personally. I just use Firefox most of the time, and switch over to Chromium (latest stable build) for different use cases and tasks.

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I use Iceweasel on Parabola. Tweaked according to privacytoolsio (except for cookies but SDC takes care of that), pretty safe I'd say.
WebRTC allows someone to leak your IP, even with VPN.

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>WebRTC allows someone to leak your IP, even with VPN.
uBlock can prevent this.

>> No.61094191

I feel safer when it's turned off in about:config

>> No.61094228

So how exactly does it do that?

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File: 258 KB, 2828x1708, Mobile Browser Benchmarks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using firefox nightly on GNU and Android here. Although firefox browsers are shit on android. Pic related.

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i use iridium + an extension that blocks webrtc

though it improves upon webrtc security greatly if you were to use it

iridium is the most maintained project that has stripped away the spying features from google, chromium - webrtc is still reporting a little too much than a reasonable person should be comfortable with

>> No.61094554

you can do a different one, personally i use bntp
which just displays your bookmarks on ntp

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File: 720 KB, 1169x736, Chromium GTK+2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would rather shut it off than have improved security on that. I plan on bailing Iridium if I learn its possible to compile gtk+ 2 on chromium.

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Is there a FireFox extension alternative to

It's really useful.

>> No.61095797

> packer firefox
0 extra/firefox 54.0-1
Standalone web browser from mozilla.org
> packer icecat

0 aur/icecat 52.1.0-2 (185)
GNU version of the Firefox browser.

Two full version numbers behind. How many unpatched CVE's would something like this have?

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