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Windows 10 is actually good ...the only complaint you guys have is

>hurr durr botnet

well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.

Explain how GNU/Linux is better at all of those and give me reasons as to why you think that is:

>Picture Editing
>Video Editing
>Office Tasks
>Chatting with friends

If your GNU/Linux does not beat Windows in each category it is irrational for you to use it over Windows 10.

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I don't use Linux or Win10. I use Windows 7.
>Can control updates
>No botnet provided you don't install updates
>It just works seamlessly

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same thing. People on this board were calling win7 'wintoddlers' and 'wincucks' ... this always happens.

Windows just werks.

So many Lintoddlers on this board simply use Linux cause they think its cool not because it gives them an advantage - its quite the opposite. It makes their life harder and is inefficient lol.

Theyd never admit that though.

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I wish more people listened to you.

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The better question is: Would you guys drop your linux if every legally purchased and installed copy of Windows 10 would provide you with a free loli?

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>Windows 10 is actually good
It really is a great experience.

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>legally purchased and installed copy of Windows 10
>implying anyone would pay for software

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Let's assume for the sake of the argument that you would have to purchase it in order to receive free loli.

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Any computer feels faster in my config of XFCE + Compton, my sister who only watches netflix all day (NEET) likes Ubuntu over Windows since it FEELS faster while having the same performance
no comment, minecraft was a pain to install on linux and can't put it in the start menu.
>Picture Editing
Darktable, it's an equivalent to PS I believe since I have used both. It's a bit more complicated but has more granular control
>Video Editing
no comment, Dualboot because of this
>Office Tasks
LibreOffice is pretty much on par with MS Office, I keep wangblows for Office since my cuck step-dad bought me a license already and some Office documents don't translate well into Libre
>Chatting with friends
all chatting programs work on Linux.

I dualboot personally and in class use Windows and not lose momentum and use Linux at my house to make it as polished as possible on my end. Manjaro is pretty good already with kernel swapping already embedded into it.

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I'm not a pedo so I'm gonna continue pirating like a real man.

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Win 7 in all of my experiences was a bad OS but whatever coats your goat
I just feel more comfortable in Linux for some odd reason. I don't particularly dislike Windows with a passion like some faggots on here
She's probably a physical botnet and will keep MS closer to you and report all the child fucking you do.

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>Theyd never admit that though.
Maybe because it's bullshit.

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>Believing millions of users world wide
>Believing defenders of obscure OS on even more obscure imageboard for neets.

What did he mean by that?

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1 poo has been deposited in your loo pajeet

sage hide ignore

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>proving his point
>no argument
fuckin 'ell mate

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It does absolutely everything I want it to do, and nothing more. It's mine, because I put it together. It's better to have a small set of simple parts, from which you can build anything, than a huge set of complex pre-built things. Tinkering is a timesink, but if you don't enjoy it, you don't belong here.

Everything is compact, lightweight and efficient. It looks and works and acts the way it does because I fucking said so. I can add, change or remove anything - anything - at any time.

Browsing is the same on any operating system.
I don't play video games. (Game is not a verb.)
The only image editing I do is cropping, so GIMP.
The only video editing I do is trimming, so Shotcut.
The only office tasks I do are assignments - so LaTeX. (But only because it's fun. You should just use Libreoffice.)
I also have no friends, so Linux wins again. (But isn't it all through a web browser anyway?)

Tell me that more than 5% of /g/ is any different, and while you're at it, enjoy these things on Windows:

>tiling wm (or any WM you feel like - you own your computer)
>bash (or any good shell) and scripts
>package manager
>no bloat
>special files
>motherfucking any control over what your computer does at all

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anything without a package manager and text editable config doesn't just works
it's just shit

Windows only is acceptable for gaming: starts there, ends there

>office tasks
if you need MS thingies instead of LaTeX and Octave, you're a more or less trained pajeeting monkey at best, and your opinion and life thus are irrelevant

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You are the kind of faggot one shouldn't even bother explaining things to.

Just keep using win10 and keep your faggotry out of the free software world.

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Why dualboot when PCI passthrough exists? No igpu?

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Expect them to admit their secret windows usage too. Fucktard.

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no dgpu on my laptop, I've never been a big fan of virtualizing anything and prefer to run it bare metal. I didn't use VMs testing Linux I used persistent USBs because I'm that autistic about performance

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rephrase that please.

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Fuck logic. Ask bsd fags for hipster feeling or stay dumb.

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>implying ignorance isn't bliss

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My bad. Expected some functioning brain cells over there.

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i did too, I'm saving that picture as a peace offering :^)

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>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.

>rewriting a closed source kernel can be done "fairly easily nowadays"

pajeet pls go

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Looks shit
Video/Audio asynchron in Energy-saving mode.
Something happened! Something happened.
Slow as fuck at booting and loading programs.
Windows-store is a joke.
It's even uglier at the inside. Do not want.

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>the only complaint you guys have is
>>hurr durr botnet
Actually I have a lot more:
>no package management
>20GB for a fresh install
>tons of bloat on a fresh install
>ads under the guise of "suggested apps"
>stupid shit pre-enabled, why do I have to edit 3 registry keys to disable a XBOX app that I didn't even request and that reduces performance on every game?
>atrocious font rendering
>3 or 4 different interfaces in the same OS

>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.
First of all, I shouldn't have to rely on a Python script from SourceForge to disable telemetry on my own OS. Second, how do you know? Can you examine the source code to find out if that's really all there is? No, you can't.

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>Looks shit
I like it
>Video/Audio asynchron in Energy-saving mode
Never experienced that
>Something happened! Something happened.
Never happened. At least in my case
>Slow as fuck at booting and loading programs
It's actually damn fast. You should upgrade your hardware
>Windows-store is a joke
Yes. That's why I disabled it. See "Advertising"
>It's even uglier at the inside. Do not want.
How would you know? It's closed source

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as soon as wine is perfected and i can play my bideo games on linux, i'm switching

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>I like it
Liking poo doesn't make it not poo.
Was this a joke? You think this is an acceptable way to fix ads or pre-enabled shit?
>Never happened. At least in my case
So what? Lots of people have Samsung Note 7's that never exploded, is it a safe phone because of that?
>It's actually damn fast. You should upgrade your hardware
No, it isn't. Try running Fedora on the same hardware.
>How would you know? It's closed source
I've read several windows dev's posts saying the codebase is atrocious, never read anyone saying the opposite.

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>.the only complaint you guys have is
>>hurr durr botnet

Wrong, it's also an eternal beta.

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>It's actually damn fast.
W7 was kinda fast, but W10 is slow as a systemd boot process, ridden with a bunch of memeservices. Solus is much faster. Also the ntfs is a legacy shit.

>Never happened.
Lucky you.

Now enjoy candy crush on the just werks system.

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>easily fixed
No, your fixes don't do anything anymore. Microsoft started removing controls with the first major update, the only one that gets around it is enterprise/education.

The graphical design is complete shit. They threw together several different styles without trying to mesh them.

It doesn't "just werk". There are plenty of complaints of hardware issues that didn't exist with 7.

The "gaming mode" actually reduces performance.

You have to battle Microsoft constantly on the handful of privacy settings that exist.

You don't get a choice with updates.

Windows 10 is the absolute biggest pile of shit Microsoft has ever created.

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Reminder that no rational human would go this far to defend a piece of shit for free.

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>actually believing everything posted on the interwebs

first of all, kys

is a matter of taste
Yes and spending a hidious amount of time configuring linux so it doesn't crash or at least supports all your hardware is better thang filling checkmarks in WIN10Privacy for 4min.
>Never happened
It's not nessesarily Microsofts fault. It's the users fault. If you'd have worked in tech support you'd know that
>Damn fast
Cold start without fastboot in 15 sec including loading autostart programms.
Instantly opens applications. I seriosly don't know what you're talking about

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>hideous amounts of time configuring Linux
Ubuntu has "just worked" for years, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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>Yes and spending a hidious amount of time configuring linux

That means a copy to /home and /etc. Big deal. LTS kernels are rock stable with open drivers.

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I use it as work OS.

I program there, read books and listen to music.

When I need really to play games I just boot my Gaming PC.

This board is filled with programmers, administrators etc so they don't need Windows.

Linux in my experience is very easy to develop and if I had more money I would use macOS.

Windows for me is hassle and I used Windows almost entire my life.
I use windows 10 and it is pretty shitty for me I don't even want to mention because my post is already wall of text that nobody would read.

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>If your Windows does not beat Linux in each category it is irrational for you to use it over Linux.

After all, one makes you deal with an openly hostile privacy invasive company that acts as your "sysadmin" and the other does not.

You need to justify dealing with the hostile entity, and something much, much better than "it's who I know" or "I tried to work with it first" or "pushed itself onto me".

EVERY reason must exist for you to deal with it, you should reduce your exposure by any means possible.

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Windows 7 was slow for me
I don't have any game-apps on my system since I disabled the Store
That's just because I think it's better than every other os so far. But that's of course just my personal opinion. I even payed for the license
Sadly not on a single device I just in the past 8 years

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Just stop.

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Sorry I'm not a native english speaker

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>Sadly not on a single device I just in the past 8 years
Laptops? I've never had a problem.

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Laptops and workstations

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How can you defend something if it needs 3rd party programs to block it?

Even defend something that is openly invades your privacy.

Its funny how government gives you opium then after you get hooked in you allow them to fuck in your ass.

And about linux It is hard first time to learn it I was in same shit but you will learn it.

Now I can configure linux for myself for 10 minutes with all development tools and settings installed.

If we as kids was using linux from start windows would be very hard for us and that is true.

I have another PC for gaming and I waasted 2-4 hours for finding drivers and shit.

After learning basic stuff on linux I don't see a reason to even switch fully to windows.
Everything that is not games works on linux and slowly games on linux will be fully available thanks to valve.

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mfw i got a sysadmin job only because i know well loonix and openssh and reading this abomination

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>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.
>implying microsoft can't get around the block

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what a qt :3

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>:^b reported

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Never understood that argument either. Do people really believe that MS put "enable botnet yes/no" switch inside their system? You would have to be an absolute cretin to think you outsmarted the NSA by changing option in control panel.

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Nice try microsoft.

You do not respect our privacy so fuck your OS.

You will not watch me fap.

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>Windows 10 is actually good
No, it's not. It's garbage.

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I'd switch to GNU/Linux but I'd lose 75% of my Steam library. As soon as more games get ported over I'll switch.

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Fuck off, Pajeet.

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>using Steam
>buying games instead of pirating them
>playing games in the first place

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Firefox actually works better on Linux. It's literally never crashed for me on Linux, meanwhile it crashed all the time on Windows for me.
I'm too poor to get a gaming pc and constantly upgrade it every year. What are you, a rich nerd? I play games on console.
>>Picture Editing
What am I, an artist? Gimp is good enough. Actually, I used gimp even when I still used windows.
>>Video Editing
Never done this before.
>>Office Tasks
When I make presentations or write essays for university, libre office is alright. I actually use latex for some things like CV's
>>Chatting with friends
Skype, discord, and all that stuff works on Linux.

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The delusion is high with this lintard

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KDE is my best tool in computing.

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>I'm too poor to get a gaming pc and constantly upgrade it every year. What are you, a rich nerd? I play games on console.

Umm a 2009 processor and a low end $150 graphics card still run games better than a console

>> No.59005851

>constantly upgrade it every year
Wtf are you talking about? With my 6yo i7 2600k and my 2yo r9 380 I can still play the new Doom at 100 fps everything maxed up.

>> No.59007070

Shut up nerd, I don't even understand half of those words. Wtf is an r9 380? This is why people play on consoles

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kys rabi

>> No.59008009

>can be fixed
You know those "fix windows 10 spying" tools will claim to have removed the spyware even when run on completely different operating systems, right? They're maximum placebo.

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Most programmers use Windows, because most programmers work in corporations, did you know that?

It's a myth that programmers mostly use linux for work.

Most programming is not done on android phones or servers.

>> No.59008179

>Most programmers use Windows, because most programmers work in corporations

only pajeet corporations use windows

>> No.59009394

If you are doing language like C# then yes.

Most programmers use unix like OS like macOS or gnu/linux.

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b& & v&

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>uding the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.59009583

3 times the charm anon!

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I want to stick my peepee in it

>> No.59009631

>minecraft was a pain to install
Literally java -jar minecraft.jar

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>not uding the smiley with a carat nose
why even live desu :^D

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it is funny how they are here and don't know basic stuff like this.

I tought /v/ invasion here is a meme.

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Who is this semen demon?

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You'd better watch it, pal

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fuck who do I call for this sick fuck?

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Until 2020...

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Get out, Pajeet.

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How do they allow nudity there?

>> No.59014550

artistic/non-pornographic nudity is a thing

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>If your GNU/Linux does not beat Windows in each category it is irrational for you to use it over Windows 10.

7 does everything you want just as well as 10 but you have more control over the OS, it is irrational for you to use 10 over 7 or 8.1

>> No.59014620

>If your GNU/Linux does not beat Windows in each category it is irrational for you to use it over Windows 10.
Why? Not sure if you have used GNU/Linux, but there are many things it does that you don't even think about because they're missing or not as nice in other operating systems. The shell being as good as it is, as well as all the community made software that works within it leads to some really cool stuff you wouldn't really do on any other OS normally. As someone who is still using Windows and sees everyone shitting on it, perhaps you built this post around the idea of "tell me why I should have to give up Windows", but everyone else is seeing it as "why is he still bothering with Windows?" They don't care about those little holdups you have. Everything is so nice that none of that is even a concern.

It doesn't have to be better at literally everything, although honestly it is, it just has to be really good in general.

I browser the web just the same, I play my games, some Steam, some not, I chat with friends on various things such as IRC and Hangouts as well as Steam. I've been doing everything just fine on GNU/Linux for years now. When you're at the point that you are not only defending Windows, but trying to justify Windows 10, which is _literally_ malware, I think you should step back and rethink your situation a bit. You're just not thinking straight. There's no way you are.

>> No.59014627

>So many Lintoddlers on this board simply use Linux cause they think its cool not because it gives them an advantage - its quite the opposite. It makes their life harder and is inefficient lol.
I can't say for certain that you are wrong about the existence of some people like this, but if you are implying all or the majority are like this, you should really learn a thing or two. Things like i3 and tmux are all about efficiency, and you don't see anything like them on Windows.

>> No.59014681

I honestly don't see many old games getting ported. A lot of new releases are coming out for GNU/Linux, but even stuff like Skyrim may never get ported...

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>Windows 10 is actually good

No, it's actually not.

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skyrim just werks in wine

>> No.59014937

I'd use Windows 7 but there's no drivers for my lapttop.
t. Razer Blade Late 20016

I've tried Arch, and everything worked fine expect the graphics. Both the integrated and dGPU work fine, but the switching is a pain in the ass.

I'm not using Bumblebee, fuck that

>> No.59014960

Nothing just werks in wine. All those games that have "platinum" level are only platinum if you enjoy 30 fps.

>> No.59014970

10/10 would install Gentoo all over her laptop.

>> No.59016190 [DELETED] 

> This
> it is funny how they are here and don't know basic stuff like this.
> I tought /v/ invasion here is a meme.
>Anonymous 02/19/17(Sun)06:37:51 No.59012058▶>>59012681 >>59014249 >>59014354
> >>59001291 (OP)
> Who is this semen demon?
>Anonymous 02/19/17(Sun)07:49:30 No.59012681▶
> >>59012058
> You'd better watch it, pal
>Anonymous 02/19/17(Sun)10:51:50 No.59014249▶
> >>59012058
> MOOOOOooods!???
> uhhh
> fuck who do I call for this sick fuck?
>Anonymous 02/19/17(Sun)11:03:31 No.59014354▶>>59014535
> >>59012058
Pajeet & Shutterstock licence ?. Cant be true.

>> No.59016208

Guys who fap on shutterstock. Sick fucks.

>> No.59016219

yeah too bad my monitor isn't supported by Linux oh well lol

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OP is correct.

>> No.59016237
File: 181 KB, 620x400, fact2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fact 2/3

>> No.59016247
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fact 3/3

>> No.59016253


well sir your arguments are semi-correct

but you posted a picture of a 2007 era laptop - that girth and dvi port are frankly horrendous in 2017.

>> No.59016538

What the fuck, is this microsoft propaganda?

>> No.59016609

t. new


>> No.59016624 [DELETED] 

Shill thread... reported

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>You must complete the activity before moving on

>> No.59016937

VGA stupid

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But if I used windows 10, how could I store lewd photos of that qt grill?

>> No.59016983

I've got a real hot take for you guys

I like windows 10 and linux both

>> No.59017219

Kellyanne, plz leave.

>> No.59017252

hey me too, lets touch dicks

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File: 154 KB, 957x717, EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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It's just some propaganda for Best Buy employees.

Move on.

>> No.59017542


stop posting this webm without providing a source for it

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File: 2.60 MB, 747x420, 1463632332195.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unironically installs win10
>uses chrome
>reads huffpo
I see a trend

>> No.59017920

>posting a webm about deciphering RSA.

>> No.59018020

Tried to do a reverse-search, but no luck.

>> No.59018026

You can't reverse search a webm, shit for brains.

>> No.59018054

Well, whatever is called, I found the gif and also tried with static images in google, sometimes it works.

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File: 2.77 MB, 1280x720, 1479392552416.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>high fives

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>> No.59018168

plz kys
>goes on technology board
>shut up nerd !!!1
the retard is strong with this one

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Oh yes...very good!....very sloppy and wet my dear....hmmmmm...is that a drop of nugget I see on the rim?...hmmmm.....let me.....let me just have a little taste before the sniff my darling.......hmmmmm....hmm..yes....that is a delicate bit of chocolate my dear....ah yes....let me guess...curry for dinner?....oh quite right I am....aren't I?....ok....time for sniff.....sssssnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff.....hmmm...hhhmmmmm I see...yes....yes indeed as well curry......hmmm....that fragrance is quite noticeable....yes.....onion and garlic chutney I take it my dear?.....hmmmmm....yes quite.....
Oh I was not expecting that…that little gust my dear….you caught me off guard…yes…so gentle it was though…hmmmm…let me taste this little one…just one small sniff…..sniff…ah….ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffffff…and yet…so strong…yes…the odor….sniff sniff…hmmm….is that….sniff….hmmm….I can almost taste it my dear…..yes….just…sniff….a little whiff more if you please…..ssssssnnnnnniiiiiffffffffff…ah yes I have it now….yes quite….hhhhmmmm…delectable my dear…..quite exquisite yes…..I dare say…sniff….the most pungent one yet my dear….ssssnnnnniiiifffffffffffffffffffffff….yes….

>> No.59018192

Here goes nothing


>> No.59018228

>Programme Files
>Programme Files x86
>Long folder names with spaces

>> No.59018229


>> No.59018346


why does that little mouth look so lewd?

is microsoft trying to make us all pedos?

>> No.59018385
File: 755 KB, 1000x818, 1487427354150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his operating system can't talk with god

>> No.59018668

Why do you shitposters think that people criticize Windows 8/8.1/10 are GNU/Linux users?

The majority of the board are Windows users and the people who have the most to lose through Microsoft's decisions are Windows users.

>> No.59020313

>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.
You literally cannot turn off the spying except in the volume licensing version.

The only thing that Linux does worse is gaming.

>> No.59022084

>Your low resolution desktop only makes my penis harder!

>> No.59023238



what about video, photo editing ?!

>> No.59024340


>Picture Editing
>Video Editing
>Office Tasks
>Chatting with friends
it does all of these while being free and not a botnet

nothing more to it. you only use windows because you've been conditioned to view it as the default

>> No.59024359

Enlarge it

>> No.59024822

Just as easy on Linux.

>> No.59026066

Photoshop a dick in her mouth.

>> No.59026147

Sorry faggot, your shill gish gallop has no effect.

Go shit in a street

>> No.59026332
File: 1.46 MB, 3297x3319, microshaft wangblows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.59026342

>windows 10 is good

I finally updated to anniversary edition and can't get rid of the lock screen even after I created a custom service that edits the registry to disable it. fucking crazy pajeets why yall have such a hard on for that unintuitive POS lockscreen

>> No.59026678

Windows 10 is perfection . . #OSGoals

>> No.59026973


>> No.59027139

don't use Insider builds lol

>> No.59027193

Why are Linux users so delusional?

Programming on Linux is cool. Personally, I think the way some people tweak it to be "more productive" is a meme, it's more of an hassle than anything and I don't find the return to be worth investing in. But comparatively, Windows is a pain in the ass because you don't have a package manager and downloading an .exe just to update your Python or your node.js is objectively shit.

But, Windows with Mactype is absolutely GOAT. No horrible font rendering. Actual software and drivers working, stable as fuck. Doesn't break after an update. Too bad you can't rice it that much but I barely look at the OS itself anyway.

>> No.59027366
File: 171 KB, 1000x818, CHECKEM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.59027394


>> No.59027542
File: 27 KB, 640x354, analysis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I've never been a big fan of virtualizing anything


>> No.59027581


>> No.59027610

>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.
So you admit that W10 is a botnet. Interesting.

>> No.59028153

Because you are basically an idiot. It's like saying:

>I used Word forever so I am more familiar with it than Libre Office Writer therefore it is better.

Which is just stupid. Of course, you're going to be more productive with Word at first; you already know how to use it. That doesn't make the alternative automatically bad. You're going to get out what you put in. If you don't take the time to learn the alternative like you did with Word it is never going to see better to you.

That laziness is what monopolies are counting on. Why do you think they let students and colleges use Microsoft Office for free?

>> No.59028196

>Doesn't break after an update
Nice meme.

>> No.59029462

> Need to do work
> Need to finish clients autocad dwg, that part wad needed YESTERDAY at clients remote location
> Restarting windows in 15 minutes to install updates

Everytime. Which is why I bought windows server to replace pos win10. I reboot my workstation when I want, not when my pc wants. I'd use linux on my workstation too if autocad would pull their head from their ass and support real os.

>> No.59029476
File: 1.14 MB, 1500x843, IMG_20170220_032849274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i use windows 7 heavily modified. win 10 is telemetry fag and AIDS amount of bloatware. "oh its easy 2 remove" firstly its not, secondly why the fuck should i have to do so. Give me a fucking win10 without godamn excessive telemet and no bloatware and some backward compat for windows themes like old 7 aero and even xp themes, holy shit imagine that an xp taskbar when u switch to an xp theme, win7, etc.

>> No.59029531
File: 104 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Memes aside, Windows always has a botnet
I wouldn't be surprised if even ME had a backdoor.

You aren't forced to use the three typical Browsers that the Windows environment provides you with.
Uhh, Linux has games too :^)
>Picture Editiing
>>Video editing
This is a board for STEM fags
>Office Tasks
Read above
>Chatting with friends
Read above

As you can see, Linux is clearly for autistic nofriend virgins like me.
and everything else is for NORMIES

>> No.59029610

Win7 is the exact fucking same you damn retard, it's been an unremovable botnet since 2001

>> No.59029615

no it is not you absolute twat, windows 10 is increasingly more telemetry ridden.

>> No.59029631


>This is a board for STEM fags

>he actually believes this

Wow, you dumb cunt.

>> No.59029652

Kek, it's always done that. In XP telemetry started, in Vista more system info, user account info, and applications started being sent too, in 7 barely anything changed other than disabling your adapter if it was unable to connect to phone home, in 8 they sent a screenshot along with it once in a while.

>Im ok with being fucked, just 7 inches though, not 8.

>> No.59029921

If you aren't stem then please kindly fuck off and go back to /v/

>> No.59029970

I can change the theme.
It doesn't reboot randomly

>> No.59030022

This, please!

>> No.59030063

>well that can be fixed fairly easily nowadays.

>> No.59030238
File: 492 KB, 857x1202, 1487305949551_20170218170323163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw switched to Ubuntu about a year ago.
Used it for about 10 months day to day.

Getting my analysis and design software to work in a VM was painful. I switched back yo windows 10 as of last month..

Personally i get no benefit from loonix because I'm not working as a sysadmin....and I don't give a fuck about ricing.

Pic related.

>> No.59030249

I want to touch her hips

>> No.59030297

>If your GNU/Linux does not beat Windows in each category it is irrational for you to use it over Windows 10.

You seem to be under the strange assumption that my computer usage is the same as yours. I don't do photo editing or video editing at all, and I don't tend to do much office work that can't be easily done with Libre Office or LaTeX. Browsing and chatting is more or less the same experience on Linux as it is on Windows, and as for gaming... stick to Windows. Most of the games I like have been ported to Linux, but if you care about gaming, stick to Windows.

As for why I use Linux... it's because developing software on anything else sucks royal balls.

>> No.59030322

That girl looks like she's about 10 years old, pervert.

>> No.59030499

That's almost gerontophilia.

>> No.59030670

Windows 10 is even worse than Windows 98ME

>> No.59030674

Win 7 for me. Win 10 is like a plague. I hate it and it makes me feel sick. I have gentoo on another pc but my main has win because productivity without dealing with fucking headaches is nice.

>> No.59030692

I know, she's on the old side.
Who knows how many diseases she has

>> No.59030706

No difference, except that browsers seem to be a bit faster under GNU/Linux. Maybe it’s also due to everything being installed on my SSD whereas most of my software are installed on my HDD on Windows (I dual-boot, yes)
No comment
>>Picture Editing
Darktable has already been mentioned, but I have to agree Photoshop and such are better under macOS and Windows
>>Video Editing
same as above
>>Office Tasks
I don’t do much office tasks, but when I do I’m generally under Windows. If I don’t want to switch, I use WPS Office, which uses Microsoft’s extension.
>>Chatting with friends
Already mentioned, everything work well under GNU/Linux

Also I’d add audio tasks (I mean on a professional level):
Audio editing and engineering is a pain in the ass on GNU/Linux, I prefer doing it under Windows or macOS, and wine and virtualized OSes are no good for tasks that require realtime. Plus drivers for audio interfaces are rarely usable, if there are any (as far as I know, there’s nothing for RME’s hardware). I personally thing the whole audio system of GNU/Linux is to be made anew, because of the dirty and atrocious mess it is.

Overall, I prefer GNU/Linux, which I find comfier, but Windows has good points GNU/Linux really lacks.

>> No.59030710

She probably has bleeding of the vagina.


>> No.59030828

> >Browsing
Browsers are the same.
I have a PS4 and do not game on Windows.
>Picture Editing
Tough one, but RawTherapee and GIMP cover most of my needs, GIMP even supports 16bit per channel now. Anyway, not much of a photo guy.
>Video Editing
VirtualDub is the same in both Linux and Windows.
>Office Tasks
I have Office365, so I dunno. Works the same.
>Chatting with friends
Skype and Steam chat are there.

All in all, it suits my needs just fine.

>> No.59031113

I hope you actually get cancer.

>> No.59033760

someone plz shop the black bull from blacked.com in place of the laptop

>> No.59033863

>that can be fixed fairly easily

You say this as if it is a positive thing. The fact that you have to click even one single button to disable the botnet in your """Personal""" computer's OS speaks volumes. You're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

>> No.59033887

>It's actually damn fast.
Hahaha, pajeet pls.

>> No.59033897

Do it yourself you worthless sack of shit

>> No.59033982

Is this bad bait or are you actually retarded?

Browsers are the same whether on Linux or any other OS...

I've been gaming on Linux for years now, update your silly argument. (inb4 muh windows exclusives, that's not Linux's fault, it's shortsighted/incompetent devs)

>Picture Editing
Cropping your wife's boyfriend out of your holiday pictures can be done just as easily in GIMP, don't pretend to need anything else.

>Video Editing
Cutting out your favorite bits of your childish anime show can be done in any Linux video editor as well, again, don't pretend you need anything more.

>Office Tasks
Libreoffice is pretty comfy, does everything you and I will ever need.

>Chatting with friends
Again, update your arguments.

>> No.59034156

I use GNU/Linux to learn simply. I don't want to stand in a programming/sysadmin job one day and only be able to use one kind of OS because I was stubborn or narrowminded. There's OS'es for lots of purposes, and i still wouldn't use Windows as my main website host, but maybe for some of the categories you mentioned as Gaming I would use Windows. It depends.
Generally I'm facinated by open source, which is also why it makes sense to use an open source OS and contribute to open source project like LibreOffice with it.

>> No.59034248

>Skype and Steam chat are there.
And Skype still looks good on Linux

>> No.59034331

>"""design""" is important ever

Just kys homo, use fagOS, you're not worthy to use Linux.

>> No.59034397

>things should look ugly

>> No.59034757

is it illegal if you fap to this?

>> No.59035006

You dense moron, the point is that it doesn't matter at all how something 'looks'. Stop using """design""" as if it were a valid argument. This is /g/, >>>/fa/ is that way.

>> No.59035049

Please tell that to every user that has ever touched 8.1.

>> No.59035058
File: 108 KB, 900x299, 1451453258-2015-12-30-Stop-And-No.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You dense moron, the point is that it doesn't matter at all how something 'looks'.
You'll lose your virginity the day you'll meet a girl who believes this.

>> No.59035070

So if it's the same program there's no reason to use the better looking alternative?

>> No.59035099

>What's true for technology is true for human interaction.

And that's why you're the virgin here.


>> No.59035107

Design is important when it makes things easier or more functional to use.

>> No.59035142

Functionality is important, design has nothing to do with it sad tripfag.

>> No.59035184

>better than mac for anything but gaming

>> No.59035235

False. If your design makes you go through multiple extra steps to achieve the same thing the design hurts functionality. If it is counter-intuitive then it does the same.

For example, look at how Windows 10 splits functions between control panel and the new settings menu rather than consolidating them in one or the other.

>> No.59035317

>If your design makes you go through multiple extra steps
Then that means you have shit functionality, and it has nothing to do with design. You can keep saying one thing when you mean another, but it changes nothing.

>> No.59035375

You're an idiot. The functionality is still there. The design of the interface just makes accessing it less efficient.

>> No.59035414

>The functionality of the interface just makes accessing it less efficient.

FTFY, for the last time as well tripfag. It's fucking tiresome how dense you are.

>> No.59035504

If it can still do something then it is not lacking in functionality. This is the last >(you) you'll get from me on this.

>> No.59035565

>This is the last >(you) you'll get from me on this.
>I know I lost the argument so I'll pretend to be above it instead.

Typical tripfag shit.

>> No.59036682

>that's not Linux's fault, it's shortsighted/incompetent devs
Actually, it *is* Linux's fault. If the platform was worth a damn, people would develop for it. It's like saying it's not Microsoft's fault that Windows Phone has no apps; it's the devs not being competent enough to realize how great the OS is (which is true; people really do like the OS).

>> No.59036718

>Start-menu randomly stop responding require reinstall of all UWP-apps
>Office package/UWP-apps complains about no internet acces and refuse to boot, internet work fine
>Activating VPN requires you to open the settings menu and like four other steps compared to before win8.1 and 7
>Updates and prompts for restart every forty-five minuted
>Randomly removes installed programs and overwrites working drivers everytime it updates
Win10 is literal garbage, worse than Vista and anyone defending it is a paid shill

>> No.59036772

Does take 10+ min to get my pc to boot and open any of the above

>> No.59036800

My Thinkpad came with Windows 10 and I liked it.

But yeah, botnet so I formatted and installed Arch.

>> No.59036870
File: 68 KB, 764x551, FB_IMG_1487179584871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have ubuntu booted on my hard drive, win10 on my ssd.

When i play vidya or i'm just watching tv i use windows

When im programmimg i use ubuntu.

Why choose when you can have the best of both?

>> No.59037210

kek, you just disputed the claim and then confirmed it. I guess microsofts dick up your ass prevents you from thinking clearly.

>> No.59037680
File: 245 KB, 1000x818, eat_fresh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Subway!

>> No.59037781

It's the users.
Windows users are like dirty apes. I personally don't want to hate on that, but just try to look at the computers of 90% of windows users.
Desktop overpopulated with icons, huge amount of botnet shitty software they got from installing other bullshit from 3rd party sites. Prone to NOT BEING organized. It's like comparing a small thriving town to Mumbai. Yes, the second has higher population and economical value, but also has population, shitting designated streets and lots of crime. Giving something to the masses means destroying it, and linux is build on the idea of you making what you want for yourself, so it's kind of "immuned" against masses.

>> No.59037838

Apes have more fun with their games than you Linux users.

>> No.59037857

I use both. I do play most of my games on linux, but I still have to go to Mumbai for cheap prostit... I meant gaming experience that is hard to get or impossible on Linux.
I use both, so I can't blame anyone. I can hate on both of them though, which is much more interesting.

>> No.59037944

Mumbai is good indeed for certain things. Guess I just don't see what I need to have in Linux. Your ISP can see what you do, so navigating the internet means you are already being monitored. I guess I just don't see the practicality of being on Linux if you have a public ISP.

>> No.59038008

Linux is more of a meme. Using an OS means having certain habits. So people who use linux are using it mostly because they feel more comfortable using it. For most programmers and developers, linux is simply more comfortable. I personally find it more comfortable for my regular daily stuff as well, not specifically programming or gaming. But like browsing dank memes, watching porn and so on.
Everyone can get used to it, but getting used to windows is simply easier, takes less effort. You use what you get and there are not many choices.

>> No.59038393


>> No.59038425


>> No.59038552
File: 607 KB, 1530x2277, widlar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because I have no clue how windows work
Linux is just easier

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