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Bug: systemd deletes root, Pöttering is like
I am not sure I'd consider this much of a problem. Yeah, it's a UNIX pitfall, but "rm -rf /foo/.*" will work the exact same way, no?

Top kek

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And now, this fucker just closed(like every time) the issue.... like everytime when people see that he is talking bullshit. Why does anyone use anything from such an incompetent idiot?

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>Bug: systemd deletes root
Bug: Deleting /folder/.. deletes /folder/..

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>issue fixed
>keeping comments open so idiots like OP who have no understanding of the whole system can get outraged while disregarding their stupidity

I would close it down too, because it's pragmatic. Issue reported, issue solved, issue closed, move on to other work.

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Thank you Ranjid, RedHat owes you $0.00023

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epik maymay!

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>"systemd is bad because it's not traditional unix-like!"
>the equivalent of rm -r .* goes up dir
>"systemd is bad because it works like traditional unix!"

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>poettering locked and limited conversation to collaborators 36 minutes ago


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But rm -r .* does not go up dir.

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Are you sure? It should, because .. should qualify as .*

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What would be a correct way to do it?

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He's literally paid by the NSA to help kill linux with his stupidity.

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Why should rm special case . or ..?
If you say you want to remove .. it should just do it, having extra checks is just bloat and not the unix way.

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It's closed because it's fixed you retard.
An issue tracker is not for your sjw-tier drama rants.

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It is literally mandated by POSIX/SUS that rm can't remove . and .. because it was considered an extremely easy-to-trigger hazard.
It was also mentioned in the thread on github, but that assumes that you can read and are not a total faggot.


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They fixed the issue though.


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Fuck off to rebbit you curry goblin shitstain

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>because it was considered an extremely easy-to-trigger hazard.
Software should not be made catering to retards.

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Hello Lennart, how's that filesystem restore going?

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The amount of Poo In Loos pretending this is some intended behaviour shows RedHat upped their shilling budget.

cd /tmp; mkdir -p foo/bar/; rm -rf foo/bar/.. || rm -rf foo/bar/.*

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rm doesn't expand wildcards either.
That's what the shell does.
And that does treat . and .. special.
Try it

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If you like BSD style init over systemd you are an idiot, move along, nothing to see here.

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Why do these retards rewrite everything from scratch instead of using something like glob(3)?

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BSD init is plaintext and very easy to edit for your needs.

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It's easier to hide the backdoors goy :^)

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The problem isn't with globbing, it's with their rm.

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That would be like super inefficient, dude. Now excuse me, I have to serialize 500MB of XML back and forth over DBUS

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BSD init and SysV init are two different things you retard

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Windows does not have this problem.

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people like >pic related piss me off to no end

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>systemd is written by people who don't understand basic UNIX concepts like . and .. in a directory
Wew. Dodged a fucking bullet blacklisting that shit in my Gentoo install.

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Not everyone has to contribute on github.

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>using gentoo unironically

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>Software should not be made catering to retards.
and here's the guy who thinks computers should be for a select elite group.
Software MUST be designed for reliability.

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give it back

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>implying we can't have private repos

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and that is why Apple was so successful.

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>rm should delete . and .. when the user inputs rm -r .* because otherwise is catering to retards!
Okay, so how do you delete all the hidden files in a directory without deleting the folder?

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rm ./.*

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>doesn't delete hidden folders
>still catches ./. and ./..

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>Okay, so how do you delete all the hidden files

>doesn't delete hidden folders

you know how I know you are shitty at programming?

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Answer the question.

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I don't know what the question is anymore since you fucking changed the parameters

rule #1 when discussing programming: be specific

you can't say, delete all the files, oops I meant all the directories

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Maybe not be retarded? Here's the question you keep willfully dodging:

Using a non-standard rm which is only different from normal by not refusing to recursively remove . and .., delete all files and folders in the directory whose names begin with a period, excluding . and ..

Don't try to poke holes in what the prompt is, just answer it as if you're normal. You know what the question is, you know what the problem is, now solve it.

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Why is there a custom buggy rm in systemd?

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>using poetteringware

baka desu senpai

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Why did you suddenly go quiet? I mean, after all that buildup and effort trying to figure out the question, shouldn't you have an answer? Are you still trying to figure out the solution to this trivial problem, or do we need to cater to retards and use a sane default?

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15 internet points for you Len

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