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What are they doing? releasing unstable non tested big pile of shit drivers.

Why is this fucking allowed. Why has no one file a lawsuit yet?

Which driver is the most stable /g/oys?
atm im using the 378.49 and its fucking up my temps and fps. ohh forgot to mention CONSTANT CRASHES.

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>using Novidya
Shitty drivers are now yours, dumb goy.

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AMD has had significantly better drivers for a while now.

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I'm using the 381.68 version. Had no problem

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delet this

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>gtx 1060

nani the fuck...

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>have to boot into runlevel 3 to install nvidia drivers

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For multiple monitor """"""productivity"""""", I'm currently using 7 monitors

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Update your fucking driver faggot, do you even know what's the definition of the word "update" means?

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every single fucking driver is unstable u retard. they always had to release hotfix in every single version.

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Then explain why I'm having literally no problem with the newest update? Everything just werk

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I don't believe you

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Believe it or not, I don't care

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bf1 crashes.
csgo low fps.
high unusual temps ( stock)
low fps overall.

none of this occurs in 378.49 except for bf1.

explain this goy

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Novideo has no drivers. You were warned.

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Well, I don't play video games anymore so I don't really know about that.

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>the drivers are fine you dumb shill!
>well actually i don't use my card on the applications the majority of people use

off yourself

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Fuck off to /v/ you retarded weeb trash, there's more than just video games to test on your graphic card.

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Also when I called you a shill you oversensitive fuck?

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>Which driver is the most stable /g/oys?

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Well no wonder AMD's drivers are good now [] It took them 5 years of rebranding one GPU to make the drivers work on it

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Well no wonder AMD's drivers are good now It took them 5 years of rebranding one GPU to make the drivers work on it

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Well no wonder AMD's drivers are good now. It took them 5 years of rebranding one GPU to make the drivers work on it

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D-Dat In-intel st-tut-ter.

KEK <- This one

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It's called Fine Wine. Buy an AMD graphics card today and get good drivers 5 years later!

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Considering a HD 7950 or 7970 is still usable today much more so than the gen it was supposed to be pit against. I'd wager you could toss in a new Nvidia generation and the HD series along with drivers still spanks it. Kind of sad. Only Nvidia cards that hold up at all more than a year seem to be the highest end cards (1080/980). They just don't get updated drivers for the latest games either.

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>5 year old wine
>aged like rotgut
Alcohol is poison.

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If your system works, why would you change it.

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I'm still on 365.19. Constantly updating NVidia drivers is a meme. They've been unstable for awhile now.

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wow another falseflag thread. i'm on 381.65 and even when i had my 980 since 2014 i never once had a driver issue. maybe you're just an incompetent idiot. i'll give you my free 390 if you want it. then you'll know what real driver problems are like.

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battlefield 1 requires an updated version of goyvidia driver. and even with that it still crashes.

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not false u faggot, and most of us have the exact same problem.


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what problem? there are no problems there like you're trying to false flag with >>60047871

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M8 don't even bring up the r9 390. That shit was a massive housefire turd that even amd fanboys admit was shit. I had one temporarily from a friend and gta 5 was a stuttery mess also ff14.

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/g/ - technologically inept

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AYYMD fanboys have to shitpost about something since they haven't had a single competitive card for two gens now.

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>stable drivers
Who cares? I can get driver updates every week or so, its worth it if some shitter's GPU dies or overheats from GPU bugs.

Its better than AMD's monthly releases. Nvidia releases 4X as much GPU drivers than AMD at the very least. Why are you not happy with that? You entitled manchilds.

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Having no issue with the newest drivers
Is this thread a false flag?

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It is a /v/ thread crying about not being able to computer. They probably have a virus they acquired freely through a torrent of some shitty video game that indoctrinates them in the world of non-binary genders.

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I don't know about that since my Fury card seems to be as good as a 1070 with some titles. I paid $220 burger bucks for it. 1070's were $400 at the time and maybe at best a rebate from a shit tier zotac or something would dip under for a bad version of the card. 1080 though no doubt.

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