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iMac Pro is not overpriced. The baseline iMac Pro configure on a Lenovo workstation costs $2300 more.

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Quadro is the expensive thing there

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Why does this same retard post incorrect shit? Do you even know anything about Apple products?

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Hey Pajeet, iMac Pro and iMac 5K are not the same thing you dumb monkey. iMac Pro has a 10bit screen.

Stay retarded. And ease off on curry... I can smell you from here.

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he's mentally ill and has a low IQ. don't be too harsh on him.

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>w-w-w-we promise the mac isn't a total piece of shit this year we PROMISE!!!111 trust us again goyim!!!111

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Where does it say anything about b-bit color there? When the fuck has Apple made a panel that displays gradients like THAT since fucking 2002? Can't some mod ban this one dumb fuck's image MD5s? He'll be too retarded to realize why his posts don't work and he may give up.

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I would prefer Lenovo though because of CUDA and because iMac is too gayish and unprofessional, people may think that I'm from the fashion industry than the tech.

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The iMac Pro uses 10-bit dithering, which is not true 10 bit. The panel itself is 8-bit (look up 8-bit+FRC).

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Only gullible technology illiterates buy Apple shit.

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not like mactoddlers will notice the difference on facebook anyways

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Almost all monitors other than very high-end professional monitors are 8-bit. You can check this yourself through your GPU driver.

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True 10-bit monitors are very expensive as you can see from the OP. No one in this thread has a true 10-bit monitor.

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you don't know shit. here's 50 rupees for your shilling. hopefully that will pay for some toilet paper.

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Why does this same low IQ mentally ill mactard post incorrect shit? Can't some mod ban these mactoddler's IP? He'll be too retarded to realize why his posts don't work and he may give up.

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How exactly am I shilling for anything when I have stated are facts? Do you think I'm implying that 8bit+FRC is better than 10bit?

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go on Apple's website for iMac PRO and take a look you illiterate monkey.

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So you're saying Macs are not high-end?

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>go on Apple's website

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>Apple's website
This is why everyone regards mactoddler morons as technology illiterate retards. Because you literally have to be one to believe Applel's bullshit.

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The iMac Pro uses the same display as the regular iMac. If you were referring to "5120‑by‑2880 resolution with support forbillionsof colors" from their website, it says the same thing on their regular iMac page, which is true, 8bit+FRC is indeed 1 billion colors same as 10bit.
You can see that Apple says it's 10-bit dithering here: https://youtu.be/1HSKSlU0Ncs (I know that's the regular iMac, but the iMac Pro uses the same display)

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Timestamp is 1:34:15: https://youtu.be/1HSKSlU0Ncs?t=1h34m15s

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>go on Apple's website

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>And from the adobe RGB colour space, the iMac recorded 78 percent cover.

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Apple was sue ago a time because call iMac millons of color but was TN monitor just 160,000 colors.

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I really hate all in one computers

I wish apple would put out a new modular tower+monitor setup

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To retarddit/Apple, PC is dual socket,best power source,more PCIE, best cooling system, Quadro could use CAD,simulation,machine learning software, Radeon pro begin rebrand PC gamer lack support for pro software.

And still best component come out in next six months.

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Imac has shitty 8-bit panels with two pixels near each other shifting colors to try and pretend to be the real color in "pretend 10bit" mode and look like shit.

Imacs are for poorfags that can't afford real 10-bit LG and Dell monitors.

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Holy shit it's $5000

fuck that, I can build a killer rig for that

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if I were building a $5000 machine I would not use a 5k monitor, they are over priced for what you get. You can get a perfectly acceptable dual monitor setup for $1500 and spend the other $3500 on the tower

if you are not a graphics designer or film editor you don't need a 5k monitor

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But then I'd have to use Windows 10.

Say what you want about Macs, but you get what you pay for in tech.

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This. If you pull up a gradient on an iMac it still looks as shit as any other 8bit panel because it physically cannot display the true color in between the gradients.

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>Jun 24, 2003

You seem angry, pajeet.

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No it's not. They updated it.

They usually get their panels from LG. This is definitely a 10bit 5k panel.

Here's a quick search:

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How will mactoddlers ever recover?

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Are you crying?

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what movie is this from?

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I bet intel could market their shit as "professional grade 8bit twisted neumatic panels" and you'd have mac fags creaming themselves over it

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silicon valley

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You seem angry and poor.

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Microsoft: The Software Empire Vol. 2: Satya Nadella's origins

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>t. mactoddler poorfag that can't afford a real 10bit monitor


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>They usually get their panels from LG


they will go with whatever supplier is cheapest

hence the retina lottery of "do you get a grainy panel or not"

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Lol I just built a 24 core, 256GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 12TB HDD setup that runs circles around iShit at half the price.

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Standalone 5k screens are incredibly overpriced because nobody but Apple gives a shit about them. Also
>Comparing a quadro to what will most likely be a mobile consumer chip

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Apple doesn't give a shit about them either by stuffing them with 8-bit trash panels for """"""""pros"""""""".

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You're clearly uninformed.

And angry, poor and a pajeet.

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fucking apple is hoarding vega.

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How will mactoddlers ever recover?

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>dual CPU motherboard

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Um, that article only states that 10bit support is enabled in El Capitan. Not that the panels are actually 10bit.

There is not a single line in that article that refers to 10bit panels.

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You are not using a 10-bit monitor Rakesh.

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>full DCI-P3 color-space coverage
>not 10-bit

Here's some information for you, brainlet. In an 8-bit display's pixels, the colors it represents (red, green and blue) can be varied to 256 different shades each. In a 10-bit display's pixels, each sub-pixel can on the modified to 1024 different tones of teach RGB color. So when you see a display advertised as having 'millions of colors', that's because 256 x 256 x 256 = 16.8 million colors. When you see 'over a billion colors, that's due to 1024 x 1024 x 1024, amounting to 1.07 billion color possibilities per pixel.

Neck yourselves you dumbfuck anti-apple pajeets.

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>article doesnt mention DCI-P3 either
Literally NOTHING in the ARTICLE mentions 10bit panels at all.

I'm sorry, but you cannot argue point.

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I'm not talking about that article, and I'm not talking about the old iMac. New iMacs starting with the 21.5" 4K one are 10-bit panels. There is no fucking 'point' to argue you stupid cunt. I was merely educating you. We are speaking in the context of the NEW iMacs, of which, all of them minus the total base non-4K model have 10-bit panels. Fucking clueless idiot.

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I haven't managed to find anything proving or even really supporting the new iMacs having 10bit panels.

Yes, they do mention aiming for the DCI-P3 color-space, but that has nothing to do with 10bit. There are 8bit panels with 90+% AdobeRGB support which is as wide as DCI-P3, so color space alone is not at all evidence.

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>10-bit = 1024x1024x1024 = over 1 billion colors

Do you really need spoonfeeding this hard you fucking idiot? I just told you, its right there on the fucking spec sheet.

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Once again that doesn't rule out 8bit+FRC.

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not even one person refuted OP's picture.

makes you think.

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Macfags BTFO

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Because you didn't read the thread at all. I also pulled up the exact same configuration and got it $400 cheaper.

There are some things to note here.

You are getting a dual CPU motherboard with 16 available DIMM slots.
You are getting a workstation graphics card valued around $1800 to $2000.
You are getting a much better monitor than the Apple monitor.
You are getting 3 Years ON-SITE support.

Basically they're incomparable.

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The iMac Pro is gonna fail if it's released at the same time or close to the release of the Mac Pro.


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It isn't. The Mac Pro is being pushed back to like 2019.

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this, the M5000 is $2000+ from a vendor like Lenovo.

Also, you picked out a dell monitor that isn't produced anymore the LG 5k monitor is $1,299. 27" 5k res. There is also a Phillips 227" 5k that goes for around $1500.

So your almost $2000 dell monitor there is at LEAST $500 over priced, and closer to $700.

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What the hell are you saying?

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where's this with audio?

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>spending 5000$ on a facebook machine

only macfags would do something like this

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You are an idiot.

It’s an LG panel used in other displays that are 10bit.

Go to eBay find the iMac 5k panel part number then do a back search and see its 10 bit.

Idiot. Kys please.

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>mactoddler thinks just because the GPU can render a color means applel's 8bit shit can actually display the color

This is why mactoddlers are universally regarded as brain dead technology illiterate gullible drooling retards.

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the iMac is selling a computer with both of these things for $3K?

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You're a fucking idiot. Anyone with a good eye uses a Mac (ie professional photographers, illustrators, graphic designers). Even if it was 8bit (which it isn't) it will still be a better monitor than a shitty Dell. macOS is highly tuned to work with graphic software, and you can get more accurate with something like a Spyder to calibrate the color.

I always laugh at IT fags who show me spec sheets. Winshit still uses some obscure Gamma 2.2 (as far as I remember) vs. 1.8 on a Mac.

You're just butthurt you sip Mountain Dew instead of Tea or a Latte like an artist.

The minimum at 4,999 on the iMac Pro is a 8 Core Xeon with 32GB RAM, a Vega (64 I think, workstation level) which probably costs $1,200+....it's literally 11Tflop+ GPU.

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If it's more expensive than a $600 t450 Thinkpad it's overpriced

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I feel bad for you, poor disillusioned soul. May you find sanctuary in your $5,000 scrap pile.

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I aint buying this shit, nigger.

I built a Hackintosh after I sold my 12 Core Monster Mac Pro (Cheesegrater).

I now have a nice solid Hackintosh + 2014 MacBook Pro. Fuck Windows.

These machines are built for companies and pros, not for your poor ass.

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The irony being that you are calling someone poor while you yourself opted for a cheaper option.

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I didn't "opt" for a cheaper solution. A 6700k, 64GB RAM, M.2 SSD, 2x980Ti Hackintosh was good for me at the time. Total cost: $2500.

I will definitely be purchasing the modular Mac that will come out next year. I am not a big fan of AIOs.

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holy shit, this level of desperation
how many rupees you got for doing this? serious question

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Then Rakesh woke up to go poo in the street, while calling everyone mactoddlers on 4chan with his ₹800 android chinkshit phone. In a few minutes, he would have to go work at the Pajeet International Microsoft Shilling Division.

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>I didn't "opt" for a cheaper solution.
You did lol.

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Mac user since 1990s.

No I didn't faggot. i didn't want to get the Trash Pro because it was from 2013 and I needed CUDA and newer hardware.

I will definitely get the 2017 Mac Pro when it comes out because I'm tired of shitty PCs.

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>Mac user since 1990s
>I'm tired of shitty PCs
get your shit together poojet

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>I'm tired of shitty PCs.
>I will definitely get a shitty PC with a $4000 applel sticker when it comes out


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Where do technology illiterate mactoddler subhumans get the false impression that they or their fruity toddler toys are welcome much less belong on a technology board?

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Go suck Bill Gates' cock.


It has server parts in it idiot. Read OP.

>t. Pajeet Hindu

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>always laugh at IT fags who show me spec sheets. Winshit still uses some obscure Gamma 2.2 (as far as I remember) vs. 1.8 on a Mac

You do realize you can both adjust gamma and tune calibration with a colorimeter right?

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That's the issue you fucking faggot.

Every Mac I use is exactly the fucking same in terms of color. I switch between multiple Macs per day and different places, it's always the fucking same.

I ain't got time for gay ass Winshit and "customizing".

Go eat a big fat pajeet dick. 99% of Microshit is indian (especially CEOs) how the fuck do you support that trash.

Wow so funny. Faggot.

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My iMac 5k has a 10bpc screen.

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>calls someone else a faggot

rly maeks u think

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>mactoddler actually believes what applel tells him

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Stick to Loonix you sysadmin faggot

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>Being so retarded you think there exists 8-bit 5120x2880 panels
>Cringe /v/-tier reaction image

Typical /g/.

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It's 10-bit dithering (8bit + FRC). Consumer monitors are pretty much never 10bit. 10bit monitors are very expensive.

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>Being so retarded you think there exists 30-bit panels on consumer tier applel chinktrash
>Cringe /v/-tier reaction image

Typical mactoddler.

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The Dell 5k is also 10-bit FRC though.

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>ITT win/linfags who think they understand what 10bit is about because they lack the talent to tell the difference between 8 and 10 because they are sysadmin fags getting paid $55k/year for helping grandma's get back on Facebook and remove viruses.

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Ya but I'm still not buying one because no games

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Only jews and faggits use Apple.

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How the fuck do I get paid 55k a year for that simple shit? Right now I make 13k at most cleaning places?

>> No.60830679

Social class != religion
You should compare the mactoolders the muslins.

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Are you Mexican?

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And alt-right.

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No that's min wage at a little less than 40 hours a week

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I still won't buy an iMac until they fix these things:

>matte screen option
>be able to use the screen as an external display with HDMI
>VESA mount on all models

Gonna get an Mac mini instead when they release a new one because of this.

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What.. was babby told he can't have a 1,600 dollar laptop or something?

>> No.60835150

He was told to check his privilege by an applel employee.

>> No.60835165


Oh... Just looked it up.. autistic fanboy crying with happiness because of being in an apple store...

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I'm a macfag but I still refuse to say DELL monitors are shit.

Protip: they are not.

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