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How overrated is this brand?

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Considering price for quality, they're not too bad until you get to the higher end cans.

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They made probably the best all around, balanced headphone with the most pleasant sound signature for casual listening.

Then they made 5 different models of the same headphone and priced them hundreds of dollars apart.

Now idiot fanboys swear by $300 headphones that sound identical to $100 ones.

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>>how overrated is X
>preconceived notion
>anon says shit
>herd mouth breathing mentality
>1-3 seemingly different opinions
>confirmation bias of preconceived notion

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>$1600 for cast aluminum and plastic
You tell me?

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>Buying anything that isn't Audio Technica

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Wasn't they the same company which tried to sell some headphones for 50000 dollars?
Damn Germans with their jewish ways. Ironic if you ask me.

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2000X for life

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i like my old pair of hd 414s i guess. newer stuff, go with the adage: "the sale price should be the regular price"

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I find that it's the opposite. Their lower end, cheaper stuff is garbage, while it's higher end stuff is great value for money and practically unmatched for it's price to performance ratio.

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Sennheiser CX 300-II are the best damn earbudy I've ever used and you can get them for like 24€ these days. SUCH a deal.

Other that that I got HD 215 headphones for 100€, comfy as fuck and really crisp sound. I don't know about their other stuff but I think both of these were well worth it.

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"earbudy", lol.. Earbuds*

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>Sennheiser CX 300-II are the best damn earbudy I've ever used

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their $100-250 range is rather good value for accuracy reproduction profiles

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They used to be 40€, reviews are prolly from then, for 25€ nothing matches them. Plus everything else I buy dies after 3 months of daily commute use (I don't put them away, they're around my neck the entire day). These last a year and a half, confirmed by 2 pairs thus far.

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HD600 owner here. "Overrated" is not a word I would use.

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Name a manufacturer that makes better headphones than Sennheiser.

I'll wait.

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>spending more than $50 on headphones

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>How overrated is this brand?
Not at all. They actually deliver.

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>for 25€ nothing matches them
$5 chink headphones match them these days and that's no joke. CX300's stopped being relevant and considered good value for money 5 years ago.

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Sony's in-ears are superior, also MDR 7506 is good.

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Your an retard

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I like my CX 300's. I paid $55 CDN after tax for them, could be worse. I really doubt $5 chinkshit sounds anywhere near as good.

I also got HD 558's for $115 CDN after tax. Pretty guud deal.

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More like
>$1600 for tinnitus when you can buy beyers and get tinnitus for 8 times cheaper

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These are better than CX300's. They cost £5. Just search KZ or Xiaomi Piston on aliexpress. Chinks have upped their game, you can get a very nice pair of dual drivers for $20. Yes, they shit on a pair of headphones made 9 years ago.

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HD800 body is made from a special glass filled material to prevent reverberations from one driver reaching the other across the headband.

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You're wrong. I'm an ex-Sennheiser earbud user and now I buy chinkbuds at about 8 quid a go. I found Sennheiser buds never lasted me more than 6 months. Chinkbuds are no better but they're a lot cheaper, so I buy several pairs at a time.

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I completely agree

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>I found Sennheiser buds never lasted me more than 6 months
You treated them like shit. My last sennheiser earbuds lasted me 10 years. Current pair is going on 3 years.

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to be fair, and this is about as fair as you can get, its an extremely limited run headphone and just hands down best made.

50k best made? fuck no
Its kind of like a grand complication, its an epenis thing that companies do to show off 'we got better engineers than you do'

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Which ones should I get? it seems like each one is a different model and different price...

Also, any help with iem tips?

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The material and labor cost to make those headphone is no where near $600 let alone $1600

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Its not overrated.

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>They made probably the best all around, balanced headphone with the most pleasant sound signature for casual listening.

Wait, sennheiser makes the MDR-V6?

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>what is r&d
>what is profit margin

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you better get some q-tips

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yea, and a cpu costs no more then 100$ when labor and material are figured in but shit can cost 10 grand or more for some.

R&D is real
along with what the competition offers.

For their price, hd800 are nearly unmatched, at least for the price you normally see them at.

granted I would pick the hd700 over them just because driving them is easier with a wider range of amps.

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>buy hd202
>buy hd215
>buy hd508
I dunno if i should get some high end model, 508 sounds really good.

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I have the 201s (their absolute entry level circumaural phones) and I love them.

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Not particularly? Unlike many other relatively well-known brands, they do legitimately make a lot of good headphones with decent prices to match. In most price brackets, I'd argue: you have good Senns for $20-$50 and for $100-200. Not every model is good, but many are. Some are kinda fishy.

Its not like they're the king of headphones, so I guess they're pretty overrated compared to some other manufacturers, but they're not really overrated in the sense that they don't deserve their praise.

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?? what does this even mean?
Doe headphones cause tinnitus?

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But those have the beyer peak that rapes your ears.

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Those two models in particular have very sharp high frequency sounds.

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So lets assume the cost to make those headphones is $200. Gross overestimate. You're paying $1400 for someone to stare at a monitor and tweak certain setting. And this is the second time they did it becouse the fucked up with the HD800 and had to rerelease a S version.

I get the general consumer is retarded like you two examples and just slapping a big word like R&D means it's quality or something to you fools. Doesn't mean everyone else is as gullible.

>yea, and a cpu costs no more then 100$
Intel has actual measurable performance.

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congrats on being able to invalidate everything you said in one post, its hard work being as dumb as you, but keep it up, we need people like you to raise the spirits of everyone else.

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Buyer's remorse.

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Sunk cost. Not factored in to the price of an object.

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More like beyer's remorse

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So basically R&D should not be done since it doesn't justify charging any more money for the product, sounds great.

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You're intentionally being retarded because you don't want to admit you're wrong.

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>Sunk cost. Not factored in to the price of an object.
This is what /g/ users actually believe

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>sunk costs
>high end niche products that are sell less than 10000 units per year
sure thing

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I had a pair of these, they lasted about 2 years of almost daily use.

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Sennheisers are slightly less expensive Beats
You're still getting fucked in the ass for price but at least it's not TOTAL garbage

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>spending more than $20 on headphones

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Try using a Beyer DT990, shit will give you ear cancer because it sounds sharp as fuck even at low volumes. I returned them and got myself a nice pair of Sennheiser cans, they are so very balanced. I love em!

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>stop enjoying things

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>t. """audiophile"""

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I paid 50 on mine. R$ 50. That's like US$ 18. Logitech. Works great.

Audiofags are all about snake oil

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No I just fell for two memes since 2010 and don't want to fall again

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Sorry that are deaf :(>>59595835

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it's not about being deaf,
it's about telling yourself that there's nothing better and you're absolutely fine with what you have while crying yourself to sleep
so everything in whatever higher price bracket is snake oil

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You have to experiment with headphones before purchasing them. Never ask for advice from anyone especially """experts""" when it comes to sound. I fell for the DT990 meme, they were shit because I am very sensitive to high pitched frequencies. But hey, if you're happy with your cheap headphones then all power to you senpai.

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>spending more than $1 on headphones

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Are AE Monks any good? Linus recommended them in one of his cheapo tech videos and i'm looking for some low-priced Earbuds (not in-canal IEMs). They're like £5 but will take forever to arrive. On the other hand I could get some Sennheiser MX 375s or 475s for £15 in a few days. Anybody used any of these earphones?

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>spending money on headphones
>not building your own out of literal tin cans

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Shilled by youtubers, rubbish tinny sound

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