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Previous thread: >>60339754

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

>Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).

>New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice request template, it makes life easier)

>If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).

>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN 2570P, T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real Business Experience™

>Recommended models and mod guide:

>Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

>xsauc buyers guide:

>EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

>Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):

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Dell M4700 GET

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don't let it die fags

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Just picked up a t430 and an extra 4 gb of ram to make it 8gb. What other upgrades should I do to it? It has the high res screen.

Anyone got experience with msasta SSDs? Whats the downside?

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Fourth asking for a list of possible upgrades to a T530 (and how to flash the BIOS)

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>quadcore ivy
>msata is just a type of connection
>ac wifi with bios flash
>heatsink mod
>*20 keyboard mod
>alienware screen

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probably the same stuff plus there's a FHD TN panel that's really good, which I forgot the FRU

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Sounds good. Though the quadcore is expensive as fuck. I'll be saving for a while for that.
I watched a video of someone upgrading their t430. I didnt finish watching the video and have lost it but I remember him mentioning the msata SSD was a "mistake". I was worried there would be a mayor downside, other than sata 2 speeds, which are almost imposibile in normal use right?

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Could you explain the heatsink mod? I own a T530 with the NVS 5400M
>It's the 1GB version

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In your case you've already got it. Apparently the heatsink from the thinkpads with the nvidia chip are better than the non nvidia ones, but the nividia heatsinks fit in the non nvidia thinkpads

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* almost impossible to saturate in normal use right?

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it will run at sata 2. sequential will be capped.


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>tfw exposed and using a thinkpad

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>>Don't buy anything OTHER THAN 2570P, T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real Business Experience™
>reccomending HP
>mentioning a HP machine first
>Real ThinkPad Experience to 'Real Business Experience'

Neck yourself after you delete this thread. Don't talk about Huelet Spazard shit again.

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>the keyboard on the HP

My netbook had a better keyboard. What the fuck were they thinking?

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how does your lap top look like

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>tfw this time it wasn't me who created this thread

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2570p with 2560p keyboard is pretty desu.

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we came to the conclusion the 2570p was the superior business laptop

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>all business laptops welcome
>hating superior 2570p because it's not a thinkpad

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At least compared to the x series

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I got (yet again) SVP or PUP locked T60 (I can still boot to windows that was installed in this machine) and I got PUP HP compaq nc4010.

ps. How do you open the dock lock without a key? God fucking damn it what a pain in the ass.

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Apologies for not doing my own research thoroughly enough as yet, but I was just curious about the touchpad on my T420. When using two fingers to scroll up/down a webpage it seems rather sensitive and has the tendency to 'jump' up or down as opposed to scrolling smoothly. Is there some kind of fix for this?

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How headache inducing would setting up eGPU with an X220 be? I've seen a few accounts where it was an easy plug and play setup but other people saying it took hours of fucking with various shit.

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I finally replaced the tn display on my x200 with an HV121WX4-120 AFFS panel. Huge improvement, and it was really easy to do.

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tAkE a PiC [email protected]

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compared to the x220/x230

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literally plug and play with some thinkpads over expresscard
5-10 minutes if you have to dsdt override, if youre not so mentally challenged.

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plus you have to shut down the system to connect egpu, and if you want to disconnect it you have to also shut it down.
also no point in using egpu with randy bridge dual cores.

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is he, dare I say it?

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Hi /tpg/, I just got a T60 without RAM and HDD/SSD for free. Is it worthwhile to upgrade this kind of laptop? What would be a good GNU/Linux distribution for a T60? And how do I fix pic related?

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Hello, I was thinking of buying an used t400 but I'm not sure how good it is. Took a look at the specs and noticed that it has a dual core CPU which is utter shit to the x230 I own. Has a better keyboard though. Is it worth it? I want to do basic tasks like programming, surfing the web and occassionaly playing low-end games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 2.

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Need a new 15 inch Thinkpad.
I think I opt for P50. Is it a good choice?

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It's fine for all those purposes. Penryn is remarkably competent even now that it'll soon be a decade old. Drop an SSD and 8GB of RAM in and you won't have any problems.

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>low end gayming
>with t400 igpu
are you retarded?

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No my photo, but it looks exactly the same for me after the upgrade.

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Any thinkpad that will drive a 4k monitor?

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>"I like computers with nipples"
Get a girl, fa/g/.

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quad core is worthless if you want to play Dwarf Fortress, though.

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First and foremost, the xx20 series keyboard. Modded my T530 a few days ago, feels way better.

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oh look, it's the HP fag again

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It's a GMA 4500HD so it should be able to run low end games like WoW and D2 just fine. I saw videos of it running GTA 4 on lowest settings and it was pretty wonky but WoW is much less GPU consuming, especially if I'm playing on a private server

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Libreboot it, and install a FSF-approved distro on it, like parabola (arch linux, but with only free software).

And what is there to fix in the pic? The color is just the copper plating flaking off, no big deal. just disassemble the part and clean all the flaking bits off really well so they don't fall off and cause a short.

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>god awful keyboard
>no middle trackpoint button
>far less support for things like modding
>less spares available
>macOS installations widely done and documented on X2XX machines, not Elitebooks
>only one (1) model of Elitebook is considered any sort of rival against any ThinkPad

The only positive point is that they put a quad core in a 12", ok that's nice, but it does not even begin to make up for the downsides.

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And of course, Linux plays much nicer on ThinkPads due to the popularity of them. Still, they remain amazing machines for Hackintosh systems.

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Mi rispondete dio bastardo?

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posting from MacBook Pro, help me, this keyboard is abysmal holy shit

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>true, doesn't matter much because you can dedicate superior touchpad to scroll
>lol, LIE

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I use my shitpad for most stuff nowadays and want to get rid of my gayman desktop but I have multiple hard drives, what can I do?

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build yourself a small home server only for the purpose of sharing drives?

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is that a t400?

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what would be a good price for the T420 without an hdd?

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Would this be a good price?

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>Libreboot it
Just to ask a bit of spoonfeeding. What equipment is required to install libreboot?

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lack of brain
enjoy your cpu performance degradation

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>lack of brain
Fuck, now I look like a iq89. Definitely look forwards to libreboot my T60 now.

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It was friday night, /tpg/ was out to get wasted

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c/p from the other week about the 2570p for those considering one:

quick hp 2570p review:
-all metal build is great, feels really solid
-screen is as bad as any thinkpad tn from that time, is "fine" for displaying information humans can look at
-pointer is pretty good, no middle button sucks
-trackpad is nicer than x220/x230
-popout keyboard lamp is hilariously useless vs thinklight(tm), but a neat mechanism to ocd fidget with over and over
-keyboard feel isn't any worse than a macbook pro/air, layout is not as good as xx20 or even xx30, motherfuck any kb that makes you fn modify for pg up/dn
-dvd drive in a 12" laptop is pretty cool, will probably put in a caddy though
-bootable esata port is nice, will probably be underused
-laffo @ smartcard slot
-internal accessibility is fucking great, everything is right there under one panel. once everything is repasted, upgraded, etc, everyday usefulness drops pretty quick, but man i won't dread getting in there like i did getting my x220 heatsink off
-broadcom wifi is shit shit shit with [my linux distro of choice]. replaced it with some jobber intel card i had laying around so now it doesn't take 30 seconds to reconnect after standby

it might sound like im shitting on it, but the 2570p is still a hell of a lot better than most laptops. that sata3 raid0 thing the one dude was jerking off over, cpu upgradability, dvd drive, might be enough for some people to overlook the design shortcomings.

final verdict: still prefer my x220, but a fair 2nd place out of all the laptops ive touched. will use as a beater or whenever i feel like mixing it up. might gift it to the next friend whose shitty acer desolders itself

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Considering making a FREETARD machine, as my plan is to move to FOSS-stuff permanently.

Which Thinkpad would you recommend for LibreBoot, I mean that has to be the starting point, right?

>> No.60368969

Currently you can libreboot T400/X200 and T60/X60
X60 is the only one which can be done with a few terminal commands, others need to mess with external flashers I believe, instructions are in libreboot.org

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I want a small laptop that I could type on during lectures with good battery life, budget is around 150 eu. Which x series one should I get?

>> No.60369350

what is a good price for the t420, can it core/libreboot?

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>/tpg/ in a nut shell

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>> No.60369676

don't fall for the freetard meme.

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But what would be a good price for it without an hdd. Also where can i get spare thinkpad parts

>> No.60370419

T420 or T410, what should I buy (as my first thinkpad)?

>> No.60370660

kill yourself. Nobody likes you.
This is why you shitpost 24/7 on this board and shill for lelnovo.

>> No.60370828

out of those two, T420

>> No.60371309

Where should i go to buy old thinkpad parts?

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I apparently felt it was necessary to disassemble my T420 while I was piss drunk last night. In the process, it looks like I somehow snapped off the little key that lets you lock the disc drive / hd caddy in. Also, when I shake it, it sounds like something tiny is moving around in the disc drive.

Any ideas on how I can put the keylock thing back in? It doesn't look like the plastic is broken, so I'm hoping I can just snap it back in somewhere.

Picture related.

>> No.60371737

just bought a t420 for 80 bucks, its mild condition but it has a hinge problem that causes it to go to sleep mode when ever i move the screen, did i get jewed

>> No.60371864

Get whatever is cheap, did you even read the op?
Piss off

>> No.60372208

But I do have a girl anon. She likes clit too

>> No.60372212

Well, I got the piece back in with tweezers and balancing it on a tiny screwdriver, but now it just wiggles back and forth and doesn't actually do anything. Not sure what is missing that would lend it the ability to actually lock the drive, but oh well.

>> No.60372244

isn't the screw that locks the ultrabay still in there?

>> No.60372467


>> No.60372488

The one I have you just snap in, no screws needed. AFAIK, the only reason the lock key exists is so that when you slide the other button on the back to eject the disc drive, the lock would prevent it from doing so. So it isn't really that necessary.

>> No.60372659

dont forget
>hotplugable egpu support aka no restarts to plug in your egpu
honestly the 2570p sounds pretty good desu

>popout keyboard lamp is hilariously useless vs thinklight(tm), but a neat mechanism to ocd fidget with over and over
wait what

>> No.60372765

its there so you dont just shake it out during operation

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He forgot about many things. Non-whitelisted wifi slot for example.
also 50% cheaper batteries, hardware charge indicators on the back of every battery, ability to use quad core units with 65W PSUs (unlike every single qc thinkpad, which requires at least 90W or it will be rejected by EC), non-overheating dock with 3xUSB 3.0 ports, 1x2A charging port and esata (vs 1x USB 3.0, 0xcharging port and esata only in special version of dock in case of x230).
Plus, internal unused USB 3.0 headers, so you can actually fit mSATA SSD + 2,5" HDD in one HDD caddy and then connect mSATA normally to SATA and HDD to USB 3.0 and many, many things...

>> No.60372991

not to mention that wifi whitelist was removed just because some people requested this on hp forums...
Now show me the case where lelnopevovo ever cared about what people's feedback on their forums. KEK

>> No.60372995

Best method to remove the windows/intel stickers?

>> No.60373007

Peel them off like you would any other sticker..

>> No.60373029

uhm, use your fingernails?
Then remove rest of the glue with a warm towel or something.

>> No.60373031

>ability to use quad core units with 65W PSUs (unlike every single qc thinkpad, which requires at least 90W or it will be rejected by EC)

You have no idea what you're talking about you moron. It has nothing to do with the EC, it literally draws too much power to charge. It WILL charge if it's idle or doing nothing.

>> No.60373124

its got an led lamp up by the webcam thats supposed to illuminate the keyboard in the same way as the thinkpad, but it seriously does a really, REALLY shitty job. the screen at anything but its lowest display brightness in pitch black overpowers the lamp, and even at that point, it only lights up maybe a third of the keyboard and the keys have some kind of finish that's terrible at reflecting the light. you need to see it in person to really appreciate how bad this lamp is

BUT its got a fun little push button mechanism that pops it out!

>> No.60373158

you're the only idiot here. 65W is enough to power up non-dgpu t430/2570p. Of course this will stop battery from being charged when the power draw is near PSU limit, but it's totally enough to handle the system.
It's just lelnovo decided to block 65W PSUs just in case. You know, there are W530 users who use special converters to spoof PSU detection by EC just to use 65/90W with dGPU powered off... and I don't hear something not working because of that.

>> No.60373179

They don't block it dipshit, they just warn you. If you're drawing low power it charges.

>> No.60373292

no you stupid fuck, T430 doesn't detect 65W PSU if you got a quad core cpu in it.
It does warn in BIOS and power manager you if you got dGPU and the CPU is being throttled down when used anyway. Do your own research before opening your stupid mouth, thinkcuck.

>> No.60373316

I have one and you're wrong, brainlet.

>> No.60373379

The only thing you got is your virginity and lack of intelligence. Get fucked.
Please enable your tripcode so I can filter your FUD.

>> No.60373403

Stay mad fudgepackard shill.

>> No.60373450

also even IF it did just warn you (which it doesn't, it just rejects 65W PSUs - tested on non-dgpu T430 with i7-3630qm and T530 with same cpu) this means the CPU is being throttled just like in dGPU units. And this means 2570p is superior, because it works with 100% performance with 65W PSU.
Ok, maybe it's not valid for 55W CPUs, but with 45W it's fine.

>> No.60373479

>goalposting, and still being wrong

That's not how physics works. Filtered.

>> No.60373499

So this is how thinkcucks react to being told.
Really makes me Think(TM) not to buy your inferior pajeet-tier shit.
Kill yourself. I mean it. Also tell your family to use toilets like normal people instead of worshipping them like some kind of religious objects.

>> No.60373580

WHY are Thinkpads so expensive in the UK

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>mfw was seriously considering a 2560p/2570p for that sweet quad core on 12" and caddy
Then I read >>60363935
I can't really stand anything that's not the 7 row keyboard on my chinkpads, and I dislike island keyboards
Though it still seems nice
Most generals on /g/ are support/recommendation threads in disguise

>> No.60374893

What I have learned about 2570p when compared to X220, there is no cons in 2570p except the keyboard. If you are okay with that then by all means get it.
Otherwise, would it be more ideal to get T420 instead?

>> No.60374997

not as many companies use them so there aren't as many on the market

>> No.60375617

also the 2570p tends to be cheaper.

>> No.60375643

the keyboard is not as good but stil much better than every other consumer laptop garbage. definitely better than **40 series keyboard tho.
Also the lack of ips screen.

>> No.60375700

>Also the lack of ips screen.
You can fit your own IPS screen. You just need 51nb converter board. Same goes for x230

>> No.60375853

Any good whitelisted wifi cards for my x230? Or do I need to flash coreboot to use the good stuff?

>> No.60375989

Is the System76 Galago Pro 13 worth buying?

>> No.60376005

best is 6205, unless you want to sacrifice webcam and go for the 3x3 option. Then your choice is obviously intel 6300.
But if you can afford unwhitelisted bios then 7260ac is the only choice.
It was a shitty, bugged card back when it was released. Then intel fixed it with drivers... so it's pretty cheap now.

>> No.60376026

Are you sure the 2570p can use the EDP mod?
So, that shit is fucking unavailable to non chinks

>> No.60376086

this one is also more power efficient than the stock X220?

>> No.60376092

They're not that bad, I got my T420 a week or two ago for £75 on eBay. i5, 8GB RAM, decent condition, only missing HDDs and caddies

>> No.60376095

Thanks anon, appreciate it. Just one clarification, I'm on GNU/Linux, do these cards have decent drivers for it? I think most people on this board are using Linux but just wanna make sure.

>> No.60376146

Yes. About 1W less power consumption, which helps mostly when idling.

>> No.60376166

firmware-iwlwifi works fine with 7260ac under debian.
Not sure about autistic distros...

>> No.60376180

Okay awesome, I'm on Debian as well.

>> No.60376519

Aight /g/, I bought an X220 a few months ago knowing that I could put some hackintosh into it for some stupid shit I needed. Nowadays I just don't need hackintosh that much, it still works fine and all for me, I'd say better than I would expect on a 200EUR machine.

Thing is I may want to just put some linux distro on it, perhaps something that works a little bit faster.

Problem is, I already tried this with Xubuntu and had some non-optimal results right here. I use the thing with a dock connected to a monitor and if I wanted to engage into some multi monitor action I would have trouble such as logging in (had to fuck around with lightdm config to show its login window on a single monitor and couldn't manage to get it working at all).

Since a lot of you run linux distros on these, which distro would you recommend that does not run through this problem?

>> No.60376776

That sounds like a configuration issue, not a distro issue. Maybe do some more digging online and you can solve the problem without having to switch distros?

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File: 251 KB, 934x649, 3x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just tested my new 7260...
I could barely get 11MBps speeds on previous 6205...
Both operate on 40MHz channel width. Same router, same files.
Best card I've used so far.

>> No.60377800
File: 301 KB, 1979x1336, dims.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get on my level kids:

>Thinkpad X40 with upgrades
>no management engine to worry about
>fast enough for modern browsing
>still looks cool

>> No.60377841

What about drivers? or it just werks(tm)

>> No.60377903

intel dropped support for 6205 in 2015.
7260 is still supported. Newest drivers were released week ago.
>or it just werks
under windows 10 both cards will just werk out of the box. The thing is to install newest drivers from intel site, so you get maximum performance.

>> No.60378208

x220 from china for £20. No rep and only 1 previous sale. Worth the risk?

>> No.60378240

No but go for it, you should be able to get a refund if shit doesn't arrive

>> No.60378335
File: 3.77 MB, 4640x2610, IMG_20170514_022902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck man these things really are built like tanks. My drunk ass managed to drop my T420 like 12 feet onto a wooden floor yesterday and this is the only thing that happened. The corner is fucked up but apart from that it still works perfectly. I know it's really filthy

>> No.60379122

>System76 Galago Pro 13
>not a business grade laptop
no its a piece chink trash more chink trash than xx40 models
buy a X230

>> No.60379693
File: 1.60 MB, 1366x768, Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 02.10.16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

X220 is crazy comfy.

>> No.60380495

>buy used T420
>install 16 GB RAM and new SSD
>works fine for months
>notice fan seems to be pretty noisy for no reason
>no big deal right?

>turn on today
>working fine for hours
>sudden intense burning smell
>unplug from charger and shut off immediately
>turn on again maybe 30 minutes later unplugged
>smell immediate and even worse

Fucking kill me bros. It's probably the fan, right? Anyone else have this?

>> No.60380730

>>fast enough for modern browsing
I have a t43p and I don't believe you

>> No.60381325

I fucking want an x40/41 with modern internals.

>> No.60381735

Quick rundown on eGPU setup.

What hardware do I need.

Would a r9 285 itx work? or would I need a psu?

>> No.60382330
File: 27 KB, 741x609, 1494070977718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>audio driver crashes with APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bugcheck
>doesn't work after reboot, disable in Device Manager
>flash latest BIOS
>audio justwerks

>> No.60382387
File: 1.27 MB, 1280x855, 1493709234069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any reason not to buy a t440 or a t540 if you plan to replace the trackpad with the t450/550 version?

This is assuming I find a '40 model at a good price. I most likely won't have the funds for an i7 450/550 so if the 440/540 is a no-go, I'll get the best t430 or t530 I can find (I've owned a t530 before so I know I like that generation)

>> No.60382420

Only get the p models.

The non p models of the 40 series are utter garbage with soldiered ram and processors.

t440p/t540p should be ok if you do the clickpad mod.

performance there isn't really an increase from non socketed haswell cpus compared to ivy. besides lower tdp.

the ips screen is the only plus imo.

you should if you can find a deal.

>> No.60382454
File: 984 KB, 3000x1996, 1494306873598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you, anon!

>> No.60382661

Ignore this retard.

The RAM is not soldered on anything in the 40 series.

Only thing he's right about is that the non-p series is a ULV. Get the p.

>> No.60382749

>The RAM is not soldered on anything in the 40 series.
there's only one dimm slot. the other is soldered to the motherboard

>> No.60382855

You can disconnect it without shutting down.

Connecting it when it wasn't booted with the eGPU, however, requires shutting down. Otherwise, connecting it only requires that you go on standby.

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File: 365 KB, 725x574, t520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This a 2630QM right?
I dont see a sandy bridge i7 with 2.0ghz besides that

>> No.60382940

according to thinkwiki t520 came with 2630qm so you're probably correct

however, it wouldn't hurt to ask the seller

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File: 2.01 MB, 3648x2736, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its a pawn shop they dont know their ass from a hole in the ground
Anyone know what the 3 stickers are on the laptop? One looks like intel core i7 sticker
Did any of the stickers indicate if its 1080p display or if it has the 4200m gpu?


>> No.60383005

It's true, it also has a 10-12+ hour battery life with a new extended battery, longer if you turn off the wireless.

If it had modern internals it'd have a Management Engine and stuff. I'll keep the old one.

>> No.60383010
File: 130 KB, 891x768, P1000403_1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like the same stickers as this but cant read what the bottom one says

Lenovo 2.0 something

>> No.60383046

fair point, they're just selling it

the stickers are:
i7, win7, lenovo enhanced experience 2

>> No.60383066

>lenovo enhanced experience 2
Does that mean the 250gb is the SSD or is this back when they did the mini SSD on chip stuff for the OS?

>> No.60383070

Intel ME has a purpose, too bad it's horribly insecure and rushed out the door for more $$$ like most Intel products these days (ahem, Kaby Layyke)

>> No.60383085

it's just one of their 'certification bullshit' programs, standard lenovo stuff.

read more here: http://news.lenovo.com/news-releases/lenovo-speeds-up-pc-performance-with-enhanced-experience-20-for-windows-7.htm

>> No.60383228

Just bought myself an x230
How does the TN panel in these compare to the x220? Or are they basically the same?

>> No.60383274

Not a good sign. I've been running my T420 with thinkfan set to keep my fan completely off about 90% of the time and it's totslly fine - barely ever goes above 60c (which is when the fan kicks in)
I'd give it a clean and maybe replace the thermal paste

>> No.60383348

>Intel ME has a purpose

No home user needs it. It should be fully disabable. A second computer which sits underneath the actual computer and is able to monitor everything and interefere with and modify anything undetactably while being an entirely opaque, undocumented blackbox inaccessible to the user is an actual horror scenario for personal computing. Its existence and Intel's refusal to disclose any usable information or to make it possible to disable it or even ship processors without it should be enough to for anyone who can add up two and two.

>> No.60383400


>> No.60383444

Bit of a shame. Especially since I used to have an X220T, but I guess I can upgrade to an IPS panel later.
Thanks senpai

>> No.60383447

same trash

the IPS option on the X240 are amazing compared to previous generations. Too bad it's a complete piece of shit besides that

>> No.60383770

speaking of this, has anyone flashed their bios using a raspberry pi? hard to find a good guide. I know to go to bios mods forums and get a pro to edit it but the software on the pi is a hurdle.

>> No.60383813

I would actually like to use Intel ME for remote access and I can't figure out how =/

>> No.60383893

If I disabled computrace permanently after installing my OSs do I need to reinstall? Sorry for dumb question

>> No.60384009

You're best off updating it using the update files Lenovo provide for your machine.
Then follow this: https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-active-management-technology-start-here-guide-intel-amt-9

It's generally a good guide to ME and AMT

>> No.60384062

What's best for gaming now, laptop wise?

> inb4 kill yourself

I'm on the move a ton for work and can't commit to a desktop. My work ironically involves gaming and I have about $1,300 for this. Was looking at the Inspiron 15 7000 but looking for a good second opinion.

>> No.60384078

You can't use the ME itself, nobody except Intel (and maybe some government agencies they work with) can. At best you can use some functionality exposed by software running on top of ME, such as AMT.

>> No.60384109

This ransomware explosion is nothing compared the literal hell that will break loose once IME is broken (and it's only a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'). Computers from all over the world with CPUs made since 2008 will be open to be taken over transparently by whomever will lay their hands on an access method.

>> No.60384112

2570p with eGPU setup

>> No.60384135

You must pay Intel for the keys and server software if you want ot use AMT. If you're a random person you can only be on the wrong side of this.

>> No.60384411

avoid AMD gpus.
These lack bandwidth compression, unlike optimus-enabled cards.
And since you're limited to x1 2.0 speeds in best scenario this will make your card unusable.

>> No.60384462

while I'd recommend that, he's looking for something portable
Dave Lee on YouTube has a good look at $1000 gaming laptops, and you might want to keep an eye on Dell and Lenovo's outlet stores.

>> No.60384532

Browsing on an x201 as we speak. Very very impressed. Even more so now I'm running ubuntu on it


yeah yeah.

Next up I think is to get ahold of a libreboot capable machine and get that up and running. Looks like a bitch to find a machine with a suitable LCD panel in it though. Must find a way to tell what it is without stripping the unit. Can't have fucking eBayers pulling the bastard apart to confirm to me.

>> No.60384560

Got a Toughbook coming lads, did I do good?

Batteries are expensive as fuck though, $100 a pop but with two of 'em it has a 12 hour life.

>> No.60384588

there are toughbooks and toughbooks, anon.
Which one?

>> No.60385453

How about consulting the HMM for information on the FRU?

>> No.60385498


>The Intel® Manageability Engine (Intel® ME) is the steam behind Intel Active Management Technology.

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. That's why any system with ME on board (i.e. almost any Intel CPU since at least 2008) is inherently fucked by design, irrespectively of the state of AMT sofware being present or not.

>> No.60385683
File: 622 KB, 800x450, memory.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of buying this Thinkpad but it is showing an error on a memory test.
Is this likely to be just bad memory, ie I knock the price down by the cost of new memory, or is there something else I should be wary about?

>> No.60386005

I would run the test with a single memory stick which is known to be good. If it still shows an error, probably the motherboard is fudged and I'd avoid buying it (unless you can drive the price down significantly are comfortable with replacing the motherboard).

>> No.60386474

>Gayming laptops
You need to stop

>> No.60386614

>gaming smartphones
>somehow laptops can't be gaming too
you need to recheck your old memes, kid.

>> No.60386616

unless anon was comfortable modding a precision machine with a 880m they're his only option really

>> No.60386802

pic rel, extremely cheap dell with quad core cpu, full hd ips screen, ssd, 1tb hdd, 1050ti (desktop tier performance) and nice cooling.
You were saying?

>> No.60386819
File: 134 KB, 800x600, product-large,,pr_2016_10_18_10_18_21_304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60386857

This is going to be an autistically specific question. I'm currenly looking to get a keyboard for an X220 and my only other extensive ThinkPad keyboard use has been with an E130 (chiclet style, slightly smaller scaled keys than other xx30 and beyond keyboards), I have an X230 but I don't use it as a main machine. The keyboard on this E130 is very nice but in particular I like the near silent and very tactile trackpoint buttons. My question basically is which manufacturer, ALPS, Chicony or NMB, has the best keyboard feel and also trackpoint button feel. I'd like a very nice tactile keyboard with silent trackpoint buttons. The X230 I have has pretty loud trackpoint buttons compared to my E130 and I much prefer the silent buttons.

>> No.60386905

These are shit tier at best.

giving away used ones at work (t430,x230) and nobody want them. literally, can't give them away.

>> No.60386956

country? sad that nobody wants them, solid machines that still sell for $100-150usd

>> No.60387045

just take them and put them on eBay

>> No.60387070

I need a cheap disposable shit tier portable laptop. It will have several OS's installed bare metal for testing external hardware.


>> No.60387124

x201, x220, x230
whichever is cheapest

maybe 2570p, I've seen em for $130 with i5 and 180GB SSD

>> No.60387160

>x201, x220, x230
They're considered "shit tier" these days?

>> No.60387218


>> No.60387313

The X220/X230 are better in most every way, (including bezels, yikes) but how does the X200/X201 always look so freakin comfy?

>> No.60387348

cheapest price/performance in the US atleast

anything lower and you cant find them working and anything newer is a piece of shit or insanely expensive

x201/x220s are like $90 shipped w/hdd, which is good enough

x131es are like $60 still for a working unit with ac, cheapest ive seen is a $45 120e without a hdd

>> No.60387358


I'll take 'em.

>> No.60387372
File: 3 KB, 83x33, lelnovo battery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any guides for recelling a T60 battery?

>> No.60387391

Aren't T420 even cheaper?

>> No.60387403

depends, but I opted to recommend x series as he said portable

>> No.60387554

Don't. PCB will die after you disconnect cells.
Just get a new one

>> No.60387885


Because your coworkers are clueless, dumb normies clearly. They wouldn't take any old laptop regardless of brand.

>> No.60387969

Hey /tpg/,

what are the best contemporary (2015 - today) thinkpad models (other brands are acceptable)?

I myself have been using the T450s for a couple years now and it's still running perfectly, but I want to recommend a laptop to my sister. So if there's something better by now, please tell me.

The laptop should have a long lasting battery (ideally more than 8h), a good display (fhd is fine).

Greetings from Germany.

>> No.60388051

T410 with 9cell+9cell and ultraybay battery

>> No.60388062

Anyone have good experience with the touch screen specifically in GNU? I'm deciding between x200 and x200t

>> No.60388203

T560 has the longest battery life.
But it's something retarded like 20 hours with the 9 cell as 12 hours with the 3 cell (because it has a "6 cell" front battery)

But any with an external battery should last 8 hours easily except for the T460p and T470p (because they have a quad core CPU and no internal battery)

>> No.60388256

Works okay with stylus on my x201 tablet in Ubuntu 16.04. Not a touch optimized os (like android or ios) so it's mostly useful in drawing programs rathe than for the general os.

>> No.60388259
File: 3.98 MB, 3278x1745, 20170514_103318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Caught me. Sorry for weird cropping.

>> No.60388312

>at work

There is your problem.

Old Thinkpads are great for students and NEETs.
But when you have a job you're not going to carry around a $200 laptop, you're going to spend $1500+ for a nicer screen and better battery life.

>> No.60388553


bump for a reply to this, would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.60388687
File: 285 KB, 1200x1200, gerwinski-gnu-head.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I don't do much drawing so I decided on the x200 thanks for the heads up

Bought the libreboot clip too. I was not expecting to pay so much for it. I have a raspberry pi and a few years of experience on GNU/Linux hopefully I'm up for the challenge. This will definitely be my biggest tech challenge yet.

>> No.60389152

Should I go with the X220 or the X230? My main uses are for programming and document writing, with a little gaming.
I heard that the iGPU on the X230 is better than the one on the X220, but I don't know if it's worth the slightly expensive price. I'll be mostly playing visual novels and some Age of Empires, would it be right to assume that the X220 can handle them? TIA

>> No.60390527

don't die on my thread

>> No.60391324

Managed to get a T420 in an eBay auction. for £58, did I do good? Also the only fault is that the Lenovo logo is missing.

>> No.60391410
File: 374 KB, 1600x1200, DSC05438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

isnt the 2170p GODLIKE? why shouldnt i buy this?

>> No.60391449

That sounds pretty good
I'm certain it won't have RAM or a HDD for that price

>> No.60391486

How? I thought they were a part of the screen back cover rather than a sticker

For Age 2, maybe the X220 is enough, you might even be able to get some decent gameplay in the HD version or the 1.4 patch. As far as VNs go, it depends. Just don't expect things like Nekopara at 60FPS on the Sandy Bridge IGP (HD 3000).

If you can afford it, go for the X230

>inb4 the HP shill comes shitposting about why you should get a 2570p and eGPU setup
It's a good machine, but not everyone likes the chiclet keyboards and besides an eGPU setup isn't that portable and relies on you being always near an AC outlet.

>> No.60391652

I've got an X200 UltraBase for 7$+shipping, just finished setting it up, shit's cash. The only problem is the Libreboot sperging out with "Unknown key 0xff detected", so I have to dock after the GRUB prompt.

>> No.60391839
File: 77 KB, 1242x879, IMG_2331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly I'm preying on ignorance since there was little description and their paypal shows that they are a hairdresser.

I don't know really. The whole thing isn't missing so it could just be some dirt?

>> No.60391882

I've done it on a x201, really nice

>> No.60391936

Looks like it wore off to me. Who knows?

>> No.60392095

well it's a great find mate
even if it doesn't come with RAM or a HDD, £58 is great

>> No.60392130
File: 6 KB, 466x200, PWMUI_2017-05-14_14-25-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


am i good bros?
paid $400 cad for this i5 320gb 4gb ram x220 with this battery


>> No.60392142


>400 hundred dollars for x220
>with only 4GB RAM


>> No.60392180

its the normal x220 specs... what do you mean?

>> No.60392326

too lazy to check how much this is in USD
in USD that should be no more than $150

>> No.60392389

I'm not sure about the prices of Thinkpads in Canada, but even in the UK that's WAYYY over priced.
I found one BIN for £130 (C$229, US$167) with the same specs you listed

it's almost 300 USD

>> No.60392458

Then he fucked up. Holy shit, even my old T430 with quad core didn't cost that much.

>> No.60392553
File: 159 KB, 500x281, d55999b13cfb3307c05203d9ec38dee6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone stole my sister's laptop and now she's looking for a good replacement

-Can play Witcher 3 with stable FPS
-Not too big
-Price limit is 400 GBP

Is it possible or do I just tell her to get some shitty laptop with discrete graphics?

>> No.60392557

No, because it's still a chinkpad.
Beta hipster.

>> No.60392632

it's possible, but only if eGPU is used.

>> No.60392691

The problem is that she's somewhat tech illiterate and she would just break something when using egpu

>> No.60392722

then it's not possible if your limit is 400GBP.
Witcher 3 is a demanding game. If you want stable FPS then you need a good card, which you won't find in thinkpads.
Maaaaybe if you're lucky you could try W530 with K2000M... but I don't think so.

>> No.60392748

I though so
I'll just tell her to get T420 or X220

>> No.60393058

>the internet made cross-dressing ok

>> No.60393594

>"gaming smartphones"

>> No.60393828

2760p is the correct HP. I think the person shilling the non-tablet version is just ignorant of it.

>> No.60394076

T420 vs T430 in general? I have an X230 and am deciding on something for my dad... is the T420 like the X220 in that only the i7 version has USB3?

>> No.60394123

The T420 doesn't have USB 3.0 on any version. The T420s has one port on any model, but that comes at the cost of battery life.

>> No.60394264

Anyone know of a way to find local business that sell/give away old laptops? Trying to look for a cheap x220/230. Checked CL and not bothering with that again

>> No.60394958

tablet version without quad core?
No thanks.

>> No.60395395


x200/201 family look great with the AFFS screen.

Be careful: Some AFFS screens are glossy. I think the actual FRU for the tablet may have been glossy due to the touch screen. Make sure you ask the seller (1) Exactly what model the screen is and (2) if the screen is matte or glossy. Don't trust anyone's display info. I got a glossy panel on accident but it still looks great. There's glare but the colors are awesome.

Also the second thing that can fuck you is that the good screen is CCFL and needs a CCFL inverter built into the wifi/battery etc status bar on bottom bezel. The "Nicer" SKUs of this gen shipped with an LED backlit panel, so you'll have to swap
1.The inverter/indicator board
2. The display cable + thinklight assembly (LED cable won't mate with CCFL inverter board)
in addition to the panel itself.

An x200s with the panel is my dream but it's even MORE of a pain in the ass since you have to swap the ENTIRE top assembly from an x200 since the AFFS/CCFL panel is thicker than the shit TN/LED panel.

>> No.60395502

T450 good or nah?

>> No.60395967

Since switching to the thinkpad x220, I've had a lot more typing strain and fatigue.
I think the control keys are too small/too far away, or it's the flatness of the board.
What are my options for keyboards?

>> No.60395972

t420s has usb3 through a daughterboard

whereas t430/t430s has it integrated on the chipset, so thats where that comes from

>> No.60396430

full keyboard w/ numpad
applying statistical models to ~24-30k datapoint biomed databases
analyzing & interpreting mass spectrometer data
>Other requirements:
pre IntelME, hardware switches for WiFi etc, and LED keyboard backlight would be nice

>> No.60396724

wait is it true that you get longer battery life on windows 7 vs linux?

>> No.60396748

going to buy x1 carbon, i7, 16gb ram, 512 ssd... this close to pulling the trigger..

>> No.60396773

of course. even better on 10.

>> No.60396923

This must be bait.

>> No.60397105

its known that windows has better battery/energy management. BUT it still depends on your configuration

>> No.60397446

Those HP models don't have quad cores.

>> No.60397495


Windows OS is optimized. Linux is like the wild wild west OS as you hope it doesn't give out on you.

>> No.60398197

No such thing, you need newer laptops with Intel ime. Unless you want to use a Pentium m.

>> No.60398223

It's true.

They have socketed CPUs.
You put quad cores

>> No.60398252

How hot is that gonna get lol.

>> No.60398322

It gets a little toasty with a 45w quad but with a 3632QM or similar it works perfectly fine, as that's a 35W quad

>> No.60399716

linux battery life sucks.

>> No.60399831

I have a T530 w/ a stock 1600x900 screen; could I buy a 1920x1080 replacement and not have to worry about the voltage inverter board?

>> No.60400048
File: 11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, I came on my T420 and now it won't start. The splooge mostly hit the area surrounding the power button. I had actually laid down two kleenex but apparently that wasn't enough.

When it happened, I wiped up the remaining semen and started working in notepad++, but some keys were getting double pressed (p, h, w) and the g key wasn't being output but gave off a loud beep. I restarted but because of the double typing I couldn't enter my password so I just killed it and ate dinner. Now pressing the power key does nothing. No lights, nothing.

I removed the keyboard and blew it out with canned air, then took off the clip around the power button and made sure the button is dry and in order. Still nothing.

This is 100% serious and I need help. I regret this and I promise I will never fap again.

>> No.60400149


>> No.60400162


>> No.60400235

I want to buy an X1 Yoga G2 but the shipping time is 5 weeks! What the fuck?

Anyone else looking at them

>> No.60400252

Yes. It is kind of funny.

Shameful and desperate bump.

>> No.60400279

>The splooge mostly hit the area surrounding the power button
Your bios might be pregnant.

>> No.60400410
File: 90 KB, 550x207, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


T540p guy here. Snagged a W540 mobo for under $25 (cheapest one sold in recent history on eBay).

Switching it with the T540p motherboard my machine came with, which gives me a K2100M GPU as well as two extra RAM slots. Now I can pump this machine up to 32GB of RAM.

I'll probably post the first episode of the laptop build when this motherboard arrives and I film the installation.

>> No.60400450


>> No.60400468

wow jeweing the jews.

post pics-

>> No.60400742

>32GB of RAM
That seems excessive.

>> No.60400756

It is absolutely excessive.

>> No.60400869


For real though. Does anybody have any similar experience (with water or soda maybe)? I'm about to take it apart again and see if I missed something. I've tried removing the battery and starting on AC power only. No luck. Pls help

>> No.60400872

is the '40 series the last one with socketed cpus?

>> No.60400885


can't decide between t440p with trackpad mod vs t450

>> No.60401068

>is the '40 series the last one with socketed cpus?
yes, intel went jew with broadwell and stopped socketed machines

>> No.60401921

Ok, what would be recommended models disregarding the bit about IntelME?

It doesn't seem clear now that I reread it, but everything under "Other requirements" were supposed to be covered by "would be nice" rather than being hard requirements.

>> No.60402013


>> No.60402083

Excellent, thank you. Looks like just what I was asking for.
Unfortunately also looks like I'll be waiting a year or two for prices to fall into an attractive range...

>> No.60402173

it's ugly as sin

>> No.60402209

buy used

>> No.60402267

or check t540p or w540

>> No.60403271

wash it out with warm water maybe, and leave it to dry for a day?

That's how I've cleaned mine, and if it's some residue causing the problem, it might help.

It sounds fucked though

Try using a keyboard from another TP or a dock to see if it'll work with that

>> No.60403361
File: 149 KB, 400x800, pepe speed comics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a webdev fag. to anyone here who only has 4gb RAM, are you satisfied with it?
i just need to code (no compilation) while having several tabs open in a browser with one of them being a youtube HD video. can i do this without the computer freezing or stuttering all the time?

>> No.60403687

Yes. Good luck doing all that with a shit resolution.

>> No.60404106

just get 8 gigs of ram
it's like 20 bucks

>> No.60404147

I see too little legs

>> No.60404324

> spill protection: fail

>> No.60404352

my ancient mobo can take only 4 gb. i currently have 3gb and it chokes in ubuntu+firefox+vscode

>> No.60404380

How ancient?

>> No.60404518

what are your average temps for t430?
mine idles at around 42-45 celsius

>> No.60404520

muh spill-proof keyboard

>> No.60404558

How would a T model be cheaper than a more or less contemporary X model?

>> No.60404566


>> No.60404569

>older bike repair shop guy

What's the point of the pic?

>> No.60404607

>pre IntelME

T60p with 2.33 GHz 1st gen C2D CPU, ATI FireGL 5250 256 MB, and 3 GB usable RAM is the end of the line.

>> No.60404662

Where I live a T420 is about 50% more expensive than a X220 and I don't see how that would change.

>> No.60404705

What is the best cheap solution for connecting an X220 to a CRT TV?

>> No.60404754

On the burgerland's eBay they're about the same price. Sometimes ordering in US + mail forwarding is cheaper than buying locally (if you don't mind US key labels).

>> No.60404764

well it depends what inputs the TV has

>> No.60404767

SCART and that's about it.

>> No.60404768

Active VGA>CVBS/SCART/SVideo adapter.

>> No.60404772

>8gb for 20
Sure...give me a link

>> No.60404776
File: 21 KB, 275x361, 1465590116351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a tearing problem with my t420, what drivers should i use?

The one on the lenovo page doesn't fix shit.

>> No.60404777

There is a bunch of Thinkpads on eBay going for around £20-£25 being sold by sellers in China with 0 feedback

I assume this is a scam isn't it?

>> No.60404784

Anyone used a forwarding service here?

>> No.60404799



>> No.60404819

I've used one (shopfans) to ship US>Russia. Can't say about any other country.

>> No.60404860

No, windows 7.
Ubuntu does the same thing though.

>> No.60405012

yeah, USA > Britbong 2.0 (Australia) with a OnePlus One

>> No.60405074

if it seems to be too good to be true it most of the times it

>> No.60405138

How much did you pay

>> No.60405162

30$ for an x200, 35$ for an x201, 40$ for a t400 (shopfans lite method).
It depends on the final package weight. The x201 had a lot of bubble wrap.

>> No.60405204

>35$ for an x201
What? What was the configuration (CPU, RAM, disk, screen, battery, extras etc.)?

>> No.60405223

Why would the larger, more capable system be the same price? That's like expecting a W520 to be the same price as a T520.

>> No.60405239

Some sellers only sell to the verified PayPal addresses, how did you circumvent this.

>> No.60405268

I thought you were talking about the shipping.
130$ for 4GB RAM, 320gb HDD, 2.53 GHz i5.
Maybe hit's possible to score an x220 for the same price, but
> muh 16:10
Never encountered this.

>> No.60405314

That was another anon, I was just talking about shipping fees

>> No.60405641

>I thought you were talking about the shipping.
I wasn't exactly the anon you were conversing with, sorry for the confusion. I thought you were talking about a purchasing price of the x201 and not shipping, that's why it stroke me as improbably low.

What was the battery size (3/6/9 cell?) and condition (wear/cycles), and did you get a 90W PSU?

>> No.60405658


Is it true that after 500 cycles a Thinkpad battery will say "fuck you" and stop working (stop charging?) no matter what the actual wear is?

>> No.60405688

For a bufget of 4000$, recommend me a quad cored, business oriented thin notebook

>> No.60405715


>> No.60405736

So I officially got the $5 t420 up and working, 900p screen, put 8gb ram and an ssd in it, got an express card usb 3 adapter coming, have to glue the cracked screen bezel, and replace the trckpad sticker still.

A quad core sandy is like $100 and the resale of the old dual core is $50, so going to do that, might try and pick up a nvidia mobo t420 heat sink though as it looks like it might do a better job then the hd 3000 one.

>> No.60405763

I have an old 410 battery that has 900 on it and other then normal ware it is fine in terms of charging and shit.

>> No.60405823

XPS 15 is the THINNest one you can get
$4000 is more than enough for the most expensive one and a lot of Dell goodies

>> No.60406420

Does it still have the coil whine. I have seen an earlier version making an autistic whine sound.

>> No.60406510

The XPS 13 still has coil whine and it's some hardware issue
The XPS 15 coil whine was a power brick issue and it got fixed when people got new power bricks from Dell. They now ship the laptops with the new PSU.

tl;dr no coil whine and if you somehow do get it, it's a simple phone call to dell to fix

>> No.60406761

>implying Thinpads don't have coilwhine/buzz/chirp/crack/hiss that's annoying af if you speedstep on and are in a relatively silent room

>> No.60406778

How can a whine sound be "autistic"? Seriously now.

>> No.60406938

literally just 5 minutes ago I was searching my room for a buzzing, and found it was coming from my 420, its actually pretty bad and in sleep mode its even worse but different, mind you I have also had a 410 200 and 61 and all of those where fine.

This thing is 2008 era nvidia bad

>> No.60407420



>> No.60408054

Keep your fucking desktop for useful things like hard drive recovery, burning backups to DVD so wanacry and it's many successors cannot encrypt them, and enjoy your superior ergonomics no notebook can touch.

Never have only one PC and never have zero desktops if want robust computing options. What happens if you shitcan your desktop and your notebook dies? Don't think like a teentard autist.

>> No.60408113

Ebay like everything else. Now go read Thinkpad forums you idiot. This is not a Thinkpad forum, just an ephemeral general thread.

You may be too stupid to own a computer. Part of getting tech smart is relentless searching for info which improves your techy search-fu in all things. Now piss off.

>> No.60408188

I use the old trick of loading various live distros on USB to see what works. It's fast, it's easy, and you don't commit to anything. You can figure out what works and why.

It's insufficiently autistic but it works.

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