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What do Apple haters have to say about this.

Android BTFO.

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get a laptop you numale autistic faggot

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I have a laptop retard,

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Let me test it I'm curious.

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then youre throwing your parents money away dipshit

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>2kb benchmark

Meanwhile when trying to resize a 10mb jpg iShit chokes like a little bitch.

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>iToddlers actually waste their money extremely overpriced and oversized phones

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>my money

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which couldve went towards drugs like any responsible adult spends their money on

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The OS is still shit. Android is 10x better.

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Non-durable goods are a waste of money.

Laptop did pretty good.

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How many times are you going to make this exact same thread today?

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Single core A10x = Single core Intel i7-4710MQ

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You jealous?

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Apple has has good specs with their custom OS for years but that doesn't negate that the iPhone is still regular consumerist garbage.

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stop with this garbage benchmark applel nigger

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Give me a bench mark to compare the A10x to the i7-4710mq.

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Adobe Premiere.

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Something free plz.

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>t. iToddler poorfag

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What do Apple fantards have to say about real app performance? From CPUs on phones that cost 1/3 at that.

iToddlers BTFO.

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You scared it's going to smoke Intel?

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Upgrade to ios11 and try it again?

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You scared to post real app performance?

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Applebench literally does not compare across different OS and archs. Half of the CPU crap is useless crypto. Don't even bother replying to these weak bait threads.

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So give me a bench to run on iOS and I'll run it.

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>So give me a bench

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fake and gay

delete the thread now

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iOS can't run real benches

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That's your excuse?

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Here's a real benchmark.

Try it.

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Too scared a10x will smoke i7 in benchmarks your only excuse is iOS doesn't have any benchmarks to run because the ones it has it's on par with i7.

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>33 posts
>11 IPs
Really makes you think

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>this is what iToddlers actually believe

Yeah, here's one of Applel's """""""amazing""""""" iPaddles processing basic text input.


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>running the non-Apple-authorized web browser Chrome
Try again poorfag.

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>lagPad can't even run chrome without lagging like shit


Not even Pentium 4's lagged on text input. Applel is a fucking joke.

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>not knowing chrome is a shitty bloated fork of Safari.

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How will iToddlers EVER recover?

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That appears to be an iPad 3 running iOS 9. You think any mobile device that gets five years of updates is going to run like new? Show me the Android devices that are supported for five years at all.

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why, will your selfie show up?

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fucking kek

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>t. iToddler

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>4GB RAM in 2017
>not suitable for work
>look at my $9999 girly pink facebook machine
>lags on facebook regardless
Pic related is the only thing Applel products are suitable for.

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Shill marketing thread.

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Nice if running benchmarks all day is your thing.
I personally would rather buy something that does what it has to do for as cheap as possible so when ik breaks I can throw it in the trash, pick up a new one and still save money.

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>Buy some shitty android tablet that scores 2000 on geekbench.

Waste 3 seconds every link you click.

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My Nvidia shield suffices for $200. I don't even use it for gaymin because I'm not 15 anymore

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Post the geekbench.

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>iOS 10

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Wtf is iPad 7.1?

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I am not at home right now, I will be in an hour and post geekbench

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That's Geekbench 3

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iPad Pro 2

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Download Geekbench 4

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I'm not paying REAL money for someone on the internet

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It's 1$ you shitskin

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sorry but I'm white, please keep the racism on your containment board >>>/pol/

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t. poorfag

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What’s the point in downloading Geekbench 4 again

It’s really sad if you haven’t seen the Pro 2 videos yet

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it shows scores you retarded faggot

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Forgot file

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It's really sad you think your angrybirdsPad can even compare to real CPUs.

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Where did I say that though? Do you just get angry and start typing nonsense?

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But the software makes it completely useless. It's probably a fake score anyways. I've seen $50 chinkphones with 8 cores at 4.5GHz with 10GB of RAM, at least according to their software.

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itunes tho

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>5kb benchmarks totally reflect how a CPU will perform in 100MB apps or processing 10GB video files

This is why iToddlers are universally dismissed as technology illiterate retards. They don't even understand the points they try to shill.

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Safari is a bloated shit storm of a shit company attempting to make a browser from restricted funds

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If you run devices 5 years after their release and expect them to operate like new than show a single model from Apple that hasn't showed up in the store for a "genius" to take a look.

Every type of apple device, just like Android's, have come into stores for service. Your idea of "support" after purchase doesn't reign against the fact that many people have been scammed out of money for fake support no matter their device and your god Apple can't stop that.

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yo, your shit weak cuz.

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Geekbench is SHIT.

It actually seems to have gotten worse with version 3, which you should be aware of. On ARM64, that SHA1 performance is hardware-assisted. I don't know if SHA2 is too, but Aarch64 does apparently do SHA256 in the crypto unit, so it might be fully or partially so.

And on both ARM and x86, the AES numbers are similarly just about the crypto unit.

So basically a quarter to a third of the "integer" workloads are just utter BS. They are not comparable across architectures due to the crypto units, and even within one architecture the numbers just don't mean much of anything.

And quite frankly, it's not even just the crypto ones. Looking at the other GB3 "benchmarks", they are mainly small kernels: not really much different from dhrystone. I suspect most of them have a code footprint that basically fits in a L1I cache.


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I wonder why multi core scaling is so bad

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There are absolutely tons of loads that don't come even close to fitting in L1I. People already mentioned browsers, and the point would be to load a new page, not load some single page that then has some specific single element on it that is heavy.

In fact, my experience is totally opposite from yours. Stuff that has a small code footprint I'm not at all interested in hearing benchmarks for, because I already know it will be "fast enough". If it's some common graphics thing, it's accelerated by the GPU. If it's not graphics-related, I can't even imagine why I'd ever want to run some kernel like that on my phone.

Do you really claim otherwise? Do you really find that it's the _simple_ things that are too slow, so you want to benchmark those kinds of loads? That makes no sense.

The crypto benchmarks make no sense either. Nobody does pure crypto. On a phone or tablet, your crypto is going to be dwarfed by the IO speed - either network or the flash write speed. Why would anybody encrypt/decrypt something that isn't sent out/received externally? So why bother testing something irrelevant? Are you expecting cracker networks to use their cellphones to crack passwords?

A small code footprint also almost totally hides things like branch prediction table sizes etc. And branch mis-prediction in turn doesn't just affect the pipeline, it affects how well you can prefetch both code and data through OoO. So it's not just I$ fetch, it's a lot of things that go along with "small trivial code size".

Making the data working set larger doesn't change any of these kinds of issues. It just makes the repeat-rates higher, and puts pressure on the D$. Yes, that in turn shows if the memory pipe is complete crap, but it really misses a lot about the core CPU.

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Complex GUI stuff (and phones/tablets are definitely moving in that direction) tends to have all these fancy GUI libraries, often object-oriented ones. And you see code with tons of indirect function calls, lots of wrapper functions (ie one function massages some arguments a bit and then just calls another function), and no, it's not inlined because it's often all about interfacing between different library levels (webkit, various font rendering libraries, low-level drivers for "in memory" vs "on screen" yadda yadda).

That's how "hot loops" end up being bigger than the L1 I$. Rendering an anti-aliased glyph really is a lot more complicated than doing a SHA-1 round. And that's just one glyph. Now do layout for a full web-page etc.


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now my toy can play more games at once than ever before!

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There seemed to be some power saving going on

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Nvidia shield ROFLMAO.

Shield is a meme.

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Admit your inferiority to Apple and the A SoC.

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Admit you're an iToddler brainlet.

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>comparing hardware with software
iSheeps are this retarded

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2988 vs 9343.

Shield post your 3dmark.

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Not an Apple hater, nor an Apple fanboy - but I'll say this about it:
It's a damn shame Apple's ARM gear is restricted to only Apple's locked down platform.

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Yes they can you stupid moron.
Every website is now HTTPS and every transaction is encryption, the performance of the encryption units is tantamount to the performance of the machine now.

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I don't think its too bad for a device that costed $200 2 years ago

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Do you come here to post this everyday?

>> No.60969628

Yes, I'm a friendly messenger from /pol/.


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I would never buy a GPU from them again because the gimping and vender lock-in shit of them but the tablet was a good deal.

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>from /pol/
Oh, so you're actually retarded...

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Time to catch some sleep I guess

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Probably for the best.

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>google supporter is also a jew loving sjw
Makes sense.

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You do realise there's no point to this ? You are not proving anything to anyone. You just look fucking ignorant. I'm a apple user and I'm ashamed to be correlated with you, you idiotic asshole

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>t. iPajeet

>> No.60970040

>I'm a apple user
Spotted the brainlet.

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>You just look fucking ignorant.

>claims benchmarks make a phone """"""faster""""" than actual real apps

Apple users.

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Tfw someone has all these pastas saved up. Android and iOS pastas

At least I am banging that hot chick you always have dreamed about.

Feels good to be a winner in real life.

Have fun endlessly flinging shit to each other and expecting somekind of different result.

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i want to fug that neko

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why your core is so shit?
Even my 5 years old stock Z1C is close to your score. After OC it should easily beat your nvidia chip.

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>geekbench across different architectures

>> No.60970672

>Geekbench 4.1.0 for ARMv7
>Geekbench 4.1.0 for ARMv7
>different architectures
where, you pussy?

>> No.60970691

>every arm7 cpu is identical

Neck yourself brainlet.

>> No.60970703

ARMv7 is the architecture. Both CPUs are in the same architecture.
Delete yourself from this thread you retarded negroid.

>> No.60970717

And every x86 cpu is the same architecture too right?

I'll say again, neck yourself brainlet.

>> No.60970752

Yes, from definition "x86" is the architecture. It could be implemented differently, but it's still same architecture. Retard.
And this geekbench score is about performance of each CPU. Clearly this nvidia chip is BARELY faster than old as fuck SD800.

>> No.60970766

X86 is an instruction set, not an architecture. Same with ARMv7.

>> No.60970791


Neck yourself brainlet.

>> No.60970827

>buhuuu values of compression/AES bandwidth, are fake!
kill yourself.

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Hey /g/, did you know that the A10X chip is so good that it's not only being used in DDOS supercomputers, it will also be used in the James Webb telescope, they will use it because it is technically the only 384-bit chip available nowadays (it is a quad-core 64-bit, 64*4 = 256bit), and because of that, it can process huge amount of images and data at the same time.

Intel also confirmed that they will be making 382-bit processors, just like Apple, showing that they are following Apple's steps into making processors, that's just amazing that an iPhone has better technology and more horse power than an intel Xeon server.

I don't like Apple, but they made a really good job with this chip, and thinking that NASA will use it shows that they really revolutionized the ARM architecture, and also revolutionized the world in general, because it's the first time in history that you have the processing power of a telescope in your pocket.

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Yes because I need all that power to browse YouTube

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Yeah but Qualcomm isn't far behind.

Snapdragon 835 single core: 2000
A10x single core: 4000

Snapdragon 835 multi core: 6200
A10x multi core: 9300

>> No.60978933

Apple is on par with Intel per core, Qualcomm is half of Apple per core.

>> No.60979002

And it still has to kill background tabs in order to function "without lag" :^)

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File: 1.48 MB, 480x270, 1476909449796.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apple is on par with shit.

Not even Pentium III's lagged as bad as the latest iShit.

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File: 34 KB, 552x800, 1485984521005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
















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who fucking cares? what are you going to use all that performance on? flappy bird? vr porn?
my nexus 5 runs damn near anything without hiccups and at a reasonable speed. android is better because it's more customizable

>> No.60979092

>a bit more than half a second difference
well i'm sure glad i paid that extra 100-200 USD for a closed down OS

>> No.60979112

that doesn't change that they use the same viewer

>> No.60979379

Post the geekbench.

>> No.60979389


Spotted the iToddler brainlet.

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File: 1.80 MB, 198x360, 1489595686621.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post real world performance.

>> No.60979562


iPhone: 3:38
Galaxy S8: 7:35

Samsung BTFO.

>> No.60979819

> iPhone has 3GB of RAM
> S8 has 4GB
> iPhone opens literally the same apps
> perfect RAM management keeps ALL of them
> S8 closes ALL of them
> iPhone finishes the tasks much faster despite the slower iOS animations
How can Android even compete nowadays? It's getting ridiculous at this point. The S8 performs like a iphone 6 or 5s with 1GB of RAM

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>posts hardware benchmark
>"OS users blown the fuck out!!!"
What did he mean by this?

>> No.60979842

Lmao do iphones really still only have 3gb of ram?

>> No.60979899

Even 2GB Ram is enough for iOS unlike memedroid.

>> No.60980000

basically you're fucking stupid

>> No.60980017

shit, I guess I'm getting an iPhone

>> No.60980148

Chrome on iOS is a safari reskinn.

>> No.60980224

>marathon app switching
>real world performance

Try again iToddler.


>> No.60980274

>buying an overpriced gigantic tablet with a shitty OS

no thanks

i better buy a desktop or a laptop

>> No.60980289

Question, if I buy a chinkphone, and they don't provide updates for it, how easily can I get the latest Android OS on it every year?

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LineageOS, monthly updates.

Advisable to buy at least a common brand chinkphone like OPO or LG flagships.

You shouldn't expect any support for generic $100 phones. If you can't even find the manufacturer or model number when buying, don't expect any support, even from hobbyists.

>> No.60981112

> Pajeet video
> not a marathon app switching
> comparing different apps (like Play Store with App Store)
> Comparing those at the same time at the same internet connection
> No RAM management test
> iPhone still does well despite the slower and prettier iOS animations
Are you even trying pajehet?

>> No.60981135

yes, and it still keeps more data on the RAM than a 6GB Android phone

>> No.60981150

obvious and sad samefagging

>> No.60981157

How will iToddlers ever recover?

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OnePlus3T BTFO

How will android fags recover?

>> No.60981209

That's literally impossible dumbass. I can't believe retards still fall for apple's marketing. Enjoy being a ramlet, but hey at least those 3gb of ram are magical :^)

>> No.60981232

did you even watch this video?

The S8 literally couldn't keep any app on the RAM and reloads everything

This is not impossible, just the consequence of Android being written in spaghetti code while iOS is beautifully written

>> No.60981233

It's actually 2GB RAM on iShits.

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>oh i need to take a picture on my:

>open imessage
>open facebook
>open angrybirds
>open grindr
>open camera app

>open camera app

Is it any wonder the entire planet consider iToddlers brainlet retards?

>> No.60981273

Funny how it's always Applefags trying to prove their shit to be superior and not the other way around. While you guys are screaming about a walled garden botnet being safer then an open OS androidfags are just enjoying their phones and incidentily laughing about an apple meme

>> No.60981275

> close
but that's Android RAM management anon

>> No.60981288


>> No.60981291

Kek. It's because your hardware sucks and you hate winning. Post the Geekbench to prove me wrong.


iPhone blows out every top android phone in one video.


>> No.60981298
File: 2.64 MB, 400x225, 1495361232322.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh i need to take a picture on my:

>open imessage
>open facebook
>open angrybirds
>open grindr
>open camera app

>open camera app

Is it any wonder the entire planet consider iToddlers brainlet retards?

>> No.60981304

>google pixel in last place

>> No.60981320

Spotted the Appletard.

>> No.60981325

On high end phones people don't care too much about specs, its the day to day experience that seems to matter most to people.

>> No.60981353
File: 562 KB, 1920x1080, 1478762013692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its the day to day experience that seems to matter

>> No.60981358

Suddenly benchmarks and general consensus are worthless and the only thing that matters are fake pajeet videos with sub 100 subscribers on jewtube. Android shills are desperate since Qualcom still can't keep with the A7 chip and Android is getting at Windows levels of botnetery and spaghetti code.

Soon Android will start displaying system ads like Windows and the pajeets will keep defending the botnet.

>> No.60981389

>iToddlers can't even keep up with $300 phones that BTFOs "top of the line" iShit
>suddenly fake benchmarks are all that matters

Your desperation is showing Ranjeet.

>> No.60981411

> fake benchmarks
so, literally EVERY ARM benchmark?
thats some >>>/x/ tier shit we got here

>> No.60981421

>t. iToddler brainlet


>> No.60981478

> every benchmark is Geekbench
t. Pajeet brainlet

>> No.60981611

>useless marathon app switching

You sacred to post real world usage iToddler?

>> No.60981735

"Real world usage"

>Unquantifiable, subjective

How convenient for you.

>> No.60981747

You sacred to post real world usage iToddler?

>> No.60981801

>No definition of "real world usage"

Every benchmark iPhone BTFO android
Every app loading video iPhone BTFO android

Android takes twice as long to boot up as iOS


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File: 1.96 MB, 423x264, 1485396914812.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>iToddlers reduced to making up """"""""""""facts"""""""""" after getting BTFO by $300 phones

>> No.60981834

> What is Octane
> What is 3DMark
> What is anything
30 rupees has been deposited into your account Mr. Pajeet shill

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File: 1.51 MB, 202x360, 1488212896214.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You sacred to post real world usage iToddler?

>> No.60981926

> benchmarks are useless
Android brainlets everyone
> real world usage
> inb4 app racing doesn't represent the real world usage
If you think so, then explain to me why. Also tell me why you keep avoiding the RAM management issue. If you can't answer those two questions, congratulations, you just got BTFO.

>> No.60981934

>> benchmarks are more useful than the actual apps you use every day

iToddler brainlets everyone

>> No.60981953

>>app racing
>more useful than opening a single app from idle state like ALL real people use their phones
Just kill yourself moron.

>> No.60981980

yeah because no one needs RAM right?

>> No.60982877

iOS 3gb ram is like android 6gb.

>> No.60982909

iOS 10 is like Android 3.0

>> No.60983826

Android BTFO.

>> No.60984001

>Using a chink knockoff iPhone
Are lagdroidists even trying?

>> No.60984248

Great. Now get some software that isn't garbage.

>> No.60984310

>android isn't garbage

>> No.60984571

It's a cellphone, who gives a rat's ass?

>> No.60984710


>> No.60984823

Point still stands.

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