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Been using a cheap Tomoko 87 for a while now, my first mechanical keyboard.

Its kinda worn out and I was wondering what kind of stuff you guys like and use - since I want to get something a bit more grown up.

Low profile ftw but none of that RGB lighting faggotry; I might be cheap but I'm not fucking tasteless.

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>since I want to get something a bit more grown up.
literally who the fuck cares about what keyboard you use lol, it's all personal preference

anywho, check out /mkg/ and look at some of the charts and such, you might find a keyboard a bit more "high end" that suits your tastes. and, you can wank to pictures of other users' keyboards

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I didn't know insecurity could be transmitted so easily through the internet.

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>none of that RGB lighting faggotry
You can drop the holier-than-thou shit, fag.
I mean seriously, you bought fucking clone Outemu switches. Don't act like you're hot shit with your cheap 104 key keyboard.

I bet you got blue switches too since you're trying this hard to fit in.

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I brought the cheapest mechanical keyboard I could find to find out what the hype was I literally did not give a shit about fitting in or what you think of me - I wanted to know what I was missing out on.

Also seriously, RGB lighting is fucking retarded you have to have like ADHD to think that shit looks good its fucking stupid like those UK penny pushing gambling things or a gaudy vegas slot machine.

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This is the best layout, wish more companies would use it

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>I wanted to know what I was missing out on.
you're missing out on literally fucking nothing, mech keyboards are just an expensive hobby that circlejerks over how ugly they can rice their boards and all the different shit they can plaster over it. If you're that anal about bells and whistles on a peripheral then just use a shitty logitech rubberdome keyboard from your local tesco and stop posting

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i honestly want the 122-key keyboard

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I like my KUL ES-87. Very solid build, keycaps are nothing special, but you swap them out for some diubleshits and you're set.

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>a bit more grown up
Its a fucking keyboard

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>not using a 25 key

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>Completely ignoring muh feels

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>muh feels

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I tried to tell them about muh cup rubber feel once

They called me a normie and told me to get out so I'm not sure they understood what I meant

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i just bought a leopold fc660, really looking forward to it

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>no function keys

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Realforce 104B. I'm 47 and tying on one. What more could you want.

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