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Stop using gaming headsets

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Stop masturbating

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Headsets are cool when your Dad is masturbating on Second Life and you don't want to hear it

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I got those hd685 or whatever theyre called.
Had them for like 1.5 years. Pretty good tbqhwy senpai. Got them for only €20,- aswell

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> Want headphones and mic
> Not enough space for mic in my desk
> Gayming headsets have both
Is there even any other option, /hpg/?

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This is my headset :^)

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Mein Neger

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swivel mount

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i dont use one myself but i dont see whats wrong with gaming headsets

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Aren't thoses unnecessary expensive?

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That's my headset

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Any good unidirectional clip on microphones?

Is modmic the only solution

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I don't get the superlux meme. I bought one pair I don't remember the model. I paid like $40 and they were really mediocre, my cheap 10 year old grados shit on them and superlux are supposed to compete with even more expensive headphones?

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Your ears are shit

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Mein Neger!
Brotip: use a velvet earpad and a sheap usb dac from china and u are better than most gaymer headphoe shit, also the internet have a lot superlux hd 668 mod, search for one how make this shit close, i did with my


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They trigger "audiophile" autists who think that nobody needs a microphone anyway.

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I have a pair of those and you're a faggot

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Can't stop what I never started

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haven't seen any quite as bad so I'll contribute with a pic

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Got myself the AKG K92 a few weeks ago after my pro1337 gaming headset fell to pieces. Never going back to that crap again. Get yourself a quality amp and some lossless quality music.

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What desktop mics are you guys using?
Mine is fucking trash and I need a new one
Are there any budget ones that are worth the price or is it necessary to splurge $80+?

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I had this exact model, broke after 6 month.
No fucking way to have warrenty (in europe).
I was fucked.

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Okay, sorry poster No.58732104

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I just use my Logitech webcam. I don't need it for its camera but the USB microphone is convenient. With the gain turned down, its fairly directional and not noisy.

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Who did you shop with?

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I have this one. It's ducking awesome

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M20, m40?

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Noone here does
>posting Superlux for positive comments
Do you have no friends or are you just the autistest?

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>MDR-V6 bought for $64.99
>Chink BEST PODCAST KARAOKE USB MIC NEWEST ONLY bought for $3.64 inc. shipping

I will probably switch to a clip-on mic once I get a better ADC

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stop using head clamps

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Schiit fulla2 + HD598se masterrace.

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>bought these for cheap
>plug them
>oh god fuck why did i bought them they sound like shit
>search for something that let them sound better
>find equalizer apo + peace GUI
>literally went from literal garbage to decent sound
>pretty happy with them now
>still wont buy gaming headsets again

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sennheiser hd 600 + modmic very comfortable for me :]

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>Not enough space for mic in my desk
Literally impossible

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E10K + HD598se + Anillion Modmic

Best compact setup ever - cost as much as gaymen headset too.

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My DT 990 pro arrived today. The most comfortable headphones I have ever used

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>when the mic on my earphones is better than my headset

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stop making new threads

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>Anillion Modmic

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My siberia 200 works very well, having a basic microphone attached is very convenient, and I can hardly tell a difference in sound quality from my 668Bs

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Why aren't there any decent ModMic alternatives? I'm not paying $50 ($70 for the new one) plus shipping for that shit. Chinks make some nice cheap IEMs, why aren't there similar options for microphones too?

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Just get a USB mic

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Sure, but which one? I like that you can just clip the ModMic to any headphones and it has a mute switch. I'm not buying trash for my desk or retarded lapel mics.

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Just get a desktop USB mic

the samson GO mic is pretty good and cheap
Used to be $35, comes in a black option as well


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I was excited to get a mod mic but it ended up causing a lot of buzzing to people who listened to me. Had to go with a USB mic

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This with a mute switch would be perfect.

No thanks. I don't want stuff that picks up audio from my keyboard and the rest of my room.

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>a mute switch
mute hotkey would work fine

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You can make it fairly uni directional

As for the keyboard stuff you can just clip it to your monitor or something and get it off the desk

Otherwise buy a mod mic faget, enjoy your frayed cable

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Buy a Chinese one for $20. Does the same thing as long as you aren't using a Blue Yeti/Snowball which complicates things due to their dumb weight/form factor which tries to push you to buy their $100 shockmount.

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I don't really like muting things on software only. I feel better knowing no audio is going through the microphone by flipping a switch. I assume I can probably use AHK or something similar to set the microphone volume on Windows to 0 though? That could solve it.

Clipping it to a monitor would look like shit, and I doubt any of that would solve it picking up my keyboard, because I use MX Blues. I'm not buying a ModMic because it seems like a shit deal for how much they cost and for the amount of issues I've seen with them online.

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Well then you basically have no options aside from buying a heatset

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No, it's just that you can get a better set of headphones and a better attachable mic for a lower price then buying a headset

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>I assume I can probably use AHK or something similar

Or a few minutes to create a C# service that does all sorts of things.

I have a hotkey that changes output audio devices and shows an icon in the system tray on whether audio is routing to my headphone or big speakers.

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>mic is bound to your headphones, reducing upgradability
>build quality is usually subpar
>headphone quality is usually subpar
>Gaymer bullshit like LEDs and fins is the standard

The only upside really is
>mics can be bretty gud sometimes/usually
>the ones that support Virtual Surround can be handy for games that don't have HRTF, if you don't have a virtual surround system already

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That was kinda my point. A lot of the ways to "solve" the microphone issue aren't anywhere near as simple like a headset. A Cloud Core is like $80 and comes with everything, plus a removable mic, mute switch and it sounds pretty nice for the price. Everything else is a meme if all you're doing is playing vidya and listening to music occasionally.

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You can look at dynamic cardioid microphones and combine it with a cheap Chinese mount to bring it in closer to your mouth. That will pick up less desk noise than a yeti setup every shill suggests.

Switch from those MX Blues, I made a mistake buying those as well.

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Still seems like a fuckload of work for something I can get easily and cheaper on a headset.

Also I love blues, and don't plan on switching anytime soon. My headset mic doesn't pic them up anyway, which is the reason I don't see a point on desk mics, so I have nothing to worry.

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If you like it, keep it. VOIP can only get so good so no need to invest in big shit.

Just putting that advice out there for people considering the standard Blue Yeti I see in every microphone thread can have other options that more suit their needs.

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You simply can't beat the convince of only having to deal with a single cable

besides the Siberia 200 from steel series is fine, it's basically just a new V2

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I have question tho, concerning these

I have some studio monitor headphones which I use and love for my gaming

But the AC unit is very close to my desk, the dehumidifier is also nearby, additionally my roommates use the PS3 in the adjacent room a lot. And my computer has loud-ish fans.

BUT I don't want a "gaming headset" due to the stuff like >>58737038 mentions

SO. What is a good microphone with noise cancellation (that must work on Linux?)

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>I can get easily and cheaper on a headset
I believe you're missing the point.

Headsets do not offer acceptable sound quality, generally speaking. Even very expensive headsets perform poorly to decent mid-range headphones.

If you don't care much about sound quality, specifically for music, then phones+mic may not be the best option for you.

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I owned 3 pairs of Siberia V2s, they're god awful, none of them lasted more than 8 months before they broke.

>> No.58737410

>want to buy a pair of V6
>it's 200 USD were I live

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A gaming headset is great unless you want to look like an autistic radio host

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I have the HD668B's. Absolutely based.

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must be m20/30, m40s don't have exposed cables

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How do you have enough space for a mouse?

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All these 668bs

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Stop using anything besides IEMs

Stop using headphones in your home

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those super cheap lav mics are actually much better quality compared to mics attached to gaming headsets.

>> No.58740706

But I'm not a total stickler for quality or price, i just want a comfortable headset that has a microphone on it without having to make some hotglue frankenstein monster

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stop breathing

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Ordered a Vmoda boom mic and got 558's on back order.

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