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Anyone else happy to see AMD bringing the heat to Intel?

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>45% more cores
memes are writing themselves

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Absolutely, youd have to be a fanboy moron not to see that having two competative companies keeps them both in check and is better for all of us.

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>64 cores!
>what do you need 32 cores for? 16 cores should be enough for anyone!

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its a server cpu so moar cores is actually relevant

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nothing in the real world is optimised for more than 4 cores anyway, anyone who buys this is a retard

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>Intel about to get raped in the server market
>Say they're more than happy to lose marketshare in order to maintain 60% profitability
>/v/ermin crawl from the woodwork with shit like (>>60689312)

This is going to be an extremely entertaining few months.

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Absolutely. Competition is the only thing forcing both companies to get better. I hope neither ever truly wins, because that's the only way WE win.

There's more to the real world than just games, and plenty of uses for a heavily threaded server.

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Intel's reaction to AMD

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Please stop being a corelet. Corelets have no future.

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anything that needs actual parallel performance uses specialised hardware, not binned chips. servers run xeons anyway

who are you quoting?

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Right now, unless you're actually using a program that will utilise those cores, you don't need that many.

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>oy vey you don't need more than 256mb ram
typical kiketel damage control

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INTEL servers run Xeons. You see in the OP pic a rackmount chassis and text indicating dual sockets.

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You don't say?

It's almost like software is increasingly parallel.

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what are servers are relevant besides xeon servers? none of them even have 0.1% market share

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>servers run xeons anyway
And what do you think they'll run when an option comes up greater parallel performance, greater memory capacity, lower power draw, and lower TDP so it's cheaper to cool.

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unironically calling your cpu ebyn...

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Please let Ebyn sell like crack. A well funded AMD is only going to do wonders for the advancement of technology.

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man you have no idea what you're talking about

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No, out of the 7 billion people on the planet you are the only one.

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>not understanding what it's a jab at
you must 18+ to post here

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Nah, he's just shitting up the English Language so badly that he's hoping the subject changes away from how badly Intel are about to get their shit wrecked thanks to Jim Jew Killer Keller

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You can future proof your stuff with more cores sure but you can also pay a lot less on the CPU if you know you don't need those cores.

I wish more were so more cores would be more useful

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ebin! :D:D:DDD

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what is it a stab at?

intel servers to communicate with intel desktops makes sense, theres no reason to move away from the platform. Besides games most servers are still intel, but on the game market amd has no certifications, so why would go for them?

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>>You can future proof your stuff with more cores
It's more like not crippling yourself to begin with.

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Consider that the Q6600 and Core 2 Xeons were competitive long, long after Core 2 Duos stopped being relevant.

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Do you know what diminishing returns means except in special cases like rendering and encoding?

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Gibberish. Why are you trying so hard to justify this?

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As much as i enjoy AMD making a comeback, all the threads about a 1-2% difference in performance for either side being proclaiming "BTFO [name] IS OVER"

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Are just annoying. whops. hit post too soon.

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You don't need 16 threads for a fucking desktop, retard. This considering you're not running gorillion instances of poojet quality software.

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Because nobody multi tasks.

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As far as i remember, one of the long term issues with multicore is software being written in a way that it targets core0 every time meaning everything tries to cram itself into the first core.

Unless modern CPUs are smart enough to say "NO. you use this core/tread, you use this one and you use this one"??

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>let me tell you what you and everybody else needs
damage control this pathetic shouldn't be possible

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99% of people don't even need a desktop. Kill yourself.

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>"needing" electronic devices at all

fukkin nerd lmao

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Intel's Itanium E.P.I.C.

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>AMD bringing the heat to Intel
I appreciate your wordplay anon.

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my primary computer was a Q6600 until a few months ago, still works. It was just fine for chrome, i used to stream games at 1080p 60fps. Its only limitation was 4gb of ddr2.

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>kys you are selfes

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editing and rendering videos on my i5 4670 was a pain in the ass, on the ryzen 7 1700 it no longer is

are you going to tell me I don't need an 8 core 16 thread cpu? :^)

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No you fucking retard, even if programs are single-threaded the OS scheduler is aware and can balance multiple programs across multiple cores when multitasking.
And one of the initial bugs with Ryzen was that W10 didn't balance it correctly (it used cores in different CCXs even when there were available free cores on the same CCX, therefore increasing latency, or something like that).

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>or something like that

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Well, sorry if I don't research everything I shitpost on a Mongolian basket-weaving discussion site.

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Are you also amused whenever you hear the Hot Chips symposium mentioned?

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ebyn :DDDDDD

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Corelets. They never learn.

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It's happening.


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Single. Socket. Shoah.

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It's a server CPU which will probably also be used in very high-end workstations.

Video rendering does use 100% of all available cores.

A webserver will distribute requests among all cores but probably not use 100% of all of them since you probably want to load-balance with more servers the moment you're nearing 70%, perhaps even 50%, during peek hours.

I could go on but it's enough to say that there's a whole lot of things that's "optimized" to use all available cores. This isn't something made with Windows gaming in mind - even if that's also something that needs a lot of cores these days. There is a difference between just playing some game that may or may not use more than 4 cores and live-streaming and real-time encoding the game you're playing. You will see a pretty huge difference between a 4 core Intel i7 and a Ryzen if you stream your games.

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When will /v/ stop posting in server and workstation threads?

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>bringing the heat
oi vey! anudda shoah!

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Unfortunately, never.

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>here goy heres your 8 cores
>what do you mean? why would you have more cores in a 4 core cpu?
>ok fine, if you want to upgrade from 2 to 4 cores you can by this code
>no refunds
>oh vey the goyim are killin me today

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>no solder on monolithic 18-core die
>cheap cum on a 165w TDP part
The only ones bringing heat are Intel.

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>Anyone else happy to see AMD bringing the heat to Intel?
Ya, I've been waiting for a good 6 core to finally come along
Ryzen has shit overclocking and doesn't support most fast ddr4.
That 7800k is looking good
Saw a screenshot of one at 4.7ghz 1.3V
Wasn't burning down a house either.

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>AMD is bringing the heat
Intel is bringing the heat themselves with their unsoldered processors.

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You might as well just wait for Coffee Lake-S if you want a more affordable 6 core from Intel.

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When I saw the thread title I came to post that exact phrase.

I find it awfully strange how over the course of just one or two hardware generations the positions of two competitors could reverse so heavily. If only AMD brought the same level of hype with Vega.

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>Just wait
The prices will probably drop a bit as time goes on.
$350 seems perfectly reasonable to be for 6core Intel OC and ipc

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Intel already dropped the price on their HEDT massively as it is. I don't think the 6 core is going any lower than $390. Or it will start to butt up against the $350 6 core Coffee Lake S.

>> No.60696032

The 7800k has a MSRP of $389.
It will definitely drop from there.

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>lmao, servers don't need more than 4 cores, idiots xDDDD
I want /v/ to leave.

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Fuck, the internet was a mistake if shills like you can post retarded shit like this.

>> No.60696061

Bait? Bait.

>> No.60696180

Doubt it.

>> No.60696227

Nice argument you got there.

>> No.60696236

I explained my argument here >>60695992
They're not going to price the consumer 6 core anywhere near the HEDT 6 core.

>> No.60696370

Lol I didn't even say servers. Retard

>> No.60696390

It's a thread about server cpus, are you fucking retarded?

>> No.60696397

Just because it's about server CPUs doesn't mean you need to stay on topic

>> No.60696553

Then make your own stupid thread, you stupid shit.

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You need a 32 core / 64 thread CPU.

>> No.60696792


I mean, I don't see anything intel has that can compete socket for socket. I will have to see what workloads it can handle well but should be great for virtualization.

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>literally MOAR COARS
post the picture

>> No.60696880

thats an intel processor

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>tfw I have had 6c12t for 7~ years now

Feels underpowered

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>core voltage 1.554V
wew lad

>> No.60696931

Nehalem's could take some sick voltages.

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You think that is a lot of power?
You aint seen nothing yet
Quad sli fermis OCed + 990x oced = the sun

I maxed a 1500w PSU the silverstone ST 1500 was showing 1340w power load at the wall on a kill a watt
>You will never need more than a 800w PSU
Thats a myth or a meme idk

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What cooling system?

>> No.60696992

>quad Fermi
Asianricer is that you?

>> No.60696998

> 128*C SSD
That has to be a broken sensor.

>> No.60697005

Aye lmao you caught me

>> No.60697037

MOAR COARS is kind of the point of server CPUs.

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Good to know you're not dead.

>> No.60697106

Not just server CPUs but all modern computers. Threading of applications is actually happening and with phones all having more cores it will happen at a quicker pace. Modern game engines are highly threaded at this point so the moar coarz meme is actually a reality.

I would never upgrade from a 4c4t chip to anouther 4c4t or even 4c8t chip. Its simple not worth it when you can pick up a zen chip with 8c16t for $310~ that has higher IPC than the mainstream intel chips(albeit it wont clock as high)
If the rumors of the threadripper chips running 5.05ghz are true intel might be in some trouble at least fore the HEDT market

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Yup, servers.
You must be new and/or underage. Either way, BTFO.

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fucking zerg rush cores

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Not on the outside at least. That old rig is retired for the most part just used for blender rendering at this point.
I bought some cheap ass locked skylake and a z170 for temporary use.
Thought intel would bring some fire with broadwell extreme but they ended up being crap and even more overpriced so fuckem.
Kabylake-x looks like crap cooling looks like it will be a major issue.
Yea I saw the factory boost to 4.1 which is higher than what most current Ryzen chips OC on a nice cooler run. Maybe threadripper fixed some of the issues to allow a higher OC?
I know the silicon is good enough as der8auer OCed a Zen chip to 5.8ghz

>> No.60697407

>In server CPU thread
>Lol I didn't even say servers.

>> No.60697408

There's no hard limit at 4.1 on normal cooling, people are just afraid of going over 1.45V, I've seen some 4.3GHz ryzens on watercooling around though.

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>> No.60697929

>threads: 6
6c12t, eh?

>> No.60697947

If you read between the lines you can tell they are colluding secretly.

>> No.60697991

>I only use my PC as a video game console so that means everyone else does as well

>> No.60697994

990x is a 6c i7 with HT so 12t
Looks to be disabled for the OC

>> No.60697998

this racist bullshit really rustles my jimmies

>> No.60698031

Keep this in /pol/

>> No.60698047

What I don't get, is intel still fucking up their TIM even though AMD is pulling a lot more attention right now.

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File: 199 KB, 1192x682, JEW STAR JEW STAR OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice try faggots.

>> No.60698093

Looking pretty /x/ in here.

>> No.60698174

>he thinks people are buying these for individual, home use

>> No.60698188

I dunno if these people here are idiot or just bait.
I'm on a team developing geolocation systems from power grid management. We have a server that is used by 20 people, it's a top of a xeon 12 core that at time cost +2000$. Now scale that up to systems that can actually run 5/6 virtual servers on top of a 64 core platform. Now you see where lower power bill really matters, and how much aquisition costs can be cut.

Companies don't just change server hardware because a new is available, it's either due to eol or due to better performance cost reduction. When you buy a 64 core platform you expect it to run for ateast 5 years.

>> No.60698284

No but after 4 it seen voltage logarithmic scales with frequency and some you can't make stable no matter how much juice you pump

>> No.60698320

>Right now, unless you're actually using a program that will utilise those cores
..........what if you use multiple programs that only use 1 core

>> No.60698330

That's great, you can assign programs to use a specific core each.

>> No.60698349

>one of the initial bugs with Ryzen was that W10 didn't balance it correctly
That was proven false, not only did W10 know how to spread the loads, it knew what was and was not a real core, and it grouped them on each CCX if it could, meaning it knew of the diffrence between each CCX

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They figure dropping the prices on their HEDT by a couple hundred should be enough. And maybe they're right. Who knows, we'll see. Nobody really bought their older HEDT platform due to the price.

>> No.60698393

>you can assign programs to use a specific core each.
You dont have to, the OS will spread the load out among cores as needed ...............
>we /g/ now

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File: 295 KB, 731x480, [Glitch] Hibike! Euphonium 2 - Specials 05 (BD 1280x720 x264 AAC).mkv_snapshot_02.07_[2017.04.21_21.11.41].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woooooow, amazing.

>> No.60698462

................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................that sounds pretty convenient but only when using multiple programs

>> No.60698548

It's not a bad thing to push bounds if they can be done at a fair price. The only issue at the moment is that having a fuck ton of cores doesn't mean much unless you have a shit ton of programs open or you have programs specifically written to take advantage of multiple cores. I'd take a few less cores if the processor speed of each core was greater.

>> No.60698929

>thinks the conventional PC can actually do more than a single thing at a time

>> No.60698953


t. 2 core threadlet and ramlet

>> No.60699594

Have you heard of dual cores and up?

>> No.60701723

It's a server platform dipshit. Most of these machines are going to be running multiple instances of VM's managed by a hypervisor.

It's just not efficient to have multiple physical machines/servers with fewer cores.

You can distribute the load dynamically, so when one VM needs the resources/is under heavy load it can scale up, then scale down when it does not need them. When one VM is idle or has almost no clients connected to it just automatically allocate it one core. That way when one of your server instances get hits with a metric fuckton of traffic you can give it a shit ton of cores/memory to handle the situation.

>> No.60701803

Sweet mother of CUDA, what are you running on that thing?

>> No.60701827

>Kill a watt

In conclusion, more cores are better for servers and not so much better for (You) unless you do things like run a server or do a lot of media editing.



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My mother's tablet charges slow, and it goes down quick, I checked battery usage and I'm seeing something strange, half of usage is missing, what could it be?

>> No.60701899

Wrong thread, buddy. Try >>>/g/sqt

>> No.60702013

Oh shit sorry, was lurking and posted in wrong one I guess, thanks

>> No.60702017

These new next gen server cpus have caused great memes. What do people on /g/ need server cpus for?

>> No.60702069

They want them to exist so AMD can holocaust intel.

>> No.60702094

100% straight bullshit. Anything at scale will be heavily optimized to be parallelizable. Any server-side service will be able to use as many cores as you can throw at it.

>> No.60702117

to bring down the price of servers is what i mainly want it for. at the moment, almost all severs (cloud, vps, decicated) are on experience xeon cpus

>> No.60702128

expensive* not experience

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Is that dude wearing a wife beater under his jacket?

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She makes my penis Ryzen

>> No.60702785

Because Epyc exists, Threadripper will exist and Threadripper will bring 2:1 infinity fabric speeds and 3.6/4.0ghz clocks to 10-16 cores, allowing better single-threaded AND multi-threaded performance than you can presently get in an 8+ core CPU.

Also means I can comfortably game or whatever while rendering 1080p 60fps videos rather than having my computer come to a standstill during rendering.

>> No.60702827

Competition is always good. Consumers win.

>> No.60702844


>> No.60702852

That is a female wearing a blouse

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Look at the size of this motherfucker!

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>EPYC is for gaymen

>> No.60702958

Chinese mom is best mom.

>> No.60702969

o shit

>> No.60702973

Did your mom also physically pleasure you? Post greentext

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Thanks a THICC-ASS cpu

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>Sitting in my room
>browsing for porn with door open like a retard
>My desk is positioned towards the door, screens facing away
>Chinese Mom comes inside
>close tabs for porn
>Scoot chair in closer so boner is hidden under desk
>Open Steam on one monitor
>Open /g/ and click on first thread on the other monitor
>pretend to be interested and reading through replies
>Its another 7700K vs 1800X shill post
>When will these AMD fags learn
>I only have the 6700K, but Kabylake is only 1% faster...
>"Whats this anon? More computer stuff?"
>convert description into layman terms
Uh yeah, its about a new CPU type coming out.
>"Oh how interesting! Whats it called?"
Its called Ryzen, People think its better than my CPU, mom, but its not
>Mom edges in, getting really close to my face
>"Oh really, this text says here it has more cores? Doesn't that make it better?"
>Her voice drops, and she grabs at my knee
N-not always, nothing in the real world is optimised for more than 4 cores anyw-ways...
>Her hand starts sliding up my thigh
Anyone w-who buys this is a r-retard...
>Hand catches on my poorly concealed bulge and squeezes
>She turns and looks me straight in the eyes, her glasses gleaming from the glare on my monitors
>"You don't sound very convinced yourself..."
>Her breathing starts getting heavy
>"Whats the matter anon?"
>Unzips dick
>"Don't you want to rip some ebyn threads?"

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>> No.60703579

Competition=less revenue for company A=less R&D=less innovation!

>> No.60703674

No. Schedulers are not responsible for splitting programs into additional threads. What they can do is preempt a task to stop so another task can begin so that each task meets their respective deadlines without failing causing race conditions. Single threaded tasks don't get split, period. The developer is responsible for writing multithreaded programs and respecting atomics. The problem is when a multithreaded program needs to access memory and make a trip L3/2/1. Infinity Fabric is pretty slow (comparitively to even traditional uncore communication, but is infinitely more versatile), and is set 1:1 to memory clocks (2:1 to memory controller), some people did armchair math and said it's about ~40GB/s for 2400MHz. This is already way faster than Intel Quickpath; it's kind of like a nether region between a dual socket processor and straight up having a ring-bus. Some do speculate that Threadripper and EBYN goes 4:1 with the memory controller which you would be hard pressed to even intentionally discover such a bottleneck.

>> No.60703820

He doesn't know.
>it's all /pol/

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>> No.60705632

>Video rendering does use 100% of all available cores.
Unless you are encoding VP8/VP9.

>> No.60705636

I was about to buy a budget AMD pc but all their fucking cards are sold out because crypto-currency faggots fuck

>> No.60705835

make -j you fucking corelet

>> No.60705919

What we don't know if infinity fabric has different domains that are clocked at 2:1

We know CCX > CCX is clocked at memory speed, but what about memory controller > CCX? That's certainly not at 1:1 else the latency would be beyond terrible.

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>reading comprehension
He said every single threaded program targeted core 0, therefore there was no benefit on using multiple cores when multitasking (using many single-threaded programs). I didn't argue that the scheduler split single-threaded workloads into multiple threads, I just said it balances many single-threaded programs into many cores.

>> No.60706919


>> No.60707172

>AMD bringing the heat
IS he having a laugh?

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How can Intel even compete?

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