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Hey /g/ I found this safe on the street. How can I unlock it?

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give it back [streotypical african-american name ]

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Give it back, Jamal

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Wedge, and mallet Tyrone.

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use the key

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Go read the manual or go watch defcon.

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Blowtorch, DeSean.

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Attack its weakest point.
Drop it on the hinge.

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What if it has a hand grenade in it?

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Is it you're friends safe that you accidentally locked?

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d-do you think it does?

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That's a fire safe. Looks like a tubular lock. A pen will probably do the trick.

Seriously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egtn7swD_Jg

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Return the safe, Tyrese LaShawnD-shus Jackson

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Give it back LaDarian Quantravius Jackson

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You can open it with a magnet, depends on the mechanism.

Google a bit, its quite a cool thing to know.

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Looks like b8

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Take it back to Staples.

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With dubs

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Can't argue with those dubs.

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There's probably a way to trigger the reset button if you bust open the keypad

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With the right key.

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Buy a file to build suspense.

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Thermite. Don't forget to record it.

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Who the fuck would just have a 9 inch grinder lying around?

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any real man

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What kind of fucking pussified cuck numale doesnt have tools around?

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you know that there's just going to be another, smaller safe inside, right?

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a) bring it to police
b) watch some theft movies: thermite, water filled ex[losion, etc

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Keep it, Jamal.
[backtrace Jamal to call the cops]

Also, this post ( >>60886451
) is right

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use a mechanical keyboard.
the keystroke can emulate low frequeny sounds which translates to the save as an encryption key. If you turn on the wheel whilst stroking down the vibes will open up the safe area.

When you feel as you are near to finish, stroke faster, and you'll release the lock.

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based russia

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get a decent sized n52 magnet
place it over the solenoid, move it around, jiggle the handle a bit, and wala

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