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Has the hype died down?

PS4 has an actual game, resident evil. Too scary 4me 2bh.

Any actual AAA releases for pc? Or just indie gimmicks and demos?

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maymay gimmicks will never stick

just like smart watches, or 3d printing, vr is never going to be a thing

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34 years old. In the 90s Virtuality made some neat stuff but tech reviews said it would still be some years before it was perfected. I tried modern vr yesterday. Apparently it hasn't been long enough.

3D cinema is the only thing that seems to be sticking around the 2nd go. 3DTV lasted about as long as 3d nes games.

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My Bridget is perfect at any age.

3d IMAX is great, and some movies like Gravity.

They need to fill your FOV

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I don't own any, but my friend has both PSVR and VIVE.

PSVR is more comfortable and more fun because of the games. Resident evil looks great in vr, also have fun with rush of blood, its like house of the dead arcade shooter.
London heist is fun but short.

Vive is technically superior but gimmicky because of its lack of proper games. It's lenses are a bit shit too, text is blurry unless you are looking directly at it.
It's tracking is really good though.

They are both better than I expected, especially the PSVR. I was prepared to be let down by another 3D TV experience.

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even during a paranoid schizophrenic break down she remains the most beautiful woman in the world

I love my waifu

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It's going to be great.

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Thx. I might buy a psvr, its cheap.

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She has a beautiful skull

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VR can't stand a chance unless the cost goes way down. I would like a Vice or Rift for racing games with my wheel, but $700 is way too much for me to burn. When those prices were announced, I saw the hype die overnight.

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I'd cum on that bloody son of a bastard bitch's face ahhh

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VR is the new 3d TV fiasco again. Give me continuum Android-pc-monitor and we will talk about Vr later.

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I'm shitposting from vr rn ama.

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Resident Evil on VR, and it's scary? Holy shit, getting it for my forever scared sister immediately.

Hope they have a way to output the VR feed to the TV.

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First generation consumer electronics are always crazy expensive. Remember when 1080p TVs were $6000+? It'll come down.

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Dirt Rally for the ps4 has great reviews for VR. VR and the cost of a Thrustmaster racing setup that isnt shit...1200€

The omega gt, the t300 with alcantara, proper pedals.

Its not even the cost of gear. I would need a seperate room. And at that price point better get a pc. So much space

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I'm not sure what It came to price wise, buy my friend also bought a camera and move controllers with his. The move controllers make london heist and rush of blood much more fun. They don't work with resident ever and some others though.

Yeah PSVR outputs a standard image to the tv so others can watch.
Its much darker on the tv than the headset un resident evil though.

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>I'd cum on that bloody son of a bastard bitch's face

You came to 4chan now, Pudoo?

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The ps4 vr lets other people watch what you are doing.

Its honestly scary, go into a dark basement thats all around you.

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That house was amazing, all the decayed stuff.

You can even peer through the wooden lath in the walls where the plaster has fallen off and look into the structure of the wall. It's crazy detailed.

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Actually finished REVR and all it stuck to me was how repetitive the gimmick gets 40 minutes into the game.

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The reviews said the vr could carry the game!

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This is clearly the better board, so I'll ask here.

PS4 vs PC? I was leaning towards the PC since it's infinitely backward compatible(didn't have a last gen console, so lot of games unplayed there), but it sounds like PS4+VR might be the better overall package?

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VORPX is amazing, and gives you some real options for games. Don't fall for facebook's tricks, buy a Deepoon E2 (hardware dk2 with spoofed drivers to bypass any and all DRM). A PS4 is certainly more comfy, or worth it if you have a home theatre with optical-in only ( plus they literally have the only VR game, RE7), but buying software is at least twice as expensive even during "sales".

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As someone who has never tried either but could afford both

Get the one with actual content. The ps vr. Either way its probably not many hours of constant use, might as well save money and space.

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I want a racing setup so bad

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just buy a car

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Man, I'm completely out of the loop. I had to search for half the terms you mentioned there. But thanks.


One more thing with modern consoles, can I just purchase the physical copy of the game, load it in and play; or at some point will I HAVE to connect online just to verify the license and so on? Cause, that would drive me up the wall. I guess I'm too old for DRM.

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VR is here to stay.

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You can play offline for sure. Or, I dont know. I guess I created an account but you can probably skip all that.

You will want online access, since games are patched just like on a pc. This isnt 8-bit nintendo.

Also the games from the online store are occasionally cheap or free, just save on harddrive.

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Ok time for the real question. When will we have sex robots or VR that actually feels like having sex like in The 6th Day or Demolition Man?Thats all I care about.

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>sex robots that actually feels like having sex like in The 6th Day or Demolition Man?
Either you or your dick will be dead by the time this is even remotly comfortable or convenient.

>VR that actually feels like having sex like in The 6th Day or Demolition Man?
Decades, the technology for "real" VR still needs another 20 or 30(can't remember which) years.

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>VR is here to stay.
yeah just like 3D TV.

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Get upskirt shots of your sister while she is playing VR.

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Does PSVR have any PC functionality? Beyond just viewing your desktop i mean.

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I think they haven't really tried yet to sell it to the people. In my opinion they only keep the prices for virtual reality glasses so high because they know it's still a disappointing experience for the average pc owner. If they reach 4k and 144Hz with their goggles and new average gaming PCs can handle those specs then they will probably turn on the marketing machine for these things, lower the prices and try to establish those glasses on the market.

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You can make it work with some games with a few dirty hacks here and there, youtube is your best bet to see if its worth it.

As for the general discussion, I do enjoy what contact I have had with VR, but I don't feel compelled to buy any of it for myself.

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Smartwatches are.

Posted from my lg g watch r.

Yes i can shitpost from my phone

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We have the glasses, just not the computing power to make it cool.

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Not going to stick. Too clumsy heavy on the head. Until they make it compact like Google Glass and without actual physical movements - No.

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Hang yourself iFaggot

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Stop bullying NOW

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