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Usually get a little lower than this though

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2 words per minute.
Please be patient I have autisms.

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Haven't tried in a while. I've hit like 120-130 before but I feel my scores on this test is inflated from real typing speed.

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Normally I'm at ~125. I'm ill though so I'm not typing quite as quickly or accurately as I would when healthy.

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about 25-30 wpm
I'm a developer btw

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>software developer
need more practice.

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Four finger eye search system.
Never learned how to touch type

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I'd be more interested to see you fucks write and execute a script to type it in for you before the timer is up.
Study allowed before attempting.

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I mistyped and corrected about 5 words as I went.

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How do I get good

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you're a big guy

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>How fast is 4chan at shitposting

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Funnily enough, furiously typing at some anonymous people on the internet is probably the primary reason why I could touch type really fast.

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used to be at 145wpm during my most autistic times

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>first effort
>70 wpm
>go as fast i can

wtf, how do you cunts get over a 100

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By not really trying.

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Probably mech keyboards. I'm on a laptop with a chiclet and I'm having trouble getting to 80.

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>never communicate verbally and spend all your time since you were a young child communicating almost exclusively with text
that'll do it

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I can only really type with my left hand, my right hand is just my first finger, I'd probably be faster if I typed correctly but 90% of what you type is on the left hand anyway.

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>Probably mech keyboards.
No, that's been debunked. Even /mkg/ admits it now.

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Only if your a qwercuck

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tbf I've been up for 30 something hours after getting drunk

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Oh wow, this is the first non-autistic typing test I've encountered. A lot of them have idiotic punctuation, quoted words, etc., when trying to type fast for the test I end up sperging out and usually come up between 70 and 75.

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>correct words: 79

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>no wrong keystrokes
>no wrong words
>acc: 98%
fucking osu players

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>33 WPM
Me too, I really don't get how everybody here types 100+ words.

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this nigger straight up inspect element to show 4chin he's not as shit as he really is

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I get somewhat worse results (84 WPM at 93.8%, 80 WPM at 95.9% accuracy) in English instead of my native language; my brain wants to parse every word before typing it. Obviously it's even worse with QWERTY (74 WPM at abysmal accuracy) because letters like Y and ' are in different places.

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For you

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>Idiotic punctation
Like in real text?
10fastfingers.com is not an accurate representation how you type real text.
>No punctation
>No numbers and special characters
>Little to no capital letters
>Very small dictionary

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I think it's a good metric though.

Typing real text has a lot of other factors in. How often do you just copy a given template? Unless you're some secretary monkey tasked with transcribing paper documents into a PC, you'll usually be taking pauses to think about what you write, consider the wording etc. Or when writing code, there are a shitton of symbols which slow down "normal" typing speed significantly, and again you rarely type long sections without stopping to think.

This test shows the speed at which you can input words into a keyboard. That's as good a measure as any, and in fact better because it gets rid of all those other factors which vary wildly between typing task, type of text, context, etc.

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Guess I'm better than most of you.

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Punctation is not uncommon though in any kind of bulk text. The frequency you need to type special characters and numbers can vary wildly.

I still think a typing test where you had to type in coherent text would make more sense. I do agree that there is no perfect typing test though.

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I should learn to touch type
and get a mech keyboard

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I can type 200 words a minute.

But only if they're all "nigger".

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Provided you're typing all the text without pauses, yes.

In my experience you often take short pauses to stop and think about your next words or phrases when writing something, and since this usually happens at logical breaks - which is where punctuation normally goes - it gives you time for that.

Maybe some paragraphs of "normal" text with basic punctiuation would be a good measure as well. Personally I found the incoherent string of words distracting and I feel that having to add some periods and commas would have been balanced out by having to think way less about the next word. But most tests I found include weird stuff like quoted words, headings, and generally things you don't find in a normal non-notable paragraph.

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I played runescape for years.

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I'd like to get faster, but I'm too used to using 2 fingers to type, and it's too disgusting seeing my typing at the 20-30 or so when trying to use all.
Are there any other ways to stop typing this slow?
>typed all this before testing
>do test
>realise it's faster than I usually do
>am typically between 65-80

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Do learn to touch type. Maybe learn a better layout while you're at it - Colemak seems to be the best meme right now.

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developer tools

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i used to type faster, ill try again

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i swear i used to get 110-120, cant do it now
me too i use 2 fingers feels too late to change now

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i can not get 120 wpm now! very angry

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I am probably twice as fast as what this shows, I just utterly suck at this style of typing test.

also can't use all my fingers so only have three to work with to type, so I think 60 is about as good as I could ever hope to do realistically.

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>only those who have 100+ wpm will post their results because those below are driven into complexes that >100 is slow af and just not gud enuff

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I've capped at ~100-115 since middle school

I took some summer school class in the 7th grade where we learned how to type for the first 1.5hrs, then we worked on some shitty website in macromedia dreamweaver for the remaining 1.5hrs

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<80 : Autism Tier
80-100 : Normie Tier
100-120 : Shit Tier
120-140 : Decent Tier
140+ : It's okay, you can stay here

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>80-100 : Normie Tier
You don't know the power of normies.

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yet you drive a car with an automatic transmission and are UNABLE to solve a system of differential equations

you peasants make me sick

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>normie tier
Just reinforces the assumption that anon has never been outside.
Normies don't even use PCs anymore.

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I'm pretty sure I'm misusing my right hand. It feels like I'm using the second and third fingers far too predominantly not making enough use of the fourth and fifth, which I'm much better at with the left hand. Not sure why, might be because I'm kind of reserving them to reach to the backspace key, which I'm just using too much.

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Non-meme version:
<30: normie tier
30-60: autism tier
60-80: shit tier
80-100: decent tier
100-130: good tier
130+: professional typist tier

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No sorry. Not a pro, typing ~130 usually best score during test is 170.
A friend of mine even hitted 180+.
This place is now Tumblr.

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Kek, nope. Mechs are placebos for slowtypers.
I'm using a shitty rubberdome chromebook keyboard and I get easily above 100.

>> No.60546682

>As of 2005, writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest alphanumerical English language typist in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, she maintained 150 wpm for 50 minutes, and 170 wpm for shorter periods.

>> No.60546702

probably typing real shit like transcribing something

this 10fastfingers site just makes you type random short words. There was another typing test I took where I was struggling to stay above 100wpm (I do 115 on the OP site)

>> No.60546709

> 2005
> What is a mech keyboard
> What is osu!

You sir, are a normie, and need to go back to some places where you belong

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I type with perfect accuracy but I can't gofast enuf. ;_;
>5 wrong words
Jesus, why would you even type fast if you have to keep going back to correct stuff in the real world?

Top kek. Posted from my crusty laptop.

You're impressed by someone correctly typing 70 words? Down syndrome.

>> No.60546749

it doesn't let you go back and fix the mistakes once you hit the spacebar

>> No.60546836

REEEE anyone who doesn't play my jap rhythm games with anime girls is a normie REEEEEE

>> No.60546872

osu does not help with typing skills dumbass

keyboard shouldn't matter either

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Surprisingly high considering im on a phone. However 10 fast fingers seems like its not the best for real world speed

man you guys need to step up your game.

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It does. And sorry for playing it since 2011
Gtfo redditards

>> No.60546912

>It does
no it doesn't. Osu is gay as fuck by the way.
>sorry for playing it since 2011
I am sorry you wasted literal years of your life playing that stupid game when you could have been doing something else?

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This is why you're representing 4chan in 2017, millenials never learn.

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>pressing z and x helps typing skills

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Fuck off.

>> No.60546964

And here comes the facebook fucktards.

>> No.60546967

I've been shitposting on 4chan since 2009 (still a newfag), faggot

To put things into perspective: you were only EIGHT (8) years old when I started posting here.

>> No.60546985

You'll have to learn counting son, I'm born in 96.
I've been browsing while you were still in nappies

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>anyone who doesn't agree with me is reddit

t. reddit

>> No.60547000

I am twenty-five.

>> No.60547009

> Everytime I see someone shitposting I must answer with my favorite forum
You might have an issue anon

>> No.60547011

Im not doing that typing test, but usually around 110-135wpm depending on the day and how hard the test is. I have trouble with the ones that are just random words and not actual sentences or passages from books or some shit. Its like my brain slows down because it doesnt make grammatical sense

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> t. Usually between 140 and 150 depending on my mood
>mfw I see all these scores
Did /g/ became /b/ ?

>> No.60547061

you see anon, you have to consider the fact that not everyone is autistic

>> No.60547066

Fuck off.

>> No.60547079

still a newfag

tips? ive increased from 40 to 72 over the past few years but i still wanna reach 120+ and aim for 160 eventually

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But what does it have to do with autism ?
The fact you sucks doesn't mean those who can type correctly are autists

>> No.60547105

What is in the pic? I'm actually colorblind, fuck my life dude.

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Get a ThickBad

>> No.60547113

around 100 would be typing correctly for someone who does anything else, that's just autistic NEET tier, not that you'd know, anon

>> No.60547123

That means you're fucking incompetent, fuckface.

>> No.60547134

Well, sorry for being good then I guess
t. coder

>> No.60547137

I know a few people who type very fast. If they work in an office or are a court reporter they can type insanely fast.

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t. goy

only true anti-semites can see the merchant

>> No.60547149

why are you on /g/ and not /pol/?

>> No.60547157

autistic NEETs furiously typing and clicking on street signs to defend their honor

>> No.60547165

this retard kept being defensive.

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>Did /g/ became /b/ ?
No anon, it's just that typing out code should take a trivial amount of your development time. If you're spending more time typing that reasoning about the program, chances are you're authoring shit code.
I'm not trying to accuse you of anything, however I've noticed that the only people that churn out quality code with non-stop typing are the 20+ years experience greybeards.
I personally wouldn't care if you used speech to text to write code as long as you don't turn the code review process into crawl through a dumpster fire.

>> No.60547210

Hey anon, there's nothing wrong with being a failure as a typer.
You're reacting as if it was your own life
You just suck man

>> No.60547243

I don't know, I never really trained it except a few times for friendo challenges but being the whole day behind a computer is enough I guess.

>> No.60547283

retard alert! retard alert!

>> No.60547422

80+ is pro level anon, not sure what you think the world is.

>> No.60547426

I dunno I attribute my runescape days to my good typing speeds, also playing other mmos like WoW, or rts games helped a lot with memorizing the location of keys due to having to react extremely quickly and accurately under pressure and press the right key. The only way is basically to just type lots, practice makes perfect. Ill also add, although I can type 135wpm, I dont touch type correctly at all, Im usually using between 2 and 5 fingers total. I kind of think the importance of touch typing is overrated, as long as you're hitting the right keys and not fat fingering multiple ones, who gives a fuck how "perfect" your technique is.

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four fingers master race

>> No.60547440

its all about the comfortable feel and confidence that when you press the key it works, something rubber dome does not give, its a 5-10% difference but the difference is still there.

>> No.60547460

I am 30 WPM faster on my macbook than I am with my HHKB.

>> No.60547470

people on /g/ get fucked over by the merchants more than any other board as they don't have non merchant options much of the time.

>> No.60547486

you can't get into a rhythm at all, it's fairly good for finding out your absolute slowest speed, but its not good for much else.

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sup boys

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>> No.60547512

80 words a minute give or take is pro, I type for 8 hours a day, level of skill, going significantly over is autism.

>> No.60547527

>people on /g/ get fucked over by the merchants more than any other board as they don't have non merchant options much of the time.
most /g/entoomen post on second-hand thinkpads. You should just stay on pol friendo; nobody wants you here (even those that agree with you)

>> No.60547530

Lower than 80 words is both a sign of mental defect and incompetence.

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>> No.60547586

80 words a minute is literally the speed you are expected to be able to type at professionally, some places will let you join at 60 because they know with time you will hit 80 and they can likely pick you up for cheaper in the long run.

also im >>60545624
Honestly doubt I hit an average of much more than 60, but I have physical defects holding my ass back, usually use speech to text now because of it.

>> No.60547743

>those averages
What the fuck

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If I was at work using my mech keyboard I could probably get this up to 90.

I was never very fast at typing.

The one neat trick I picked up over the years is that you shouldn't use delete to correct the typed word, use ctrl+w to delete the whole word and retype it. It's much faster and doesn't break your flow as much.

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I get the same WPM on pic related with an awful keyboard as I do on my DasKeyboard with MX blues.
Mech keyboards make typing much more enjoyable and less fatiguing, but not faster.

>> No.60547811

No it is not. I got 88 and I don't consider myself a fast typist. Sure, i get by, typing isn't a chore (I can't imagine the pain of going at like 40-50), but I have no illusions about being a high-level typist. My technique is uses like three fingers for fucks's sake.

I'd expect someone who does writing for a living to have a much higher wpm than me.

>> No.60547827

Think about it, the average /g/ user uses a computer way more than the average computer user, and the vast majority of people posting in this thread are going to be people who know they have way above average typing speeds. Its not like this shit is a surprise and someones going "oh lol I didnt even know I could type 120 wpm" or "aw geez I had no idea I could only do 45wpm", naw, the shitty typists are just generally way more likely to see this thread, know they suck, and keep on scrolling rather than post, where people who know they're excellent typists are way more likely to respond.

I dont know if its confirmation bias exactly, there's probably a better term for it, but its kind of the same thing

>> No.60547842

It's like the online IQ tests. Except everyone knows that 100 is average so instead they have to inflate your score, whereas normies usually don't have a good idea of what "good" typing speed is, so you can show their actual score and just give a bullshit average.

>> No.60547849

you are paid for what's between your ears, not how fast you can type

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File: 364 KB, 424x424, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shitty laptop keyboard
never practiced a proper "typing technique", I don't think I even use home row
one thing I notice is that double letters almost always throw me off - must be the shitty keyboard I suppose?

>> No.60547878

What the fuck do you use that has this shortcut? I've literally never heard of it before.

On vim you'd use bdw or something, I have never used another text editor that lets you delete the last word like that. Am I just retarded?

>> No.60547904

think he meant ctrl+backspace

>> No.60547922

What the fuck. It's literally closing anything you've open in 95% of programs

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>> No.60547948

Are you a BMI alpha-tester?

>> No.60547967

seen a lot of pixels, etc etc

>> No.60547998

What? Literally any keyboard I'll get over 100

>> No.60548022

I type with 4 fingers and have 107.

>> No.60548087

i know what you mean, as i type this i know its way closer to 60 wpm on my phone and i know when i type my thoughts its usually 0 or so. transcribing is a skill thats not that reflecting of overall typing ability

>> No.60548088


Well, ctrl+w is the emacs way, also the default bash way.

But yeah, just use ctrl+backspace for any place else.

>> No.60548114

whats that

>> No.60548144

Ah right fair enough

>> No.60548147

104 on lap curious how much I could make on my mechanical one at home.

>> No.60548193

brain machine interface

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just okay here
but I'm lying on my side and using a shitty laptop keyboard and had to correct a couple things due to dropped keys

>> No.60548492

I can't THINK at 1000wpm, you know

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I'll try again now

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usually get ~135

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>tfw barely 50 wpm in native language and picrelated in english
feels okay man

monolingual fags get out

>> No.60548986


Because after using a keyboard for hours a day for the past 10+ years (I'm 23) you just simply learn where letters are. If you can't do that I really don't know what's wrong with you. I type around 103 (I'm phoneposting atm) and I started on the search and peck style too. As I played games with many hotkeys like WoW my left hand slowly started to learn to fully utilize all fingers to type without lifting my palm, and my right hand continued to peck but just got a lot faster. It's really not as hard as you guys make it seem, it's just like any other repeated mechanical movement, your fingers just remember how far they went from homerow to touch a specific key and that's how you touch type. Just practice. I assure you it is not some kind of wizard ability. Even 40 year old soccer moms can do it

>> No.60549027
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Please be kind am very suicidal.

>> No.60549402

>I dont know if its confirmation bias exactly, there's probably a better term for it, but its kind of the same thing

sampling bias

>> No.60549473


>> No.60549525
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>I'm born in 96.

>> No.60549558

because he's clearly faking it

>> No.60549625
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I could get 110wpm with my old 10 dollars plastic keyboard

>> No.60549750
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only recently took the week it takes to go from typing with 3~ fingers to typing "properly" with 8/10, before I'd manage 90wpm with about 88-90% accuracy and about 110wpm peak if I wasn't making errors

tl;dr fuck qwerty

>> No.60549931
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Big dick coming through

>> No.60550096
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I did the german version, don't know if you can compare them. the german language generally has less one syllable words.

>> No.60550278
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Fucking normie

>> No.60550358

Honestly though 82 is pretty shit. Anyone should be able to type at least 100-120 with some practice. Higher than that and you'll need to spend considerable effort or be naturally talented.

>> No.60550382
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On proper keyboard I can get ~90

>> No.60550420

You can compare them. WPM words are counted as 5 symbols (including space), that's why it says 88 WPM when you typed 75 words.

>> No.60550886

congratulations anon, you are a professional typist level

>> No.60550906

No I'm fucking not, I'm a hobbyist that types with three fingers

Neck yourself

>> No.60550910

no, but you can see the words, and you likely could think them fast enough. with voice to text I could likely manage 150-250 words a minute.

>> No.60550926

Congratulations, you are again, a professional level typist. go look for job requirements where all you would be doing is typing, they demand 60-80 words a minute.

>> No.60550962

yea, the type of test 10 fast fingers does is fucking hard for me to do, I type the words, then everything constantly shifts over, Like I said, typing normally I am likely twice as fast, but wrist and finger complications see me use voice to text more often then my keyboard... fucking hilarious that the moment I buy a mechanical keyboard I can barely do 2000 characters without my hands in pain anymore.

>> No.60550987

Its not only that, its fucking random transcribing. fucker may as well be flashing single letters on screen at random for all the good it does me.

>> No.60551173
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These are the people who love Pokemon red/blue but were literally 1 or 2 years old when the game came out.
>4chan is supposed to be 18+ so you started posting last year or something?

>> No.60551291
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About same. I'm in bed right now so I'm actually pleasantly surprised.

>> No.60551464
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Post typeracer profiles

>> No.60551489

You're using the memearrows wrong, friend.

>> No.60551508

Are you suffering insecurities by any chance ?

>> No.60551544

Learn to greentext faggot.
I don't think you're supposed to be here then.

>> No.60551638

dude with a 150yuro mech keyboard here, got 38

>> No.60552635
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