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Who uses Linux? I installed Manjaro KDE and when i try to change the sensitivity on my touch bad, the settings are grey. When i try to change the scaling and font, i apply it, but after reboot it still doesnt change. Ive read it might be Libinput but i dont want to remove it and fuck up something else. Any ideas how to fix it?

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OpenBSD is the only operating system worth using.

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I know its very secure already, but is that why? How is compatibility compared to most other Linux OS?

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>romanticizing ergotism

ur the worst kind of shill m8

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umm what? How does this post have anything to do with shilling? I titled the pic "Acid trip" and im talking about linux. Im not romanticizing anything and fuck yea lsd is amazing twice a year. So what?

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Found your problem.

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its one of the most popular ones for a reason haha

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What do you recommend instead? How do you change touchpad sensitivity in your DE of choice?

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Try it on a basic distro like ubuntu of fedora. If it supports that setting, good.
As for DEs, most suggestions people give you on here are irrelevant. There is a spectrum that goes from performance > lack of eye candy to performance < eye candy.

Things like xfce, lxqt, or even a tiling WM is something you would use if you value performance more than eye candy. KDE or gnome is something you'd use if you like eye candy and can spare the performance. Its all up to what you prioritize. Don't listen to anons who give black and white answers.

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Use MATE and kys

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KDE has gotten a lot better performance wise recently. Also im running on 12gb ram and KDE takes up about 500mb if my memory serves correct. Not that bad at all really.

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u fucked up
if you want kde you get kde neon

gnome is great but too much ram
and you have to DnD from file manager

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Whats so good about neon?

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>Ive read it might be Libinput
Log out, select KDE on Xorg, login again. You might be running on Wayland. Sometimes, after an update, this gets switched and you won't notice until stuff starts acting up. It's bitten me in the ass a few times now.

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Install Arch (use an installer).

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there is installer for arch?

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There are several, but it honestly is not difficult to install it without one.

>partition, format, and mount drive(s)
>download/install packages with pacstrap
>create fstab
>set locale
>set timezone
>set hostname
>set root password
>install bootloader

That's it. There really isn't that many steps. And the install guide tells you how to accomplish each one if you don't already know how: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Installation_guide

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What is Xorg? On the screen where i chose what i load it says domething like
>Load manjaro
>Load Manjaro free
and then 3 other random options that dont have manjaro in the description

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