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>Squeezed between two pieces of diamond, hydrogen has been transformed into a metallic form believed to exist inside giant planets like Jupiter, scientists reported on Thursday.

>“You can see it becomes a lustrous, shiny material, which is what you expect for a metal,” said Isaac F. Silvera, a professor of physics at Harvard.

>If some theoretical predictions turn out to be true, the new state of hydrogen could even be a solid metal that is metastable — remaining solid even after the crushing pressure is removed — and a superconductor, able to conduct electricity without resistance, Dr. Silvera said.

>Dr. Silvera and Ranga P. Dias, a postdoctoral researcher, published the findings on Thursday in the journal Science.

>But in the small but contentious field of high-pressure physics, some scientists who perform similar experiments were harshly skeptical and wondered how the research passed peer review at a top journal like Science.

>“It’s — how should I put it? — the product of Ike’s imagination from the title to the end,” said Eugene Gregoryanz, a physicist at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Paul Loubeyre, a physicist at France’s Atomic Energy Commission, wrote in an email, “The fact that the paper went through illustrates the fact that the reviewing process has some flaws.”

>Editors at Science declined to discuss the paper, but in a statement, Jeremy Berg, the editor in chief, said that submissions must pass rigorous review by experts and that only about 7 percent are published.

>Dr. Silvera defended his work. “If we did it again, we’d get the same result, I’m certain,” he said.

>Hydrogen is the lightest of elements; each atom consists only of one proton and one electron. In the ordinary conditions at Earth’s surface, where the weight of air presses at 14.7 pounds per square inch, hydrogen atoms pair up into simple molecules.

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>At supercold temperatures, hydrogen molecules first condense into a liquid, then a solid with the molecules intact. When squeezed together, the molecules stack up into a solid form. More than 80 years ago, the physicists Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington predicted that hydrogen, under high enough pressures, would turn metallic, with the hydrogen molecules broken apart and the electrons squeezed loose.

>Scientists have momentarily transformed hydrogen into a liquid metallic state with violent shock wave experiments. Planetary scientists are convinced metallic must exist inside Jupiter, to generate that planet’s powerful magnetic fields.

>But so far, no one has convincingly demonstrated the solid metallic hydrogen state predicted by Wigner and Huntington. In the Harvard experiment, a small amount of hydrogen was placed between two diamond tips about one 850th of an inch in diameter and cooled to -433 degrees Fahrenheit. Initially transparent, the hydrogen became dark as it was squeezed. Then, at nearly 72 million pounds per square inch, the hydrogen became shiny, reflecting 90 percent of light shining on it, the scientists reported.

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So Diamonds really are the hardest metal known to man

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how new r u

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>at nearly 72 million pounds per square inch

How is that possible? Sounds like a bullshit number to me.

No, that's Dragonforce.

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>>If some theoretical predictions turn out to be true, the new state of hydrogen could even be a solid metal that is metastable — remaining solid even after the crushing pressure is removed — and a superconductor, able to conduct electricity without resistance, Dr. Silvera said.
Wouldn't it be able to be found in nature then? As a byproduct from a supernova.

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What are some potential applications of metallic hydrogen?

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Maybe used as a rocket fuel together with LOX. You wouldn't have to pressurize it, so you'd save weight.

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>american education

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>Wouldn't it be able to be found in nature then? As a byproduct from a supernova.

How many supernovas do you know of, of which we inspected the byproducts of closely enough?

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Too expensive for car fuel?

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Well most of the matter in the Solar system is the byproduct of a supernova.

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fuck /sci/ and their slow ass threads

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Small area of contact with a large force acting on a large area on the outside

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It seems to require liquid hydrogen to be achieved, which would be on the other end from a supernova.

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Sorry, you seem to be posting in /g/ - Consumer Electronics.
Please take your technology-related posts elsewhere.

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You dont need to lower the temperature of something to put it into a liquid state.

Just look at co2 on the surface of venus.

I believe lowering the temperature of hydrogen atoms causes them to contract and makes it much easier to apply pressure from the diamonds. However in a place like jupiter im sure the pressure far exceeds 72m ppi

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>sounds like bs
>but i don't know

this is how trump and alt facts work

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So basically we just need to dip a large magnet into Jupiter to get superconducting liquid hydrogen, and then fast hardware?

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100 ton press (from harbor freight) with a .005" contact area is 40mil PSI

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Most of the matter in the universe is hydrogen

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>what is pascals law?
>howw babby formed?

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Lowering the temperature of the hydrogen doesn't make them contract, it just reduces the amount of energy that each molecule has, which makes them more readily condense to a solid

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do they finally answered the age old question, eh?

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Most matter outside the sun in the solar system is a by-product of a super-nova

Most matter in the universe is hydrogen

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What does pressure have to do with saving weight?

The rocket fuel application has to do with the fact that burning the stuff solid would be safer and release a lot more energy.

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Not quite, in the birth of the universe itself is what created the hydrogen you see before you, when it was born the universe was 90% plus hydrogen

Supernovas made the heavier stuff tho

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LH2 pressurized tanks are heavy m8

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Some skepticism should be welcome here. http://www.nature.com/news/physicists-doubt-bold-report-of-metallic-hydrogen-1.21379

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> I don't know, and im too dumb to google it, therefore its wrong.
You are the cancer of humanity. Kill yourself you fucking waste of flesh

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>makes them more readily


so they think around 200 GPa is where this stuff happens at, I dont really really like converting that to ppi

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Turns out the 72 million psi was in fact , only 700 psi. ;^)

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Pressurizing something means pumping in atoms which adds overall mass.

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It's been theorised that Jupiters core could be made out of metallic hydrogen

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We are finally going to get Hoverboards.

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just when you think you have magnets figured out, BAM

fucking magnets, how do they work?

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I want to know how much 200 GPa is in pixels per inch.

>It's about 29m psi, btw

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29 metre pixel second integer?

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Lowering of standards to pander to retards who don't know shit through big-name association is a pretty common theme in modern science unfortunately. It's the same in my field. The fact silvera says
>“If we did it again, we’d get the same result, I’m certain,”
Is pretty fucking scary, too, in multiple ways.
Only time will tell I suppose.

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Remember, they may actually even be the hardest metal of all time. We just don't know yet.

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What was that faggot? Were you about to say something about how "great" aluminum is?

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Reading the link, I'm actually pretty convinced the claim is complete bullshit, now.

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I seriously hope this is rhetorical

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>american education

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Well this looks about worthless. Yawn.

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Aren't we just basically doing alchemy at this point?

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Well there's a rabbit hole we don't have time to go down now right now, son.

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>been here since 2015

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>>>/reddit/ from whence you came, babbynewfag.

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When weren't we?

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In the classical view. In the modern view, the matter in the universe is made up mostly of dark matter. Unfortunately we don't know much more about it than the measurable gravitational effect it has on baryonic matter.

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>been here since 2015

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I'm a newfag and I started in 2008 lad

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fuck idk why I said ppi, just checked my tire pressure earlier and was talking to a cashier about an hour before that post.

I feel retarded.

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and i seriously hope you lurk moar

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yes we can make gold and shit from nuclear reactors

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that's brand spanking new, buddy

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>bringing up politics in a thread discussing solid hydrogen

confirmed micro penis

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Interesting. Just found an article on it.

I thought this was a Meme at first...

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>being this new to 4chan
Sigh. >>>/sci/ , kids. /g/ is for arguing which privacy-stealing smartphone is best.

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it's just a forum man no need to lose your cool

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To be fair, it's one of the most iconic memes of older 4chan, the fact you don't even recognize it, even if you weren't around for it's prime, means you're particularly new.

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This thread is full of newfags

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I don't know enough about dark matter, and where it came from.

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Sure is

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What if we made a hydrogen bomb out of metallic hydrogen?

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Let me guide you to the nearest salt collection facility

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>What does pressure have to do with saving weight?
It takes heavy equipment (tanks) to keep it under pressure. Metallic hydrogen could shaped however and just stored as rods or something.

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top kek

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>being such a newfag
>new faggot
>a double nigger too!

Or are you trying to get an early start on summer? Did you recently just drop-out of high school/community college?

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