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Hey /g/, I tried to install Linux on my new Nintendo Switch and it went into a blue screen of death.

Does anyone have experience with this type of NVIDIA chip?

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very funny op

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>actually buying this piece of shit
Where did it all go wrong anon?

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Screen looks purple to me.

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im absolutely baffled

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holy shit
is it really that bad? a friend picked it up at the midnight launch to play Zelda, but I assumed it would be at least within 20% parity of Microsoft/Sony's offerings

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What offerings, retard. Microsoft doesn't even make handhelds.

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Of course it's not taking in account chip modifications. It's like saying that the PS3 performs like a 7800GTX

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>What is a Windows phone

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It's just a modified TX1 with lower clocks breh, no pascal gpu up in that bitch.

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>shit on the switch because it's not graphically intensive as other consoles

>marketed to be on the go more

what did you think, it would be a PS4 in your pocket? stupid af to believe that

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It should have at least matched the performance of your average $300 phone like the oneplus 3.

Christ, why did they even go with nvidia after learning about the shitshow that was the TX1?

That merlin falcon shit from AMD would have been dope on the nintendo switch.

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If you want to play the new Zelda game, pick up a Wii U for half the price, it plays it far far better then the Switch.

Or just wait a month for Cemu to have support for it.

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You mean GFLOPS not MFLOPS, right?

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It's much worse than you can imagine.

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I'm pretty sure you mean GFLOPS, because if the Xbox One was only 1311 MFLOPS, the original Xbox would even be faster.


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>take time making a chart to bully fanbois
>fuck up with the units
it's still a accurate representation of how shit the switch is, but still, kek

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Is this real? Is the failure rate really this high?

Nintendon't dun goofed man

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It doubles as a smoke detector.

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You mean... a smoke generator

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b-but muh exclusivezz

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Topkek, the Switch working in mobile mode is actually SLOWER than a GPD Win and still only has half the battery life of it.


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You do not buy a Nintendo console for the specs
You buy a Nintendo console because you want to play the latest Zelda game.

Zelda alone sells consoles.

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The thing is, Nintendo consoles are always so low hardware and get emulators out for them in such a short time, you can mostly play every game of a current Nintendo console emulator while the console itself is still on the market.

There's no real reason to even buy a Nintendo console anymore, just wait a few months and you can play the games on your computer.

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This was probably nintendo's last chance to not fuck shit up

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The latest Zelda game works on the Wii U though.

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playing xenoblade rn

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It actually works better on the Wii U, because the Switch version was a port from the Wii U, the game on the U is not locked to 20 FPS also.

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>just wait a few months
>CEMU is still unplayable after years
You can't be this deluded holy shit

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If people aren't buying Switch because of the graphics, what makes you think they bought Wii U?

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This kind of assumes that someone has the computing power to play on an emulator, and CEMU is kind of a shitshow right now compared to Dolphin or PSX. So if your only goal is "play zelda," and there are maybe 2 zelda titles per console cycle, that's $300 + $120, so $420 to play zelda compared to at least $600 to emulate reasonably well.

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What are you talking about, CEMU plays almost everything fine now, are you a Nintendo fanboi being butthurt? Because you are making this shit up,.

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>they bought Wii U

Bad news for you, anon

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>CEMU is kind of a shitshow right now
CEMU is far better than Dolphin actually, because the Wii U game library is much smaller, they have optimised it per game greatly, games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon or Super Mario 3D World at 1080p, 60 frames locked, on CEMU with a 5 year old AMD FX shitbox with a R9 380 works great.

Also, who doesn't already have a computer at least this powerful? Only thinkpad/linux fags or actual console fanbois, those who don't know better or are not interested in it anyways.

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Holy shit, turbo kek, thanks anon

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I have trouble with xenoblade on my i5+1070 build. Maxing out at 30fps which is just a frame cap, but cutscenes are fucked even though I'm running off a SSD

>Also, who doesn't already have a computer at least this powerful? Only thinkpad/linux fags or actual console fanbois, those who don't know better or are not interested in it anyways.
Children, or rather, parents of younger children. Like it or not, not everybody has muh gamin rig, even if that's all /g/ seems like anymore

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i tried cemu once recently, it ran splatoon just barely at what could be considered playable speed on my 7850
as in, it runs and i completed a few stages, but it's uncomfortably slow
it'd probably be fine if the emulator had a frameskip option, as the framerate itself is ok, but the game simulation is slowed down because they're tied together

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It runs like shit on most computers, and I doubt anyone sane is going to waste $1200+ on pc parts just to emulate a nintendo console of all things

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>I have trouble with xenoblade on my i5+1070 build. Maxing out at 30fps which is just a frame cap, but cutscenes are fucked even though I'm running off a SSD

Xenoblade is a solid 30 for me. Less demanding games like Super Mario 3D World are fine at 60 FPS even when using 1080p patch.
Sure you are using the latest CEMU? I know CEMU was still shit until a few months ago.

Frameskip is no fix for anything, it will just make the experience worse. Mostly included as a temporary fix by most emulators.

I haven't had any problems with Splatoon, seriously, all the games I play on CEMU are 10/10 in terms of performance.

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>a 5 year old AMD FX shitbox with a R9 380 works great.
>$1200+ on pc parts
kek, more like 300 bucks

>that's $300 + $120, so $420 to play zelda compared to at least $600 to emulate reasonably well.

obviously waste your 400 bucks to play Zelda on the real thing instead of wasting it on a PC that has a library that's over a thousand times bigger and still an emulate

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frameskip can help get the game simulation speed up
the game ran at around 30fps, but since it's normally a 60fps game, the simulation is half normal speed, moving around is all slow-motion
i'd be fine with 30fps if the simulation was normal speed, so a good frameskip would fix my problem

(ps. i understand that frameskip isn't very straghtforward to implement in an emulator, so i'm not complaining)

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>300 bucks
Used Wii U's go for lower on ebay, with games.

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Yeah cause they render games at 480p30fps

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Wii U games don't have your ebin AAA game company graphix n shit so why bother, /v/ermin

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So some shitty children's game is the only reason to buy nintendo shit at all? That's actually kind of sad ?.

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>red_1337_star762 !eMRS5YxXBA
>red_1337_star762 !eMRS5YxXBA
how embarrassing

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While this may be true, Nintendo consoles allow for great modding. Wiiu alone allows vwii, nintendint for gc and emukators for every other console preceding it sans xbox, ps2

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Doesn't that give you eye cancer when that shit scales up on your 120Hz 4K/8K TV?

>Wii U games don't have your ebin AAA game company graphix n shit so why bother, /v/ermin
Dam so you're that loser at the mall that plays his nintendo ds all by himself in the food court?

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So does every PC, with way better quality outcome

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Wow detective, what would we do without you?

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Holy shit, how do people like that breed or succeed in life?

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This is what happens when parents aren't strict enough. Kids turn into filthy fat degenerates who end up wasting tens of thousands of dollars on liberal art and women studies degrees.

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I feel sick for humanity.

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>but my graphics
>but nintendo
If you care that much about graphics go watch a movie or something. I'm not going to defend Nintendo and their lazy and backwards way of thinking, but this whole obsession with graphics took us from lots of gems back in PS2 era to this day which is pretty much a pile of steaming shit made with PS4 and PCMasterrace retards who complain for every single thing

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Nobody is asking for a GTX 1080 in the damn thing but we do want a console that will be able to run the new releases and demanding titles. That's why consoles get replaced in the first place: they need more power for the new video game demand.

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But obviously it's fucked if their own launch game and first party title runs at 720p and 20 FPS in 2017.

I don't even think anything on the PS3 or Xbox 360 did that and Wii U was already surpassing them in hardware specs, Switch is literary a backstep.

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I can run CEMU on my laptop just fine. You fags must be doing something wrong. Nvidia runs better than AMD with cemu so that might be why.

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Yeah that's not acceptable. Being able to play Skyrim should not be a fucking selling point for a console in 2017.

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As said, even I have an old AMD setup with an AMD GPU and it runs great.

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The point of the Skyrim port is that it'll be portable.

That's the point of a LOT of things about the Switch.

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The GPD Win could get 40-50 frames in Skyrim without disabling all the eyecandy, obviously now we also know that the Switch actually runs slower than it in portable mode too and still has less battery life then the Win.

So it's not doing a very good job being a good portable console.

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>nintendo damage control

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emulator can play more game ripped from the net
pc can do way more then just games

this choice is a freeby

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>Nobody is asking for a GTX 1080
But that is exactly what /v/ retards want

>But we do want a console that will be able to run the new releases and demanding titles.
A console that will be outdated in performance one year after release, just like PS4/XO. You see, the problem here is that consoles don't have too much going for them nowadays, unlike back in the PS2 era and before when consoles actually played an important role in CG development.

This all could be solved maybe if companies stopped producing consoles/games for consoles and focus exclusively on the PC market (which is quite slim) but, from a business viewpoint it's a no-no.

Seeing how underpowered it is I'm really worried about what are people at Nintendo really thinking. Then again, assuming Switch is the heir to 3DS/DS and also assuming they won't release another console to follow WiiU then I guess we can't ask too much for it as it's focus lies entirely on mobileshit.

Now, I'm actually impressed that UE4 now supports Switch.

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who else /waiting for the inevitable home console version within a year from now to compete with the next xbone/ps4 price cut/ here?

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>But that is exactly what /v/ retards want
I just want to be able to play the fucking games. I'm not even going to be able to play Crysis on this fucking thing.

>A console that will be outdated in performance one year after release, just like PS4/XO
Yeah, I don't buy fucking consoles. Just saying that within this peasant console race, you might as well give hardware that is somewhat reasonably close to the other platforms. I'm not playing Mario any more.

>That's the point of a LOT of things about the Switch.
I agree, but it's still abysmal. They should have pushed for the Pascal architecture. If they just don't give a shit, they need to make development on the Switch REALLY FUCKING EASY. And I mean easy. Give development toolkits, make publication simple, get a Steam-esque store started where people can publish their games and get voted into the market, et cetera. The Wii U had zero titles and the inefficiencies of Nintendo is showing.

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>Now, I'm actually impressed that UE4 now supports Switch.
It also supports iOS and Android, that's nothing special, it's just an engine, you can easily make games on it that look like uther shit but still run at 60 frames on old shitty android phones

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>is it really that bad?
It's not

>it plays it far far better then the Switch.
no it doesn't

Jesus christ, guys, you're seriously just making shit up

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>But we do want a console that will be able to run the new releases and demanding titles.
>A console that will be outdated in performance one year after release, just like PS4/XO

Their own console can't even properly run their own first party title.

What more do you want? There's even no need to argue about anything else.

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>they need to make development on the Switch REALLY FUCKING EASY.
That's the case though, Devkits for the Switch are insanely cheap (Like $500) and Nintendo's willing to put just about anything on the eshop now. Hilarious shift from their usual tone.

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>It's not
muh 20 fps 720p with 2 hours battery portable
muh 30 fps 900p with connection loosing gamepads on my 4k TV


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>it plays it far far better then the Switch.
>no it doesn't

it does, it still has a lot of shutter and frame drops, but nowhere near the same amount then the switch
not to mention all the other problems the switch has

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>outdated in a year
Better outdated in a year than outdated 2 years ago. That is unless they take the initiative to make porting easy. No more, "You call me or I call you and we have a meeting about it" bullshit. Make development and publishing tools PUBLIC AND READILY AVAILABLE. Nintendo needs to not fuck around with this.

Unity is supposed to support it soon as well. UE4 titles are rarely ever going onto anything but a PC though. The projects all start off with compile times of 10 minutes and executable sizes 300mb+ right off the bat. It's a big problem and their Paper2D crap isn't worth talking about. UE4 isn't very modular unless you want to spend 8 months developing on it.

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They breed with each other

>> No.59226121

lel so they are pulling a wii again, maybe nintendo is desperate for market share seeing how much they have fallen behind their competition

>> No.59226128

This isn't going to help us...

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bahahaha nintendrones on suicide watch.

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>That's the case though, Devkits for the Switch are insanely cheap (Like $500) and Nintendo's willing to put just about anything on the eshop now. Hilarious shift from their usual tone.
Why can't the Switch itself just be a devkit?

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this tbqh
Cemu is literally god tier if you want to play Wii U games
It's better than the Wii U itself

>> No.59226217

Well to be fair the Wii was a motion control gimmick devices. Not too many games can be ported to it without some heavy modification to its codebase. Yeah, you can just use a standard controller layout, but nobody bothered. If they establish good dev tools and really push it forward to developers that you can always publish your fun crap to this device, nobody will say no.

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Nice photoshop

>> No.59226451

But do all those devices take advantage of the power?

>> No.59226532

I'm going to guess Nintendo again wants it to be its owned locked down platform.

No third party installs allowed.

Which is why Android just needs to *thoroughly* win the mobile gaming segment.

>> No.59226556

Never 100% but of course you can get games that use a lot of the processing power on a current smartphone or console or even a PC GPU. Not saying all usages are "sensible" by everyone's standards, but they can.

The question in my mind still is why Nintendo released a gaming console that's featuring years-old hardware worse than many a current Chinese smartphone or tablet.

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Yeah, Nintendo is always behind. I've heard they finally got rid of Friend Codes.

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>/v/ in one pic

>> No.59227789

Don't forget the A10 Fusion, which gets 798GFLOPs.

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Friend codes are god tier

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if you buy solely for the performance and not the experience, you're retarded. That's why you should try consoles before you buy them to see if you like them or not. Compating specs is useless.

>> No.59229149

No its not that bad but it is more like 50-70% of playbox 4

>> No.59229291

You'll have more luck installing freebsd, given that nintendo is using freebsd-based system there.

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Why do you guys have to shit on EVERYTHING new? God you're such fucking hipsters

>> No.59229580

>obviously waste your 400 bucks to play Zelda on the real thing instead of wasting it on a PC that has a library that's over a thousand times bigger and still an emulate
you're not thinking like a parent. My parents had cash to throw at me, I was an only child, so my 10th birthday was "do you want a gaming pc (turned out to be a dell lol) or a ps2"

A lot of parents can't afford that, and don't have the time to put into it. Library size isn't a factor because they think the kid won't play it a lot, or will outgrow it, or whatever. Think like Nintendo. Sell shit to parents who don't care as much as you do about consumer technology and don't want their kids torrenting stupid shit

>> No.59229598

>Xenoblade is a solid 30 for me. Less demanding games like Super Mario 3D World are fine at 60 FPS even when using 1080p patch.
>Sure you are using the latest CEMU? I know CEMU was still shit until a few months ago.
yeah my gameplay is 29-30fps, but all cutscenes where there's a scene change just stop at the change, then a couple of seconds later resume where they left off. It's loading something, but I don't know what. I'll see if retiming my ram does anything, I should be able to squeeze some more out of it.

>> No.59229632

Nintendo's biggest problem is that they don't realize what current year it is. They lack a LOT of features. And their excuse?
>"We are a gaming company. We believe a console should be for games, not media"
And this is why they are losing and will cont to lose for a long time until they add more games other than like 5 games and remakes of all the same games. The indie library is bad.

The biggest concern here is that Nintendo doesn't realize it's fanbase as well. You know who I saw at my Game Stop? People over 17 at least. I don't think a single person was around 16 or younger. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone was at least 18. (considering I'm 25).

>> No.59229661


Are you saying that I can run skyrim better than switch on my x64 phone?

>> No.59229665

Consoles being consoles and not media centers is IMO a good thing, but you're right about the remaking 5 games every generation trend. Mario party/kart/world 432 isn't as valuable as another metroid, or something new entirely. And indie games, 99% of the time, suck and should be remade in a different medium. Want to tell a story, make a movie, write a book, but think really damn hard before making a game.

>> No.59229683

You probably could if the application was there, you're using a recent flagship, and you had a controller. The upcoming snapdragon 835 is being touted as VR-ready

>> No.59229719

We are in a decade that media is all around us social media, video, music and photos. We want these things and if nintendo is going to charge 60 a year for us then we better get a good deal out of this too. We don't even have a web browser in the thing so there's no real point of taking the switch to a coffee shop er something. Honestly, it's not a bad console as is, but the fact that they are limiting so much potential is sad.

as my friend said "Nintendo thinks like it's 1996 and can't get their head out of their ass"

Nintendo DOES know what they are doing as towards marketing but they are basing it off of Nostalgia. IE Pokemon. Pokemon is redoing the first few eps of Pokemon but longer to show Ash's journey starting with Pikachu but honestly, it's all for the 20+ year olds. The new fans (or younger) wont understand mostly.

So when you think about it, Nintendo doesn't care about what's new, they care about making money so we wont see anything really new cause they are afraid of a fluke. Lets just hope Mario odyssey and Splat2n are good. At least a newer IP is getting a 2nd game

>> No.59229729

It does support wifi sign in though, they added it in the day one update

>> No.59229733

So if I goto Starbucks, how will I connect while I drink my pumkin spice frappe and write my novel?

>> No.59229737

checking those double trips

>> No.59229740

Where's the benefit to taking out a nintendo switch instead of using a phone? Especially since the phone is more likely to have internet access and you can multitask over two screens. In-game chat being tied to phones was fucking retarded, but wanting to google things on a likely locked down and un-extensible browser is silly when you can use firefox on mobile, find the same stuff while your game is paused or whatever, and look at it without having to quit or reload or anything. It doesn't do anything that a more common device couldn't do better

>> No.59229744

By signing into the wifi and playing games, sharing screenshots

Use your phone for anything else, it's a gaming system

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On the opposite, you probably had a drunk father, and drug addicted mother. They both molested and beat you, so you grew up as a jaded fuck trying to regain your youth by buying a shitty kiddy console and arguing with people on a Uzbekistanian RPG trading board about fat degenerates who grew up in a loving family, wanting for nothing... be it love or stuff.

You are a sad little person, anon. I pity you, and the horse you rode in on.

>> No.59229773

If it was open source, how hard would it be to compile to android for a c noob who can only make a calculator?

>> No.59229777

Not true about reloading. They've not had this since the wii.
Even on the 3DS you can open the browser and have your game still run

>On phone chat
what's even the point of this? Everyone I know is slowly moving to discord and even then, facebook group chat is a thing, so just make a group chat and make a call and BAM everyone's on board. I wanna know when the app is going to be out. I'll try it out at least.

true but if 1 company does it or 2, it's time to follow suit ya know? We can do it on everything else, why not the switch too? What's holding them back? Why not follow trend? This will only make them fall behind.

>> No.59229810

huh, never actually bought a DS but good to know they've fixed their browser shit now. Can you install an adblocker or use custom gestures? Can you see both game and browser at once/one on tv and one on the controller?

The point of chat off a phone is to make quick parties with recent or temporary players you meet online. Why make a discord or whatever and have to copy it into game chat if there's a functional voice chat built into the network that everyone already has access to? Discord works for people already in contact with each other.

>> No.59229820

lol IDK I don't port shit to android. If it's anything like compiling in linux, the worst part would be waiting for it to compile and hoping your phone doesn't drain too much battery

>> No.59229829

Everything no too.
I think Discord contracting (?) out to Nintendo would be amazing. I would love to have Discord integrating into the Switch.

>> No.59229832

>literally the Ryzen of consoles

>> No.59229845

That would be a great idea, and discord could even get cash to run regular servers too. How do they even make money, anyway? Don't they sell stickers or whatever?

>> No.59229859
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stuff like this. They said they will add in some other features later.

>> No.59229893
File: 33 KB, 581x252, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do I get a cool shirt and hat and a sticker too?
I want that bumper magnet

>> No.59230131

Nothing fucking works properly though

>> No.59230608

I fucken hate console releases. Rakes to the surface all the inbreds to bitch about fuck all.

>> No.59230630

You can argue that Nintendo makes consoles for the enjoyment rather than muh graphics, but when you have massive frame drops even at HD resolution you have to admit the thing is too weak.

OP3 has the same performance as a 1000$ pixel. Not a good comparison... There are plenty of cheap snapdragon 820/821 phones out there.

>> No.59230894

It does, perhaps not because of hardware but because android is a piece of crap with no low level access

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>projecting THIS hard

>> No.59231793

Did I say Zelda?

I meant Mario and Pokemon.

>> No.59231814

Games are the reason to buy a gaming system?

You are right, that is truly sad.

>> No.59231825

What is a laptop / flagship cellular phone / tablet?

>> No.59232188

it's because the Japanese market is now 95% mobile and Nintendo is catering to it. As long as the games are smooth, no one gives a shit in Japan; all their tech is still from the 90s

>> No.59232193

people bought xbox for halo and xbox 360 for halo

>> No.59232849


>> No.59233507

>pay discord to sell your information

fuck why did I go to school for EE...

>> No.59233883

>>>59225584 (You)
>So does every PC, with way better quality outcome
No shit toots... We're clearly talking about a console. PC>everything else

>> No.59235031

It depends on the game

>> No.59235069

did you even read what it was about?
it was an answer to an anon implying the console is better over PC because it can be modded too

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The worst thing is the cartridges taste bad.

>> No.59236031

Well it IS aimed at (man)children

>> No.59236045

so hungry fat neckbeards wont eat em

>> No.59236071

a dead system

>> No.59236144

The real question is, how soon can we emulate it?

>> No.59236151

what a waste of double trips.

>> No.59236183

Hardware wise. Very soon.

ARM emulation is much more mature and open, the system itself is even less powerful than a Wii U.

It's only a question of time for cracking Nintendo's code.

>> No.59236205

Kek, think if they will make an emulator that runs on native ARM phones/tablets/gamepads.

You would be able to play BotW on a mediocre phone.

>> No.59236246

come on, wanna bet he damaged it on purpose to get a high click video near switch launch?

>> No.59236263

How is this raw power important in a device whose only purpose is playing games specifically optimized for it and by the same company who made it in the first place?
>inb4 muh third party
Nobody buys Nintendo for the third party games and you know it.

>> No.59236334

GFlops is literary the unit to describe 3D horsepower.

Mind you that the other consoles on the chart also have games optimized for it.
Also, why do you think third party developers don't have the same access to hardware and tools, they are optimized as much as possible, specially 3rd party Nintendo games, because Nintendo's strict licencing.

The biggest fail here is that the FIRST PARTY Zelda game it has for it, that's not even graphically impressive if it was 5 years old, is so optimized for the Switch it plays at 20 frames at 720p (undocked) or 30 frames at 900p (docked).

>> No.59237521

There's no info to sell. Discord is literally just chat rooms with sub chats with linked accs like steam, twitter, and battle.net so there's nothing to sell..

>> No.59237965

why do you have a name and not a trip?

>> No.59238047

i dunno. I can get one if I need to. But I just don't care.

>> No.59238064

Then be a anon, a name alone is useless, anyone could shitpost with your name, if you wan't to discuss and let people know what posts are yours, get a trip

a faggot, you are anyways

>> No.59238085

>I'm a fag
>on 4chan
Well, that's nothing new.
>Get a trip.
If another person thinks I should, I'll go snag one. I have a few for situations in which I'm chatting on here for a while.

>> No.59238363

get a trip
>totally not the same anon

>> No.59238480

This better?

(dunno if this will work)

>> No.59238522

yes ;^)

>> No.59238530


>> No.59238544


>> No.59238751

flops are not the best measurement of processing power, better than clock rate but they don't capture what all a device can do with those operations

>> No.59238796

that cart is just GPU measurements, flops are a pretty accurate way to measure GPU power

>> No.59241015

Stop impersonating me.

>> No.59241097

jesus christ dude. Grow up.

>> No.59242204

If you think you're so much better than them, then why aren't you breeding?

>> No.59242937

My brother has bought the switch. I bet he's already tasted the cartridge.

>> No.59243348

nicely translated for neo-/g/

>> No.59243410
File: 292 KB, 1200x1188, 1484966972004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people actually bought this shit

>> No.59243522

>pay to meme
truly the future is now

>> No.59243536

Nothing wrong with that, there are thousands of developers investing on the platform and popping games for it all the time without worrying about possible slowdowns. PC sucks.

>> No.59243555
File: 9 KB, 156x152, 132292770889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ensure that it tastes terrible so retarded children don't eat it
>all retarded children lick it because it tastes awful

>> No.59244056

>without worrying about possible slowdowns


>> No.59244070

You stupid fucking cunt. Fuck off annoying cancerous mother fucker. Fuck you

>> No.59244144

>If you care that much about graphics go watch a movie or something
If you don't care about graphics go listening to a music album or something

>> No.59244207

already have, now I just have intercourse for non-reproductional purposes

>> No.59244313

>being concerned about the framerate of a game
>using devices that don't let you control the performance of the software to the users desires

>> No.59244324


>> No.59244393

Disregard. That's not me.

>> No.59244403

>/v/-tier thread with /pol/-tier posters
Absolutely disgusting

>> No.59244410

You forgot your trip.

>> No.59244413

That's /g/ for you.

>> No.59245029

im over you faggot

>> No.59246198

>cemu dev
>it will be a matter of weeks

>> No.59246350

Holy pisscakes that would be amazing.

>> No.59246375

that wouldn't be very far off of an idea, the hardware is basically a 2015 Nvidia Shield

>> No.59246387

add nvidia shield tv

>> No.59246412

I don't play Super rehash games or Zelda games.
The only reason Nintendo would have my business is for Pokemon. But you're right tripfag nobody buys it for the specs.

>> No.59246422

>the only game even more repeating the the zelda and mario games

>> No.59246450

No one's taking this monster of a "handheld" outside the house.

I really wish I could see the docked/undocked time stats. I'm certain that in NA and Europe the Switch will stay docked more than 95% of the time.

>> No.59246461

Nintendo Switch uses Free BSD. 1/10 for effort.

>> No.59246463

(((Discord))) and (((Nintendo)))? That'd be the perfect alliance.

>> No.59246516

Fake. I don't see any dead pixels.

>> No.59246704

Because they don't have a proper gpu. Any company would burn down their reputation with the quality of N consoles.

>> No.59246810

>muh graphics
>muh dick measuring contest
You are the cancer killing /g/, both with the AMD/Intel shills.

Back to >>>/v/ with you.

>> No.59246848

What i'm seeing here is that, the fact that a Smartphone 2016 have better Mflops than the switch tells you how people fall fot it, and of course /g/ is here to remind you of that. ;^)

>> No.59246889

>muh graphics
>can't even run shitty graphics first party launch title

>> No.59246992

>"emulating" ARM on ARM
That's not emulating, anon. That's just running shit natively.

>> No.59247017
File: 49 KB, 500x567, 1488596771025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Smartphone 2016

Switch costs $299. Phones that have that horsepower cost $799+ and don't come with exclusive AAA Nintendo games

>> No.59247051

>runs natively
it's still going to have to emulate some graphics calls and shit probably

>> No.59247059

>cost $799+
the Nvidia Shield is like 200 bux

>> No.59247085

Depends on what kind of graphics API the Switch is using. If it's using some dumb in-house thing exclusive to Nintendo then yeah, maybe, but the hardware is just an off the shelf Tegra X1.

>> No.59247273

Not to mention the functionality of a tablet or smartphone.

>> No.59247355

This game's the shit! Bea is GOAT.

>> No.59247366

whats it called?

>> No.59247372

Based Sony

>> No.59247428

Night in the woods. It's like a chill adventure/platformer type of deal. Heavily story driven too. Came out 2 weeks ago.

>> No.59247478

cool, tnx anon

>> No.59247491

Why the Lisp parentheses?

>> No.59247519

I wish Nintendo opened the console up for tablet stuff later on. Public SDK, an app store, so on. It could breathe in life into the thing as an entertainment machine beyond games, but Nintendo probably won't do it.

>> No.59247534

Anon thinks, calling them (((jews))) (aka "baddies") is a legit idea.

>> No.59247540

Why the parentheses though? Is there a connection between Lisp and being Jewish?

>> No.59247551

It's a meme from breitbart or a similar site.

>> No.59247792

the dev unit is only 500 bucks

>> No.59247977
File: 698 KB, 600x640, 3e9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw Nintendo is slowly killing itself and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.59248034

>it´s nvidias fault for nintendos bad business decisions
how so?

>> No.59248819

>implying raw power matters

>> No.59249043
File: 86 KB, 640x640, ibjg5rz2rajy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nintendo chose to go with Nvidia, they weren't forced into the partnership.

>> No.59249389

I don't mind.

>> No.59250088
File: 142 KB, 357x201, moneyreg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon don't be a kuudere.
If it wasn't for Nintendo we wouldn't have gaming today, and /v/ wouldn't exist.

Wait... is Nintendo the bad guy all along?

>> No.59250840

The dock doesnt have any actual hardware in it though...? It's literally just a charging dock and TV output.

>> No.59251624

why should it do that if the games dont need that performance?

>> No.59252435

>I tried to install Linux on my new Nintendo Switch
you deserve that blue screen of death, fucking dumb cunt, why the fuck would you want to ruin a nintendo with that piece of shit??
do you want to run cool commands in a terminal?, do you want to see weeaboo shit on it?
fucking /g/ is Autistic as fuck

>> No.59252693
File: 1.78 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-03-04-21-19-01-431_is.xyz.mpv[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Snapdragon 820 498Mflops
And it still can't render ASS-subs without dropping frames.

>> No.59253989

>implying it dosen't when the console can't even run it's own damn games

>> No.59254013

>typical amerifat
Lol, gaming was a thing way before Nintendo
People actually had computers far more powerful than the NES and without stupid restrictions
Kind of like today

>> No.59254061

Nope, just a typical USB-C to HDMI/USB + charging, exactly like those USB/HDMI + charge port dongles for MacBooks

The console just goes into a lower power mode when undocked, basically overclocked Tegra SoC that runs at normal while undocked and boosts while docked.

>> No.59254075

>games dont need that performance
tell the to Zelda Breath of the Wild that vsyncs to 20 fps constantly

>> No.59254130

It's all about exclusives anyway, performance doesn't matter too much if you have no alternatives.

>> No.59254188
File: 140 KB, 1077x964, aabait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't know what's worse, your bait or OPs

>> No.59254651

to be fair neither can my core i5

>> No.59255040
File: 68 KB, 459x534, mah cawfee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What app?

>> No.59255088


AFIK MX Player doesn't even try to render these subs.

>> No.59255100
File: 24 KB, 1291x747, ryzenmflops.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59255127

kek, inteltard

>> No.59255541

It's a handheld, not a console. I'm saving up to buy it and get Zelda.

>> No.59255607

Go back to your shitty cod games on ps4

>> No.59255632

buy a wii u and pirate zelda lol

>> No.59255685

>not waiting two months for the emulator fix

literally manchildren tier patience

>> No.59255719

I plan to buy a lot more games for it. I'm sorry both of you are poorfags who hate anything they can't get.

>> No.59255732

>spending money on videogames that i can get for free
>thinks he's being responsible

>> No.59255739

>it's sad to have fun
t. Autism

>> No.59255757

Sorry you're a poorfag. I have money and I can spend it

>> No.59255781

>spending money on videogames that i can get for free
>thinks hes being responsible

>> No.59255795

Tough being poor huh

>> No.59255808

>thinks getting something for free instead of paying for it makes someone poor
>wonder's why he has no money after spending it on videogames

>> No.59255823

you should probably spend your money on something more responsible, unless you're like 13 and still live with mommi

>> No.59255848

>marketed as console
>sold at high price like console
>2 hours of battery life not on charger
well if it looks like a duck...

>> No.59255867
File: 38 KB, 600x600, jew_basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yes little nintendrone! gimme your schmeckles!

>> No.59255898

actually according to >>59255541
you don't have money yet lol. saving up mommies allowance? real adults can afford things like game consoles from a 2 week or even 1 week paycheck lol. literally kill yourself nintoddler

>> No.59256137

No, it's spending money for a inferior gameplay experience. kek.

>> No.59256154

Sorry you're poor

Spent about $1500 building a PC recently. So I'm out of money. But since I only work weekends, gaining money is slow

>> No.59256193

Sorry you only enjoy garbage cod games

>> No.59256269
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-03-05-11-30-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MX tries to but drops a lot of the subs frames so it just kind of slideshows over the video. The improve rendering option makes it smoother, but quickly lags the whole video on my S 800.

>> No.59256280

Nah, I will enjoy Zelda too.

I will actually buy the physical copy because it's pretty.
Then I will continue to play it on my PC without gimped resolution and framerate.

>> No.59256353

Wait.... You will buy a physical copy and then play it on PC? I honestly can't play console games on PC. I'm so autistic about using the correct controller and not a keyboard or another controller. But is hard to connect Nintendo controllers to PC.

>> No.59256385
File: 229 KB, 326x381, 1466440361912.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59256429

I use a DualShock 4 with my PC.

>> No.59256518

I have a ps2 emulator and use my DS3 controller. I also once had a gamecube emulator and used my DS3 controller and my autism kicked into high gear. I couldn't do it and ended up digging out my actual Wii.

>> No.59256578

Get a PC GameCube adapter or gamepad.

>> No.59256656

Once they fix BotW for Cemu, I will use my PC to stream it over Steam in-home streaming with a personal VPN over mobile to my GPD Win and play it with a 50ms latency on the go, but without shit framerate.

It will still be a better experience than using the Switch on the go and with actual battery life.

>> No.59256662

Top kek
Nintendo fanboys when will they learn

>> No.59256680

Autism will kick in
>pc gamecube adapter
Dongles.... REEEEEEE

That being said. I do not enjoy 480p on my 1440p monitor. Is the graphics improvement massive? Cause I might just get the dongle if it is.

>> No.59256846

>Dongles.... REEEEEEE
I think there are pretty perfect clones of the controller that are USB, so no need for a controller.

>That being said. I do not enjoy 480p on my 1440p monitor. Is the graphics improvement massive? Cause I might just get the dongle if it is.
Entirely depends on your PC, you could run the game at a 4k internal render resolution, apply custom shaders and different types of AA or AF. Even high resolution texture packs for some games and unlocked/higher FPS.

>> No.59256918

I have a GTX 1070. So I should get atleast [email protected] with high-res textures?

>> No.59256932

Probably. Only way to find out is try.

>> No.59256947

Ugh, I always hate the setup process. My autism forces me to check every single setting.

>> No.59256949

>I think there are pretty perfect clones of the controller that are USB, so no need for a controller.
What I wanted to say is, clones that use USB, so you don't need an original controller or dongle.

>> No.59256967

I do that too, I always check my emulator/game profile settings before I play, just to make sure it's as perfect as possible.

>> No.59257091

The switch is a joke of a console.

>> No.59257223

768x1366 coming through

>> No.59257989

wii u was 176 GFLOPS

>> No.59258370

not for FP32

>> No.59259621


but tripfag, why would you buy a shitty watered down PC?

>> No.59259643
File: 73 KB, 239x288, fun is not for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59259794

>horrible pixelated mess with huge framedrops

>> No.59259895

where did you get the number for nintendo switch?

here it's 435-512 for tegra x1:

and it's GFLOPS not MFLOPS you fucking retard

>> No.59259951

ok so it runs at 768MHz docked. then i can believe 398 GFLOPS. but it's still a lot of computing power

>> No.59259986


lol fucking gay

just do mobile games instead nintend'oh

>> No.59260030

30 fps is tolerable for slow video which has perfect motion blur built in because of how it was filmed. video games should run at 60+ fps especially if they have fast movements

>> No.59260190

So how powerful is the switch compared to the PS Vita?

>> No.59260289

if you're only comparing FLOPS (other things like memory bandwidth tend to be more important) then it's 51.2 GFLOPS (http://kyokojap.myweb.hinet.net/gpu_gflops/). the gpu in the ps vita is roughly in between the 3rd and 4th gen iPad. but ps vita has a lower resolution so it doesn't need as much gpu performance to run games on it. also performance doesn't scale linearly with more FLOPS.

>> No.59260421

It's a custom version you faggot, it isn't even as powerful.

Those numbers are from dev units and not speculation.

>> No.59260488

it sounds really fucking gay, especially the downclocking in mobile mode, it's barely on par with a mid-tier phone

>> No.59262479


>> No.59263898

Friend of mine bought one (dumb cunt)
can confirm they taste terrible

>> No.59265662

Megaflops ,because Gigaflops would be overkill for that machine lol

>> No.59265691
File: 21 KB, 456x323, images (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow these guys are all so butthurt they don't own one, hurr durrr they aren't as good as my phone, what loser wants to play games on a phone.
I guess they haven't seen Mario kart on it. It looked titties

>> No.59266367
File: 263 KB, 800x601, 1488589827103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, great for you, meanwhile I'll just emulate it on my new CPU.

But you keep wasting your money dude instead of investing it wisely, we sincerely care. No really, we do.

>I have money and I can spend it
Enjoy living paycheck to paycheck and being broke at 67

>> No.59266438
File: 77 KB, 600x801, 1448927219035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, how easy do you think it will be to hack or emulate the Switch

>> No.59266681

The Switch has already had it's NAND dumped, so it'll quickly get homebrew.

This is big league, I don't expect emulators though.

>> No.59266697


Holy shit, ALREADY?

But given that people announced holes on Twitter, I guess that Nintendo will quickly patch them, right?

>> No.59266763
File: 25 KB, 393x391, 1409734383085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complains about rehashes
>unironically likes pokemon

>> No.59266875
File: 23 KB, 320x267, 1485374384706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should look up the dev, he's a pure lolcow.

>> No.59266900

Where did Nintendo screw up security?

>> No.59267021

Yeah I'm not independent yet. So this money does nothing but burn a hole. Might as well spend it.

>> No.59267257

Dont they use Vulkan?

>> No.59267279

this is so untrue it's horrible

a snapdragon 820 does not outperform a Tegra x1 in graphical compute, jesus christ

>> No.59267435
File: 661 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_from_20170304_174603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody said that you dumb fuck.

TX1 cranks out a whopping ~512 GFLOPS of FP32 but only if it runs at 1GHz like it does on the nvidia shield android tv box.

The problem is shitendo gender switch uses a custom downclocked TX1 that can barely run legend of link at 20 fps.


>> No.59267506

a nintendo swith mobile can run more graphically complex applications than a snapdragon 820 in a phone. that's just objectively true.

>> No.59267534

This. As Nintendo relies mainly on gimmicks as selling points for their consoles, once they jailbreak them you can use those gimmicks as you please.
There are some nice projects with Wii U Gamepad going around.

>> No.59267572

Leave it to a tripfag to instantly start fucking whining about the specs on a console from a company who never gave a shit about them, and has sold units because of the exclusives for the last *ten fucking years*.

/v/ needs you back.

>> No.59267609

You underestimate the value in chat logs. They could have automated crawlers go through everything, absolutely everything, that people are saying about stuff and compile market research data based on the people that use these chat rooms. I'm not entirely ontop of what it says in Discords' usage license, but I'd be surprised if they aren't already doing this.

>> No.59267715
File: 354 KB, 725x684, 1481831654405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not supposed to compete with big names. It's a Nintendo console. You buy it for Nintendo games and third party partnerships. Grow the fuck up if you buy things because it's "more powerful" than anything else. This is literally a dick measuring contest for the prepubescent and virginal.

>it's a childs game if it doesn't have muh realism graphicks and guns
Why do you even have a trip on? You're a fucking bonehead, dude. Nobody gives a fuck who you are.

>> No.59267718

>20fps on blink-182 chronicles
>meanwhile onplus 3 is cranking over 30 fps on most android games at 1080p resolution

>> No.59267727

you really think that any android game is as graphically demanding as breath of the wild? are you retarded?

>> No.59267733

Yes, it's not hard to crank out Candy Crush.

>> No.59267770

>literally launch a weaker version of the wii u
>you're okay with this

>> No.59267803
File: 71 KB, 817x816, 1478925334914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is like post-sincere bait.

>> No.59267823


Also at least we have candy crush :^)

>> No.59267858

Go back to /v/ you fucking goon.

>> No.59267867

I think you fail to understand the PC/Mobile games are run so differently from console games. A PC will struggle to run Switch games. Hell even a spec'd out PC will struggle to run a PS4 game.

>> No.59267873

Says the official representative of /v/

>> No.59267896

>What is CEMU
Also Piss 4 emulation is going to be easy as fuck now that they use x86 CPUs.

>> No.59268008

Meanwhle theres virtually no good games made for any platform in the Nu Millenium and historically the best games always have the least emphasis on graphics.

>> No.59268050


>> No.59268092

source on this? Switch homebrew would be god tier

I wonder if anybody could get the nvidia android games running on it. I miss having Warband on a portable.

>> No.59268162

not sure if you're being sarcastic. But I do agree with what you said. Take PS and Xbox. The big sellers are FPS games, they are all garbage. So do you actually have any good games? Other than Naughty Dog and Rockstar games. You really don't. Nintendo has never been focused graphics, so more effort is put towards content. Giving games that are far superior to what's offered on the competition.

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