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I seriously hope you guys are wearing a Casio watch.

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I seriously hope you hang yourself with it.


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Why would I wear a digital watch if it's not a smart watch?
It makes you look like a child.

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nice legs, can i cum on them?

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$39 on amazon

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I have one pinned to my wall. its a pretty good decoration

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>Almost femboy legs

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This, it's 2017.

Analog time piece, or smartwatch if you're poor.

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More legs

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shave your legs familia

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Nope, I'm not a child.

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But of course, despite being with these Skelton wrists

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post dick

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Just watching Lain on my t420 in bed while wearing my OGshock

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You look fat.

Why are white people so fat?

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that's what happens when you have money to spend on things, it's called being successful.

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Cuz like that we hire black or mexicain or asian to wash US ?
#makeamericagreatagain /pol/

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my niggas


If you don't wear a watch, you will look like a manchild in public. I have actually seen fully grown men in their 40's not wearing a watch in public and I physically cringe every time. It's essential to a man's attire.

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Alpha male detected

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>dat lack of any muscle tone on those legs

Sure is dyel in here

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I wear a watch, I just don't wear a digital watch because I'm not 12 years old.

Pic not entirely accurate, I've since replaced the hands with ones more subtle.

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What brand it is ?

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Doesn't have one. I built it from parts I bought from Otto Frei. The movement is an ETA 6497-1, case is #10, don't remember the other parts' numbers.

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OK fancy man
Let me guess you spend more than 40$
On it

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You got a problem with that, buddy?

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Yes red baron
I prefer Vostok
Or Vostok Europe
You have nazi technologuie

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Nigga I wish I had a Flieger, that would be much cooler.

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Because i am classy
Eat my baguette

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But still fuck off to >>>/fa/

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Your mom didn't bought you one so you mad ?

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watch fashion =/= technology

does it?

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Quartz mecanism
Tell you the time
Have an alarm
Have a chronomètrer
So rétro smartwatch so in /g/
You in /fagotyfashionisto/

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My man

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( T.T) buhuhuhuhuhuuu nigga i am poor
One day one day bitch i will got you
And i will shake my wirst to make it shine like Sarkozy

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Casio is top tier

Will be bying a google smartwatch next month when they lauch

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The real men's watch

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Serious question: Why bother wearing a watch if you already have what is basically the 21st century equivalent of a pocket watch that updates itself based on your location with you 24/7?

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>silicone band
>silicone band with that much excess

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Fitbit Blaze with metal band here

Took it to a jeweler to remove the links and he said it looked sharp. So did all the other normies.

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Sure am

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I swim with it so silicone's great. Yeah I need to deal with the excess soon

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Its easier to glance at wrist whilst working, than to take my 6p out everytime.

Its really convenient

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get some hand lotion my nigga

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Use it. I'm a nursefag and wash my hands and use alcohol based hand sanitizer dozens of times daily. Wrecks your skin

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That excess strap sticking 1 metre in the air.

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i wear a plastic digital watch that i bought from the dollar store, because it tells me what time it is when i look at my wrist

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Show it :3

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Best watch I ever had. Lasted me all 5 years of service and still kicking today.

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mudman morning wood

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I am don't worry anon.

Also nylon straps > rubber straps

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I pretend to use analog but actually...

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>wearing a watch at all


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More convenient.
It looks good.

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I prefer my gear s2 watch

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>casios everywhere
then again, this is the board that gloats about using old, shit ass thinkpads

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I have a phone which tells time, I don't need a watch.

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i am

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Your are B) ?

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Nice legs, faggot.

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I have an Mq-24-7B but I haven't replaced the batter so I haven't used it.
I also have a DW-6900 but I never wear it (it looks twice as dorky in my thin wrists), it's just my back up alarm and bedside clock.

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Yep, my 5 year old watch.

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you bet i am

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Nope. Seiko 5 sports master race

>It's in the drawer because I couldn't be bothered to wear a watch beyond formal functions and company dinners

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I really like your watch anon

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I'm wearing a Moto 360

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>why get a watch?
>b-because it looks good! I n-need it for muh outfit!

wow just buy a purse, why don't you

oh wait, you already have a """messenger bag"""

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fuck i want that watch. and i want to cum on those legs.

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I am

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What does /g/ think of mine?

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The watch I'm wearing now I found outside at the side of the road. It was a discarded f91, and I replaced the battery, fixed the strap, gave it a clean and it works great.

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looks too thin and shiny, almost dainty

you look like an even bigger faggot

give your wife her watch back

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Thanks, I'm going for that look.

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mang, your hand is bigger then the laptop.

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anytime, fuccboi

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because i like to know the time without wasting time on getting my phone out of the pocket. also, sometimes your hands are full or dirty or wet or something and you just want to glance at your wrist.

or you are at home and your phone is not in your pocket, so you don't have to go to the room where the phone is or where the wall clock is.

also i forget to charcge my phone so it loses the battery during the day and then all i have is my watch.

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>he doesn't know I'm usually the one topping

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topping the drag show contest doesn't count

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Kill it with fire.

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I like them in general, is it one of those solar cell ones? if it's just a quartz citizen then it's not as cool.
Personally I would go with a band that covers the whole width.

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>wearing something worth a few hundred dollars on my wrist at work in a warehouse

how about nope, the only things i use or carry at work that i can't replace with less than an hour's work are my phone, my glasses and my shoes

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analog watches are for try hards who can't even read them

smart watches are for idiots who enjoy charging their watch every night

digital watches are for the mature adult

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what is that shirt style called
they look comfy

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Fucking shill with no shame.

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$450 on release.

I'm looking to replace it because I've had it for years. Either get a gold plated version of this watch or get a smartwatch, what do /g/?

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Autism, the watch.

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A bit of forced perspective and a small laptop but that dude looks like a gigantor. If he could figure out the same trick with his dick he'd be an omegle celebrity kek

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C-can I join your club guys?

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>wearing those fugly digital pieces of shit

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Nice kitchen clock fagget.
>muh minimalism
desu my problem with this one is that the style is broken by the logo font

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Skeleton Watch > Any Other Watch

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