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Could you be more of an inflammatory faggot?

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Intel will rerelease Memalake with multithreading enabled i5 @4.5Ghz
that's their only way to compete

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Lets wait til we actually see how it performs in actual games eh

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With most games, definitely not as good as synthetic seeing as core performance isn't very good.

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>3.3, 3.2 and 4.0 GHz have the same per-core performance


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I'm hoping that's driver and chipset maturity, unless someone has a better idea.

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How about its performance with running 3D programs, game engines, mining cryptos and other stuff aside from video meme games?

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Nobody cares. There are better cards for 3D and mining is dead.

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>ryzen 3.2ghz BTFO 6900k 3.2Ghz
>6800k 3.4Ghz BTFO Ryzen 4.0 Ghz

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that chart is just the overall physics score divided by the number of cores. There is no single core benchmark in firestrike.
the suspiciously perfect scaling might be an inidcator that the Zen scores are faked to begin with.

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That's called an i7, dipshit

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Not for long, fuccboi

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You missed the news of Intel readying a Kabylake-X i5 SKU with SMT enabled and housefire TDP.

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Don't forget the days of engineering sample excuses are long gone
If it's a shit clock it's a shit clock, this is what AMD is putting on the market

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KabylakeX is gonna be on x99 right?
1151 can't actually go past 4 cores and 2011-3 CPUs already have housefire tdps for their housecooler heatsinks

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im pretty sure 1151 can go past 4 cores its just that intel are jews

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Kaby X will be LGA 2066

A socket change a year keeps the goyim in fear

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Apparently KabylakeX tops out at 4 cores as well for whatever reason.

And for whatever reason I have no idea why anyone would buy it compared to the 1151 socket, quad channel memory? Would that even affect anything with only 4 cores?

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15% improvement soon lads

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Is pretty fucking accurate, AMD working their asses off and still making crap, and intel making all the money

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15% uplift *in Sysmark*
Kaby Lake also showed a 15% uplift over Skylake in Sysmark, so that looks incredibly disastrously bad for intel. Its basically the same as saying
>Look, we have absolutely fucking nothing, all over again!

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Thank you based Jim

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Mfw Zen is released and all real world tests with compression, encoding, decoding, gaming and physics in general will be better than Intel.

Even if 1800X turns out to be 80% of the performance of 6950X for 50% of the price, I'll buy one.

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Just purchased a 6600k rip

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I can't say that I know the limits of 1151 pins on a socket but I know Intel said their 1151 socket only supports quad cores
I bet there isn't a single 5+ core CPU on 1150, 1155, or 1151, my point is I doubt Intel would go back on their word when all they have to do is release a new socket next year

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If the 1700/1700x/1800x are all 8/16 core threads is there any reason why anybody wouldnt just get the 319$ cpu over the 499 one and just overclock the hell out of it since all Zen cpus are unlocked from the start?

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Congrats, enjoy never feeling like your CPU is too slow for 8 more years
Unless you need multicore but that was a decision you knew long ago, irrelevant of brand loyalty

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That's nice and all but what are the temperatures?

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15% in one synthetic benchmark that is compiled to favor your arch is nothing. Skylake and Kaby Lake are less than 1% apart in IPC, and just a few days ago during an intel keynote an engineer stated that they are internally the same arch. The Kaby Lake core *is* Skylake only with some hardware bugs fixed.
Intel stating that their new arch will be another 15% uplift in the same synthetic bench is saying that they have nothing. 15% uplift in Sysmark is actually fucking nothing.

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>few months ago by AMD
>a bit latter by frogs


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I'm not favoring anything, I'm saying that a 15% increase (and this is CPU, synthetic or not, it's relevant) isn't nothing, especially when the official statement from years before Kaby lake existed is that Kaby lake is basically skylake, but apparently 15% better according to you
You can't say a CPU gen is 15% better and then ridicule it

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Uhh, he's saying the intel slide of 15% improvement is bullshit because it is bullshit, Kaby and Skylake are literally the same shit and Intel wants to sell you that one is faster than the other.

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>synthetic CPU benchmarks
You mean non-gaming, boring old-man multicore performance?

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It's the same guy.

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it's a prank

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>tfw upgrading my 2500k to Zen next month
>tfw upgrading my 780Ti to VEGA in a few months
The future is Red my friends.

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You sound like the kinda guy who would actually believe the geekbench scores and declare ARM the best architecture on the planet, beating everything else ever made. Protip, not all benches are equal.

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geekbench scores are valid for the same architecture, not for arm vs x86 you autist...
you sound like hte kind of guy who thinks he knows everything when in reality you're just another dumbass looking at the same charts we all are

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You mean the same ISA, not architecture.

Geekebench isn't valid because it tests a bunch of SIMD some arches have and some don't, pulling them in an aggregate score which literally means nothing after that.

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But geekbench is a subjective benchmark, comparing systems to systems in arguably CPU-dependent benchmarks.
You're saying that two CPUs with the exact same clock and core and architecture can perform differently in a benchmark and that's not relevant?

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>but apparently 15% better according to you
15% better in precisely one benchmark
0-1% better in literally everything else.

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Yes he means ISA
So it is valid to use these benchmarks to compare any modern Intel or AMD CPU against each other?

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But if they're just generic x86 workhorses doing generic x86 tasks, then what makes one benchmark so special where the raw maxed multicore CPU power is so much better on a CPU that is the same?

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It will be literally retard to keep being NVIDIA or Intel after 2017

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Wow, you can't even read.
Sysmark is compiled specifically to favor intel's arch, they even listed it in a footnote on their marketing slide. A 15% uplift in Sysmark is nothing. Literally nothing.
Skylake to Kaby Lake was nothing.
The generation of arch coming after Kaby Lake is promising the same nothing performance uplift.

Hes genuinely too stupid to understand.

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Kaby Lake wasn't an architecture change though

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I'll stick to my E5-2620v4 Sure it's only 3GHz but quad channel is important to my usecase.

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Geekbench? Yes, but only if both support the same SIMD geekbench tests.

Even with that Geekbench is flaky at best, a lot of microbenches that in no way simulate real life performance.
You should test it with a test suite of at least another few benchmarks, its score alone isn't worth much, a CPU can't be tested with a few scripted tests.

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>You mean the same ISA, not architecture
>Geekebench isn't valid because it tests a bunch of SIMD some arches have and some don't
>You mean the same ISA, not architecture

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>Intel still on top
The only thing that matters.

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>10 core, 140W TDP, $1700

I love context.
Wait til the 32 core Naples get tested against the 24 core Broadwell, that should be hilarious.

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Mainly because it's a 10 core 20 thread part vs the AMD one below it which is a 8 core 16 thread part.

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But what about the 72 core Xeon?

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Man, 2026 will be a great year for AMD

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AMD is hotter. Waste more energy. Fuck AMD.

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That's an accelerator, running fucking Silvermont cores.


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>5% more performance for only 1200$ more! such a good deal goyim get it now!

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Intel has 32 core Skylake Xeons, not sure about their availability, but they're a clear response to Zen.
Though they're absurdly priced Xeon came it at a 2.1ghz, and word is that Naples clocks a lot higher at 180w.

That is a Phi.
Its small Atom cores made to do nothing but process AVX.

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Considering Intel just released their NEWEST AND GREATEST 24 core Broadwell I don't think we'll see that 32 core Skylake until late Q3 or Q4

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>clearly a response to zen
>selling xeons and focusing on multicore performance for xeons since 2007
Shit, Intel has had multicore on lock for a while now, a few years ago their multicore xeons started getting close to their core-series IPC.
You know, years before zen was announced

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Try agian, little shill.
Intel didn't make the jump from a 24c/48t Broadwell to 32c/64t Skylake by coincidence.
They did it because AMD's Naples is 32c/64t.

Skylake Xeons are a direct response to Zen.

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Zen+ won't exist for many many years though.
You can't "respond" to nothing, that's what people on /g/ do

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Zen is a direct response to Coffee Lake
AMD must be scared shitless to be releasing something like that

>> No.58937121

Naples is a direct response to optical non-silicon processing

>> No.58937125

>95W AMD vs. 140W Intel
>AMD wastes energy

umm... sure

>> No.58937147

Intel has a bigger high-end turbo and performance range
I mean sure if it topped out at the performance level of zen of course it would be consuming much less power, but it's better, goes farther

>> No.58937165

Geekbench 4 is relevent as fuck these days. It tests a lot of both synthetic and real world CPU-based tasks. ARM and x86 both run the exact same tests too.
You have to look past the initial score and you can see the figures of each individual sub-test.

There hasn't been a better CPU benchmark.
Now queue that blog post by Linus ragging on the older GB2 and GB3, they were rightfully shit though, but GB4 fixed all of the issues.

>> No.58937183

>I mean sure if it topped out at the performance level of zen of course it would be consuming much less power, but it's better, goes farther
p r o v e i t

>> No.58937188

What do I need to process to get my CPU running at a "synthetic benchmark level"?

>> No.58937201

Read the AMDtech graph of them crying, cucked in the corner

>> No.58937205

>Zen+ won't exist for many many years though.
AMD is releasing new arch every year. So your statement is flat out false.

>You can't "respond" to nothing, that's what people on /g/ do
Are you brain damaged, or just clueless.
Naples is Zen, not Zen+. Naples Opterons are releasing shortly this year.

Coffee Lake is actually a mainstream response to the lower binned Ryzen chips. Intel can't address the multithreaded performance of a 6c/12t Ryzen SKU so they had to tack two more cores on to Kaby Lake.

Intel has no new core arch coming out until 2021 at the earliest.

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Passmark, kek.

>> No.58937239

A bag of dicks, because synthetic benchmarks are full of fucking shit.

No single application runs the entire frontend of a modern core at 100%.

There literally does not exist a single useful application that runs the FPU, ALUs, fetchers, prefetchers, predictor, caches and decoders at full tilt at the same time, that's fucking nonsensical and if such a program exists it won't be anything but 20 inline loops running infinity.

In conclusion, synthetics are shit

>> No.58937253

Then why the fuck does a lot of users here on /g/ keep quoting Passmark as the best CPU test when the clearly superior Geekbench 4 exists?

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>> No.58937258

But programs do run each one right? These decoders and shit do have functions right?
So why is a cumulative test wrong?
If it's "stressful" on the CPU isn't that a good indication of its minimum single-application performance?

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Autism: the post

>> No.58937269

Because people are fucking idiots, how do you not know this when you've been on this board longer than a week.

>> No.58937284

Personally I think a laptop CPU boosting to 4GHz for a single-core application is a bigger lie than a CPU score being gimped by running at 100%

>> No.58937294

>not just sticking with 4790k and DDR3 until all of this stabilizes a bit

Also HDMI 2.1 (integrated variable refresh rate) going to make gsync/freesync obsolete but both the GPU/Monitor need HDMI 2.1... so I hope you lads arent wasting money "upgrading".

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Want a car analogy? synthetics are like redlining your car over 10km in first gear.
Normal stuff like gaming is regular traffic with dropping from fifth/fourth gear to third and overtaking someone from time to time.

>> No.58937313

But retards here will call AMD shit even if the one processor that beats it is something they'd never actually buy.

>> No.58937323

>want a car analogy?
Nobody does
Not a single person on /g/ thinks your car analogies are anything other than flat out retarded.
Like 100% complete fucking retard shitposting
Continue on with your argument, omitting the fucking "im a giant dipshit everybody look at me!" Analogies

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Too bad, I like my car analogies.

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Synthetics usually test a single feature isolated, or an abstracted performance metric even harder to draw parallel to. It would be like measuring how fast the wheels themselves could rotate before becoming unstable.

>These wheels can roll an astounding 300mph!
>The car can accelerate to 300mph?
>No, but the wheels could theoretically roll that fast!

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No I don't
Car analogies for tech are fucking stupid I don't see why people think anybody wants them.
What programs are "high gear optimized"? What the fuck does that even mean?

>> No.58937361

You're reading too much into it, if you drove a car it should be easy to understand that the first scenario is wasteful and completely unrealistic.

>> No.58937375

Actually cpus are more like self driving electric cars because they don't have gears, have nobody to pass, can't be controlled or directed for more power, and don't use the "power" in ratio to output "speed"
Come to think of computers are nothing like cars, weird concept

>> No.58937388

No actually I didn't read into it at all
I saw the first sentence then completely disregarded everything you said as ignorant shitposting, like I do with every technology=car analogy

>> No.58937403

But what program is the first scenario? And why?
Does a benchmark make my CPU slow? Does using the CPU wear it out?
Can't you shift gears in a video game and suddenly use half as much "power" and keep going the same "speed"? Video games don't have to use any CPU power from what you're saying

>> No.58937407

And that's why you're a fucking retard. Case closed.

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>trunk closed

>> No.58937439

He was saying that synthetics use too much of your CPU, not that they use too little of your CPU
I'm trying to figure out why he thinks a holistic test is worse than benchmarking each little individual feature

>> No.58937459

The first scenario is all cylinders firing like lasers at insane RPM, something like wPrime or IBT
That's not close to real workload.
A benchmark(synthetic) makes your CPU run at its theoretical limit.

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Your computer is slow because you don't got one of these bad boys

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>interfering with your exhaust flow

>> No.58937487

so a benchmark is better if it doesn't use your whole CPU?
Whew, glad my Runescape benchmark is an accurate test of CPU power

>> No.58937493

>50% of the price

it'll be closer to a third

>> No.58937508

Glad everybody except AMD knows the price

>> No.58937523

Even HPC workloads don't bullshit like synthetics, as HPC workloads are tailored for cache misses, and as little branching as possible for full ALU/FPU utilization.

>> No.58937540

Yes, actually.
Glad we finally got that over with.

>> No.58937553

How fast can your CPU crunch the square root of 173 btw?

>> No.58937561

I don't know nor do I care, why not ask someone with a few thousand cores to test it out?

>> No.58937586

so many nerds angry about made up graphs. the full suite of benchmarks both synthetic and useful will be out in a matter of weeks. why can't you guys contain your autism for that long?

>> No.58937603


I can't believe I ever doubted him. I thought he was just a meme.

>> No.58937614


You probably pay for porn, don't you?

>> No.58937617

The dude has been shitting out amazing CPUs since his DEC (rest in peace) days, it's on fucking wikipedia.

>> No.58937636

Intel are shitting themselves. The performance per dollar if the leaks are true will mean Intel will have to lower their prices considerably and thus admit they have been raping consumers for a loooooong time.

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Well to be fair, dozens to hundreds of people work on designing a core arch. It could have been pure coincidence that so many things Keller worked on turned out to be stunning, even industry changing. So I can see why some people would doubt his ability to single handedly impact the outcome of an entire design team. The layman sees him as something of a rockstar for IC design.
You look at the track record of things he was involved with, and eventually it can't be coincidental, theres too many wins under his belt. Hes just a gifted guy, and probably a type A personality who demands the best from the people around him too.

Its not quite the same, but Steve Jobs is an apt example. Jobs himself wasn't necessarily talented. What Jobs did was be an angry fuck who demand the best from the workforce. Fucking up wasn't an option or you'd pay for it.
I get the feeling that Keller is probably the same type, though I doubt he has the same autistic temper that Jobs had.

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Just bought a 7700k

>> No.58937672

That's why they won't lower prices but rush a few SKUs to damage control the market while throwing bulging blue envelopes to OEMs hoping nobody will notice or snitch

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File: 2.99 MB, 1129x1660, 1486247418982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1700 USD CPU
>No ECC support
These kikes had their reign.

>> No.58937743

>I do not know nor do I care
So why do you care about measuring other computer applications that don't actually use the full power of the CPU?

>> No.58937762

We've had LGA2011 for a bazillion years and you're complaining about a socket change now? lol

>> No.58937769

my 2500k still just works

>> No.58937775

Because that's the best way to measure the performance of applications I and the large majority of others will be experiencing.
Not folding protein, not calculating Pi, but gaming, browsing and streaming.

>> No.58937780

holy shit. either amd or apple sucked the life out of him

>> No.58937800


If that's actually legit, holy shit. The flagship AMD might be a good replacement for my 5960X. I'm fucking shocked.

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>Naples clocks a lot higher at 180w.

>> No.58937867


If you're not running a P4, you're a faggot. P4 is the best.

>> No.58937881

>mfw gonna buy 7700k and 6950k on retail edge this year and sell it on ebay
>AMDfags can't do this

>> No.58937893

>v2 xeon
>v4 xeon

>Keller was assisted by on site AMD wizards in pouring his life essence into the architecture

>> No.58937894

I can think of faster money.
Like investing in Nvidia and AMD.

>> No.58937917

You can only buy stocks if you're a millionaire.

>> No.58937925

Is this another one of your weird American laws?

>> No.58937986
File: 9 KB, 248x198, altered-amd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58938043


Nah bro. Keller looks a bit weird because he has lived for thousands of years.

>> No.58938076
File: 15 KB, 470x82, muhAMD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fucking signed bro.

>> No.58938289

Anyone have a good chart of performance /$ that includes these leaked prices?

>> No.58939289

Never understood this complaint.

As if you're buying a new CPU and not getting a new board along with it. Who upgrades CPU within the same generation or two?

>> No.58939305

No. Synthetic benchmarks are utterly meaningless.

What are you interested in? Office suite performance? Database performance? CAD performance? How long it takes to load that 500MB excel file that is your company's single source of financial information?

The results of a synthetic benchmark have no meaning in these contexts.

>> No.58939354

What possessed you to invest $13k on AMD?

When did you buy the stock?

Do you trade stocks of other companies?

>> No.58939358

>Redlining in first gear
>Not keeping the gear/rpm stable at the point in wich the car makes the most KW
>Overtaking in third gear
>Talking about gears in the first place on a board in wich half the people use automatic and the other half never dwells from their moms basament

You sir are an idiot

>> No.58939369

>iAPX 432

Can Intel do anything right that isn't die shrinks and marketing?

>> No.58939372

and you can't read.

>> No.58939387
File: 61 KB, 500x562, tumblr_inline_oj8xaxVtZ31rv0k05_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That single core performance

>> No.58939404

just post the fact that previous gen processors are all compatible with am4 and intel instantly loses with their kikery

>> No.58939446

Tell me then how a synthetic benchmark is different than keeping a car at max power for given time

You will never do that in real life, is far from efficent and requires perfect conditions

>> No.58939447


>> No.58939451


>> No.58939665

No, that's the fucking point. They never developed something both radically new AND useful.

>> No.58940253

>still on sandy bridge
>i5 2320
>gtx 480
>still plays most games at 1080p/low or 720p/high

why drop over a thousand bucks on a new computer when this one still works? some of you people upgrade too much.

>> No.58940268

Because I have 1440p

>> No.58940287

I understand wanting more, but some people are talking about upgrading already when they are still on fucking skylake i7 and shit.

my point was that you can still enjoy using a computer that is made of older parts.. I actually like older parts better. something about a humble computer makes me happy.

>> No.58940323

>t. poorfag

>> No.58940337

no, just don't feel like lining a Jews pockets every time they improve their product by 4%

>> No.58940893

>talking about upgrading already when they are still on fucking skylake i7 and shit.
Buyers remorse it seems.

>> No.58940923

And most people can still resell their i7s.

>> No.58941016

These results don't make a lot of sense. I'll wait and see what the benchmarks are at release but I'll likely get a zen because it'll beast at rendering etc.

>> No.58941158

You don't line Jew pockets when you buy AMD

>> No.58941574

3 core with hyperthreading when ?

>> No.58941610

6 cores is the new 3

>> No.58941659

>disagree about an amd product.

Fucking this is why theres no decent discussions on here.

>> No.58941722

I've been planning a kaby miniITX build for the past few weeks to upgrade my 2600k. so glad i slacked on it now that /ourguy/ advancedmicrodevices are potentially back. i've been waiting for the glorious comeback since 2006 reminiscing on my days of being a fucking virgin 13 year old reading about athlon xp and 9800xts my parents wouldnt buy me

>> No.58941796

Nobody said anything about Zen+, Naples is launching this year.

>> No.58941864

CPU good value check
Motherboard good value check
Ram ddr4 is expensive fuck. sorry amd

>> No.58942074

Better binning and more power features like XFR and Precision Boost

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>> No.58942196

Intel is moar cores company now.

>> No.58942226

Why am I just hearing this.

>> No.58942240

>a few years ago their multicore xeons started getting close to their core-series IPC
Their IPC has always been the same as the core series
>Shit, Intel has had multicore on lock for a while now
The only reason this happened was because AMD left the magnycore market since something newer than Piledriver wouldn't be competitive with the Xeon's
It's literally 4 Zeppelin dies, which clock at 95W in the desktop parts
Straight up shilling
Naples leaks were the first benchmark leaks of Zen, it's been announced for a long time now
You forgot the i740

>> No.58943793

someone did math to get these numbers.

>> No.58943862

amd got 8 cores to work on 1331, wha the hell is intels excuse?

>> No.58943905

or he is getting older and lost some weight.

>> No.58943916

what in the actual fuck is on a motherboard that demands replacement all the fucking time?

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>the amd 6 core is beating a intel 8 core


>mfw intel brings out a 12 core to compete with zen

>> No.58943995


my motherboard does not have native support for usb-3 and other shit. It creates problems and whatnot.

That said, my mobo is from 2012

>> No.58944019

my motherboard is from 2009-2010, it has expansion slots I could fit most of the shit I want into it if i really cared, barring a significant near decade length of time, is there any truly justifiable reason the socket changes so fucking often with intel?

>> No.58944068

For fucks sake. I am sure most people would love to stuff 5 expansion cards in their mobo so they can get the latest features.

>> No.58944090


OH, i got a AMD-3 (that is a 3+ with bios upgrade) board.

I dont know why intel changes sockets so much. Money most likely.

Still though, it keeps them on top of emerging tech. USB-3.X, better PCI, etc.

>> No.58944095

synthetic benchmarks are 100% bullshit.

Best case scenario for benchmarks are in engine game benchmarks, or 3d/2d test scenes

or real world product demos

realistically, these are the only things that accurately show off a cpu, as synthetics have a tendency to give you best case scenario, not the what every program ACTUALLY functions like. Intel has a tendency to preform above and beyond in synthetics, even if you just look at intel, they claim up to 35% upticks in performance, but real world at best through the core series was 10% sometimes a regression in performance by a few%

>> No.58944113

usb 4 cores out
well shit, need to throw my 300$ motherboard and 500$ cpu away because using 1 4x at best or 1 16x at worst pcie slot is to much of a fucking hassle.

>> No.58944201

binning for one, if the x means it auto overclocks that is number 2, and just for a 3, my current cpu is on 7~ years of use, and was retarded to get a quad core at the time, so if I look at ryzen the same way, that 8 core could serve me well for as long if not longer than 7 years.

>> No.58944212

amd knew the price at new horizons and has been telling you for the last 3 months by you won't listen.

>> No.58944249

OH, amd released official prices for the last 3 months?

Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.58944263

dude is the co author of x86-64 that along should give you a damn good understanding of personal skill.

>> No.58944309

there is an american law that you can't invest in a company unless you have over 250000$ but that's not buying stocks, i'm pretty much just a neet but I got close to 50 grand in stocks.

>> No.58944333

because i'm on a phenom II and have 677mhz ddr2 ram but 16gb of it.

That said, I would move off the 480 and go to something with 4gb of ram, if only for quality of life purposes.

>> No.58944358

There are a fuckload of people who WANT an 8 core like amd is offering, but they settled for 8 threads instead, amd is offering then what they want, and they will either use the current computer as a secondary, or sell the parts for potential profit.

>> No.58944392


I grew up on a humble computer, upgraded to low mid tier though college, and persisted with me till now.

No, this time im going mid high tier. 1080 with ryzen, great mobo, raid up SSD.

>> No.58944400

They showed you 6700k ryzen and then 6900k

you had to read between the lines because the event was showing off the bare minimum 8 core ryzen

then at ces they told you, price match i7 or 500$

well looks like they price matched it with the lowest binned 8 core, and went 500$ with a higher binned one.

they keep telling you the price, but never tell you a hard 'here is the price' so when shit like the leaks happen they get a week or two of coverage every time something is said.

>> No.58944430

dont raid the ssd, it's honestly pointless unless you do video editing, almost every file for everything is compressed, and there is a point where passed 400 but sub 600mb read speed you see next to if not no benefit, there are the odd games that have large uncompressed files so they load faster but they are the minority, just focus on getting an ssd that can sustain its read and write speed indefinitely or if they drop off at all they remain high.

>> No.58944506

>then at ces they told you, price match i7 or 500$


>> No.58944724

>At CES, the company openly asked journalists what it should be priced at. Price an eight-core Ryzen at around £400/$500 and you bring down the cost of eight-core chips to that of a six-core—a solid move for consumers, but not one that will greatly affect mainstream performance. Price it the same as a quad-core i7-7700K—about £300/$330—and you dramatically shake up the industry.

yes they have been telling you the fucking price for god damn ever and no one listened.

>> No.58944743

>>At CES, the company openly asked journalists what it should be priced at

AMD asked journalists what the journalists THINK, not what AMD is pricing.

Read anon. Read the fucking article.

>> No.58944762

>he gimps his SSDs by using SATA
kys tbqh familam

>> No.58944777

SATA3 is fast as fuck.

>> No.58944796

Just get a 960 evo anon

>> No.58944816

My one upgrade was a 970 meme and i got fucked.

It had trouble with maxing games the moment i got it.

At least i will get 20 dollars from the class action lawlsuit.

>> No.58944833

Ya but 960 evo is top of the line shit. The nvme m.2 ssd. Instead of your dumb idea for running ssds in raid

>> No.58944860

so why has it been gimping ssd performance for half a fucking decade now?

>> No.58944867


>> No.58944870

It's not.

>> No.58944875

>The nvme m.2 ssd.

Ahh, yeah i might go with an m.2.

Thought you meant the graphics card.

>> No.58944882

>fast as fuck
say that to 2GBps ssds
literally max out pci e 2 x4 bandwidth these days.

>> No.58944887

It's 600MB/s

>> No.58944902

Gaming performance of the new AMD cpus won't match with Intel CPUs.

That I am sure of.

If you handle with heavy multitasking stuff, and programs that support more than 4 cores, AMD is gonna be a good choice.

>> No.58944934

With consoles having 8 cores, you are starting to see games use 8 cores already. (bf4, bf1, etc)

This wont regress.

>> No.58944954

So in terms of IPC how behind is AMD vs Intel?
Is it negligible?

>> No.58944975

>This wont regress.
Yes it will. Making a process multi threaded, requires active effort. Also just because a program makes use of all cores does not mean it makes use of them equally. Games are still going to be sensitive to IPC.

>> No.58944996

the most common rumor is that Zen is around Haswell levels of IPC (which frankly isn't far off from Sky/Kaby lake)
on top of that, Zen motherboards start from $70 and allow overclocking, which is also great

>> No.58945001

>Yes it will.

Nope, i mean there is no logical reason for it, nor a historical precedence.

>Making a process multi threaded, requires active effort

But the reward is worth it, and with modern engines it requires far, far less effort from the dev.

> Also just because a program makes use of all cores does not mean it makes use of them equally.

True, but it means that IPC starts mattering less if you can make it up with more cores. Very reason why intel itself is starting to push up to 8. Its the future, just like duo cores were the future.

>Games are still going to be sensitive to IPC.

Absolutely, but they will also be sensitive to cores as well.

>> No.58945031

>Very reason why intel itself is starting to push up to 8. Its the future, just like duo cores were the future.
Or because they hit a dead end with single core performance, but the market still demands something new.

>> No.58945057

Nice. Thanks.

>> No.58945077



>> No.58945086

does anybody else find it suspicious that outrageous third-party leaks always come out weeks before AMD releases a product?

could very well be stock manipulation or psy-ops.

>> No.58945124

>Or because they hit a dead end with single core performance,

oookkaay, so the logical step is to introduce more cores so you can keep raising the bar on whatever it is you are doing. More (x) if you will.

>> No.58945158


>> No.58945420
File: 154 KB, 1375x1279, 1447089361919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doing pc with ryzen and 1070 next month
>trick friend into buying VEGA when it comes out
>snatch his 1070 ""he has to throw out anyway"" for quarter of a price into my SLI slot

>> No.58945631

show me the non synthetic benefits outside of video editing.

>> No.58945635

Do you fail to comprehend what read between the fucking lines means? Are you really this fucking stupid?

>> No.58945648

show me the use outside of video editing or recording that takes full advantage of it and leaves sata3 ssds that aren't shit in the dust that is also not a synthetic benchmark.

>> No.58945696

with 100mb overhead...

ie you'll never realistically get over 500mbps.

>> No.58945719

he's not a friend if you even consider doing that
or you're just a genuinely horrible human being

>> No.58945878


Probably because you use /g/ as a source of information and don't follow any of the more indepth tech focused websites.

>> No.58945892

honestly, should look into just a bigger ssd then a nvme drive, they throttle to hell and back and looking at the 960 that suppose to go 3000+ read write, it barely sustains higher then sata speeds.

>> No.58945931

I'm the anon that recommended the 960 evo
I got a 950 pro a while back, ordered some ram heat sinks and putting them on the chips removed any throttling

>> No.58945933

yes and no.

all the major engines that people licences are pushing toward 4+ cores, you will only see single core matter more then multi on older games or custom engines from shit devs going forward, not to mention the headroom makes gameplay better all around, just not peak as high as intel can when 4+ cores are not used.

>> No.58945944

all you need to stop the throttling is a couple of heatsinks and some thermal glue though

>> No.58945973

half of the 960evo chips are on the other side of the pcb, I fully believe nvme will be the future at some point, but it's in its infancy right now and very little takes advantage of the full speed, Honestly think its better to just go for a larger ssd then go for a faster one so long as you are sustaining 400+ read speed.

In the future, mirror over to an nvme or do a fresh install when the price comes down and or they handle the heat issues better.

>> No.58945978

except when half the chips are on the side that faces the motherboard.

>> No.58945985

He's black. Who knew...

>> No.58946000

>he doesn't see the benefits of using an ssd at 2gbps seq r/w
>he doesn't see how being able to read/write a tb in under ten minutes is usefull
why are you even here?

>> No.58946014

put a fan on them...

even the slightest amount of convection will cause performance to go up, and you could just slap even more heatsinks on the other side

it's not like heat doesn't radiate in all directions...

>> No.58946097

Well, desu, your OS and gaems won't load any wuicker

>> No.58946103

I want ryzen to be good so it finally drives down prices, intel getting away with $600+ cpus is crazy

>> No.58946148

>i want them to drive prices down so i can buy intel and perpetuate the monopoly so they drive prices back up again

>> No.58946175

I never said i was going to buy intel, if ryzen is actually good and not just another bulldozer i would buy it.

>> No.58946199
File: 63 KB, 800x208, 1486729170536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.58946249

exactly. this "strategy" over the last couple of years hasn't worked for both gpu and cpu market and it won't work now either. if amd's products aren't selling, shilling for them online to try to get other people to buy them won't make any difference.

>> No.58946258

>can't afford a $1700 CPU
lol are you poor?

>> No.58946279
File: 3 KB, 120x117, smug music note.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the great CPU wars are upon us yet again

>> No.58946318
File: 67 KB, 601x801, KdbkN7Q6GH2igMvrUjauFU-650-80.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They just divided the benchmark score by the number of cores, which shows fuck all in terms of single-core performance. Notice that all the 8 core CPUs do worse than 4 core ones, even if you only look at the Intel results. Basically the benchmark doesn't scale 100% across Intel or AMD cores, which is obvious.

Single-core performance is generally higher than Kaby Lake judging by the Passmark results posted by PC Gamer.

>> No.58946326

I love being smart and waiting for a non shill cpu to come out... why the regular consumer encourages these prices is beyond me, but people must buy them

>> No.58946330

>sensitive to IPC
The way you dumb kids throw around jargon is maddening.

>> No.58946331

Waitfags win again.

>> No.58946422

>Waitfags win again.
Waitfags literally always win. It's a guarantee.
>buy barely-used car for 50% the original price from dumb person who purchased it new
>buy cpu/motherboard combo 6 months after release when microcenter has a loss-leader sale
>buy nice, high-end 1080p TV after they get clearanced out because all of the normies are buying mediocre 4k TVs and nobody can sell the 1080 models anymore
>get a high-end graphics card for half of the original price by waiting some months and using deal alerts
Waitfag master race

>> No.58946437

>from dumb person who purchased it new
fuck this /o/ meme. there are good reasons to buy/rent new. the depreciation is part of the tradeoff.

>> No.58946520

>buy barely-used car for 50% the original price from dumb person who purchased it new
this is stupid, cars are not pc parts, they are mechanical, did you know? and actually wear off with time

>> No.58946699

Are you implying that gb4 is the jesus of benchmarks? A remarkable claim.

>> No.58946756

>get memed into buying brand new motorbike
>barely run faster
>barely more fuel economical
>shits still broken
>3 times the price used
Fuck that noise. I will never ever buy auto shits brand new again.

>> No.58946989


Of course Geekbench is relevant, what better way to test 100w+ cpus than by using a benchmark designed for chips with a sub 10w performance envelope. I mean geekbench was relevant when really early zen leaks came from it and showed horrifically bad performance.

That said geekbench was automagically not relevant again when leaks had kabylake regressing severely against skylake. Funny how that works.

>> No.58947096


>> No.58947208


>> No.58947427

>there are good reasons to buy [...] new
look at this retard LOL

>> No.58947444

>drive it off of the lot
>loses 5-15% value
>drive it for a year
>loses 10% value regardless of care
>drive it for another year
>loses another 10% value regardless of care
>car has 97% of its usable life remaining
>is now worth about half of what you paid for it
sorry, newcarfag, but we're not going to help you with your idiotic post-purchase rationalization around these parts

>> No.58947460

so whats the NDA date for Ryzen ?

>> No.58947464


>> No.58947499

Because that's two days extra of work, so who cares. Also binning.

Saw the news today, that was my first thought as well. The 15% they're quoting is purely from the increased clock, which can be reached by overclocking a Skylake too.

Before stating that, I'd wait and see what XFR is actually capable of.

>> No.58947516


>> No.58947588

>Because that's two days extra of work, so who cares. Also binning.
>m-muh binning
this term is becoming meaningless because of all of the idiots misusing it
>two days
>to change a single number in BIOS a couple of times and run intelburntest/prime95/whatever
yeah nah

>> No.58947631
File: 250 KB, 1230x924, les.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really finished, it will still rule in single-thread performance, for what that's worth.

Myself I can't ever imagine buying it if I can get 6C/12T or even 8C/16T for the same money. But plenty people are going to keep buying LGA 1151 either in OEM boxes, or due to inertia or lack of information.

>> No.58947693

What is single-threaded/single-core today

>> No.58947721

I have an i7-4790K 4 GHz

time to upgrade??

>> No.58947740

No unless you really want moar cores.

>> No.58947884


No you consumer nigger. That'll last until mainstream programs/games start going multi threaded as standard.

>> No.58947894

No, the truth is that even people with a 2500k could wait it out until they need more cores.

>> No.58948092


Important because a cpu is only ever as fast as the slowest component. That is to say, moar coars is only ever as good as your single thread performance at any given workload. Its why - at a high level - SMT is a great concept.

>> No.58948109

wow im stupid as fuck

>> No.58948156
File: 101 KB, 768x926, Quot+i+m+a+cowboy+quot+quot+go+quot+quot+quot+_064a78b9f6c18e3d5b0a7842b3b3a3de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my sides

>> No.58948183

>$300 motherboard from 2009
It is worth maybe $100 now. Sorry that tech gets old and becomes outdated.

>> No.58948190


Its a factor into why the bulldozer design did so poorly - its moar coars/less IPC was (again, in simplistic terms) a move to get more throughput will saving on die space. It was a design never aimed at typical desktop workloads but was aimed at getting huge numbers of "fast enough" cores/threads onto small (within context) server dies.

Its why the Opterons are sort of okay but the version us mere mortal had available really were only any good with mental clocks - but its a complex issue as to how and why bulldozer went wrong and no single thing is the root cause.

>> No.58948229

And peeling off the labels on your m.2 drive to put on heatsinks voided your warranty.

>> No.58948261

I think even that future is a while away. I'm working with big open world video game editors with millions of uncompiled files and nvme drives give almost no perceivable difference in performance when feeding this stuff to six and eight core workstations, that's both the increased throughout and hugely increased iops.

>> No.58948270

You have to be a retard to break one of these ssds. Fuck the warranty

>> No.58948357
File: 15 KB, 260x260, 1247983248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can only image how /v/irgins and dumb /g/oyim who recently bought a 4 core i7 feel.
>goyim actually paid $350 for a 4 core CPU in 2017
>4 fucking cores
>in 2017
>for $350

>> No.58948368

I'll save my goldfaces for eventual Keller sticky.

>> No.58948412
File: 120 KB, 270x344, punched.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you bought an eight-core Broadwell-D
>tfw Snowy Owl will have up to four times as many 10GbE NICs

>> No.58948447

Often times I buy a budget cpu and upgrade 6 or so months down the line

Pentium 200 mmx
>Switch cpu only
k6-2 500
>switch motherboard & cpu
Duron 1.2
>switch cpu only
Athlon xp 3000+
>switch motherboard & cpu
Athlon II x2
>Switch cpu only
phenom II 955
>switch motherboard.... Wait a year cuz bulldozer was garbage
>switch cpu

About to switch motherboard and cpu again

>> No.58948450

Snowy Owl is Xeon-D competitor?

>> No.58948471

Might be. Or it might target higher-performance and more pricey servers/infrastructure

>> No.58948483

Apparently. If not, it's still a compelling upgrade from the gimped clockspeeds I'm getting now.
>The Snowy Owl with 16 cores uses a SP4 Multi Chip Module (MCM) BGA socket
>Snowy Owl has four independent memory channels and up to 64 lanes of PCIe Gen3. When it comes to storage, it supports up to 16 SATA or NVME storage channels and 8x10GbE for some super-fast networking solutions.

>> No.58948491
File: 190 KB, 1789x500, 1480558686543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Intel on full damage control

Even these threads get hidden

>> No.58948619

Why is the Zen gaming bm. supposedly btofoing anything? It is losing to it 6600 ffs..

>> No.58948681
File: 302 KB, 912x516, 5707f7d583cc3bc41d000001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>falling for the ryzen meme

>> No.58948692


Look at the clocks you diddler. The zen chip was at 3.15-3.4ghz when the retail silicon is base 3.4 and boost 3.7+. Intel fucked up.

>> No.58948711

Probably a pre-release sample since it's clocked at 3.15Ghz and 3.4Ghz turbo while the Intel ones are at 3.5 - 4.4GHz. It's also around 10% slower per core than Intel.
The retail chips will be at 3.5 - 3.8Ghz or something like that.

Besides, most games use 1-4 cores which means whichever CPU has the highest clock wins.

>> No.58948729


D3d12-requiring games will make much better use of multiple cores than the present status quo of D3d11 and earlier, which emphasize single-core game performance

>> No.58948752

*breathes in*

>> No.58948855
File: 208 KB, 1058x745, 1464554542027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


On top of that, benchmarks show 1700X, it's not even the flagship.

You hear the marketing shilling? It's dead silent because that's how bad it is, this is exactly what nvidia feared in the graphics sector from newly merged ati since fermi and they unleashed everything they had while keeping some ammo, it's different industry and they're now heavily diversified but you rarely see this between competitors

>> No.58948919
File: 101 KB, 1024x768, Your PC ran - again - 4chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Just overclock to 4.6-4.8GHz if your chip allows it. Upgrade in 5 years.

>> No.58948960


4790K is a great chip seriously, upgrading on Tiger Lake

Had an AMD build previously and I might revert to AMD, need to see more I"m glad I bought newvidya before paxwell and AMD at 5 ish

This shows so much potential considering this is their last crapshot before even being called out as bankrupt on this board, pays off imo shills searching for a curve ball. Intel is fine because they shifted their focus anyway

>> No.58948976

The real god emperor of mankind.

>> No.58949122

I fucking wish I'd stuck it out with my i5 3550.
I'd LOVE to buy Ryzen or even Zen+, but after getting the i7 4790k, I simply can't justify getting a new CPU+Motherboard.

>> No.58949156

For gaming what do you guys recommend? I also want to eventually get into VR.

>> No.58949172


Who buys first gen archs? lakes BTFO, at least the ominously named Devils Canyon doesn't have integrated NSA backdoors

Besides with AMD pricing you can consider upgrading twice more frequently. I want to see Vega next

in b4 HBM2 is too expensive and DX12 isn't ready yet

>> No.58949178

>in b4 HBM2 is too expensive
No, it's not that expensive, it's just production is a bit problematic. Yet.

>> No.58949200

If you're the kind of faggot who'd be willing to spend $350 on a 4 core i7, then get the 1700x (8 cores 16 threads).
It all depends on your budget, but don't buy the 6 core zen when the 8 core one is only $90 more.

>> No.58949231

Will second gen zen need a new socket? I was thinking of upgrading to an 8 core Zen this year, but it'd be nice knowing I can always sell it and upgrade to 2nd or even 3rd gen without having to spend another $150 on a new motherboard.

>> No.58949240

I am actually looking at the 1400x, I don't need an i7 and this one seems to place it self right around the i5-6600k.

>> No.58949249

No, AM4 is staying with US for 4 years at very least.

>> No.58949255

No, this is AMD we're talking about here, not Intel. They plan AM4 to be around until at least 2020 with yearly revisions of the Zen architecture.

>> No.58949257

Yeah, sensible to stick with it.

OTOH the price of i7-4790K/LGA1150 might dip after the launch of these baddies if they prove true to the hype, so it might be a good time to sell it now, if you are quick. You won't profit tho, so likely not worth it if you are willing to hold onto the Haswell for like, 5 more years.

>> No.58949284

Good. I'm definitely upgrading soon and again in 2019 or so.
I feel like I got jewed when I bought my 4690k in 2014. i5's are becoming obsolete.

>> No.58949306

Yeah, it ain't worth the effort of selling it, I don't think. I mean, I absolutely could do, but it would also mean draining my loop, taking some of it apart, using my old i5/motherboard in the mean time and dealing with the hassle of selling/shipping and then replacing the board/CPU yet again for ryzen.

And the money lost would put a dent in my holiday funds, and let me tell you, going on a submarine ain't cheap.

>> No.58949732

>i5's are becoming obsolete.
Except i5s are taking over i7's current role.
Cannon Lake is confirmed to have 6-core i7s, so the i5s are getting bumped up to HT'd quadcores and i3s to non-HT quadcores. Pentiums already filled in the dual-core+HT niche this generation. AMD's about to get nerfed out of the pricing war again.

>> No.58949766

They are still like 2 cores ahead on average. Also no new socket a year to keep goyim in fear.

>> No.58949830

>Cannon Lake is confirmed to have 6-core i7s
If they're still $350 intel can go fuck itself. Why would I buy a piece of shit 6 core CPU when I can get an unlocked 8 core one for a lower price?

They'd better drop the price of entry-level i7 to $300-320 and stop with the locked multiplier bullshit.

>> No.58949964

They will just call the sexcores Core i9.
Then AMD can launch the 7nm 12cores as Ryzen 9 3800/3900X, but that is probably year 2019.

>> No.58949982

>48/96 naples+ chips
Holy shit i want that.

>> No.58950053

It's not completely confirmed but the funny thing that Fudzilla, although being a bit funny and up-down website, has been first and right with most info on Naples.

So I cautiously believe this bit about 12core 7nm chips, even if so far, it is only supported by them as a source. It's likely the third generation of Zen tho, so as said, 2 or more years far.

>> No.58950099

Anyway, Intel is about to enter really-really bad times.

>> No.58950423

"""" leak""""

>> No.58951663

pcie and nvme drives benefit largely from recording and how fast the files can be fed, especially if you record in the highest semi reasonable quality (lagarith lossless codec) that can easily bottleneck slower write speeds and when feeding a video editor does make a perceivable difference.

But what I mean with future is different, at some point nvme drives will cost the same as a sata or barely a premium at all to it. Its much the way I believe 8k or 8k+ will happen, the tech to do it, the tech to push it, and the tech to manufacture it will all come down to the point that there is virtually no premium.

>> No.58951704

Synthetic benchmarks are a way of testing a processor at its peak load so that you can compare it to another processor. The arbitrary scores you get in a benchmark won't tell you how well it will perform without a reference point. If you know your CPU takes X amount of time to render a 1 hour video, and another processor gets a better benchmark score than it, you know it will do a better job of rendering that video quickly.

>> No.58951706

litterally the only fucking application that takes advantage of that speed is lossless video recording and editing large videos, with minor benefits to loading uncompressed files of which there aren't fuckin many.

Then oh wait whats this, long term sustain benchmarks put the read at 700mb and write at around 650?

get the fuck out of here with 2gbps bullshit. when you can't heat sync half the chips adding heatsinks doesn't fix thermals if that even is the only reason it throttles to hell and back.

>> No.58951764

AMD fans said that about Nvidia when the rx480 was release.
Yet the 1060 outsold it 11:1
The 1070 outsold it 7:1

>> No.58951786

the benefit of new is more then half off.
We all know normal people

unless you are going to tell me you want a semen caked mattress because it's cheaper than new.

>> No.58951848

did i get 200$ back over the years? no
I would be tossing a 300$ motherboard out because someone decided to make a new slightly different socket that has realistically no new benefit other than ensuring I have to buy yet another fucking motherboard for no real reason.

>> No.58951905

it was if I remember right a first stepping on a validation motherboard that was tossing errors all in games that almost completely do not use even 4 cores much less 8, and are clock dependant.

the fact that 4.0/4.2 is only 21% ahead of 3.15-3.3 (they barely saw 3.3 as it stands closer to 3.2) should be a bit telling.

just clocking it up to 3.4 would put it between the i5 line and i7, and if these cpus are as happy to oc/boost as it appears, may completely close the gap with no user manual tuning.

>> No.58951945

We're not talking about gaymen sheeps, enterprise is what matters. And Naples/Snowy Owl would be a good competition to Xeon/Xeon-D based systems.

>> No.58951960

vr is going to deal with more cores better just because it has to.

>> No.58953452

DubsTrips confirm

>> No.58953564

Had similar experience:
Pentium II 233
>new entire PC
Pentium IV 2.4GHz
>same mobo
Pentium IV 3GHz
>new entire PC
Phenom 9850
>same mobo
Phenom II X4 965

And that's where I'm now. Going for a new PC now with Ryzen, not because I need one, but because I can afford one. The current machine is still sufficient for all things except Star Citizen.

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