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Anyone else notice a massive performance drop with 381.65 Nvidia drivers (newest)?

Are the crippling Kepler?

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I would wipe the drivers and install them clean. See if there is a difference.

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>using anything past 375.63

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Did a clean install, still worse performance than before. :´( why are the nvidigods so cruel?

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I haven't updated in a bit for this reason. If you haven't though use this and then install again.


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>The way customers meant to be played

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maxwell is next

please buy pascal loyal novideo customer

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>Buying Nvidia
>The way it's meant to be kekke'd

When people will learn from their mistakes?

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What did he mean by this?

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when nvidiots underestimate the power of memes and years of
comes back and shits all over them.

Truly, the GeForce Experience.

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>280 barely beating a 760 in 2014
>760 barely matching a 270 in 2016

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Ge(e, you're)Force(d to buy a new GPU).

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Except all the tests done show no performance dip, yet again.

Stop memeing

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It's well known that AMD has been stepping up their driver game.
Hell Ryzen has gotten massive gains in the month since it launched.

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My GTX 680 has been a paperweight for more than a year now. How can this make it any worse?

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AMD drivers haven't been shit in while. I think really Nvidia is getting lazy recently in comparison.

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You need to Google what drivers preform best for your hardware.

When I had a gtx780ti, I went back to the best driver and Gained about 3% across the board.

Ewer drivers are aimed at new hardware and games.

>Legacy maymay
Consistent level of performance is better than Crashing with AMDs shit drivers.

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>Consistent level of performance is better than Crashing with AMDs shit drivers.
Nice time machine.

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kepler to maxwell was a pretty substantial architecture change.
pascal is almost nothing more than a maxwell shrink, so it won't get fucked that hard until volta or whatever comes out and fucks pascal too.

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>le AMD no drivers crash meme

Even Reddit is past that one now

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>Even Reddit is past that one now
I wouldn't know, I've never been on Reddit.

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SLI it. I just upgraded from 2x 480 house fire to 2x 680 heater
Works great

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They do this all the time,find older drivers for you GPU and stick to them.
This happened on my 480GTX and 8800GT,after some point they cripple performance for some reason if you go with the newer driver even though their site says your GPU is supported.

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fuck off r*ddit spacing nigger

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My PSU would melt.

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They have been crippling Kepler since Maxwell.
>I've used a 780 Ti for 4K gaming over a year
>Witcher 3 ran under 30 FPS
>Switch to a 1060 3G
>12 FPS more average

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Oy vey why are you still using Kepler? It is outdated and very old. Buy our new Pascal™ cards. Don't forget to be a good goy and upgrade to Volta™ next year.

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replace it with an R9 290x

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>Using the current release driver

You an idiot or something?

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This. If you are lucky you don't even pay for it. 680s sell for 80-100 € currently, 290s for 90-120 €.

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Thank God, they couldn't get that shit any worse, even if they tried

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>just updated drivers
>same performance

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No, there is no performance difference at all

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not a single bit of performance difference
Fuck off AMad shill

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I think you tried too hard. Just a little bit.

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>performance drop
just optimize with goyforce experience

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