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Is this true?

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Yes, builds competition

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The exact opposite. Throttling competitors to already existing large businesses, because the large businesses have the money to pay up to be unthrottled suppresses competition.

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Yes, it makes them consume bullshit slower and potentially makes them frustrated enough to actually fucking do something productive with their life.

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Fucking this, sounds like a great cure for internet addiction.

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If it is true the Orwellian double-speak is tailor made for the sheep that support ruining net neutrality. Haha muricans, this is your grave. You'll only realise when its too late.

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Oh dear, America - you're fucked.

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Someone needs to add what they really want: Comcast/Time Warner/Verizon VoD, blogs, social media, games, music, and email, while blocking everything else.

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If monopolies weren't a thing and the free market could flourish so anyone can make their own IPS, this wouldn't be a problem.

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yeah it might help me leave 4chan when hiro refuses to pay the ameri-ISPs their extortion fees

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>"muh free market"
>in an industry where initial capital costs are by far the largest barrier to entry

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The reason why it's so high is because monopolies made it that way.

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Nice fake news.

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>mom, i posted it again

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>The existing no-throttling rule "bans the impairment or degradation of lawful Internet traffic or use of a non-harmful device, subject to reasonable network management practices," the NPRM says. "We seek comment on whether this rule is still necessary, particularly for smaller providers. How does the rule benefit consumers, and what are its costs? When is 'throttling' harmful to consumers? Does the no-throttling rule prevent providers from offering broadband Internet access service with differentiated prioritization that benefits consumers? Does the no-throttling rule harm latency-sensitive applications and content?"
>THE FCC SAID THROTTLING IS [email protected]@[email protected]
>FUCK [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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>When is 'throttling' harmful to consumers?
Different anon, but that's just another way of saying it's a good thing without actually saying it.

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>how IPS's would like the Internet to be

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So is UPS having an overnight shipping option that you pay extra for also 'throttling'?

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>Make shitty website out of my ORIGINAL IDEA DO NOT STEAL
>Back then i didn't have to pay artificial fees to compete against other websites
>Now you get fucked from the get go unless you're a big company already

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What artificial fees? You mean to your ISP?

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That's optional and it doesn't harm you in the end. Throttling is forced upon you.

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It's paid prioritization. How is it any different than throttling?

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>Does the no-throttling rule prevent providers from offering broadband Internet access service with differentiated prioritization that benefits consumers? Does the no-throttling rule harm latency-sensitive applications and content?"

Say hi to pic related. Removing neutrality is being spun as a benefit (to smaller providers! lol. before they're bought out). Enjoy muricans. Those that support this are either going to profit from it or are blind to the damage it will cause you.

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>le reddit image

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>monopolies made the cost of entry extremely high

>"I dont understand whats the big deal, just put up hundreds of miles of fiber, thousands of routers, and build expensive server farms to serve the customers. whats the cost?"

You realize google, GOOGLE, had to quit due to cost of infrastructure, right?

inb4 internet cables is the new roads

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Name a single provider that wants to do that.

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Again, you're comparing a diservice forced upon you to a benefit you can pay for if you wish to, but don't have to.

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Sure dude, I'll just start my own mom and pop ISP when I don't like Spectrum's service anymore.

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Regulation and laws against new ISPs would be a bigger thing to worry about.

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All of them if they could get away with it.

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because the internet doesnt work that way, faggot, it costs nothing to speed up the delivery of a network packet (to a degree, you know what I mean faggolio), but it costs a ton of jet fuel to overnight a package with UPS.

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Providers are furiously masturbating to get that implemented.

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Yes, internet is free. Everyone should get a gigabit connection for free. I mean it costs nothing to send electrons through wires already in the ground!

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>just because it's not in front of me means it can't exist ever

Now name me a single cable provider that offers every single channel together (no tiers) for a single flat fee.

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>>60120348 >>60120356
Nice source, faggots.

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twc before they were separated from their parent company and bought by charter.

Comcast, see netflix.

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The only difference is how the paperwork is set up in the background... both are corporations creating artificial scarcity using government-backed monopolies to jack up the price on something that society basically fucking runs on.

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I'm getting the disservice of only getting regular shipping speed if I don't pay extra for overnight. It's extortion. It's literally another shoah.

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Does UPS own mail-order stores?

ISPs are all owned by multimedia conglomerates who are in direct competition with each other and independent content makers. UPS gains nothing by throttling anyone to death since they don't have a horse in that race. ISPs do.

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Completely wrong argument. Your mom Taquisha must have dropped you while in custody.

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What about Comcast and Netflix? You mean those fake news articles paid for by Netflix lobbyists because Netflix was too cheap to increase their connection speeds to meet demand, and blamed it on Comcast?

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>I would love to be forced to get much slower internet than what I usually get
Nobody ever said that, most people can shrug off waiting a few days extra for their amazon order.

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>93% profit margins doesnt mean 100% profit margins, so it must cost the company something!
>Therefore, the consumer, content provider, and the website host has to pay out though the ass for that profit margin!

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>it costs nothing to speed up the delivery of a network packet
Sure it doesn't. Let's give everyone unlimited internet speeds and see what happens.

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So if they're not going to do it, what's the big deal with having the regulations in place?

Do you think that if net neutrality regulations were not in place, we'd have more competition in the ISP market? Do you think people are happy with their current internet service? More competition would be welcome as it is in the ISP world, the problem is that it has an insane barrier to entry.

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Where's the proof that you're going to get much slower internet? All I see is ISPs using this opportunity to provide better service than the standard at a higher price for latency critical and important applications.

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they are even working with the government to get it implemented and have been shooting at it from multiple angles. Ex: SOPA

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You sure google didn't get constantly sued when trying to enter markets that had no compete clauses on all telephone lines issued by local and state governments?

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Comcast had a revenue of $80 billion and a net income of $9 billion in 2016. Nice straw man.

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>fake news
>$0.01 has been depositied in your comcast account

you realize they could have done all of the upgrading on their end? and that comcast was the one grinding it to a halt, and demanding netflix to pay for THEIR equipment? thats like you stopping your mom from sucking dick, and demanding payment to put the cock back into her mouth.

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>better service than the standard at a higher price
American ISPs provide worse service at higher prices compared to other countries.

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Why should Comcast do the upgrading for free? If you paid for a 10Mb/s connection, and now suddenly want 100Mb/s, are you going to demand your ISP give you that upgrade at no cost?

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That's a fucking lie and you know it. The U.S is ahead of countries like France, Spain, and Germany in terms of average internet speed, and tied with the UK, despite having a much lower population density.

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Just wait until they no longer have to serve rural areas.

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because as a teir 1 isp, THAT'S THEIR JOB

go argue this with level 3 for fucks sake


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It's not a lie and I know it.

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I paid Comcast so they can connect me to Netflix so I can watch their videos. Comcast throttles that connection even though I paid my bill. Who is wrong here?

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Because the government gave them massive tax payers money with the Telecomunications act so they could improve their system but they got the money and didnt upgrade shit. They have to pay for it.

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Just wait until they don't serve anyone but big companies! No internet for us!

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>Why should Comcast do the upgrading for free
Because he'll say "fuck you, I'm going with <x> instead!"
Oh wait, it's illegal for <x> to offer service in Comcast areas. Oopsies.

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Also the big name google contractors laying cable caused millions in damages to existing infrastructure. Lawsuits on lawsuits, plus google saw what they would have to deal with with their own lines eventually

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You're actually retarded

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No, you pay Comcast to connect you to the internet. It's not Comcast's fault that Netflix doesn't have enough bandwidth to serve their customers.

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Fake news.

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Fake news.

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Fucking retard. He's saying that Comcast is throttling the connection, despite Netflix having sufficient bandwidth.

>> No.60120532

>And while that all sounds impressive, it’s worth noting that the U.S. as a whole still lags behind much of the world.
Damn, US internet really is shit, huh?

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But they aren't, and Netflix did not have sufficient bandwidth. Stop reading fake news.

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>I dont read articles from companies who actually do what i am describing for a living

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>says fake news
>links daily caller

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>fake news

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That's funny because it's the tier 1 ISPs who are the ones actually throttling Netflix.

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It's true. Most of bandwidth is used by plebeians streaming entertainment and other kinds of degeneracy through the internet. Those garbage ought to be throttled. Cutting these services of would be a service to the people addicted to them. I feel bad for those people, they should be helped.

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>says fake news
>doesnt read source
All your source is saying is that TWC aint investing shit into their infrastructure in 2013

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>Still, the United States only ranks 25 out of 39 nations in 2013, according to the FCC. It said the United States was behind many countries including France, Canada, Germany and Japan — but ahead of Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Israel.

Americans are ahead of BR's at least. That's something to be proud of

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Nice reading comprehension.

>> No.60120584

>And Israel
Well, that's also something to be proud of, doing better than israel.

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We can only hope that one day they throttle 4chan and we are released from this torment.

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>corporate slave
>defending the dick that fuck them over

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Except the U.S is now ahead of France, Germany, and Canada.

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and is comcast a teir 1 provider?

if so, then yes, they absolutely are throttling netflix, and also added bonus, netflix is already paying them to do their fucking jobs

if not, then why the fuck is netflix paying comcast? they arent providing infrastructure to netflix.

Either way, you are retarded, and if you are a troll, I've got a nice image to show you.

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Netflix was not paying Comcast. They are now paying Comcast because paying for a direct connection is cheaper than dealing with scummy middlemen like Level 3 and Congent. You could at least read the articles before posting and making yourself look like an idiot.

>> No.60120626

>litteral shill investor website

>$0.05 has been deposited into your Spectrum™ account

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> (((You)))

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And still behind a dozen other countries that don't have retarded legislators trying to let ISPs fuck you in the ass.

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>scummy middlemen like Level 3 and Congent
>I litterally dont know how internet achitecture works

I bet you think that theres a direct connection from your ISP to google too.

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They're behind countries like South Korea and Japan who have an extremely urbanized and dense population making it much cheaper and easier to lay cables.

>> No.60120661

Let's be real here. Most of internet is absolute waste of time and money. We need the isp to save us from this peril. If there was an isp that filtered all the useless time waste away, I would subscribe in a minute.

>> No.60120663

25mbs down costs $80/month here, and has a cap of 300GB. $30 extra/month for "unlimited". This is a major city, too, not bumblefuck nowhere. These companies will do anything as long as they can get away with it.

>> No.60120668

There is. Even the libtard news site you get your news from confirms it.

>> No.60120690

>Most of internet is absolute waste of time
This is false. Unless you mean popular internet, such as social media. And regardless, it's arbitrary what is and isn't a "waste of time".

>> No.60120709


but from the same article, retard
>"Content companies sometimes pay ISPs for direct connections, but this practice has been controversial of late. Netflix, which accounts for about a third of peak Internet traffic in North America, has secured free connections to some ISPs. But Comcast and Verizon asked Netflix to pay, which the company did under protest. "

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I want an isp that filters away all the ads on a network level. Obama tried to make this illegal but thank god we are now saved.

>> No.60120713

>implying Sweden, Norway, and Finland have high population density compared to the US

>> No.60120719

>Obama tried to make this illegal but thank god we are now saved
Yep, thank god I can now get ads injected from my ISP instead!


>> No.60120726

>Netflix somehow made deals with small local ISPs to let them peer unbalanced transit for free
>this means somehow that it's immoral for other companies to charge for it when that's how it has always worked

>> No.60120732

>not using HTTPS

>> No.60120734

oh, and just to add on as a PS, they are still doing it


>> No.60120747

Actually, that is exactly why google is pushing so hard for HTTPS, because Comcast and the likes are fucking them out of revenue.

>> No.60120754

he's clearly being sarcastic, you idiot

>> No.60120761

> when that's how it has always worked
Fake news
from the same article:
>The traditional "Tier 1" networks that historically make up the Internet's backbone—including AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, Sprint, and Level 3—have generally exchanged traffic with each other without payment in what's known as settlement-free peering.

>> No.60120770

Sweden, Denmark, and Finland all have a higher urbanization rate than the United States. Most of their population lies in a small region, not throughout the coast the like U.S. Nice cherrypicking though. What about France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and all those other oh so great European countries?

>> No.60120775

I didn't know that Netflix is now a "Tier 1" network.

>> No.60120790

They don't have literal pajeets fucking up their telecom regulations :^)

>> No.60120793

Oh right, they have Muhammed and Achmed instead.

>> No.60120823

No, I don't believe any of them have muslims in charge of their telecom regulations.

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>trumptards will defend this

>> No.60120832

Then why is the internet in France and Italy so shit compared to the U.S? I thought Europe was paradise?

>> No.60120837

Butthurt that you got (((globalist))) real hard this election?

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A litteral pajeet is in charge of the FCC, you cant make this shit up.

>> No.60120844

They are not Tier 1 but tier 2. They want to be tier 1 but they are NOT.

>> No.60120865

fair, but comcast has no fucking reason to demand payment like a tier 1, they are the true tier 1 wannabes.

>> No.60120879

>use proxy or VPN

nice try, ISPs.

>> No.60120880

>Talks about cherrypicking
>Picks 2 countries out of an entire continent
The US had a decent head of the FCC until recently, when Paijeet was appointed. That's why they've been improving.

>> No.60120908

Same anon and i agree but you were arguing with someone else. They cannot charge throttle anyone because they are not tier 1. Thats exactly what they wanted to change but Obama gave them the finger. Really makes you think...

>> No.60120921

Why should a Tier 1 designation decide whether what an ISP can charge for its services? Sounds like communism.

>> No.60120959

It's really hard to objectively compare internet cost in different countries. It's not too uncommon to have the government own parts of the isp business here. How much of it really is built from user fees and how much of it is way or other tax funded? In Finland the whole thing is built on top of FUNET which is university backbone network. The end result here seems decent but is it good value for the money spend I've no idea.

>> No.60120963

Because its the LAW. You fucking anarchical nigger. Follow the law and stop whining like a liberal faggot.

>> No.60120973

Which law? Post a specific law from a direct government source stating what a Tier 1 provider can and cannot do.

>> No.60120974

I wonder how much /pol/ praised trump for putting an indian in the FCC.

>> No.60120987

Why is Comcast allowed to demand payment for your connection to their network but not for Netflix's connection?

>> No.60120993

gonna be honest, im not that anon, but i came up with jack shit in my google search, so either way, I wanna know what you two turn up.

>> No.60121017

muh net neutrality
In an ideal world there wouldn't be government restrictions against competition and there also wouldn't be dumb faggot restrictions against ISPs charging for shit, but because America fuck year we'll have government regulations that establish monopolies as well as no regulations on ISPs blocking services.

>> No.60121027

That doesn't answer the question. Why is Comcast allowed to demand payment for your connection to their network but not for Netflix's connection?

>> No.60121028

Because they arent connecting for netflix, or to netflix. They are connecting to tier 1 isp's to get the traffic from the rest of the internet to serve to their customers.

as for an analogy, comcast is your local postmaster, tier 1 isp's are the USPS CEO's of the internet. would you like it if that specific local postmaster and the united states postal service demanded payment? neither did netflix.

>> No.60121048

They weren't before. They weren't charging Netflix before. Netflix was paying Level 3 and Congent to connect to Comcast customers. Netflix wanted a direct connection to Comcast. Comcast charged them for the connection. What was wrong with that deal?

>> No.60121066


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>Netflix wanted a direct connection to Comcast.

No they didnt you fucking troglodyte, comcast throttled netflix, and demanded fuck-you-pay-me money.

>> No.60121097

Wrong. Stop reading fake news.

>> No.60121098

> muh ISPs will charge mom's blog money for access

Why are authoritarians so paranoid of private enterprise?

>> No.60121101

>your connection to their network but not for Netflix's connection
You're paying them for a line to their network. Why the fuck wouldn't they be able to block specific sites? Don't like it? Don't use them, use another oh wait America.

>> No.60121104

Link me to the specific law that says that they cannot do it and only Tier 1 networks can.

>> No.60121115

That doesn't answer the question.

>> No.60121119

Who owns the backbone in US?

>> No.60121122

>posting the same source
>from a fucking blog

>> No.60121125

>le reddit image

Okay, NN fags. Explain the difference between throttling and QoS rules.

>> No.60121133

>le fake news

inb4 thats fake news

>> No.60121134

Yeah it does, it's their fucking network. Stop being a fucking idiot. Same reason why Apple doesn't NEED to give you fucking schematics for their hardware. You're not fucking paying for it.

>> No.60121153

>client side, configurable, voluntary
>Server side, non-negotiable, involuntary

easy peasy

>> No.60121161

Here you go, direct from Congent.

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File: 343 KB, 429x447, 1488513473524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has no mention of netflix, the time lines dont match at all, and it is a stretch to claim that comcast only had cogent as a tier 1 isp.

but please, continue to call it fake news.

>> No.60121237

Shouldn't have expected a better answer from someone who throttles himself

>> No.60121268

I can't believe your reading comprehension is this bad. Keep thinking the multi billion dollar companies like Netflix are the good guys.

>> No.60121272

Your mom gets throttled every night.

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>Keep thinking the multi billion dollar companies like Netflix are the good guys
That's rich with irony.

>> No.60121299

/g/, we're really not going to allow these fucks to destroy the internet. Amirite?

Fill me in on what's going on. Let's blast their phones with calls, all night, all day. If we can get their personal numbers, even better. I'm not going to allow the FCC fuck shit up. Never.

>> No.60121321

>people on /g/ actually think ISPs are going to be able to charge people to access different websites when net neutrality gets fucked
I guarantee you that if any ISP implements some DirectTV-tier shit where it charges people extra to access sites like Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and even 4chan, people would just tell them fuck you and not use the internet instead.

>> No.60121338

Did you vote for trump? Well congrats, you personally signed your ass on for this wild ride.

But if you really want to stop the tomfuckery, net neutrality is an easy two words to remember to tell the FCC, your representatives, and whoever else can vote and call their representatives. Do it now, and do it loud.

>> No.60121348

I just wanted the wall and more guns and less taxes, not this.

>> No.60121358

>people would just tell them fuck you and not use the internet instead.

Are you sure? I can bet that a lot of retarded fucks would pay. Look at all the retards still paying for cable, when you can literally watch whatever you want for free. And there's many that can't afford cable, but it doesn't affect the cable companies much, they're still thriving.

>> No.60121364

No thanks. I have lots of money on Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T stock. I'd gladly pay $10 a month more for internet service if I'll get 50x that in returns at the end of the year.

>> No.60121383

>Did you vote for trump?

Fuck no. And I'm already on that shit, blowing up their phones.

I doubt they'll listen. They'll brush us off like the dirt on their shoes. What then? (srs question)

>> No.60121396

See. Told ya.

>> No.60121414
File: 40 KB, 647x238, 2017-04-28 22_42_55-Donald J. Trump on Twitter_ _Obama’s attack on the internet is another top down .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just wanted the wall and more guns and less taxes, not this.
Well, now you know. you sign your ass to the wall, you sign your ass up for everything.

This has been a republican talking point, and even trump said it during the campaign. even /g/ was against trump for this very reason, and told everyone. repeatedly. over and over.

>> No.60121425

Proof faggot.

>> No.60121437

The internet survived without NN for decades. Why is it suddenly going to turn into a dystopian nightmare because we don't add more regulations?

Protip, it's not. Even without NN, anti-competitive practices are still illegal. NN is sort of a half-baked communist idea that has literally never been implemented anywhere.

>> No.60121439

>I doubt they'll listen. They'll brush us off like the dirt on their shoes. What then? (srs question)

Go protest in washington one saturday. Have their office on speed dial, and call them literally any time a news article pops up about net neutrality. and post to the FCC website with comments when they open for a comment period.

But seriously, attend a protest about net neutrality in washington. That is the one that is really getting the fire under their asses.

>> No.60121458

>The internet survived without NN for decades.

Are you retarded? NN has been around since the beginning of the internet.

>> No.60121460

All these plebs in the pocket of Netflix/Google/Instagram etc. fighting for more government regulation over the internet.

You peasants are so fucking easy to manipulate. Your pathetic attempt to prop my company up on behalf of billionaires is adorable.

t. works on one of the Big 10 websites

>> No.60121471

keep sucking corporate cock, "useful" idiot

>> No.60121477

Really? Point me to the net neutrality law passed in 1980.

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File: 129 KB, 528x434, u047h5F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60121490

How can I with your lips wrapped so tightly around it?

>> No.60121501

t. Neet who lives in perpetual fear that without government protection his autismbux and life style will disappear

>> No.60121512

no u

>> No.60121518

Should we get the other boards rallied up in defense of NN?

Let's come up with some mastermind shit, to force other boards into a group-think, making them defend NN with everything they've got.

Ready to deliver some propaganda?

>> No.60121529

Jokes on you, I'm actually going to work for a big tech firm like comcast, and I support NN.

>> No.60121537

>t. customer support monkey who is angry at his employer for his shitty job

>> No.60121539

Oh wow, a cable technician. Please, tell me more about Net Neutrality.

>> No.60121541
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Well, we need something like this, but about net nutrality, and a shit covered pajeet in the pic

>> No.60121557

>a cable technician
>customer support monkey

Like I'd fucking dox myself to satisfy your autism.

>> No.60121561

Hey fellow Jews, can I join you? I'm afraid of competition and my multi-billion dollar internet company with 30% margins might take a hit if the government doesn't step in to protect email and your mom's blog.

>> No.60121572

All of the big ones. But maybe you aren't american, so you don't know how evil the the internet providers are

>> No.60121574

If AMD vs. Intel taught me anything, it's that when it comes to tech, Indians > Jews.

>> No.60121582

Net neutrality didn't exist for decades. Yet somehow the internet stayed him. rly makes me think. Better get a government task force to investigate these ISPs and make sure they aren't serving hate speech.

>> No.60121587
File: 78 KB, 517x650, 1481489152800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are so many flaws with this parody that I will just call you retarded.

>> No.60121607

I don't really give a shit. With NN, my company wins. Without NN, I get to see more innovation in the ISP space (e.g., zero rating).

>> No.60121617

"cumcast throttling my Avengers torrent is a good thing because it helps the internet tubes from getting clogged"
- average /g/ millenial

>> No.60121622

>so anyone can make their own IPS

Yes so long as they have billions of upfront money to build

>> No.60121665

>Without NN, I get to see more innovation in the ISP space (e.g., zero rating)
>I can see how companies fuck me over even more!

Cmon, innovation is not always good, and ISPs are a prime example how you don't always want innovation. especially in a utility service, which ISPs are in all but name.

ps, zero rating is a clever way of saying "I'm going to charge you for non approved services" which is one step away from >>60120322
his pic

>> No.60121682

oh vey VOLTE is evil literally hilter

>> No.60121691


>They weren't fucking us yet (Except when everyone but Cox started to in 2014, but lets ignore that, doesn't fit my narrative) so they never will.

Seat belts? I've never been in a car accident, don't bother with those.

>> No.60121698

> especially in a utility service, which ISPs are in all but name.

Uh, no. 8 years ago, if I wanted to watch a video, I had to go home and use my broadband. Today I can watch HD video nearly fucking anywhere.

We still need more investment in broadband. Yeah, companies are going to make profits, but good motivation for them to keep investing. With NN we're going to get a static internet system that will not get faster (no fiber for you) and little innovation/investment in the wireless space which is still very young and immature.

>> No.60121706

>Im going to use a technicality to claim my point
A service provider using its own service to deliver the same service in a different manner. WOW, SO NEW, SO DIFFERENT, SO ZERO RATING.

>> No.60121720

Zero rating has been amazing for the very poor of the world. Their choice is a restricted internet or no internet whatsoever. And zero rating is no different than what we had with AOL 20 years ago, and it didn't lead to your nightmare scenario.

>> No.60121724

Because this aren't private enterprises, they're basically government enterprises, using law to establish monopolies or getting bailed out (or even acquiring back monopolies like Bell did in WW1) with law
This is a command economy pretending to be free, dumb commie nigger cattle

>> No.60121730

Out of thousands of ISPs in the US, a few are abusing their position. That doesn't mean we need to nationalize the entire market. We should do targeted action against the abusive companies.

>> No.60121747

VoLTE is zero rating.

>> No.60121751

> nationalize the entire market
Nobody has proposed that.

>> No.60121753

>he believes he can outdo the Jew
Also America Mobil had a monopoly in Mexican telecomms, it's stock didn't went up until competition was mandated on Mexico, competition is always good unless your company is as incompetent as the worst Soviet planners where

>> No.60121810

No it isnt, and you know that. zero rating is saying "this data oriented service wont use up your data cap!" like spotify, pandora, and apple music. but others will, like google play, youtube, and youtube. VoLTE is just service providers figuring out how to transfer their protocols over to a different network.

>> No.60121825

>call through VoLTE
>doesn't use data cap
>call through Skype
It's literally hitler.

>> No.60121875

>listen to music though pandora
>doesnt use data cap
>listen through spotify
Its anti-free market. and yes, the internet should be a fucking free market.

>> No.60121936

Is Costco giving you a cheaper price on gas if you buy a membership there also anti competitive then?

>> No.60121965
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.60121969

Look I'm in favor of NN but how the fuck is this anti-free market? If Spotify wants to be zero rating they can pay the toll. Nobody is bending ISPs over and buttfucking them to make Pandora but not Spotify zero rating.

Fwiw zero rating has enabled my 5GB phone data cap to be essentially unlimited for my normal usage. Maybe that's literally hitler but I'm not sure.

>> No.60121978

>Waah, things should be what I want them to be because I said so

>> No.60121981

Yes that is in fact anti-competitive and literally hitler. We need gas station neutrality.

>> No.60121990
File: 76 KB, 237x324, 2017-04-28 21_56_17-_I'm a nationalist and a globalist,_ President Trump - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, /g/ sure has changed
>200 replies, 38 posters
nevermind, its just /pol/tards backtracking hard.

>> No.60122003

>things should be the way I want because the alternative is fucking stupid, completely ignorant of the technology and only serves to help Verizon Inc jew me out of more money

>> No.60122017

Welcome to Web 3.0: Teens being being paid by Fox News to spew memes all day.

>> No.60122041

No, the best part is that they do it fro free.

>> No.60122662

How? If Youtube and Netflix paid your ISP for premium bandwidth allowance, they'll be fast while everything else is slow af. How does this help you? How does this do anything for competition other than prevent it?

If I want to start a new streaming service, now I not only need to find decent content for it, but I also need to get the funding to pay off ISPs not to throttle me into the ground.

And yes it MIGHT make Netflix less laggy for a some customers, but the correct solution is network upgrades, or asking the top percent of bandwidth hogging customers to cut back a bit or shift their hogging to off-peak hours.

>> No.60122841

Trump was the lesser of two evils. That demon Hillary Clinton is worst but you liberal fags just wanted a women president so you could circle-jerk about how strong women are and how much women have achieved. You were literaly furiously masturbarting at the idea of a women leading the (((free))) world. You were so blind that you still think Hillary was the better candidate. Neck yourself.

>> No.60123667


>> No.60123680

>When is 'throttling' harmful to consumers?

>> No.60123754

>bans the impairment or degradation of lawful Internet traffic or use of a non-harmful device, subject to reasonable network management practices

Um yes this rule is still necessary. If I'm paying for 100 mbit internet, I expect 100 mbit unless the remote server is slow or there's actual congestion. Not 100 mbit for Facebook, Google, Netflix and Youtube, 10 mbit for everything else.

>> No.60124280

If you want that, pay for a business connection. You pay for a consumer connection, you get a consumer connection.

>> No.60124296

no fuck off jews. then it starts with censoring internet.
"oh you want access to this site? upgrade to this package"
"you can only view certain cites to what we want to you to only"

>> No.60125047

umm, yes that's what a free society is

>> No.60125079

the free market creates all it's own ills, which is why it needs constant vigilance and regulation. le magic market will sort itself out is a big business meme to fool people into letting business fuck them.

>> No.60125112

kek, drumpftards getting btfo every day

>> No.60125118

the very act of making your own GPU and selling it to people will allow nvidia and amd to get on your ass with lawsuits

but its ok since companies can lobby to do anything in the government, fucking dumb burgers.

>> No.60125167

>I just wanted the wall and more guns and less taxes, not this.
why didn't you learn after 8 years of bush? why did you vote on memes you knew had no substance?
why do Americans get stupider and stupider each year?

>> No.60125557

They have no one to blame but themselves.
They spend fuck all on education. What do you expect? The educational system is complete shit as a result.

>> No.60125928

>want to make cool website selling a product
>gets cockblocked by isps because they put it under the 'Misc' package that nobody buys
>never get any visits

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