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Is it worth it for a pure gaming pc?

I was thinking of an asus rog gaming laptop with a 1060m and 120 hz g-sync, since I play Chivalry and maybe bf1 or CS.

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Gsync is better than no gsync
Source: own a 144 Hz 1440p gsync monitor

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Do you feel like this gear is improving your k/d ratio at all?

When I played call of duty 1 in...2005? Our best player had a ballmouse he slowly dragged and just dominated everyone with a rifle.

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>is it worth it
No. Freesync is the same thing for much less money.

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>Do you feel like this gear is improving your k/d ratio at all?
No you fucking idiot jesus christ
Also kill yourself

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Whoa no need to bully. Doent it increase your reaction time compared to your opponents?

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It won't make you any better, but it makes the experience much more satisfying and immersive

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But then anon would have to buy an AMD graphics card, and that's just gross

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As the op, my last graphics card was a 6870 something. Many annoying driver things, it was good value at the time.

With my current income, I dont see the point in Ryzen or any amd graphics. It seems more romantic than logical, if you know what I feel. Like, one more update would make it good and its cheaper etc

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No but it doesn't hurt and such smooth games is very comfy

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Not that guy, but not really
You are more likely screwed by things like a bad mouse, shitty internet, or pure lack of skill
It sure is nice, though

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My style is to agressively run into a fight and die. I am usually in the top five depending on the game.

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