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>28 max lanes

Wtf is Intel doing? M.2 takes up lanes + dual vista card + sound card + network adapter I literally need 30+ lanes

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Video, not vista. My bad

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What's wrong? Just buy the next tier, you're not poor are you?

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Buy the 12 core for $1500 or get AMD's one with 50+ lanes

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if you NEED 30+ lanes then buy the next highest CPU, it has 44.

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I actually have no fucking idea why the fuck they made >28 lanes exclusive to the top 2 chips, which are very likely going to be expensive beyond all reason. I was really looking to buy a 6C or 8C Skylel-X after Ryzen disappointed in a few ways (insufficient PCIe chiefly) and now the retards over at Intel pulled the same shit. I just want lanes, I don't want to pay for 10 or 12C which are useless to most of my workloads.

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>112W TDP

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>Wtf is Intel doing?
They went full retard. This is a fucking bad joke.

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Don't need 10 or 12 cores, which are less likely to OF past their marketed speed anyway.

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Sure you'll be laughing when threadripper goes all 44+ PCIe lanes on your ass.

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You mean 64

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You'll be laughing when Intel buys out AND by the end of this fiscal year

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Advanced Nitro Devices?

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>excuse me, i just need to set up my 44 extension cards

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>I'm so useless I don't need extreme performance with a vast amount of enthusiast components

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>believing any entity would allow such a monopoly to occur

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You seem upset.

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AMD has already accepted an offer from Intel behind closed doors, as the rumors say

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I bet your homeserver is a Raspberri Pi with an external HDD

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> M.2 takes up lanes + dual vista card + sound card + network adapter

4 + 2*8 + 1 + 1 = 22 lanes

Going from 8 to 16 lanes per video card gives minimal advantage.
Also if you can actually afford 2 1080s/1080Tis then you can afford a higher end processor.

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The leaked diagram only shows 44 lanes. If that is the max is still good but disappointing really, not that I need them but the expected 52 free lanes would have been a huge trump over Intel and their 16/28 Lane mess.

Also a core crippled 8core 52 Lane rumen chip would have been great for affordable heat stuff.

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There's no leaked diagram, threadripper is literally Naples/2, and Naples has 128 lanes.

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M2 uses 4 lanes

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There was the x390 diagram floating around which is what I'm referring too. I'd love to be wrong.

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Mine is a x5-z8300 2 GB RAM mini PC with an external HDD, what do I win?

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>as the rumors say
Doesn't matter what they say when the FCC won't allow the monopoly.
>inb4 new FCC would allow it
They'll allow large buyouts and mergers but not monopolies.

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>Going from 8 to 16 lanes per video card gives minimal advantage.
lmao, I bet you don't even play at 4K or above

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That was some ASUS xeon mobo with swapped names, even the grammar was wrong, there was only one legit diagram and that's that 2S Naples diagram of Microsoft Olympus server servethehome leaked.

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>Source: My Ass
Information cultivated from only the finest home-grown rectums.

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Intel and AMD aren't the only companies, fucktard

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Go be an idiot somewhere else

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>literally prove you wrong
>tell me to fuck off
Well, you just lost the argument queer

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Can't tell if trolling or just retarded.

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You can't just call me retarded without refuting my claim

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You also need 16 lanes if you need GPU peer to peer for whatever workload you are doing.

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Most commonly at home that would probably be CF/SLI/DX12 multi-GPU.

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>I just want lanes, I don't want to pay for 10 or 12C which are useless to most of my workloads.
seems like you need to buy AMD

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Wtf are you talking about? AMDs selling point is literally >muh cores

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Probably, but they've got even moar coars that I need to pay for and never use and with their top 8 core clocking in at $500 I'm not too optimistic about the pricing on 12/16C HEDT CPUs.

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I'm in the exact same boat. I just wanted the Skylake-X equivalent of the 6850k: A chip with an okay balance of cores, clock speed, bearable price and 40+ PCIe lanes. Instead Intel outjewed themselves and gimped not only the 6 core chip, but also the next higher tier 8 core chip.
Goddammit you retards.

We'll see around Computex how everything shakes out price-wise between Skylake-X / Threadripper.

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>Intel is forecasting a “slight decline” in its premium chip prices for the remainder of the year

So yeah, Intel's HEDT offerings will be cheaper, but not that much cheaper.

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I included that, if you actually read the numbers.

Resolution has no effect on the required PCIe throughput, the final image stays in the GPU memory.
In fact, if you play at 4K or above, you actually need *less* bandwidth compared to the same hardware running at 1080p because FPS is lower and less geometry data gets sent to the GPU.

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Are you me? I have the 6850k for this exact reason and looking to upgrade.

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Intel and Nvidia on suicide watch

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My only hope is a mobo with a PEX8747 for muh GPU P2P out of 16 CPU lanes.
>Resolution has no effect on the required PCIe throughput, the final image stays in the GPU memory.
As long as you only have 1 graphics card, sure.

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The bandwidth required to push half of 4K image at 60fps to the second card is equal to 1.5 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

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>I'm underage and haven't taken Economics yet

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Unless they're going to give me Skylake-X with at least 32 lanes at the same price point as a 6850K/5930K, I'm not interested.
>half of 4K image
Why exactly are you talking about half an image? Also, just so I'm clear about who I'm talking to, you have no practical experience with multi-GPU at 4K or higher res and are just talking out of your ass, right?

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You don't need more lanes.
Boo hoo, you lose 2% of performance due to running 8x instead of 16x. Does it matter when you lose 20-50% due to most games being poorly optimized for SLI or not supporting it at all? Go buy overclocker RAM with red heatsinks.

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>Why exactly are you talking about half an image?

Because SLI will render, on average, half of the image on one card and half on the other.

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You do realize that you will probably get a bigger average improvement in gaymes from 2-4 additional cores than from additional lanes, right? (Both will be minuscule though)

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But it won't ever transfer half an image since the frames are actually render by alternating cards. It's not technically incorrect but it's a weird-ass, misleading way to talk about AFR.

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AFR is shit since it doesn't reduce frame lag compared to 1 card. Just use SLI antialiasing.

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AFR is the only kinda-working method of using more than 1 GPU we've got. I'd rather drive a 4K 144Hz monitor >100FPS with multi-GPU than worry about reducing lag. Reducing frame time under the monitor's minimum refresh time won't help much anyway, even if you render a frame quicker you still can't display it.

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I don't think even a 1080Ti SLI can reliably do >100 FPS at 4K though.

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You guys know the chipset has another 24 PCI-E lanes right? You don't have to connect everything directly to the CPU.

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It'll do fine in most games, especially if you adjust settings a little. A single 1080Ti averages >60FPS in a lot of games at 4K, 2 of them in a properly built system should get around that. I'm not really looking at 1080Tis anyway, what I was aiming for was more like Skylake-X/Threadripper system and an upgrade to high-end Volta SLI or CF of whatever AMD has around that performance level.
Yeah but those all go through a single x4 link to the CPU. If you just need to add lots of shit that doesn't actually use a lot of bandwidth, or you don't use all those peripherals at once, it'll do fine, but it's not a solution in any way if you want 16 lanes from one graphics card to another, for instance.

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>chipset lanes


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why not?

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>it's not a solution in any way if you want 16 lanes from one graphics card to another

>one graphics card to another

...isn't the limited link to the CPU irrelevant in this case?

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