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Alright /g/s

I'm a fucking old school programmer. Not AS400 old but write your own java and style sheets in text. Hell when I started there was no such thing as CSS.

Anyway I want to into apps. The problem is I cannot for the fucking life of me figure out how to into database. Not the database, not the SQL code, but how the fuck do I make my game/app/whatever talk to a website or database. I just want the most simple thing:

>user downloads app
>user enters [name]
>name goes into my database
>user come back
>"Hi [name]"

Am I missing something simple or completely obvious or - seriously how the fuck do you do this? I mean I used to write .asp pages and microsoft SQL dbs for a living but went off the grid and did php/mySQL for years before then dropping off the grid and just jerking it to 4chan webms all day.

Seriously I'm rusty but why the fuck can't I figure this out and what the fuck is the answer?

thanks /g/ents

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>old school programmer

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What programming language and which database? There's probably a library out there that makes this very easy.

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well what fucking language are you using?

I hope you're not so oldschool you're creating sockets to send tcp to a db

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middleware op.

middleware, or an "application platform" connects your web page/app/whatever to your database. ASP and PHP you mentioned are both examples of middleware.

Try this:


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Thanks. Now I've got:
10 excellent platforms for building mobile apps
25 best mobile app building platforms

So anybody want to curtail hours of research and just tell me a decent platform to hit the ground running and not spend a lot of hours ramping up? (Appery.io, Mobile Roadie, TheAppBuilder, Good Barber, Appy Pie, AppMachine, GameSalad, BiznessApps, etc)

And let's add cheap to the mix because honestly jacking off all day for 10 years doesn't pay as well as I thought it would.

Thanks senpai

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let me rephrase:

I'm looking for a decent code based platform (dgaf what language) to develop an app that isn't pay to play. Code based not a scraper, not a widget assembler, not a visual builder, not ... hang on Dojo looks decent...)

How's that? Any ideas? How is dojo mobile for real?

also thanks >>60800343 for giving me the language I was missing

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Stop pretending you're "old school programmer" because you're clearly shit/complete newb. Its no different than connecting to any other db on any other stack and its been that way for at least 15 years now. Standard DB connection URIs are still a thing, you should know what they are and how to use them if you're "such an old timer".
God grief, fucking "senpai" weebs lack balls to even ask a simple question in first person without trying to come up with some lame internet persona and even then they fail at keeping it together because of clear lack of social skills. Old school programmer my ass.

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I'm 43 and I retired in 2001 that would be... LOOK AT THAT OVER 15 YEARS AGO

I was writing web pages in WAP when phones had hinges you fucking newfag now GTFO my lawn

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Ionic creator, your welcome faggot

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Then you're clearly underdeveloped because you talk like immature 17yo weeb. You might have been writing baseband firmware for 8000X for all I care. Learn how to query search engines instead of waiting to be spoon fed with answers you clearly are too thick to even begin to comprehend.

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