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going to install windows 7, is there any guide on how to harden the system to keep it as safe as possible

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Disconnect from the internet and run all your programs in a virtual machine.

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If you update you join the botnet, if you don't have fun with your security vulnerabilities.

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Run in virtually and keep it off the web.

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Don't go online. You can't win. Its already tuned to be downstream from MS update..

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Also don't forget to disable all usb ports and any pci/pci-e you're not using, do it physically just to be sure.

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I thought it was supported until 2020. Why would be any more vulnerable than Win10?

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go into task manager and delete all the fishy entries
shit tasks like sending data to microsoft every wednesday at 2am

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I use Windows 7. I don't update and I don't use any AV programs. All i use is the built in firewall.

You should be fine if you don't do dumb shit. I use my Windows 7 install primarily for playing video games and using music software so really not worried about security tbqhfam

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This. Get all my real shit done on Debian.

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Because MS and their bullshit is reaching new heights. Like artificially blocking new security updates on newer CPUs.

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that's been patched now

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You mean a community made fix? Because you shouldn't need that.

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You shouldn't need to mess with video drivers to get rid of screen-tearing throughout your entire OS

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I'm not advocating for Linux here. I use Windows 7 minus telemetry updates as my main OS now. I'm just saying that MS is being all kinds of dodgy to try and force as many people as possible onto Windows 10. The carrot wasn't working so now they're trying the stick.

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How can they force people onto Windows 10 now that it's not free?

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By making life difficult for people opting to remain on 7, 8 and 8.1. Since 10 isn't appealing enough, they're trying to make their older OSes less appealing.

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install gentoo

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Wouldn't they just install gentoo or ubuntu?

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try installing Windows 7 then install Ubuntu so you realize how fucking wrong you are about drivers

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Because a lot of people want or need Windows for things, especially people in business environments. Wine is not a viable option in a lot of situations and ReactOS isn't there yet either.

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you can't cia and nsa can install whatever they want on all unsupported versions of windows

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I've done both and tried multiple flavors of buntu, none of them had proper vsync from the get-go, even with proprietary drivers. Need to install compton, set it to load on startup, and it would usually work, but would also occasionally break with certain programs.
Meanwhile, I've never seen screen tearing in windows 7 unless i've done a full removal of GPU drivers via DDU.

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in my experience, installing Windows 7 on a PC demands way more fucking around with drivers. I installed Windows 7 on a blank hdd less than a week ago and had to manually download and install 20 drivers for anything to work. If i didn't have another PC with internet access I would have been shit out of luck.

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For me, after using linux for 3 years, I went back to windows, it literally just werks.

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Epoxy. Apply a thick coat.

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the safest Windows version right now is Windows 98. I'm not kidding, all the new malicious code cannot run in a 9x environment because all the needed infrastructure isn't there and all the old viruses are long dead. Aside from some obscure Linux distros, 98 is the safest OS out there.

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Install write filter.
Disable auto run
Run suspicious programs in Snadbox/VM

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I have two machines.
One with manjaro where I do my work.
The other is running Windows for vidya or programs that only run with windows.
No more dual booting hassles.

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If you didn't have another PC with internet access you wouldn't be able to download any linux distro.
On a fresh install, the only drivers I need is for my mobo's USB 3.0 ports.

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My last laptop died. It had Windows 10 and the updates-without-the-option always really fucked me off. Should I get Windows 7 Pro instead of W10 on my new machine?

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yes, install 10

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98SE was one of the best

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Sup guys, got Windows 8.1 and I think it caught some lovebugs.
Should I re-fit it or go with something different?

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Here ya go OP :3

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disable networking

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also disable

>windows update
>windows defender
>customer experience for win7
>compatibility assistant
>check manually all scheduled tasks, there is shit worse than viruses

>install a firewall or something like firewallcontrol4
leave it in a mode where only allowed applications can use internet.

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