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Old thread >>61024663

Ask stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread here.

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How is babby made?

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The inside of my pc is really full because the cables that connect the PSU to everything have extra connectors added onto the end, but I don't use these and they just take up loads of space behind the fan.
I've tried a little by pulling but there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of the unused connectors without just cutting them off which I'd rather not do, is there something obvious I'm missing to disconnect them do you think? Should I just cut them off?

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How do I delete System32?

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With the eggo and the sprem

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If your PSU isn't modular, then the cables are perma-attached, and none of it can be removed.

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Any good cbr/cbz readers for windows?

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You can open it up and de-solder the wires if you REALLY want to remove them. This is not recommended. Just get some fucking cable ties.

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Yes, you CAN open up one of the few parts of a computer that can actually kill you, just to fuck with the cabling, but mentioning that kind of shit on this thread is ill advised. People here will try whatever bullshit happens across their synapses.

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This is why I did not recommend it, besides, darwin is hungry.

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The PSU is modular but those extra connectors do seem to be permanent, I can't really zip tie them out the way since there isn't much room to begin with and the path straight it from the PSU is right into the fan, think I'll just leave them

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How do I find happiness?

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leave 4chan
>ib4 you're here forever

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>leave 4chan
are you talking about suicide

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how do i keep my computer cool while playing my video games?

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Can you actually upgrade the OS of an android phone without rooting?

I want to upgrade fom kitkat to something higher

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yes, but only if the manufacturer provides an update (they usually don't, because they want you to buy a new phone instead). otherwise you have to root.

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Has anyone gotten cmus + album art to work on MacOS? It is supposed work with iTerm, but the whole thing is pretty messy.


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External HD

What is the safest bet to store files today and don't mess with it until you find the need of them 10 years from now?

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Accessing and flashing the bootloader should work without root. At least with Samsung.

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None. Buy a tape drive.

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Thanks. Here is your (you)

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what VR headset can be used with samsung galaxy A3? I was about to buy gear VR, but apparently its not supported

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Is there a product thats really good for cleaning monitors and getting the dust off? Or a way tk prevent it in the first place?

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decent-quality optical media will last ten years. Chink shit stuff might or might not. Use something like parchive or dvdisaster to protect against bit rot though. Hard drives should easily retain data that long with no special consideration. Flash... eh, maybe.

But really if you're gonna store things that long you shouldn't leave them alone, you should regularly go back, test them, and if needed transfer them onto new media once every few years.

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Move the PS4 away from it.

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jam it in
turn it on

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what is the fastest way to update a fresh windows 10 install?

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Connect it to the internet.

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If you make sure you install from a recent ISO, it shouldn't take to long to run regular update.

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Is an intel i5-3470 3.2 ghz any good now a days?

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It's good for browsing and shit. Ivy's getting a bit weak for gaming and intensive stuff. Best to go for the 3770k if you're sticking to that generation. Although ymmv

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M-DISC. It carves into a rock-like substance, and burners are dirt cheap (seen some at Fry's for $10).

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Also like to mention that it is a DVD with a different substrate, so it will read in any drive without any extra hassle.

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I use Pledge Multi-surface. It'll clean anything. Safe for screens.

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What's the worst that could happen if someone hacks my VPS? I don't care if they break it because I'm just fucking around with it to learn, but could it effect me or my home computer in any way if it happens?

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if i connect my ps3 to my amp via av is the audio hd?

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Have you used it on a flatpanel screen that uses that plastic (or whatever the fuck it is) instead of glass? I use a similar chemical on my CRT but I'm too scared to use anything but water on my crap LED.

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I'm on a budget and dont wanna get a new CPU.

Should i get a liquid cooling system and overclock the fuck out of my FX 6100?

Honestly it runs everything pretty allright, i'd like to crank it up from 3.3 to 4.4 - 4.6ghz

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av cable bitch???????/ if i connect my amp to my ps3 with a red white yellow cable is the audio from the ps3 high quality fuck ass

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How do I search for secure tripcodes?

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are you 12?

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in may

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answer my question or i'll report you for being chinese and a pedo?????? nobody likes a chink

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How much would you pay for an old 2012 13" Macbook Pro?

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being chinese and/or a paedophile isn't against the rules, being 12 is.

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Yeah, I use it on everything. Screens are one of the listed uses on the can (blue can). I think it's pretty much alcohol in a can. My screens always come out streak-free, and have not noticed any damage. But use it with a microfiber cloth. Anything else will probably scratch it.

And thank you for calling it a flat panel. Dipshits be like >muh flatscreen.

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$200. People act like that shit doesn't age. Macs age like milk.

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stop harassing me daddy

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Dust Preventive I wish there was such a thing

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I would suspect as much.

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well, i use mcomix on linux, and it has a windows version, though being a gtk/python program, might not fit well in windows

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My Firefox makes a connection to my IP address every time i open it. Is this normal?

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what is the best method for splitting a flac cue file.

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CDisplay Ex

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I heard it's full of bloat and malware now, I'm using comicrack now but it takes literal minutes to fire up and it shits the boat with some cbz files.

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I found a 1tb hdd in the garbage about a year ago. Should I take any special precautions while plugging it in? Can I hotplug it?

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>open in windows photo viewer
I think Calibri has support too.

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I know that the "Install Gentoo" thing is just a meme, but will I actually gain a decent amount of knowledge about computing if do it?

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You'll definitely learn how hard drives work.

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How can I make my drives I use on my windows os automount on debian?

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is there a regularly updated list of bad windows 7 updates, or removal script?

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Anyone got a guide on how to replace a t440 trackpad with a t450? I'd much rather have a written tutorial with good pictures than some guy talking for 20 minutes

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I've had my Galaxy S4 for a couple years now but its only recently I've taken an interest in technology itself.

How do I uninstall all the shit it came with? The settings menu doesn't seem to provide me with an uninstal button.

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just install lineageos on it
the official rom is pretty outdated at this point
i use lineageos on my S4, and it runs great, everything works fine, battery life is excellent
i don't use gapps, but it can be added (comes with none, you can pick and choose how much you want, from everything down to just the bare minimum needed for basic play store support)

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anyone interested buying or know where to sell a brother gx6750

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>FX 6100
>3.3 to 4.4 - 4.6ghz

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does anyone know a website where you rent cars from people instead of a shitty rent a car place

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What is a good cloud storage service to hide my shit?

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If I buy an SSHD, will relive/shadowplay start to write to the flash memory? With the amount it'd have to write per day, on a tiny 8gb flash, it'd wear out in a year or something.

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just get an ssd

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Why would I buy 2tb of SSD for storage?

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When a mommy and daddy share a special hug.

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You wouldnt, you would buy an hdd

sshd are trash hybrid shit

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So im building a old PC to fix a xbox classic HDD + play old dos/old windows games and the gigabyte mother board Socket 370 GA-6WMMC7(pic related) says its microATX.

Would this 20 year old motherboard fit into a modern microATX case?

Thinking of this case

I know the case supplied usb ports probably wont have input on the mobo but id hope standards haven't changed in 20 years.

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SSHD and HDD cost the same, you just don't seem to know what you're talking about.
Maybe you shouldn't be "answering" peoples questions.

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Arent SSHD just better at caching data?
Which is why everything reads better because the contents are indexed or someshit like that?

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I'm going to be reinstalling Debian on my seedbox without reformatting the disk (to retain the data). I'm currently running qBittorrent on it, but will reinstalling Debian and thus reinstalling qB get rid of the current torrents in the session? Or are they stored on disk somewhere where I can back them up?

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You may want to associate your self with the terminology you are using.

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A normie friend asked me to reset a macbook pro he got from someone.
That someone "forgot" his password.

How do I do this?

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yes, it should fit
i don't see any usb headers on the board, which isn't very surprising for a board of that age
you can always get a pci usb card if you need more ports

doesn't really look like an ideal gaming mobo, as it has no AGP port

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I have a pci radon 9250 which should do(might be overkill for pentium 3, I once played tf2 at low settings on this gpu) but it was win 98 drivers so what of it.

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don't know a lot about macos, but it should be possible to reset/change user passwords via a root shell from within an installation environment terminal

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I'm looking to get into servers, so I bought a cheap one on ebay.
I want to run a bunch of VMs for personal projects and self hosted nonsense....

What OS should I install on the bare metal?
- Gnu/Linux of some flavor
- Windows
- A hypevisor. (ESXi? Hyperv?)

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anything on the system partition is up for grabs for the installer, dont risk it
/usr and other partitions shouldnt be touched tho

>> No.61045489

Wipe the disk.
You can get cases from china for as little as $8.

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Return it. Then get an old laptop.
OS should be debian stable, always debian stable for servers. Hypervisors are a meme, just run stuff under different accounts.

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SSHD has a nand flash. Which it uses to store cached files... But, I don't know if it'll store shadowplay/relive.

They cost the same, or like 1-5% more expensive for SSHD.

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Flash memory is used to cache frequently accessed parts such as OS and more, if you only write it once or twice nothing happens

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The latch on my thinkpad x60 broke. What should I do?

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did firefox ruin their fucking browser yesterday? i swear that i launched and restarted firefox and its been a lot fucking slower than usual, i checked task manager and nothing unusual other than origin hogging up memory. windows 7 disconnected from telemetry btw

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I've got this lil' fella from a friend a while back.
Works fine, but can't connect it to a pc (cable costs shit, don't think I can reshape the 6pin shit to the usb protocol).
How feasible is it to get something running linux in this thing?
Like, opening it up, putting a rpi-alternative in it, and connecting the screen to the pi.

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Do you download a torrent slower (in mb/s) if you're only requesting some files? Around 10% of the total file size.

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Anybody knows why Eclipse UI glitches so much?

The XML editor is hard to read. The icon on the menu bar glitches to different theme after a while (black on white).

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What's the good adblocker nowadays with the minimal amount of botnet?

I'm using Safari, and I previously had "uBlock". While it did the job, it also broke every fucking website I visited. I need a new one.

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How much slower? Would it be worth it to request 100% of the 500gb torrent instead? Their upload speed is the bottleneck.

>> No.61045940

If you are requesting specific pieces instead of solid blocks,you're going to throttle your self as it takes extra time to find someone offering just those pieces instead of full blocks.

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looks like a monoschrome LCD
probably not much more to gain from putting a rpi in it than what you can get by simply controlling the pi from the devices' normal OS as a serial terminal
much easier to implement as well

>> No.61045972

relive/shadowplay constantly writes to disk.

>> No.61045990

It's still 50gb, and they should be contiguous in the torrent. Deluge downloads the entire pieces (4mb or whatever the torrent is set to), not the smaller chunks/blocks (16kib). Just tried it, and it didn't make any difference.
Not the same file over and over again.

Reposting this:

I found a 1 TB HDD in the garbage about a year ago. Should I take any special precautions while plugging it in? Can I hotplug it?

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Why don't they make cheap ass routers that work with openwrt and have removable antennas?
I need some for a company project and I'm just going to get tl-wr841n s at this point and solder my own connections on it. Fucking waste of time.

>> No.61046107

don't they? last time i got a router they did, though admittedly it's been years since i've needed a new router

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>simply controlling the pi from the devices' normal OS as a serial terminal
>much easier to implement as well

Hol'up, not sure what you're saying.
The protocol it uses over its pins is, according to the hdk, the sibo serial protocol.
I'm not sure how I would transfer the data to a rpi, and I don't want to recreate the protocol stack for this thing.

>> No.61046135

SumatraPDF can read everything you'll ever need to read.

>> No.61046201

After booting into a windows recovery cd and running the terminal command bootrec.exe /fixmbr, I booted back into windows and forced a shutdown in the middle of configuring updates. Now windows 10 won't boot at all and instead loads into a black but backlit screen. The same result for the recovery cd and even a usb I made. Is there any way I can fix this? Should I just delete the ntfs and hope for the best? Really worried if I delete the partition I'll continue to get the black screen and basically be screwed. I need windows because I use my laptop to go play with my gaymur friends when I visit them

>> No.61046218

no, i mean, you want to repurpose the machine as a linux box, right?
what i'm saying is, instead of gutting it and just using it as a case with a screen and keyboard, keep it as-is, and just remotely use the rpi, that is, the original machine is just a terminal

wikipedia says the machine has a 19.2kbps rs-232 serial port, and there is surely serial terminal software for its' original os

>> No.61046244

heck, 19.2kbps is actually a pretty speedy serial port, and you may even be able to hack together something for a vnc or vnc-like graphical terminal to the rpi

>> No.61046269

Nothing wrong with uBlock.
>I'm using Safari...
Sounds like you need a new browser.

>> No.61046282

There are chink routers. You can also build one from a raspberry pi and a cheap usb wifi dongle.

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I'm making a greasemonkey script that does various things on deviantart based on keys pressed.
I want to press "delete" which should click this remove from notifications button. Here's what I tried

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed del
if (e.keyCode == 46 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
document.getElementById("remove-message-button").click(); // this will trigger the click event
}, false);

But it doesn't work. I think I have the button tag wrong and I tried some other ones. Does /g/ know what I'm doing wrong?

>> No.61046338

I think .click() is a jquery function. Try this instead: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2705583/how-to-simulate-a-click-with-javascript

>> No.61046372

according to
the ROM of your device does indeed include a terminal emulator

>> No.61046410

Isolate the error sources.
Can you run document.getElementById("remove-message-button").click(); from console?
Is XSS protection fucking with you?
Is .click a valid function?
Isn't there some shit with addeventlistener and functions? They have to be anonymous functions as wrappers for some reason? Is 'e' the proper variable? I remember them as being this, but that was for the click listener.

for (element of document.querySelectorAll('.play')) {
element.addEventListener('click', function(){togglePlay(this);}, false);

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Yeah, there you see, it's the 3c, but I have the 3a.
I found
Which is talking about an sdk.
I did find a hdk, not sure if they're the same, gonna keep on looking.

Your idea does seem to be significantly better than taking it apart though:
The keyboard is embedded on the chip, so I would need to devise my own, which I sure as hell aint

>> No.61046474


Is this a decent guide for doing so?

>> No.61046501

... of course the 3c has a plain serial port and the 3a has come custom job
nothing in life is easy, is it?
i'll take a look to see if i can find something useful

>> No.61046576

Thanks senpai, much obliged.
I'm also looking around, will keep you up to date if I find something

>> No.61046660

I've got 3 G Sync monitors but it only uses G Sync through Display Port inputs. My GPU only has two DP outs.

If I buy another card and SLI them together can I use the other cards DP out to run the monitor? What about my Motherboard?

>> No.61046696

when ebay says 5 items available and 5 items sold why does it let me bid?

>> No.61046704

What are the music visualizers where there are bars going up and down called?

>> No.61046714

graphical equalizers

>> No.61046793

>firefox not able to download .exe
>can't find solution, except reinstalling
>always wanted to try out chrome
>try out chrome
>three (or more) random connections, some pull packets, at least one of them is google.co.uk or google.es and all connections are ipv6
>can not find a solution to disable this

>ungoogled-chromium sucks

Please someone help me. I actually don't wanna go back to firefox but I can not live with these random connections

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well, doesn't look like there's going to be a way to get serial on that without their official SIBO > Serial adapter
thankfully you can still find them on ebay

>> No.61046823

Try opera if you don't want to go back to firefox and are fine with chrome.

>> No.61046910

Yeah, I don't think anyone bothered or documented it online.
Could still try and contact motorola, apparantly they bought the company.
And Indeed, I also find those, the french one would amount up to 25 euros for me, but not sure if its worth it.
There's a guy in the UK as well for like 8 pounds, but he won't ship out of the UK

Thanks for the help mate

>> No.61046923

people probably looked at it and went "fuck it, i'll just find a 3c and use it's serial/irda ports"

>> No.61046976

Limit performance (you'll probably not notice the difference between "ultra" and "high"), cooling pad for laptop, and make sure that the fans have plenty of breathing room.

>> No.61046998

Any which is larger than the phone itself.

>> No.61047027

It affects whatever's connected to the VPS. They could steal the data you have on there like API keys.

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>iCloud tabs because I'm an iFag with a MBP, iPad, and iPhone
>iCloud also synchronizes my browser history between my three iDicks
>native browser to macOS, silky smooth performance
>just werks
Why does /g/ hate Safari so badly?

Is it destroying my freedumbs somehow?

>> No.61047165

If I set a simple breakpoint to an address in gdb and then do info break it's empty in the "Address" column and has the address in the "What" column. Why is it like this?

>> No.61047203

There's no limit on what one can achieve when they're supposed to be doing something else.
Just contacted zebra, who apparantly bought the branch containing psion from motorola in 2014.
Also found the complete protocol stack, and the guy who wrote it down has some sort of tools on his github.
Might also contact him, see what he knows.

>> No.61047255

well, the only other thing i can think of is to use the fact it has a microphone and speaker to communicate via software modem
problems with that being;
a. 7MHz cpu won't lend itself to a very speedy softmodem
b. probably have to write it yourself

ideally, you'd want some interface with that 6-pin port, but i haven't found more than a pinout for it, which alone isn't very useful

>> No.61047310

There were ten items. Five have been sold, five are still available for sale.

>> No.61047317

hmm, this bit here suggests someone at some point has managed to use the 6-pin directly in software
>The Psion port (and SSDs) are reputed to use a 1.536 Mb/sec clock with a 12 byte frame to clock serial data. People have managed to make an IBM PC parallel port read and write SSD cards by bit bashing two lines as clock and data.

>> No.61047328

If someone was murdered in their home, and the murderer's phone probed the home owner's wifi AP, is there a chance that the AP logged any information other than the phone's ID and MAC address?

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Why is the HGST drive shown here so much cheaper?

>> No.61047359

Yeah no thanks, I literally have an exam about similar shit monday.
There's also a HDK containing the pinout and a bit of info, and there's the protocol (or most of it) here:

This eventually links to a github, but I assume it's based on the rs232.

Now this is interesting. Where did you get this?
Could be useful, since apparantly the SSD's use the same protocol as the regular out pins.

Also, really appreciating all the help, this is 25 year old hardware.

>> No.61047365

Who did you kill

>> No.61047393

>Now this is interesting. Where did you get this?

>> No.61047454

I think the better question is why the other drives are so expensive. Who the hell pays $125 for a 2TB drive? You can get 3TB drives for under 100, or like 60 if you'll take a refurb.

>> No.61047484

Why does MSX use a Zilog Z80 and not a Z8000?

>> No.61047531

that's a lot of info
i hope you realized the second link in the article does actually have a newer version of itself

if you could implement something between an rpi's gpio and the 6-pin (maybe with some basic electronics in between to make up for electrical differences), that would be a perfect solution

>> No.61047621

Is it safe to plug an internal 1tb drive I found into my computer?

>> No.61047641

Oh my, no, didn't see the updated version.

Yeah, I was thinking of an arduino to put between them, but first I need to map this out so I can get a clearer view.
I sortof wanted to prevent this, but it's the only solution I think we'll get except for actually buying a cable.
Unless zebra responds with a ready-to use protocol. But the way those 3-links looked it seemed hardware implemented, so I guess it ain't gonna be much.

A good summer project, I guess.

>> No.61047643

I bought an Ethernet cable and USB adapter without noticing that I actually need a LAN cable, is there any way I can buy an adapter that lets me plug in my Ethernet cable into a LAN port? Or do I just need to a buy new cable and adapter?

>> No.61047654
File: 656 KB, 3952x3968, 5897f149e173f44c4a38a71d97499ba00f1afdd1_s2_n1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61047659

Hey /g/uys, which online cloud do you recommend?

>> No.61047666

Lan cable equals ethernet cable

>> No.61047742

i found that hdk pdf you mentioned as well
while i'm no hardware expert, between this and that user-made document, it seems to me that there is enough here to create a replacement for the official link cable
or at least enough to communicate with custom software on the device itself, if not a full replacement

>> No.61047762


Try running program via cli

What is cli?

>> No.61047773

google it

>> No.61047776

Command Line Interface
aka, running it from a shell in a terminal emulator

>> No.61047778

Hit me with that source

>> No.61047840

eh, the breakpoint I set didn't even trigger when it was supposed to, so I assume that there is something wrong with it after all.
How do I do it properly? Google isn't helping.

>> No.61047872

Totally. I think.
The protocol document is really well done, just need to read a bit up on rs232.

Gonna have to look first for some program to rewrite that documentation with some graphs, so I can better view the packet construction and use.

>> No.61047907

Well regardless, I have this Ethernet-shaped hole in my wall and my Ethernet cable is too big.

>> No.61047918

Then thats probly an RJ-11 phone connector.

>> No.61047931
File: 31 KB, 1000x1000, 27985f2e-3526-4310-9f4d-f8265a192c2a_1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well regardless, I have this Ethernet-shaped hole in my wall and my Ethernet cable is too big.
... you're not looking at a phone jack, are you?

look into it, if there's 4 pins, it's a phone jack

>> No.61047953

or 2 pins, if it's unpowered
ethernet should always be 8 pins

>> No.61047958

So the HGST's price isn't really anything to be suspicious of then?

Does it seem like a decent choice if all I really want is a reliable storage drive at a reasonable price?

Apologies if I sound a bit retarded about this, I haven't had to buy a hard drive since 2009, and before that I was plagued with pretty shitty luck with HDDs, so I don't want to make any dumb moves.

>> No.61048007
File: 340 KB, 1890x816, 2017-06-23_17-53-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gayming website aside, why this happens on Firefox?
It's not an extension problem, even in security mode (all extensions disabled) it fucks up the fonts like that.

Also, I've also noticed that HTTPS Everywhere fucks the fonts on some sites on Firefox, but not on Chrome.
Is there a reason for this too?

>> No.61048016

well, it doesn't look like i can find anything more than has been found
even found tools for BeOS and AmigaOS, but they assume you have the link cable for <3c models, they just deal with the rs232 side, and you're better off using the linux tools for that side of things

>> No.61048033

Yeah, that's it. Is there any way I can connect my old Wii on that (I would just use wifi but it keeps thinking I have the wrong password is wrong, but it definitely isn't)?

>> No.61048036

why does this "esports" meme need to be a thing
can't they just call it video games

>> No.61048049

no, it's for phones

>> No.61048058

What's the best place to test your DNA to check ethnicity but more importantly health shit?

Looked at AncestryDNA, but they seemed obsessed with ethnicity.

>> No.61048077

check to see if your wifi router supports and is configured to meet the following;

Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz Frequency
Wireless Modes: 802.11b, 802.11g
Wireless Security Modes: WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES), WPA2-PSK (AES)

>> No.61048119

No man, it's done. You might see a thread pop up when I decide to work on it and get stuck. Thanks

>> No.61048141

np, i look forward to seeing your progress

>> No.61048164

I live in a complex and don't have my own router, or else I'd just do that

>> No.61048178

Youll have to go for an volentary genetics test.Its going to be $$$$ since its not medically needed

>> No.61048183

No, ask any Iranian nuclear program worker.
If you just have to look, unplug your drives, install it, boot from a Linux liveCD or USB image, then poke around.

>> No.61048193

you could also setup a computer or router to act as a bridge between wifi and wired ethernet
i used to do the same years back to get my ps2 onto my wifi network

>> No.61048206

But that was because they ran .exe files from it. Also the risk of usb rubber ducky. But can SATA drives do this?

>> No.61048468

That worked perfectly, thanks!

>> No.61048490

what? you actually found out how to do that by yourself?
i'm not used to people actually figuring out the details on their own in these threads, i'm impressed.

>> No.61048677

>But that was because they ran .exe files from it.

>> No.61048778

Ok, this one's probably going to be splitting hairs:

I have a Haswell i5 mid-tower system I'm putting up for sale. Currently it has a passively cooled SFF 2GB GT 730 in it.
I also have a full width 1GB 6670. They're approximately the same speed.
Which combination would be worth more? PC w/ GT 730 and selling the 6670 separately, or the PC with 6670 and the GT 730 by itself?
Video cards for SFF systems usually sell for a slight premium since there are fewer options.

>> No.61048807

Buy a $100 gtx 1050/1050Ti card.

6670 is slightly faster till you need more VRAM, which unless you are playing on a 4:3 720p screen it wont be good enough.

>> No.61048822

Buying new to put into a used PC for sale is usually a losing proposition.

>> No.61048828

Was it back in the good old days of autorun?
Nothing can happen "by itself", the drive can't do anything to you unless you specifically request anything. SATA can only transfer data.
I mounted it as ro, it was completely empty, then I wiped the first 20gbs with /dev/zero, then I made 100% ext4 partition for anime.

>> No.61049076

What are some good books to learn how internet works

>> No.61049130

So my home server is configured with raid + UPS to shutdown server if power fails. In addition I have backup of all data in case whole server just dies. I think my data is as safe as it can be without going into really anal/excessive means. What say you /g/

>> No.61049185

inconsistent sort of squeaking sound coming from my case, I'd say at least once it starts making the noise every minute, kinda rare if it doesn't while I have shit running.

is it likely a dodgy bearing on a fan, or a wire hitting the fan? i've looked into coil whine examples but they sound far more drastic and constantly make noise without pause.

>> No.61049238

could be a failing hdd also

>> No.61049248
File: 180 KB, 917x882, best guess.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What anime?

>> No.61049251

If you have the ability to rewrite the drives firmware, just plugging it in is enough. You can have a drive that is "empty", with no partitions, and it can infect you. It's not common yet, but it is doable.

>> No.61049263

What could it do by just plugging it in?

>> No.61049311


hm, one ssd and one hdd that have been in use for about a year now. guess i'll check if the fans make noise when stopped tomorrow and then act on that thanks.

>> No.61049313

Install some undetectable malware in your OS. Much less likely, it could compromise your bios and pull a lenovo.

>> No.61049340

And how would it install malware?

>> No.61049355

write arbitrary memory so basically anything.

>> No.61049418

Is your backup offline? Otherwise it could be fucked with.
Is the backup offsite? Otherwise you could still lose the data if your house burns down.
Are you using something like ZFS? You could still have bitrot. RAID doesn't really protect against this.

>> No.61049421

Computer boots drive, runs drive's I/O instructions, gets commands back for installing malware. In the case of a compromised bios, every time you computer boots, it connects to the internet and re-downloads the malware. At that point you could clean install your OS every day and still be fucked.

>> No.61049452

The disk your OS sees is a phantom created by the on-board controller. That controllers firmware can be compromised by nation-state level organizations. You did remove all your own disks and boot from a one use OS, right?

>> No.61049488

The DMA has to be initiated by the host system.
What are these "I/O instructions"?
Yes, my HDDs firmware can be rewritten. But how does this other disk have the ability to rewrite it?

According to https://staff.fnwi.uva.nl/j.j.vanderham/cases/evilssd.pdf , no usable SATA attack vectors were found, and the only thing of value they managed to do was to replace files.

>> No.61049504

What's the best browser that isn't botnet?

>> No.61049519


>> No.61049532

Firefox ESR

>> No.61049581

The other found disk is the problem. Anything you read from it from now on isn't necessarily what you wrote to it.
You know what your system's contents are worth, not me. Me, I'd have binned that drive and never looked back.

>> No.61049599


>> No.61049613

> Firefox not able to download .exe

>> No.61049621

So the drive can't directly give me malware then.
Why the fuck would the NSA spend $30 on throwing away a backdoored hdd? I found it at a garbage dump, not outside my place of work or anything.
That's a malicious USB key, completely different.

>> No.61049672

Stop thinking of all your components as static devices. Your GPU, mobo, drives, and many peripherals have modifiable storage. It can be varyingly hard to get access to their source code and change them, but it's more than possible, and extremely difficult to detect. You get that kind of access, and you can pull a lot of shit.

>> No.61049683

>That's a malicious USB key, completely different.

There's some differences in the way it's handled, but for the purposes of this discussion, they're minimal.

>> No.61049738

>So the drive can't directly give me malware then.
Sure it can, anytime you read a file type that it has an built in exploit ready for.
>Why the fuck would the NSA spend $30 on throwing away a backdoored hdd?
To cheaply test whether or not they can get victims that way.

>> No.61049774

The problem with USB is that the device can act as a hid or whatever, I don't think that is the case with sata which just controls the bus data lines in response to what is on the address lines.

>> No.61049781

GPU and motherboard is an entirely different thing. My risk is just as high with something I bought in the store.
No, SATA drives can't pretend to be a keyboard.
That's not directly.

Then they would do it in the US, not have one of their agents fly out to Sweden to carefully throw it in a garbage dump and wait for a year for someone to plug it in. They would probably replace one in a store, much higher chance of usage.

>> No.61049833
File: 337 KB, 492x376, hey butthead check this out.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok I might be in over my head but here goes

I've got a server running FreeNAS at the moment with 4 drives with ZFS. FreeNAS has been a struggle for my small brain to deal with and recently updating it fucked up my Windows share so that I can only access files via SSH.
If I install Ubuntu server to the OS drive can I import my ZFS volumes from FreeNAS somehow?
Or do I need to transfer the files externally and wipe the drives?

I just need something simple I can run Plex and a few other things off of to host my files and be accessible from a variety of computers so if anyone has a better solution for a server OS I'm all ears.

>> No.61049864

>GPU and motherboard is an entirely different thing
You're missing my point. I'm not saying they would be the origin of the attack, I'm saying that they could become infected and hold malware if you attached an infected drive, believing you were safe because you had removed all your regular storage. Also, bear in mind that we probably know nothing about the craziest attack vectors. Stuxnet caught everyone by surprise.

>> No.61049877

Spying on other countries IS their job. Plus, dumpster diving is an alternative means of getting hardware when a person doesn't want to have purchases tied directly to them. Soon they'll know both that it worked once and even how long they may have to wait for results.

>> No.61049879

Yes, but that's not true, the infected drive can't infect them directly.

And why the fuck would they waste their exclusive attack vectors on me?

>> No.61049903

>they'll know that it worked once
Anyone have that (X) doubt image?

>> No.61049919

I don't know what the state of zfs on Linux is these days but if you get that installed you should be able to mount the data drive just fine.

>> No.61049958

The backup is offline, I only turn on the backup device (s) when I need to run a backup. In addition my backups are split, one holds all older data while the other holds all current year data. I use shadow copies so if say at 3 a.m I or my gf accidentally delete a file/folder I can restore it without having to touch my main backup.

>> No.61049975

>the infected drive can't infect them directly
I'm not addressing that point. I'm saying IF strong malware gets a foothold on your system, you can't rely on replacing the drives to cleanse the system. And it's not the global players you have to worry about. They already have access to everything. It's the guys that get second hand access to their exploits that are the real issue. Which is why Stuxnet is such a good example. It propelled a class of malware way beyond what the existing security was ready for, and defeated what conventional wisdom said were sufficient security measures.

>> No.61049977

Ubuntu server will read it? I think I encrypted it I'm not sure if it'll fuck up or not but I have no experience with installing that, is it fairly straight forward? FreeNAS took a day to set up and in the end I just barely made it work.

>> No.61050002
File: 7 KB, 203x710, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to make twelve years vertically faster other than copy and paste? I need to go from 1953 to 2017 vertically and I was wondering if there was a faster way?

>> No.61050005

how do you nerds downlaod music?

>> No.61050026

the internet

I don't quite follow

>> No.61050037

he wants to select the years but not the garbage surrounding them

>> No.61050041

Yeah, that's a valid point. If russian malware syndicates get access to the technologies it will probably be leaked to the public soon enough.
assuming you're entering into a2 and a1 is top cell


Don't remember syntax, but something like that.

>> No.61050042

> I'm not addressing the question that you originally asked
Way to derail the thread you moron.

>> No.61050052

no shit but how to do it in bulk and for free

dumb nerds

>> No.61050060

He wants to be able to make cells with numbers from 1953 to 2017, but make them increment by 1 every 12 rows.

>> No.61050126

Have the first set of 12 cells filled
In cell A13 put =A1+1
Drag copy the formula as far down as you need

>> No.61050155

yes, linux can use openzfs pools
current versions of ubuntu even ship with openzfs available (it's not in the mainline linux kernel, due to incompatible licenses)
the encryption might be a problem though, openzfs doesn't support encryption, only the proprietary oracle one does, which means your encryption is another layer, this will also need to be in a format linux can use. i'm not sure what block encryption options there are in freebsd

>> No.61050172
File: 353 KB, 1000x1000, mfw572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ay, I got a few HDDs encrypted with Veracrypt. Is there a way for me to decrypt them at system startup?

>> No.61050182

on what os?

>> No.61050200

I am a Windows 10 babby.

>> No.61050259

Ai Mai Mi!

>> No.61050434

Ok so that seems like good news and bad news. If I did encrypt the drives will FreeNAS allow me to decrypt them so Linux could read it? Or should I stick with my buy an external hdd and backup some of it?

Also is it easy to software RAID with Ubuntu server? I've got about 12 TB and I'd like to use RAID 10 still if possible.

>> No.61050485

i don't know what encryption options are available in freebsd, like i said
you can probably decrypt them though, if it's something linux doesn't support

and you can keep using openzfs in linux

>> No.61050521
File: 61 KB, 500x500, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well at the very least I've got some hope that this'll work. Should come in handy later when I need something to crush.

Thanks for your time anon. Wish me luck.

>> No.61050612

My Android tablet has an annoying as fuck function where Google search opens itself when you drag from the bottom-center of the screen outwards in a certain way (that can't be stopped by, say, not dragging outside the circle that shows up to indicate it's happening).
How to kill?

>> No.61050709

swipe faster.

This should only happen when your finger lingers too long over the middle button, holding it launches the shitty annoying google thing


Google app, go to Menu -> Setting -> Voice (or Now Cards) and switch off the Now on Tap toggle that you'll find there

>> No.61050787


settings>apps>google>disable (uninstall)

>> No.61050865

That's what I get for playing puzzle games on it all the time I guess.
Then again, I never use it for anything else because I only have it due to the usual 'free with something you are actually buying' deal.

Weirdly I couldn't find a setting for non-voice searching though, so I just did >>61050787

>> No.61050914


Mobile devices are perfect for puzzlers. If you're playing some heavy 3D graphics shit just get a console/pc.

I transferred a whole bunch of puzzle games to my Yoga tab 3 plus, it isn't as comfy to play on, I think a phablet might have been better.

Then again, watching netflix or w/e is so much better than my old galaxy s2.

>> No.61051219

Shameless bump for answers

>> No.61051300

I know they're probably both soldered but is there any way I can upgrade the CPU and/or GPU of my laptop?


>> No.61051358

Better info

>> No.61051502
File: 22 KB, 1233x579, E6pocgK[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what kind of audio distortion does this look like? bottom is the original sound file, top is the distorted output

>> No.61051503
File: 141 KB, 1310x499, devremupdated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can you run document.getElementById("remove-message-button").click(); from console?
Doesn't seem like I can.

>Is .click a valid function?

I think so. I googled around and some stack overflows use it. Apparently it's jQuery which should work as .js? Or maybe I'm wrong.

So here is my updated approach.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Deviations remove shortcut
// @namespace DeviationsRemShortcut
// @include http://www.deviantart.com/*
// @include https://www.deviantart.com/*
// ==/UserScript==


var evt = document.createEvent ("HTMLEvents");
evt.initEvent ("click", true, true);
document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed del
if (e.keyCode == 46 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
document.getElementById('remove-message-button').dispatchEvent (evt); // this will trigger the click event
}, false);


But pressing delete does nothing. How do I definitively find out what the Element ID of the remove button is? I have the inspector in my pic.

>> No.61051528

I need a simple program to you do animations in 2D. Like to animate a logo. Any tips?

>> No.61051620

That's not an ID.
Right click on the element you've highlighted, then choose "copy selector" or "copy css selector" then use "document.getElementBySelector" with that selector instead.

.click() is vanilla JS and supported in all browsers, you're just "clicking" the wrong element.

>> No.61051644


>> No.61051814

Are you sure that's a thing. I googled getElementBySelector and it shows document.QuerySelector

If I go by what you are saying and apply it to the first version of my script it would be

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed del
if (e.keyCode == 46 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
document.querySelector(".remove-message-button").click(); // this will trigger the click event
}, false);

Which isn't working. I also tried document.getElementsByClassName('remove-message-button')[0].click();

>> No.61051856

What does
8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)

Am I running two 4GB RAM sticks or 1 8GB RAM stick?

Are my stick(s) 800 MHz or 1600 MHz?

>> No.61051911

How the hell does something like KMSPico actually work?
What's the trick it plays to stop something like Microsoft Office from checking if it's licensed?

>> No.61051925

Yeah, quarySelector, my mistake.
Okay, what happens if you paste just the document.querySelector(".remove-message-button").click(); part into console? What happens if you paste just the document.querySelector(".remove-message-button"); part into console?

>> No.61051944

can't have dual channel with one stick, though it depends on what is saying that whether it's referring to an 8G stick in dual channel with another 8G stick, or two 4G sticks that equal 8G

>Are my stick(s) 800 MHz or 1600 MHz?
it's 800MHz, or 1600MT/s
DDR RAM performs two transfers per clock cycle, so the transfer rate is double that of the clock rate
if it's supposed to be DDR3-1600, then that's correct

>> No.61051957

It runs a local license server (KMS)
Microsoft doesn't care, they know that as long as it's technically illegal and de facto illegal for the businesses that's enough, DRM isn't profitable. Adobe has the same thing, the exact same crack has been working since the 90's.

>> No.61051998

say what you will about bryan lunduke, but he hit the nail on the head regarding DRM, specifically that it's used as a way to circumvent copyright expiry
that is, things fall out of copyright over time, becoming public domain
but DRM remains illegal to circumvent forever, even if the content itself has fallen out of copyright, it remains illegal to use if the DRM denys you, regardless of how weak it is

>> No.61052078
File: 42 KB, 546x390, 1472774145248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But copyright expiry hasn't happened since 1984

>> No.61052224

is there a way to find out what device took a screencapture from the hex of an image or some program etc.
i have a picture that was likely screencaptured from a phone or tablet and i need to find out what divice took the picture.

>> No.61052253

the picture in question was posted to 4chan im not sure if 4chan removes any data

>> No.61052261

4chan clears data upon upload

>> No.61052265

4chan removes all non-essential data, but you can still see for example color profiles
Images edited in photoshop have "Gamma: 2.2" for instance
Almost all.

>> No.61052271

Thanks. It probably came with 2 4G sticks.

>> No.61052284

And yes, it's supposed to be DDR3-1600.

>> No.61052287

where can i see the gamma information? doesnt appear to be in the hex editor im using`

>> No.61052296
File: 201 KB, 686x879, 1479636703771.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.61052304

Really? That sucks. Normie phoneposters deserve to dox themselves

>> No.61052327

If I want to make a slick looking gui for an app (not sure if for within website, phone or desktop) what would be the best language/ide/whatever to use.
So far I've been looking at QT and Visual Studio but they seem to more functionality rather than appearance. I haven't found any tutorials on how to make good looking ui's with them.

>> No.61052357

how do you select japanese audio as default with mpc-hc? i put jpn in the audio LAV splitter and it doesn't do anything, and directvobsub has "english, english subtitles" as the default in general settings and there are no other options, it cannot be changed

>> No.61052368

I use mat, imagemagick should work too

>> No.61052376

>not sure if for within website, phone or desktop
Decide that first.

>> No.61052382

mat? google doesnt come up with anything

>> No.61052387

metadada anonymization toolkit
sudo apt-get install mat

>> No.61052449

Huh. It actually works when I do document.querySelector(".remove-message-button").click(); in the console.

Something isn't triggering it on keypress.

I have another script I'm running that is similar and does work.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Deviations shortcut
// @namespace DeviationsShortcut
// @include http://www.deviantart.com/*
// @include https://www.deviantart.com/*
// ==/UserScript==

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed d
if (e.keyCode == 68 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
window.location = "http://www.deviantart.com/notifications/#view=deviations"; // go to deviations.

// pressed del
//if (e.keyCode == 46 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
// eventFire(document.getElementById('remove-message-button'), 'click'); // this will trigger the click event
// }
}, false);

Maybe there is something wrong with the if code structure on the document.querySelector?

// ==UserScript==
// @name Deviations remove shortcut
// @namespace DeviationsRemShortcut
// @include http://www.deviantart.com/art/*
// @include https://www.deviantart.com/art/*
// ==/UserScript==

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed del
if (e.keyCode == 90 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
document.querySelector(".remove-message-button").click(); // this will trigger the click event
}, false);

>> No.61052472

remove the if statement, add console.log(e.keyCode) to make sure you got it right

>> No.61052495

is there a windows alternative

>> No.61052513

>is there an alternative program that runs on my malware of choice

>> No.61052519

why are linux users so snobby
i just asked a question

>> No.61052537

why are windows/mac users so slow that they cant google or check the download page for a windows/macos download link?

>> No.61052546

You mean like this?

//if (e.keyCode == 90 && !e.shiftKey && !e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey && !e.metaKey) {
document.querySelector(".remove-message-button").click(); // this will trigger the click event
}, false);

What exactly am I looking for?

>> No.61052550

I just gave you a friendly advice, stop using malware

>> No.61052559

Is the new Surface Pro worth it?

>> No.61052573

It should output a number to the console each time you press a key. If not, there's something wrong with the addEventListener part. The number that comes out when you press delete is the correct one.

>> No.61052582

You might be thinking of a molex adapter if it's something connected to the pic you attached, if so just pull it off.

>> No.61052585

Imagemagick exists for windows

>> No.61052587

i did and it doesn't exist hello

>> No.61052609

Then you have your answer and you wasted 2 posts to find it out :^)

>> No.61052652

It's not outputting anything to console. Like I said, I have another script using the same event listener and if statement with a different keycode ('d') and that one triggers. I am trying to use 'z' now (https://www.cambiaresearch.com/articles/15/javascript-char-codes-key-codes) instead of del in order for testing. No luck.

>> No.61052656

Not a direct question but I need help/advise on my predicament.
>want to torrent anime
>nyaa.pantsu.cat is slow and unreliable (often doesn't have episodes)
>bakabt is invite only
>piratebay is unreliable (goes down, often doesn't have episodes)
>horriblesubs is fast and reliable but their subs really do suck
What do? At the moment I'm just using HS but these subs (at least for Gabriel Dropout) really are awful, should I keep using HS and download subs for each anime separately? If so, where should I look?

>> No.61052673

does anyone else have an issue where pale moon can't correctly loop youtube videos? the performance with both youtube and twitch have been killing me since i went over from chrome

>> No.61052696

If I run Linux on a Win 10 laptop off of a bootable USB, is there any way for me to save and access files on the laptop's hard drive from Linux, or am I permanently cucked by different file systems?

>> No.61052697

you can cut them off if you really want to, just make sure to tape over or otherwise insulate each individual wire if you do so

>> No.61052708


>> No.61052735

Planning to snag some files from our workplace without having to log in to the machine are we?

>> No.61052773

I wish, school will more or less necessitate me reinstalling Windows for the bullshit software they want us to use, but I still want to be able to use Linux on that same machine.

>> No.61052804

If you care that much, keep riding the PT till you get where you're trying to go.

>> No.61052808

What do you mean? If you remove the if statement nothing happens, but if you add it but with a different character it works?
nyaapantsu usually works good for me. There's shanaproject and tokyotosho as well.
You can find raws on rutracker, sometimes with english subs and always very good quality.
But for Gabriel Dropout, the entire season is done and you should look for batches.
[FFF] + [ESL] - https://pantsu.cat/view/940700
[BakedFish] - https://pantsu.cat/search?c=3_5&s=0&limit=50&userID=0&q=%5BBakedFish%5D+Gabriel+DropOut (no batch)

You can also use torrentproject.se and btdb.in. They scrape literally everything, which means a lot of shit gets indexed but also anything of value. It's good for getting the right trackers and to find other torrents with the same files (i.e. go from 1 ep -> season pack)

>> No.61052815

Yes, most Live USBs have ntfs drivers. I know Ubuntu does for sure.

>> No.61052821

Anything wrong with using open Wifi for torrenting?
I'm being paranoid, right?

>> No.61052841

If nothing else you're probably being a huge asshole to everyone else on that network.

I went down the street from my dorm in college to torrent a copy of Warcraft and basically made their wifi unusable for like an hour.

>> No.61052853

>What do you mean? If you remove the if statement nothing happens, but if you add it but with a different character it works?

I meant to say that the first block of code in >>61052449 works even though it's using the same structure but when "d" is pressed.

I want the same functionality but instead of going to a link it should press a button when "z" is pressed. Originally I wanted to use the delete button but that gets a bit confusing when I inspect element and it deletes the element instead of triggering my event. Nothing else has changed.

>> No.61052860

I forgot to add. The seeders/leechers count is wildly off for both nyaa.si and pantsu.cat since many of the peers are hiding out in the DHT, not on any tracker. Download a torrent and see how many seeders you get in the client.
You're being paranoid. I'm seeding lots of torrents and have been for years on a residential connection, no issues so far. Don't live in the US though.

>> No.61052871

Living in the uk is a bigger issue for torrenting then the us

>> No.61052880

So if you change e.keyCode it doesn't work anymore?
I live in Sweden.

>> No.61052930

can you guys recommend a budget case (below $70 dollars) that has good airflow? i have a microatx mobo and i prefer a midtower due to space constraints. is there anything from the thermaltake H or N series that is worth buying?

>> No.61052942

>So if you change e.keyCode it doesn't work anymore?

Even if I use a different key press instead of "delete" the code doesn't work, correct.

>> No.61052957

Ryzen 5 1600x or 1600, /g/?

>> No.61053013

What software do i use to make all these ebin gifs?

>> No.61053020

taobao.com + basetao.com
will cost you closer to $7
So it only works with the specific key "d"?

>> No.61053059

What gifs? Imagemagick, gimp, blender, depends on what you want to do.

>> No.61053068

I want to make animated graphical images

>> No.61053088

Blender then.
Since I can get it to work
document.addEventListener('keydown', function(e) {
// pressed del
if (e.keyCode ==46) console.log(e.keyCode);
}, false);
This logs "46" twice when you press delete and once for any other key, so that's working

>> No.61053103
File: 799 KB, 200x189, 1469500925488.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isnt blender for 3d animation?
I want to make gis,you know exactly the kind i mean

>> No.61053113

You can use it for 2d animation too apparently.
After effects is good for, well, effects and such. I used it once for camera tracking, quite pleasurable to use.

>> No.61053153

What OS can i fit in a 4gb USB stick?

>> No.61053168

Almost all of them.

>> No.61053181


>> No.61053213

I was thinking of Ubuntu but it uses 5gb on disk

Does puppy have a dark theme?

>> No.61053226

okay so i've installed this now and it seems to just remove data from images am i missing something

>> No.61053246

Lubuntu does 3

>> No.61053266

No. But you can use it to see metadata.

>> No.61053289

are you willing to spoonfeed me

>> No.61053313

ty anon

>> No.61053344

i found the command line stuff but it doesnt say how to format it
do i do [path] mat -d
or mat -d [path]
or mat [path] -d

>> No.61053351

mat -d <yourfile.jpg> from the command line

>> No.61053376
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Why the fuck do these internet speed tests all give me wildly different results?
How do I know which one is legit?
How do I know if my IP is giving me the speed I'm paying for and if not how do I get them to fucking give me the proper speed?

>> No.61053383

It depends on how your ISP routes to the server that is being used

>> No.61053388


>> No.61053497

How do TV networks know how many views they get for each program?
I have no idea how television works

>> No.61053534

What's the best way to add a deadline to your calendar in thunderbird?

>> No.61053574

Modern cable networks get it reported on the wire.
Old antenna (terrestrial?) TV had occaisional surveys of a "representative sample" of people, from the phone book or some shit.
Satellite ... I am not sure if there is any uplink so probs the same as RF, although some satellite stations use a box connected to the phone line in a addition that could report back.

>> No.61053589

Will I be safe torrenting in the UK if I use a VPN? Also, what happens if you're caught torrenting there? Do they give you a warning like they do in the US? I'm moving there soon for college.

>> No.61053594

New thread: >>61053590

>> No.61053688

Pale Moon.
Fuck memezilla.

>> No.61053755

>weak standards support
>shit-tier add-ons
>restricted to iShit
Why do Applefa/g/s like Safari so much?
Oh, I know
>muh battery

>> No.61053785

uBlock hasn't been maintained for Safari for like a year. Switch to Chrome or memefox esr.

>> No.61053802

Memezilla ruined their browser years ago. Switch to Waterfox, or Pale Moon if you yearn for the good old days.

>> No.61053820

>muh Firefox

>> No.61053841

Turo, if you're rich
Never used them tho.

>> No.61053863

Buy Mac

>> No.61053887

Use Waterfox. Keep shitzilla off your system.

>> No.61053909

what is it that makes waterfox good? and is it actually maintained or is it palemoon all over again?

>> No.61055079

I have Manjaro with i3wm and two monitors.
When I position my monitors properly and save the configuration it tells me to add some line to my autostart file for it to be like this whenever I start my machine. Anyone know which autostart file it means and where it is located?

>> No.61055924
File: 196 KB, 1024x768, arch low.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what OS can't fit on a 4G stick?

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