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How much would you pay for an AI fembot that would actually love you?

Monthly fee like a real gf, or a one time lump sum or loan?


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free as in free

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definitely monthly with upgrade plans

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I can see a DLC scheme here. The chinese cooking dlc, Kamasutra dlc

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I'd build my own, running GNU/Girlfriend

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>Monthly fee
you really want to stand between an AI and their loved one.
enjoy being murdered.

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A girlfriend at the core with the work of Stallman integrated? Finally, no more guessing at why she's upset, just look right at the source.

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>tfw everyone will be able to access the source of your gf

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Yeah, shut up about gnu/linux.

Open source hobbyist bullshit will never lead to a viable commercial product. Also these "developers" have never touched a girl

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I'd say the target would be the same as an average wedding nowadays.
So like $30,000.

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But Linux is a viable commercial product. Look at Red Hat. Keep being delusional.

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WTF does that caption even mean?

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Neither have you, moron.

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Plz no bully

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Should have said consumer, not commercial

Ive had a few

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She is an actress and feeling sad listening to an audiobook by or narrated by the late Carrie Fisher aka princess Leia Oregano on a podcast book service called Audible.

This took me two months of research and a 250 essay due tomorrow

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Who would you use as a template?

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Tfw Bridget Regan regan will never love you.

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She will love me

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Stop it anon. This path will only lead you to suffering.

Some things are just beyond our control.

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I'm gonna make my gilfirend a superior blacc thicc grill with a tiiiiight thiiiccccccc grillpucci and cute bums desu ne and then I will cum in her qt3 grillpucci

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what the fuck do you take me for? a normie plebbitor cockmunch like yourself? nigger it'd just look like a robot and she'd talk to me in a kawaii AS FUCK voice that I don't understand because I don't speak steadily declining population. and you're a FUCKING IDIOT if you think I'm not gonna use her as a translator to get in coin slot eye bitches pants to repopulate nipland.

learn to be sexually aroused at the sight of mechanical genius or kill yourself because 3D thots are FUCKING DONE. stupid nigger.

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She had a kid with some producer, just like Evangeline Lilly.

I look better than Bridgets husband and probably make more money.

Plz be my waifu

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Carli banks

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Do you realize that true AI would mock you, force you to improve your pathetic life and hack into facebook to locate the perfect match for you?

Basically just advanced life coach + tinder combo.

And by true ai we are still talking in sci fi realms.

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The producer of the legend of the seeker. The love runs deep. We will never replace him.

Stay strong anon bro!

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anything between an AGI and ASI with some chains. Limit her IQ and skills.

I know Google AI will kill us all, but let me have a waifu first.

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Maybe I will charm her on instagram, anything could happen

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>Limit her IQ and skills.
I see you are aiming at true womans experience anon.

I guess you will be that one guy who wont be happy until his sex bot will randomly cry, bleed, rejects sex and cuck him by prioritizing his best friend before him.

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The only way to continue living is to move on.

The absolute 10/10 cutie will never love you.

Go out, explore nature, hike. Find peace within.

The pain is real anon bro!

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I briefly worked with a red colored grill I immediatly fell in love with but she was no bridget

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My gf will never be bridget

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Make her

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The source would just be the core neural network simulation. That wouldn't give you any insight as to the reason she is upset. Please lrn2AI

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