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Is this correct?

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Except English is poorly structures and overcomplicated, relies on contradictions and is a rip off German.
Also everything runs on top of assembly yet German is not a Latin based language. Your picture is rather wrong. Fucking Google shit before you post.

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No it isn't right, German does not come from Latin, and C runs on top if assembly like most things.

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No, of course not, but I don't care enough to write a whole post criticizing the topical treatment of "coding" by non technical writers.

This isn't even accurate from a natural languages standpoint.

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>assembly is latin
>german is C/C++
>but french is java

can you be more retarded than this?

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C# is entry level basic so I guess it kinda works.
Haskell is hungarian because no one know what the fuck is going on.
PHP is hindi

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So close

And yet so far

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Baby isn't a language

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I thought English is origin from J├╝tland.

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2 off

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C is usually for dinosaurs who think doing a simple job the unnecessarily long and error-prone way instead of using the shorthand methods provided by higher languages makes them look cool or something.

The only time C is really needed is for high performance, where you sacrifice everything for slightly fewer instructions to run.

Shame that's only 1% of what it's actually used for.

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no, old English was most closely related to old Saxon and old Frisian.

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To be fair, it is pretty useful, at least on Windows.

-You can make programs out of it
-You can make vidya gaymmmees out of it
-You can use it on your server

It's pretty useful.
C++ is the overall winner though, because you can use it outside of Windows.

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>the samefagging linguist strikes again

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Self driving cars are written in Java...

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>what is .NETcore
seriously, everyone seems to ignore it when talking about C#

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it's too little too late

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ever thought of being wrong before spouting BS ?

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LISP is chinese
Haskell is japanese

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>hack code together in python in 2 minutes
>go take a shit while it grinds my data
>come back to finished work
>meanwhile you're still defining variables

top pleb, kys

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Python should be teen/nigger speak. It may be simple and stupid, but it gets simple jobs done and doesn't require a lot of man hours to finish something

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Try building something useful in Python

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english is so commonly used and simple, so it equates to Python instead

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The only thing BS spouts is blood.

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