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Would you hav bionic teeth implants if it was a painless procedure? Like metal teeth that have tools in them, like a bottle opening teeth or a metal saw tooth?

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What is that in the picture?

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why would I need teeth in a future where I eat goo and communicate telepathically?

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Yes. I hate my teeth and with how much whitening, veneers and crowns are used these days I wouldn't feel bad about affordable and painless implants of any sort. I would wait for my teeth to go, but I can't wait for the dental industry to revitalize itself.

I'm on my way for a cleaning now. My enamel is shit and I think I have some acid reflux so despite being 26 my teeth aren't great. I'm sick of getting shamed by the dentist despite having decent oral hygiene habits.

Fuck real teeth on our modern diets, and just in general.

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Wrong pic OP, this guy pierced his cheeks just to place leds inside his mouth blinking accordingly to sound.

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it's almost as if you people have never seen wall eeeeeeeeeeee

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In the future, telepathy is primitive at first.

It will based on emojis first. Poop poop ghost toilet lollipop

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Having tools in my teeth would be retarded. If be happy with teeth that don't rot or discolor.

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A whore.

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I never read anywhere or heard that light is blinking in response to music.
He did it for one music video for better effect.
He was offered to just run wire on his cheek to mouth, but refused, because it wouldn't look so effective.

Till is dedicated singer.

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I feel like it's a teeth whitener honestly.

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I'd buy teeth that I don't have to fucking brush every day, even if it meant doing the procedure without anaesthetic

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>tfw got some type of experimental teeth coating as a kid
>never had any tooth problems ever
>barely brush

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Yeah, looks like it.
And what does the text mean?

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Do you happen to remember its name or some info we can use to find it?

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tell me more fucker! Now!

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It is the brand, Cvent it looks like?

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I brush my teeth 3 or 4 times a week, and I have never had a cavity. Nor have I had a problem with women or ever heard a complaint about my breath. Your mouth has its own cleaning system, if you don't fuck it up with coffee, soda, or cigarettes you will be fine. I bet the lot of you obsessive faggots are so worried about all the stupid shit (like your breath) that you can't even talk to women without a panic attack anyway.

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He may be talking about sealant, which is a composite cover on the top of the tooth similar to a filling that they lay sometimes after scraping away some minor dental carries. He probably just has decent teeth and a decent oral hygiene routine though, it isn't a silver bullet.

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I'd get all sorts of technical augmentations if it was a painless procedure.

Hope i'll actually live long enough to witness H+

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Only thing I'd ever bother with are bionic eye's or some kind of robotic pupil enhancements. The human eyes are fucking shit.

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I meant the stuff about Carrie Fisher

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keep dreaming, anon

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>i have good aids

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There have been treatments in labs to regrow enamel, make teeth resistant to bacteria, etc. Revolution is around the corner for dentistry I feel like.

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I also wanted to go full dental implants so I only really have to worry about gum health. However, thats not practical or cheap.

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>tfw the permanent retainer you had feel out, and you no longer will be the shame of the dentist with your plack buildup.

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Only if my natural teeth were lost involuntarily. I'm not keen on going cyborg at the expense of working parts. And with my dental history I don't expect to need new teeth any time soon.

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everyone already has bottle opening teeth lmao

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How about normal, affordable implants that need no care?

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i have no idea, i was like 9 at the time.
i only brush once a day so its weird to not have any tooth disease ever

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Will it work with my Asus aura setup? I'd really like to sync my moth with my keyboard mouse and motherboard.

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She is sad, listenining to a carrie fisher audiobook on a service called Audible

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Pardon my autism, but how can you tell that she is sad?

Does the teeth whitening device has anything to do with the text or it's just a coincidence?

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Her eyes are sad

She is possibly shilling Crest at the same time

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Are you sure?

To me it looks like she's giving the "seriously nigga?" stern and slightly angry look.

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She is sad

I am not autistic

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Ok then. If you say so, I trust you.

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Identify these 6 emotions

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Eh, not too bad.

I obviously don't have autism and when I said it before I was using the slang version (like it's frequently used on 4chan to indicate someone with characteristics typical of autistic people; like in this case, bad social skills).

Could be worse considering I've been living like a recluse for 8 years now.

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>I <3 Tromboning
had to look that one up but now I want it

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Yeah you did a lot better than I would have desu famalam

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Whats this expression

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Looks like sadness to me.

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>"You call that a penis?"

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I couldn't get even a single one correctly. What does this mean?

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You could get them if you took the time to analyze. Non autistic people can tell emotions without thinking.

The anger one is hard, on a woman.

Whats this emotion?

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She is like um blaming?

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I analyzed them for the second time and now I can tell the middle bottom one is sadness but others just don't make sense for me.

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Looks like she's interrogating someone and is waiting for answers staring deeply into the eyes of the interrogated to be able to catch any reaction or microexpression.

Not sure if I explained myself properly, but you get the idea.
Like a mom asking her son "Why did you open your desktop as soon as I opened the door? Were you looking at boobs? Huh? Huh?"

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Kinda like a cold female boss, hint of anger and fear

Analyze this face

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Looks like a mix of disbelief and feeling of betrayal.
Like she's confronting her husband about proof that he's cheated on her and is like "I can't believe you've actually done this".
Her left eye is slightly more closed than the other one, so it kinda looks like she's holding back anger trying to remain calm and her eye is twitching a little bit.

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Umm what? Of course your teeth are not going to fall out if you brush daily. Earlier you said "barely brush" and no its daily.

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Her eye is closed due to the sun or studio light on that side

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Ah, right,didn't notice that.

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Normal people notice the sun in eachothers faces

I should make an autism questionaire

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you mean an AQ test?

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Then I'm not completely normal kek

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Fuck no.

You wouldn't be able to feel anything.

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only for like a BDSM sex thing

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